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  1. He left to play in Europe A stepping stone maybe Man City caught cheating He’ll be watching on TV we’re back amongst to big boys Playing underneath the lights We’ll all laugh at Riyad Whilst we go and reach new heights Allez allez allez
  2. I said that to my mate at wolves, everyone had been on the pop all day and knowbody gave a f@$k, coupled with our performance on the pitch resulted in the best away end I’ve witnessed, only negative was the walk back to the square after....
  3. Going the Thursday and Friday, can’t wait one of my favourites on the calendar.
  4. Any foxes successful with the ballot?
  5. Would you join in with either of these chants aimed at villa?
  6. Villa have scored 31 this season, I’m not sure which version is worst and we wonder why we get brandished as the “mongies”
  7. In response to villa’s “Jamie Vardy what a w#%$*r” chant, Leicester responded with “he’s won more than you” it wasn’t 1 or 2 either, it’s embarrassing!
  8. Stop being small minded and think of the bigger picture, Kasper’s 33! look at the current stats!
  9. His best days are gone now, should of saved there first and was very nervy through out, go out and get Henderson from united in the summer (use Maddison as the bait)
  10. I’ve seen fans raving about how good Brentford was, too me it was horrendous, last night before villa’s goal and after we scored was very good the big bit in between was very subdued/typical Leicester away end.
  11. Maddison did ok last night but if you’d of given the same opportunities to Grealish that Maddison missed, he’s walking away with the match ball, Grealish is stronger and I know he chucks himself to the floor but no more than Maddison, given the choice of the two to have in the team I’d take Grealish all day long.
  12. Wilfred Ndidi Ndidi Wilfred Ndidi Na, na, na, na, na, na, na... works for Hamza too
  13. Not a big deal, Recent results we’ve actually looked a lot more balanced and dangerous without Vardy, I thought Kelechi looked Much better at the hold up play to get the midfielders involved, personally I wouldn’t risk Vardy given his record against the top 6 sides (chelsea sat)
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