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  1. Maddison is clearly good on the ball but football is played off the ball 98% of the time.
  2. Puel has brought in young players and that's good. Now we need a manager who can execute.
  3. Knowing Vardy's scoring record against big 6 sides, he must be unhappy starting from the bench..
  4. I see this signing as a message that we are serious about getting European football this season.
  5. I don't know how many times under Puel I've seen good offensive performance only when we are behind.. Why can't he do that right from the start I never know. It's not difficult to expect attacking play when we are 1 or 2 down, any manager would do that so I'm not sure if I should rate that.
  6. Wow talk about short memories.. Some here thought we started with strong defending lineup and says completely opposite now.
  7. I feel we are light in defense with this lineup.
  8. I'm not voting this time but Puel needs to find how to win at home against defensive teams the fans are rightfully frustrated..
  9. That was one of the most frustrating game ever.
  10. Please someone tell Mendy not to get inside penalty area.
  11. Finally he sees 4231 is not working good.
  12. I know we cannot with huge offers from bigger clubs but I think we can do better than Saints.
  13. I hope we are not another Southampton and are Spurs in terms of developing young talents and keeping them at the club.. I really like the idea of bringing young players from lower league and make them a proper premier league player. That is also entertaining thing to see. With all the clubs having more funds with TV money, even top clubs seem to struggle to buy good players now(not top top players though).
  14. Is he any better than Gray? I hope so.
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