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  1. He could potentially become like Zaha if he regain his confidence..
  2. It's going to be a disaster if we play 3 back against attacking team like Arsenal.
  3. I think 3-4-3 could only work against counter attacking team like Atletico. If we play that vs Arsenal, I can see them scoring for fun I'm afraid.
  4. I have a feeling that the match against Spurs will be the moment Chelsea is crowned.
  5. Seeing them changing tactic to 3 back in their last match, if they keep that formation, it might go in our favour.
  6. I can totally understand why CS started with Shinji as we couldn't afford to concede any goal in this match in order to progress. That's why he changed tactic at HT as well but the injury of Morgan limited more attacking change for us at the end.
  7. I thought Amarty did great job as CB when he came on. I want to see him as a CB in league match as well.
  8. Oh I didn't know that.. Anyways we can't afford to worry about semi final at this point..
  9. As we don't need to worry about players getting yellow cards, it's most likely going to be high pressing game unlike 1st leg. I think it's better to start with our usual 11 and tire their DF and MF while trying to get our 1st goal, then bring on Ulloa when it's really needed..
  10. How we thought Swedish referee are good before the match I never know..
  11. This game just proved how important our midfield support and pressing from up front for our defensive performance. I think having Wes instead of Benny wouldn't have changed the performance that much..
  12. This thread shows just how clueless those football experts are on this forum. Playing too much video game maybe.
  13. Injury is not an excuse for a professional footballer.
  14. Big Walsh knew what he can do.
  15. Watching last 30 mins was like riding on roller coaster I could barely take a breath..