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  1. Shinji starting against Uruguay
  2. Shinji somehow participating in Copa America..
  3. Doubt they would let go for that price.
  4. Our recent records are pretty bad when it comes to buying expensive strikers and wingers.. Hopefully it changes this time..
  5. As long as he wants to play for us I don't want him to go as I really like his charactor, and I like the fact we have more England international.. I was happy when mahrez left as he did not want to play for us.. TBH I don't care how much money he will give us..
  6. Who is this guy https://www.goal.com/en/news/morelos-wants-move-to-much-better-more-competitive-league/o3njjy909xhl1u5wq32ihhdvb sorry he had his own thread already
  7. Moron has just scored a goal against RM. He looks ok.
  8. My bad I thought he's taller than that
  9. He so short as well. rather go for che adams than this guy.
  10. Watched him against Spurs and he was absolutely terrible, got subbed first as well against 9 men Spurs.
  11. I was moved by the post match interview from Kompany saying they were playing against top 6 club..
  12. Never buy players who are young yet rejected by Mega clubs, I think their mentality is not right in the first place.
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