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  1. It looked like we could not get out of second gear all game
  2. We made sure JM is not going to be bought by them..
  3. Frustrating but it's Leicester at OT after all. Hopefully we are not going to see Gray in the league game anymore.
  4. **** off Atkinson and Gray. Everyone needs to wake up
  5. They are struggling against defensive sides so no surprise with 2 DMs, let's see.
  6. Come on Gray! Show us what you've got
  7. Midfield 3 of Ndidi, Maddison and Tielemans and I will be happy.
  8. He's already dropped from starting lineup so there's definitely something to consider for BR. Not sure if Perez is going to start next game but we need to take advantage of ManU's LB being Young at the moment so it will be very interesting choice.
  9. The fact the good keeper could not move at all for the shot from the distance is the reason I choose Barnes.
  10. I believe our form is improving game by game so I don't really worry about our performance at least.
  11. We are leading but still playing right into their hands it seems.
  12. This is why we can't afford to underestimate any of the team in this division. Anything can happen especially away from home.
  13. This is the sort of the game we struggled last season. Having watched their game against Palace, I think LB will be the key for our defense.
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