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  1. I still believe Hamza will be a good player but he looked headless chicken today. Maybe he is the one who has benefited most playing alongside N'didi.
  2. It's not just N'didi missing, the team performance is regressing since early December.
  3. Not watching anymore but I'm annoyed at how defensive we have been for the last few games.
  4. Stopped watching this. There's no point.
  5. Cup game affected today's performance. Everyone looked slow at everything.
  6. Barnes seems to be afraid of making mistakes or he's just not good enough.
  7. There's good reason they are sitting at the bottom of the table.
  8. Yes it's good to rotate but I hope we score more in the first half so that players don't need to put as much effort all game.
  9. The game was so frustrating until Nacho came on.
  10. I want us to run into their CB more. Don't respect them too much.
  11. We need to smash them to the point they need to sack Silva so that Everton have any chance of taking points off Livarpool.
  12. Livarpool have conceded last 12 games in all competitions. Yes they are lucky.
  13. I'm quietly expecting a monumental collapse of form from Livarpool
  14. It feels exactly like Arsenal game with slightly more confidence that we will win.
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