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  1. Think I might try a different position this time. Im going to enjoy being an unforgiving d*** to the manager and calling everyone who defends him and wants to give him time and transfer windows Rodgers-Fan-Boys Might also make fun of his accent if we dont end up top half
  2. Do our performances and club activity disprove the suggestion that players are throwing managers under the bus here? Player mistake losing us points in an abject manner again, and it was Kasper, who agitated against Puel Souness might have been right. Top brass need to cut lines of communication to the players, if any exist, deal with the manager alone, give BR true authority
  3. Dont worry, we're only a goal down and BR still has a post match interview to save it
  4. That will be the end of Rodgers saying he loves this group of players To the transfer market!
  5. Feel like everything about this managerial change has happened because the higher ups have been reading foxestalk People really need to stop talking about 3 at the back for no good reason
  6. Maddison is ridiculously bad at set pieces
  7. Yeah, funny how someone posted they are enjoying how much support he has now
  8. Puel had a more positive effect in his first game, just saying
  9. One of our bad ones today so far. Maddison not at it again Not seeing the aggression Early days thoug Ndidi passing a bit better today
  10. Rodgers mentioning expectations being an issue....
  11. So its ok to have Morgan if its a back 3? Interesting
  12. Chilwell needs to stay Did you see the Liverpool game last night? Trent knows how to put a sweet cross in and can do it so consitently, Chilwell is a fair bit below that level
  13. They're saying the same thing everyone on here said about him - inconsistent. And as many said he gets away with it here, to a degree, but at Man City it keeps him out of the team
  14. That bit about Vardy and Madderz I was unsure about too. He's defo gone over the top there Maybe they have been indistinguishably ineffective? Chilwell is loads better this season than last season. Maybe next season he'll use his right foot and be a beast Ndidi hasnt come on massively imo, but he has scored with his dick. Thats pretty good. Havent seen it before
  15. So you're saying save the homophobic stuff for Spurs and the anti-semitic stuff for Brighton?
  16. Is this guy on here maybe? Cant remember Good article though https://thesefootballtimes.co/2019/02/27/claude-puel-and-the-leicester-city-abyss-a-football-club-with-seemingly-nowhere-to-go/
  17. Puel fanboys journalistic integrity at a high level here Rodgers fan boy
  18. I personally think this is harsh and he has been a lot better than that this season, but fair dooz
  19. Has anyone been consistent this season? Anyone had a run of games where they've been influential? He showed us how high his ceiling is again, but yes, does need to be more consistent The point is people write him off as if he hasnt got performances like last night in him, which is demonstrably ridiculous
  20. People ready to start admitting what an important player for us Gray is/is becoming? He stands out more than Maddison (I know Madderz is on his first prem season, I do think he'll come good too but leaves a bit to be desired atm) Gray and Barnes are going to be the immediate future of their attack. Scintillating last night
  21. Yes, that was pretty much a Puel performance, probably the same team he would have put out This time we finished chances, scored first, and got away with murder at the other end of the pitch And for anyone who complained about Silva not getting game time and that being a 'crazy' Puel decision, whilst I thought I would like to see more of Silva, his contribution paled in comparison to Tielemans' in just a couple of games. Right decision was clearly made there
  22. It was hilarious. Like a big yeti just bowling through the defenders were scared to approach
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