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  1. You’d be absolutely fuming if you were Aarons, had the chance to go to Barcelona but stuck in the Championship😂
  2. Thomas or Fuchs on for me. And then Maddison on if we haven’t scored by 60 mins.
  3. Ndidi is our best midfielder though so we should make every effort to keep him in there surely
  4. If Wes has trained then I think he will start. In a back 3 with ndidi in midfield.
  5. He’s having a good game in all fairness. However, Declan Rice is so poor.
  6. Hopefully it can’t be worse than the end of last season, reminiscent of Puel.
  7. Rudkin: Brendan, we haven’t got the funds for more transfers.... Brendan: Thanks for telling me a week before the season starts, I might aswell pull these down ready....
  8. Kasper Justin morgan soyunco albrighton ndidi youri thomas perez vardy gray Barnes hasn’t look at it since the restart and the friendlies haven’t looked much better. As much as gray isn’t a world beater he has looked better than Barnes so he starts for me. Perez doesn’t seem to play all that well but does get goals/assists so he has to play for me until we can sign a more consistent replacement. I’d happily play Knight if Wes isn’t fit. Can’t see the new lad starting until he’s had a week or so training.
  9. I agree that should be the aim, but we’re so short in numbers and the likes of spurs/Arsenal and maybe even Everton will be up there. Just think we will struggle. If Vardy gets a serious injury I think we will really struggle
  10. With the greatest of respect, I don’t think we are ready for a top 6 club yet this season either.
  11. League - 12th Europa- group stage Carabao- 5th round Fa Cup- 4th round Highest scorer- Vardy 18 Highest Assists- Perez player of the season- Ricardo young player- Thomas (Knight if Thomas goes on loan)
  12. Based on that half, Knight needs to be near the first team 18 next season.
  13. 1. Wes Morgan 2. Kisnorbo 3. Marcus Bent( for the one season we had him)
  14. I’d say it might be worth giving Diabate another chance, can’t hurt to have a look given we haven’t got another new wide option yet.
  15. Maybe Congertons the mole... 👀
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