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  1. Same starting 11 for me as what started the second half. If chilwell is fit then same starting 11 that started the game yesterday.
  2. They have the longest names and I couldn’t be arsed to type them out 😂 get in the bin
  3. 1 goal from 151 corners for palace, 1 goal in 21 for Benteke. We can all see where this is going can’t we 😂
  4. 4231? justin Turk Evans chilwell ndidi youri perez Ian albrighton Vardy
  5. What about some of the classic performances Roman Bednar and Collins John.
  6. Just without the double DM of Mendy and Ndidi in the middle, and not Maddison left wing 😂
  7. Couldn’t lace Mike Whitlows boots! 👀
  8. I’m not saying he has or hasn’t, just wondering if it is the case then what would you do? Cull a few players or the manager?
  9. With the greatest of respect to those other players, Kasper is too far removed from the play and only Evans looks like he has captain material to me. (Obviously my own opinion) Put Wes in as a 3 and let him go win the headers and have the other two sweeping, that covers his lack of pace.
  10. Can’t see Maddison being fit. Could barely move at the end. Not a clue what team should play. Has to change formation however, 352/3412? Really think we need Morgan’s leadership on the pitch at the minute, even if his legs have gone.
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