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  1. Wouldn’t mind a Vardy goal, been a while!
  2. We most certainly do, and 3rd is a great achievement. However, for me, finishing 3rd wouldn’t be as good a feeling as a cup final win.
  3. I think maybe some of the players can’t handle the big game pressure. Hence the 5/6 out of 10s. Scared to make a mistake or start hiding and can’t battle for it when it gets scrappy.
  4. He did one great defensive header in the second half.
  5. When I’m old and look back I’ll remember the games where we win the cups or lose in the finals better than beating West Ham and Everton and finishing 3rd. Just my personal opinion.
  6. I’d rather win a cup than finish 3/4th personally.
  7. Would be a very weak midfield, both fall over at a slight touch 😂
  8. Just my opinion but I’d take him over Maddison everyday.
  9. He wasn’t fantastic at all but he was better than Maddison in both legs. He carries villa
  10. You still make sure you have your man.
  11. I don’t like Gray as a player And I think we should bin him off but you can’t slate him for their second goal. It’s Ricardo man, he’s at fault.
  12. Over the two legs, Grealish showed he is twice the player of Maddison.
  13. Goalkeeper should have saved the first. Poor defending for the second. Only 3 players showed up for me today. Ndidi, Evans, Ian. Once again, big game, bottled it.
  14. Absolute waste of time him coming on
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