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  1. Having Morgan on the bench if Evans couldn’t last the 90 was a great plan. Felt a lot better once he came on, especially to tackle Girouds Ariel threat. Just the experience that was needed with the two younger centre halves next to him was fantastic.
  2. Really not bothered. I’d not play one that played yesterday, let them recover and beat Spurs no problems. Could be the same as when we lost to Brighton after promotion 😂
  3. If there is a god, Vardy winner attacking the end our fans are at.
  4. Not sure anyone else has heard but I’ve heard a rumour Harry Worley is starting as a centre mid. Massive risk in such a big game.
  5. He wasn’t fantastic last night, however I don’t think he was awful. Fact of the matter is he is an average premier league player that goes in streaky patches of form. When he’s in his better form ( as he has been the last few games) he has been better than Maddison as he hasn’t been good recently so deserved to start. He does always appear to try his best and realistically that’s all you can ask of a player.
  6. Perez to start as his work rate is a lot higher than Maddison. Once he’s blowing swap them round. Or if we’re winning bring on Praet
  7. This supposed bust up I would t be surprised if there was a few words said between Perez Maddison and Rodgers and it’s been blown way out of proportion, as I could see Perez being annoyed at being dropped when in arguably his better form for us, for Maddison who isn’t in good form and keeps getting a start? Can’t imagine there being a roll around over it though. However it’s probably rumour and lies 😂
  8. Shane’s still at it 😂
  9. I don’t think we look comfortable in a three, with or without Evans. However we looked the best defensively in a three with Fuchs as a left centre half. I think he’s playing three to accommodate not having to drop one of them, but for me the defence should (based on current availability) castagne fofana evans ( if available next game) Fuchs/Thomas When everyone is fit it should be Castange fofana evans justin
  10. On my notifications he has gone back through and put a laughing reply to any post RE Maddison that is not favourable
  11. Never rated mount before this season but he is changing my opinion on him.
  12. That Shane chap has gone through my posts involving Maddison, could it be him 😂
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