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    Corona Virus

    Not sure if it’s been posted before but why don’t the parents club together and set up like child minder groups at their homes for the key workers kids? If each non key worker could look after a key workers child for a day it saves the schools being open?
  2. He has his technical limitations compared to players like Perez but I would have him starting most weeks for me. Gives us energy and graft and that sometimes is more important than flair.
  3. Having both fullbacks who are both footed gives us such better options when going forward. Makes it so much harder to defend against.
  4. I thought he looked better tonight because of Justin behind him. Seemed to click a lot better than with Chilwell behind him.
  5. So much better. Justin made so much difference and both wingers were very good.
  6. I can’t see that being true, Wasn’t he was more involved at the start of the season than he has been recently? Didn’t make the bench for the first few games though I don’t think.
  7. I’m not saying that it’s just down to the set pieces, I’m saying you’d expect The assists to be higher considering he takes them all. I wonder how many assists have came from open play? I remember an Evans header at villa from a corner, ndidi at Chelsea from a corner. That could be only 1 assist from open play all season.
  8. Literally was thinking this earlier. Said at the time that this team haven’t done anything yet, pressure comes and the mental strength just isn’t there. Something which the title winners had in spades. Along with fight and desire, if not the technical skill.
  9. Needs a full season of playing week in week out. Sadly won’t get that here with Ndidi and possibly if mendy stays on.
  10. One of the most over rated players we have. 3 assists all season and he takes every set piece.
  11. He might not have as much flair as some players but he always grafts and puts in a shift, that’s what is needed now.
  12. Very very poor. We need a major shake up. Every other winger this season has had a run apart from Marc, maybe it’s time he gets 3/4 games starting out wide. Push Ricardo up to the other wing. Fuchs and JAustin at fullback.
  13. For the good of the game it has to go. It will ruin football as we know it. When it takes 2-3 minutes for some clown in a room miles from the game to find a big toe offside in the build up to a goal, or just ridiculous inconsistencies with the person at the VAR room, that’s just not the game we all enjoy. The on field refs and linesmen make mistakes but at least that is done in an instant and the game flows, VAR make the same mistakes and it stops the game. Let’s just accept that some decisions go for a team and some against and it balances out over a season and have proper football back please!
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