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  1. Anyone else see the face in the middle of all that?
  2. This will probably not seem funny in the telling but at the time had me in tears of laughter. It was a quiz on BBC Merseyside and the host Billy Butler would give massive clues to the answer. He gave one contestant 3 different clues which she managed to get right but still could not put them together for the complete answer. I wish I could find a clip somewhere. Edit: Found it.......stick with it. https://youtu.be/IWOf4ijp-Rk
  3. Think the 'Ever obliging' thread will be busy during/after Burnley. Haven't won this year, haven't scored a goal in the first half..... Also Chris Wood will score a header even though he's nursing s broken nose.
  4. Funny photos thread has been mainly rubbish lately.
  5. As a species we are fvcked. All the publicity about climate change today and what did the question time audience want to dicuss? The Royals. Not one question on the climate. I am depressed.
  6. I remember the old days when toilet roll streamers were quite common.
  7. Those who take fag breaks are just as likely to ido the other things you mention too.
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-wiltshire-51091430 I'm 100% with this. Smokers where I work have upto 30 mins day having a smoke breaks; 2.5 hours/ week. They ought to give non smokers Friday afternoon off or extra hols like the company in the story above.
  9. We did insist on a buy back clause...….didn't we?
  10. People who have their breakfast at work. It's usually microwave porridge which seems to consist of 50% oat powder and 50% dried syrup. Add milk or water, stick in the oven and the whole place then smells sickly sweet. Get up 10 minutes earlier you morons and eat the slop at home.
  11. The way this thread is going we should declare all posts are copyright Python (Monty) Pictures Ltd.
  12. They recovered remarkably well following their hammering against us and are one of the in form teams atm. We on the otherhand are 'stuttering' compared to pre Christmas form. Expecting a draw .... 1-1
  13. Loved that time he went crazy when we scored and hugged the linesman.
  14. At the start of the draw they always give you numbers to look out for, I wonder if we'll be one of them? No, thought not.
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