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  1. We are all individuals. Brian told us.
  2. I bet Celtic reserves have never appeared in Times Sq.
  3. The analysis will be 90% their 'second ' goal. Also, I hope it isn't the female commentator.
  4. Cannot see us scoring 3, cus that is how many we'll need to win this, Spurs are getting another I can feel it.
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-wiltshire-49773969 Just when you think you've heard it all...……………………...
  6. Revenge all the way. We lived next door to a copper for a couple of years and if he had been on nights you could hear a pin drop during the day. When he was on days his fvcking wife would play loud music or have the TV loud. I had a word a few times and it made little /no difference. We then retaliated; we would welly-up the stereo when he was trying to sleep. Things improved greatly. Petty perhaps but it worked.
  7. Before laughing at this and giving it a rep, I thought I would check our badge, just in case. I am pleased to report that it looks like a ..........upside down fox.
  8. Tradesman that give you a quote that doesn't include VAT. Just when you think you have good price they say 'plus vat'. Instant 20% increase! Unless we can make the VAT 'disappear' just tell me the full price I have to pay, toss pot.
  9. I was reminded today of something I said some years ago. A chap at work was getting married and a collection and card came around for him. I stuffed a couple of fivers in the envelope and wrote something in the card wishing them a long and happy life together. Their marriage, quite literally, didn't last the honeymoon. Unsurprisingly, he didn't come back to work straight away but I saw him a couple of days after he did return. I didn't quite know what to say but mumbled something along the lines that I was sorry to hear what had happened. He looked pretty glum and just shrugged his shoulders. There then followed a period of silence. Then, in a misguided attempt to lighten the mood, I asked if I could have my £10 back!
  10. I got married in Pocklington's Walk.
  11. This'll go down well.... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-49635176 I hope it happens though, there are some incredibly selfish barstewards out there when it comes to pavement parking.
  12. Someone did take a chance on him; we did! What do they mean ' I can't believe anyone didn't take a chance on him'? Don't we count?
  13. Try manually typing your username and password. I have had a couple of accounts elsewhere that didn't like those details being copied and pasted for some reason.
  14. Unfathomable. Or is it? No public vote because of tech issues so Jenarse and Wrighty decided. Wright would have surely appreciated the skill and execution shown by Barnes and Vardy as opposed to a dead ball situation but Jenas? Can't have a Leicester player getting GOTM.
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