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  1. its ok. By the time the page fully loads, the rumour has been disproved
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-47653654 Please no If I cannot get to a match I cannot stand the thought of listening to Stringer.
  3. You do not 'fluke' something like a title win, it takes an entire season of matches. You can have favourable draws in cup competitions but the league is something else. In any case, how many points did we win it by........ Rare and unlikely to be repeated by any other club like ours yes, fluke no.
  4. They were the days, no flying to matches, not even luxury coach travel. I bet some players caught the train, perhaps even pushbiked it!!
  5. As an aside: many, many moons ago, I recall us playing Burnley home and away in the space of a day or two! Perhaps our older posters can confirm? It would have been in the early 60s I guess.
  6. Mmmmm, BBC v iPhone. Wonder who'll win that one?
  7. Forecast is for the winds to ease around kick - off time.
  8. ……….. or in the last 20 seconds
  9. BBC reporting the child died of breathing difficulties. Not surprised. Every time she appeared on TV the poor thing was hidden under her abaya.
  10. Lights. People have absolutely no problem switching them on, but switching them off when they are finished...……..
  11. Years ago I shared a bedroom with my older brother. At the end of our beds was a small table that had a portable black & white TV on it - yes, it was that long ago. One morning, after a pretty heavy night before, I woke to find a puddle on the table and the carpet soaked. It was obvious what I had done and I couldn't blame my brother because he was working away. The thing is, that TV was plugged in. If my pee-jet had hit the electrics inside I might not be here, I certainly wouldn't have been a father.
  12. I sleep walked into saying I dreamt of a school boy.
  13. The other night I dreamt of a lad who was in my class in primary school 50 odd years ago. We weren't even mates & I have never seen him since. Weird.
  14. I stopped listening to his 5live show on a Sunday morning ever since he didn't even acknowledge, let alone discuss, our up-coming Champions league quarter final despite half the show discussing football that week. In anycase, he asks bloody stupid questions like: I know you will be in contempt of court and therefore unable to discuss (insert subject here) but our listeners would like to know.........
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