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  1. As I am walking down a street in New Parks, a car pulls up outside a house and a young lad of about 7 and, I assume, his dad get out. The lad just drops what looks like empty McDonald's boxes on the road. Dad says nothing. They then go into the house. It would have been no problem at all to take the rubbish into the house but no, they even litter outside their own home.
  2. I feel all religious denominations should share their facilities. Mosques are busy on Fridays, churches on Sunday etc. It would be a more effective and efficient use of resources, especially buildings. Surely this would help bring communities closer too? As I have mentioned in other threads; use these/any brown field sites for housing/flats.
  3. If I look at something on Ebay, just look not even put it in my basket, I eventually get emails asking if I'm still interested. Often, a little while later, I'll get a further email offering the same item for a few quid less. The price hasn't dropped on the auction as such but a apparent discount to tempt me to go ahead and buy it would seem.
  4. In just 60 years, mankind went from learning to fly to landing on the moon.
  5. They're like the pig on Pink Floyd's Animals album cover
  6. Hunting/shooting animals for sport. A while ago, there was a pic on the cvnts of our time thread of some Ameican fellas posing for a pic next to a brown bear they had shot. All had smiles on their faces. Telescopic sights, high power rifles, yeah really cool, tough and brave of you. How about getting up close and have a wrestle with it instead for a real sense of achievement?
  7. You win. Hang on; VAR just checking when you made your prediction
  8. Given our shocking shots on target attempts for the latter half of of last season, I thought of posting this for a bit of fun before kick-off but thought no, try and be positive. However, after the start to this match I thought I would go ahead. I think our first attempt will be on 53 minutes.
  9. Well they do steal from the rich and give to the poor in that part of the world.
  10. The tradition 'top six' ie. those with bigger squads, will be less affected by losing players throughout the season, whereas the rest of us will be involved in a season that will be more akin to a lottery. Go ahead with this season, including friendlies, but scrap titles, promotion and relegation until 21/22 season I say.
  11. Rodney Litchfield, 'Old Tommy' in Early Doors.
  12. BR: You knicked my phone you thieving cvnt? Rudkin: You left it on your seat you twat.
  13. I have spent my entire life avoiding blackpudding, the very thought of it made me gag - until this morning. I was offered a piece, tried it, loved it
  14. Mrs. FFF returns from a shopping trip and mentions that her dad had been trying to ring me. (landline) I said I had been out in the garden. 'He tried your mobile too' She added 'I left that in the house' I said. Disapproving look and comment follows. FFS! I refuse to be contactable 24/7.
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