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  1. Not putting this in the unpopular opinions thread because, hopefully, it isn't unpopular. No more places of worship for any religion to be built, ever. Also, any spare land - green field or, especially, brown field, should be used for housing. Empty churches etc, not to be used as warehouses but either offered to other denominations or, preferably, pulled down and houses built. Why have collective worship in any case? Many religions include lots or private worship, many believers even having shrines in their own homes. I'm sure no deity would mi
  2. Unlike every other single one on this thread, there is a chance this one could be resurrected.
  3. I wonder if he's pissing off other members of the squad as much as many fans on here. Could explain the improvement when he went off? Mind you; mustn't forget Newcastle had taken their foot off the pedal by then.
  4. I'll be thinking of that awful performance as I go sleep tonight and it'll be the first thing on my mind when I wake tomorrow. Ahh well, first world problems.
  5. He does that Cruyff turn time and time again, so much so it's become predictable. It was anticipated tonight and we paid for it
  6. Presumptious I know but if we miss out on top 4 and lose the final, you can guarantee some clown on here will say 'At the start of the season if we were offered top 6 finish and a FA cup final we would have taken it.' If so, I'll lose my presence of mind and not be responsible for my actions It isn't the bloody point, it really isn't.
  7. Only team to stay in the top four all season, pleeeeeeeeeease dont let it slip at the very end.
  8. Thanks but my USB sockets are inactive after BIOS, so nothing that uses them is an option. Made some progress today however, at the 4th or 5th attempt, managed to get Windows re installed. All seems fine now.
  9. Keyboard and mouse not working since Win 10 update. As soon as pc completes BIOS I lose them both. Doing my head in so much that I thought I'll re install Windows. Big mistake. During installation you need the keyboard and mouse to complete certain steps but they still don't work. Search the internet for solutions but nothing and if one more 'cure' suggests type such and such into so and so, I'll scream. The keyboard doesn't work!!!!!!! I need a solution that doesn't involve using a keyboard or mouse in Windows. Pretty difficult on a Windows computer.
  10. Nearly put this in ...grind my gears, but not quite at that stage yet. Match day threads with more and more folk posting 'Let's do this' It's getting more and more like a Peleton ad.
  11. Garth Crooks is at it yet again on his 'Team of the week'. Evans is in there with the added comment 'If Rodgers goes to Spurs he should take Evans with him. The twat doesn't give up.
  12. From the very early days of this pandemic, an Hindu colleague of mine had sent me couple of ways to 'protect yourself' from Covid. They were ludicrous, fanciful nonsense. Pure unadulterated quackery. But, apparently, were doing the rounds in the Asian community. Sadly, his brother died from Covid a couple of weeks ago and I can't help wondering if he had followed the same preventative 'advice'. .
  13. The European Environmental Bureau (EEB) says extending the life of smartphones and other electronics by just one year would be the equivalent of taking two million cars off the road, in terms of CO2 emissions.
  14. I've been out the loop this morning so when I picked up my phone a short while ago and there's a Google headline, 'Rodgers can talk Kane into staying', I thought, What! Shit, he's gone'. Click bait of course, yet another ex player suggesting what could happen if........
  15. You absolute bar steward, you nailed it. That's been me and Mrs. FFF this last week.
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