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  1. I assume no one of my generation has posted in this thread yet, otherwise this surely would have received a mention. Also, the entire Robinson Crusoe suite is, in my opinion, the most beautiful and moving piece of music ever written.
  2. Try zooming in on the image and then do it. You could almost kiss her.
  3. TV dramas/comedys that have the credits still appearing well after it has started. Watched one the other day and they they were still putting on the screen 'Directed by......., Produced by..... after the 1st commercial break ffs!
  4. I see his dad is emigrating. Even he can't stand him.
  5. Now on Freeview channel 7 Edit: think its an old interview mind!
  6. MOTD 2 good 2 bad tonight, may well show some 40 yo grabbing a ball from the clutches of a 7 yo.
  7. Fancy us to be on first tonight. .....
  8. It's a shame the corporate seats are opposite the TV cameras. Even at major events like the FA cup final, after half time the stadium appears half empty whilst the prawn sandwich lot have other priorities. The world is watching too. As an aside: The premier league win was great of course, but I hope I live long enough to see us win the FA cup.
  9. Chris Sutton (I know, I know) went on about this on 606. An Arsenal fan came on and, to his credit, pointed-out that we were dominating even before the sending off. On the subject of CS; I hardly listen to 606 these days because of him. Crickey, I would even prefer David Mellor back!
  10. The cynic in me wonders if our rivals really want 7th. Those Europa qualifiers could interfere with players time on an exotic beach somewhere. It could even explain our performance last night.
  11. BR wil learn more from this match than the previous 4. That is the only positive I can see.
  12. Lol, just beat me to it..I was about to post the same almost word for word
  13. We also lose an hour tonight It is tomorrow mornings repeat for me.
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