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  1. If someone comes on here - which they will - and says if they offered us at the start of the season top 6/7, two very good cup runs and a golden boot for our striker we would have snatched their hand off, I may lose my presence of mind and not be responsible for my actions.
  2. BR will learn from his mistakes - I just wonder how many mistakes it'll take.
  3. If he goes he should resign. He won't of course because he wouldn't wish to miss out on a huge pay off but Top doesn't deserve that.
  4. After Kasper ' clearance'. I was in the room but couldn't actually watch after that. I then heard the second, looked at the TV in time to see Caglar get his marching orders, called them some explitives and stormed in the kitchen I then upset Mrs.FFF by saying they've absolutely ruined the weekend. (We had been having a good weekend) So I then I mumbled an apology but she looked upset. The TV was off by now but she showed me on her phone they now had 4! I'm going out I said. F'ing football!
  5. If ever a manager needed sacking because of ONE match, then this is it.
  6. For crying out loud. Unprofessionalism personified. These haven't come from behind to win a match since Noah was playing with toy boats in his bath.
  7. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/fast-fashion-leicester-s-labour-abuse-scandal-lhrd7fxfz Behind a pay wall but when discussing this Times piece on BBC News 24, they said it says the government is contemplating taking over the running of Leicester City Council.
  8. Emma Barnett. I wouldn't mind being grilled by her
  9. It was some years ago, but me and 3 or 4 friends walked into a pub and the landlord told us to get out. We asked why and he said he didn't like the look of us. We probably muttered something as we left but accepted it and didn't remotely consider we had been discriminated against in any way. It's life, some folk need to build up some resilience.
  10. Has he been incarcerated in 'The Village' with a jacket like that? Perhaps he is the new No 2? "What do you want?" "Cheap labour" "You won't get it" "By hook or by crook, we will".
  11. Some years ago I was supporting a young lad with learning disabilities during a walk through the Shady Lane arboretum, when this dog appeared from nowhere and started snarling and barking at him. He was terrified and started screaming - which made matters worse. I then heard the owner call the dog from about 50 yards away. A little while later the said owner and dog passed closer by and the dog went for this lad again. The poor lad was panicking, crying and extremely distressed. After intervening, I suggested to the owner that the dog should be on a lead if he cannot control him. His reply? "I walk my dog here every day." No apology, didn't even check if the young lad was ok. Cvnt
  12. I have just read the council are re paving the area around the clock tower. I'm old enough to remember the last time it was re-paved. Hang-on! My grandchildren are old enough to remember the last time it was done!
  13. Concerned the Man C ban will be overturned. They are bankrolled by a entire country and I am genuinely concerned that if it came down to either us or Man C in the champions league we all know who the footballing authorities will prefer.
  14. Thought we had nicked it. My bladder couldn't make the 8 mins injury time so went loo leaving my lady in the living room She then shouts Leicester have scored. I ran in the room cheering........... only to find it is 1-1 Oh she says, I thought they were losing 1-0
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