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  1. You're lucky you don't have to explain your change of heart to a wife; or do you?
  2. My son ordered an item from Amazon at 10:30 this morning, it has just arrived! I bet this is replicated many times a day, all over the country. I remember not that long ago it seems, when deliveries were usually 7 to 14 days! I know Amazon are aiming for carbon neutral but crickey, the current effect on the environment must be colossal with all these vehicles whizzing around.
  3. Must say that Foxestalk is one of, if not the best forums for ease of access, navigating and lack of bloatware. I occasionally visit other teams forums and think many are awful in comparison. I have just been on one of the Celtic ones to see what they say about Edouard and although it isn't too bad compared to many, it wasn't as user friendly as ours, certainly not on this old device of mine in any case. Kudos to our mods etc.
  4. Can't stand watching it but I love playing it. Strange.
  5. In a similar vein; Roman numerals. Why? My wife and I were trying to guess the age of a old TV programme we were watching. All will be revealed at the end we thought, no, instead we have MCMLXXII What's the bloody point? There isn't any Roman centurion soldiers watching, why not just put 1972?
  6. Online team meetings. Perhaps I'm getting to be a miserable old git but to try and have a bit of 'fun', colleagues suggest dressing - up for them. We have had; everyone wears a hat, everyone wears something orange and the latest - wear your dressing gown! For the latter, I asked if my female colleagues would be wearing baby doll nighties underneath. Cue a later bollocking from my (female) manager
  7. Not on this occasion, they said their coverage starts at 12 o'clock with............. Palace v Fulham.
  8. I know it has been often pointed out the media's tendency to overlook us generally and I have grown accept it, but that doesn't stop me noticing it. On 5live earlier, they had a trailer for their coverage of 'another exciting weekend of premier league action'. They then ran through their commentaries - including Sundays matches. There are 5 matches that day, can any of you guess the only one that isn't being covered? I bet no one gets it right.
  9. Pandering to modern day sensibilities. The latest: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-56153016 Also I watched a 1950s episode of Robin Hood the other day, a children's programme, yet they advised parental guidence at the start. Too many swords and arrows I guess.
  10. It would be interesting to know their thinking behind the order of matches. They also seem to have spent quite awhile analysing the first two matches and I am sure it will be the same for the Arsenal Man C match. I wonder how long they'll spend on ours and how long before they mention Grealish?
  11. I hope you all realise and appreciate that if Grealish was playing we would be losing 2-0.
  12. Have they found the ball from Huth's free kick up there yet?
  13. We had a 100, if a 200 was twice as bad then I am not surprised.
  14. Walked around the back of a car the other day and then it started reversing. I banged on the back to let him know I was there. He hadn't looked and I didnt hear it. I seem to recall reading somewhere that safety campaigners have concerns because of their relative silence.
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