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  1. What grinds my gears...

    On the subject of pee. Some dirty sod had 'missed' when peeing in the loo at work. I managed to step either side of it whilst I went. I then left - after washing my hands. Someone then passed me on their way in; they probably now think I was responsible.
  2. Anyone's local team looking for players?

    Ffs I started by asking for no reference to our beloved former champions. If we can get serious: does any parks team you may play for require players?
  3. Anyone's local team looking for players?

    Before we start; I am not referring to LCFC's midfield. Mate is looking to start playing again and is looking for a local parks team. Never seen him play but he tells me he is bang average. Could you pm me if you need another body? Thanks
  4. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    What more do I want? I stated there are too many. One of my Asian colleagues suggested a touch of racism. Another corrected him: Oh you don't understand, he feels that way about ALL beliefs.
  5. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    There are too many 'celbrations' and cultural 'events'. An Asian guy in our office was explaining why he had been off for a couple of weeks; something to do with the latest festival. He began telling us the story behind it. But that is what they are, stories. If I said I wanted time off to celebrate the anniversary of Jack and Jill going up the hill; they would laugh.
  6. Shooting in Las Vegas

    As an aside: more endless mobile phone footage on the news - in portrait mode. Look, if you find yourself witnessing a major news story and wish to film it, turn your fecking phone on it's side. Look at your wide screen TV for a clue if in doubt. If was a news broadcaster I would turn all such footage down, even if it showed Trump shagging Clinton.
  7. Vagina flavoured beer

    Horrah! A solution that doesn't involve getting pubes stuck between my teeth.
  8. Lukaku song - racist or banter?

    Modern day sensibility. It wasn't like that in the 70s https://youtu.be/s9JqbCH4aVw
  9. Match Thread - Liverpool (EFL Cup) - 19/09/2017

    Haven't gone down, can't even be bothered to watch it on TV. So, I am following it on this thread and this thread alone Insightful posts only please, I am relying on you.
  10. What grinds my gears...

    Hurry up...... I am still waiting!
  11. What grinds my gears...

    Calling someone who is running late and they say they will be there in 5 minutes. You call again after 10 minutes and they are 'just around the corner'. 5 minutes after that........😠
  12. Agony, Ecstasy, Agony!

    When this was discussed on here some years ago, I recall someone posting that a few years after that play off final, they were chatting about it to a Wembley steward. The steward said that of all the games he had worked at, the loudest cheer he remembered was when Steve Thompson equalised. Strewth , I am getting goose bumps thinking about it. The fat guy behind me, who I had never seen before or since, had eyes that were virtually popping out their sockets and then we threw our arms around each other. When I calmed a little, I realised I had badly cut my shin somehow and it was pouring. I hadn't felt a thing! Even now I can only watch the match up to the equaliser - the rest was too much to take, even after all these years.
  13. whatsapp down.....

    ........across the entire planet!
  14. Atletico 2nd leg at home

    Just finished listening to Sportsweek on 5live. 90% of the show was football related but not one word on our Champions League Quarter final. If it was Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool et el, especially if they were the only English representatives, half the programme would have been dedicated to it. They even found time to talk for a few minutes about Leyton Orient but not so much a word about us. Feck em. Dismissing us........just like last year.
  15. Everton v Leicester City match thread

    I can't reveal my source but I can exclusively reveal we are first on MOTD this evening.