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  1. People trashing Amartey in the match thread. Here you ****ing go. This is Amartey. No touches with no service, but when he does get it, it's done.
  2. McManaman could do with laying off the paint thinner, especially when he's on the job.
  3. Say what you want about Gareth Bale, but that footwork was filthy.
  4. I get it now. Brendan subbed Ayoze on because he's the human equivalent to a sleeping pill; Liverpool doze off, Leicester on top. Masterstroke.
  5. I can understand Rodgers not wanting to start him at the moment; Ricardo isn't fully up to speed and he might not want to risk teams doubling up on him if Cengo isn't as defensively minded as he says. With that being said, I still hope he's given a chance as he could very well provide that extra something we need in attack.
  6. Should have kicked him harder, Madders.
  7. I can only imagine his last words as he exits the chopper: Leverkusen Staff: "Nein! Nein!" Gray: "Nah mate, I'm a winger!"
  8. He'll be the one to miss out; few players are privileged enough to sit on the bench and watch a generational talent like Marc Albrighton in person. Saying that, Arsenal might be better for him; I mean, he would be under less pressure playing for a midtable club.
  9. Relax, folks. This is all a part of Brendan's plan. He's playing 12D Hungry Hungry Hippos; we're merely witnesses to a master at work. The title is ours.
  10. Calculated slice by Barnes. He knew Ndidi was lurking.
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