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  1. If y'all check out Vardy's second goal, take a look at who managed to draw Ake away, giving Youri all the space he needed to slide the ball in for Timmy.
  2. First team in Premier League history to wear maroon and not look and play like shit.
  3. Vardy probably won't be sprinting for the rest of the game, but his decoy runs, along with the psychological impact of him staying on the pitch, should keep Man City in panic mode.
  4. Expert coaching by Brendan. If your finishing is abysmal, pass instead.
  5. Anyone else feel the need to take a shower after watching Burnley play?
  6. From what I've been hearing, there were surgical complications; it wasn't just his hip they were working on. Top attended personally to oversee the secondary procedure and was visibly distraught as the world renowned surgical team failed to separate James Maddison's ugly ass backpack from his body. Brendan has since been informed that the cost is coming out of next season's transfer budget.
  7. If we consider how they handled that particular issue, it shows they're beyond pedantic when it comes to the rules. In other words, CAS will be going in dry. Prepare your anus, Pep.
  8. Gary Neville whenever Manchester United:
  9. Over 200 million sperm cells and he was somehow the best.
  10. We've just witnessed the footballing equivalent to the sleeping pill. Yikes.
  11. Considering the fact that we're missing Ricardo, Chilwell, and Maddison, not to mention the disallowed goal chalked off because that bumbling twat Kolasinac went down as though he'd been mugged, it's a deserved point that could have been more. In hindsight, my only major gripe is Iheanacho being taken off for Barnes, who was ineffective.
  12. Y'know, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that I believe the best is yet to come from Kelechi. Also, with how much he's improved for us, I'm curious to see how well he goes on to play for Nigeria. Same goes for Ndidi.
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