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  1. What a ****ing goal. What a ****ing assist.
  2. Sheffield United aren't dissimilar to Burnley and Stoke, so I'm pleased we were able to walk away with limbs intact, heads held reasonably high, and most importantly, 3 points in the bag.
  3. The lineup looks good and I suspect that Hamza's role will be more of a shuttler, rather than a creator. Not only will he be expected to carry the ball, he'll also be tasked with winning the ball high up the pitch. We all know Brendan loves his teams to press high and seeing as we're at home, he'll want nothing but balls deep action and intensity.
  4. I'd say a couple of years or so, minimum. He's not gonna break down the way Rooney did and the good thing about Vardy is his ability to adapt. He doesn't need to rely on lung-busting sprints anymore, so long as he's among the quickest to react over 10-15 yards.
  5. I don't see James on the team sheet. My guess is that he's signing for Atletico as we speak.
  7. I view them as good enough to compete for a place. I'm not suggesting they're better.
  8. Off the top of my head, there's Wan-Bissaka, Digne, Sanchez, Rudiger, Vertonghen, Alderweireld, Lascelles, Bailly, and Ake. I'm pretty happy with our current back four, though.
  9. I understand completely. It's not my opinion that matters, though. I know that if the club decides to sell, it'll mean we've done absolutely everything and failed to get a tune out of Iheanacho. However, if he stays through pre-season, then I'm putting my faith in Brendan.
  10. Ignore that. Holy shit. Wow. I'm stupid.
  11. I'm in two minds about this game. If we win against Chelsea, Spurs have to beat next season's relegation favourites to nail down 4th place. Let's hope United can pull off a miracle. I also need to learn how to read. Reeeeeeee!
  12. It's easy to make jokes about the miss, but he doesn't deserve abuse. As for Nacho's future, I still believe Brendan could be the one to get him going here.
  13. As it stands, Nacho couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat.
  14. Up until the 97th minute, it'll remain 0-0. Man City are given a penalty after a blatant dive by Mahrez, who also steps up to take it. He puts it in the top corner, runs to the Leicester support and whips down his shorts, dangling his worm with a big grin on his face. The drama doesn't stop there though, as the referee blows his whistle and calls Riyad over. He's shown a red card! Not only did he break the rules by stuttering during the run-up, but he also induced stadium-wide seizures in doing so. Schmeichel quickly takes the free kick, lumping it up to Vardy who goes on to score the winner. Pep is now screaming to the officials that such direct football shouldn't be allowed, but the assistant referee nuts him for dissent. That assistant's name is Robert Huth.
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