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  1. Still taller than Torreira.
  2. If we consider how they handled that particular issue, it shows they're beyond pedantic when it comes to the rules. In other words, CAS will be going in dry. Prepare your anus, Pep.
  3. Gary Neville whenever Manchester United:
  4. Over 200 million sperm cells and he was somehow the best.
  5. We've just witnessed the footballing equivalent to the sleeping pill. Yikes.
  6. Considering the fact that we're missing Ricardo, Chilwell, and Maddison, not to mention the disallowed goal chalked off because that bumbling twat Kolasinac went down as though he'd been mugged, it's a deserved point that could have been more. In hindsight, my only major gripe is Iheanacho being taken off for Barnes, who was ineffective.
  7. Y'know, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that I believe the best is yet to come from Kelechi. Also, with how much he's improved for us, I'm curious to see how well he goes on to play for Nigeria. Same goes for Ndidi.
  8. I imagine if we stick with 3 at the back, Barnes will be brought on as a super sub, later on in the game.
  9. I'm starting to wonder if Brendan views himself as being equal to Pep; the latter is known to coach his players meticulously, but he gets results. In our case, we look one dimensional, passing from the back with no real aim or focus, poor ball retention whenever we step out of our own half, wide players without a clue, and so on. The rut we're in is one I believe we can get out of, but it's dependant on Brendan's willingness to adapt his own approaches to the game.
  10. I always did like hydrated pork products.
  11. One of the issues is that Brendan isn't playing to Chilwell's strengths. He's not Ricardo; you won't see him dribbling past players and his crossing is as likely to reach his man as it is to scalp the linesman on the opposite side. He's better off running into space and cutting the ball across the box; the same can be said for Justin.
  12. I hate to say this, but Vardy needs to spend a little time on the bench. He's been abysmal for a while now and he shouldn't be immune from being dropped; Kelechi did so much more, despite his relatively short cameo.
  13. Our shooting coach needs to be sacked.
  14. Richarlison is made of paper. Lightly grazed and he goes down like JFK.
  15. In my opinion, Chilwell could learn a thing or two from Robertson by being more of a **** on the pitch. If he were to show a little more aggression, he wouldn't be bullied so easily by opposition wingers, plus he'd benefit in other areas of his play. He has the athleticism, there's no doubt about that, but his mental game hasn't quite caught up yet.
  16. Ben Chilwell has been playing the long con; he's actually right footed, but thought it'd be funny to pretend otherwise for his entire career until now. Banter.
  17. Hopefully the lads will send for Vardy's cocaine stash; once he's on that, he'll be back on his feet and 100% by morning.
  18. What if Sean is Bielsa? I mean, have you ever seen Sean from Enderby and Marcelo Bielsa in the same room? Because I haven't.
  19. You're spot on about Klopp and it got me thinking about the issue a little more. I did a bit of digging and as it turns out, Liverpool were once in a similar position to us now. Three years ago in January, their form collapsed as they went on to win 1 in 9. At the time, Klopp insisted that it wasn't a physical issue, but rather a mixture of the hectic winter schedule, mental fatigue, and poor decision making. Whatever the reasons for our current slump, we can only hope that Brendan can reinvigorate the team and get us fighting for a place in next season's Champions League.
  20. Is this before or after he pulls out his worm?
  21. The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away. Translation: Ghezzal/James/King/Slimani to Juventus; Demiral to Leicester. Cags will personally broker the deal.
  22. Wes: "When in doubt, just do what I do." Benko: "Like this, boss?" Wes: "Dammit, Benk Benk."
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