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  1. We really are building for the championship...
  2. Never has a team looked less comfortable with the ball.
  3. When on form, Mahrez can do things no other Leicester player I have ever seen can do. Doesn't do it often enough recently, but his peak is beyond anyone else we've had.
  4. Got to admire what Southampton have done.
  5. Thought he did OK in what was a pretty thankless task.
  6. Don't mention that. Still makes me angry to remember it.
  7. Shouldn't come as a surprise. Our defence wasn't that good last year, why do we expect the same 5 to be able to cut it in the prem?
  8. The championship standard defence is the biggest problem. Pearson knows we're not good enough at the back, and feels we have to play defensively to try and give them cover. It's not as simple as being more positive if the whole team has no confidence in whats behind them.
  9. Too many championship players out there.
  10. This is perhaps the dumbest post amongst some very dumb posts. You suggest we should just release our top scorer, because you do not believe his is good enough for the prem. Surely then, over half the squad should be axed at the earliest oppurtunity. Maybe we should cull all but the 5 or 6 players you think are good enough, and then sign another 15 to make a team with?
  11. I don't know why, but I am more worried about Southampton. Rumours that Pochettino will leave for spurs, and Nige is well thought of down there...
  12. Totally agree with this.
  13. According to WIkipedia, Kerrea Gilbert played more games for us than any other club in his career.
  14. YPOTY - Moore GOTY - Drinkwater v Watford POTY - Drinkwater
  15. Didn't he retire a year ago?