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  1. I've been saying he should have had a like for like understudy and quality back up to job share with and prolong his career for a few seasons so I agree we still need an alternative or two this summer even with Kelechi coming good.
  2. Rancid is an overstatement. He's just not quite been at it due to a combination of playing through injury/coming back too early post-op plus being slow to get back up to speed and not as sharp as usual in front of goal. However, there's no way Kelechi scores all 6 of those goals without Vardy next to him dragging defenders all kinds of out of position. You can clearly see opposition defenders still see him as the main threat despite Kelechi's form and like I said watch what happens if they do switch their attention to Kelechi and give Vardy more space again.
  3. Obviously, but people are talking like that time is now. He will still be our best striker next season and I still fancy him as the perfect player to bring off the bench for another few years if he wants it. Look at Les Ferdinand for a similar player who stayed not far from his peak until 36 and was more than useful for a season or 3 after that (scored 12 for us at 37).
  4. What a lot of bollocks from half of you. Even whilst injured/getting back up to speed he still creates more goals than anyone else with his movement and is still feared more than anyone else by opposition defenders. Watch what happens if defenders suddenly stop paying him his respect and sticking to him as much as they do at the minute. Guaranteed Indian summer next season.
  5. I've always said that, as good as he is, he is a bit too Hyacinth Bucket as in prone to being too deferential towards teams considered bigger than us and too arrogant against teams below us (see Slavia), but I'm hoping that's something he's moving past now (since the Liverpool win). 🙏
  6. Win the FA Cup and never play 5 at the back against a team we're favourites against again and all is forgiven.
  7. At least it didn't end as embarrassing as it threatened to and at least we now officially have a bonafide second striker to go with Vardy. Fingers crossed that finish will keep our peckers up going forward 🤞 You know we like to do things backwards so we'll probably go into the Manu, Chelsea, Tottenham run in in 4/5th and then get 6 points out of those to finish top 4. 😅
  8. At least we finally have a second legitimate striker in Iheanacho now. Must also say that Masuaku is twice the player of anything we have at left back currently.
  9. Please score so it isn't quite so embarrassing and looks like we came to play? 🙏
  10. I thought we'd gone to a 4 with Thomas at LB and Castagne at RB but were still adjusting when they scored?
  11. Well, silver linings. At least Rodgers didn't wait until the 65th minute to admit he was wrong. Damage was already done before that goal though... Fingers crossed the lads can get it up for the so-called bigger teams in the last few games which is usually our backwards way to be fair 🙏
  12. I wish we'd learn and stop playing a back 5 against teams other than Liverpool & Man City. Only ever works when we need to concede some possession and counter attack. So gutted that we're choking again and it'll be unforgivable if West Ham leap frog us to break into the top 4 first.
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