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  1. Apparently Thomas Tuchel has already been lined up so thank fuch for that.
  2. Puts I hope? It's already $100 pre-market run 😂
  3. Yea, I threw about 10 grand away on an airport spa. 😅 Making it back and more on Penny stocks and SPACs now I've got the hang of it though 😂
  4. He's about to get his due respect now as everyone and his dog clamour to pimp him for the Chelsea job. Pretty sure he's already the frontrunner betting odds-wise 😒
  5. Doesn't bear thinking about. As I said in the matchday thread every time the ball goes dead they turn into a bunch of bin men and I can't for the life of me figure out how that happens to professionals. Zonal marking is also an aggressive failure from corners as we constantly end up with our shortest players challenging their main aerial threats. 🤷‍♂️
  6. People are reacting on here how they would if they were allowed inside the stadiums. Admittedly anyone slating Maddison, Barnes, Vardy, etc is a dribbler, but calling out dog sh!t is a part of watching football. 🤷‍♂️
  7. Yea, they were there for the taking all the way that much was obvious. We were just impotent until Brendan put a rocket up them and they went for it.
  8. I only go for the players that aren't good enough and let us down when given the chance (Amartey, Gray, Iheanacho need moving on). Never said anything about Thomas as he's still learning and Mendy was fine bar being shite at defending corners but as a dwarf he shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the 6 yard area anyway so that's on the management.
  9. See my previous reply. I've sat through some right dross in the past. I was exaggerating somewhat for affect but I think some people are forgetting that we should have been at least 2 down to Brentford's youth team by half time 🤷‍♂️ Anyway, yes, onwards and upwards. Fingers crossed we'll be allowed inside the stadiums by Wembley.
  10. I was actually a season ticket holder for the championship relegation season and a couple either side of it. 😂 It was mild hyperbole but the half was really f@cking bad.
  11. You know none of us are allowed to go to football at the minute so are doing our usual cheering/jibing when appropriate on here, right?
  12. Worst first half of football I've ever seen. One of the better second halves this season. Classic Leicester. Still stand by Amartey needing to be moved on with Iheanacho and Gray. Onwards to Wembley.
  13. You'll be glad to hear he's carrying quite the weapon too then.
  14. I don't blame him for not passing to Iheanacho...
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