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  1. Am I right in thinking Slimani wasn't even registered for this competition? 🤦‍♂️ 0-0 to the Zorya.
  2. Slimani is just a head on a stick. If we bring him on we bring Albrighton on with him to get balls in the box not Hamza.
  3. Literally nothing going forward bar Barnes and he's not developed enough to win a game on his own. What's the point in having Perez on if all he offers is defensive work? May as well have Albrighton playing his role as at least he can put a threatening ball into the box. Bin him off to Espanyol or some other dog shit in la liga. What's the point in having Hamza on when he only has one job and yet is somehow nowhere near Barkley 25 yards out? Bin him off to Forest or someone else at his level. Why wasn't Under brought on when it was cl
  4. Absolutely farcical. God knows what Under and Fofana must be thinking watching that embarrassing mess. Talk about killing the feel good factor though. This is the equivalent of your spouse trying to kill you on the honeymoon. They'll need reassuring big time going into an international break where they could dwell on this and begin to regret their decision to join us. Yes it was that bad.
  5. Amartey off. Under on. 4-5-1 with Perez central (only because we have no choice without Maddison or Praet. Except maybe Dewsbury-Hall? ).
  6. Don't think I've ever seen a player offer less than Perez. Even in his preferred position centrally he's not good enough for this starting XI.
  7. Need a more attacking change of formation immediately. They're outplaying us with half the talent. We also have zero command of our own penalty area, especially in the air, but that's not a problem we can solve today.
  8. Cresswell as a Sheff Utd style attacking left sided CB is a stroke of genius too by the looks of it.
  9. We're gash in the air again shocker. Antonio & Coufal are competing for man of the match at the minute. On the plus side it's high intensity in both directions which suits us and Ogbonna looks vulnerable as f%ck against Vardy. C'mon Leicester!
  10. Man City out of the title race. Leicester in it. One last major Vardy party incoming. 🤞🥳 😂
  11. Corners are as good as penalties against us 😂
  12. Ooossh! Can you feel it coming! 🙌😂
  13. Keep at 'em! They're even worse in defence than us 👊
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