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  1. It barely tickled his hand after bouncing off their defenders shoulder inches away so he probably didn't even feel it. Imagine the reaction if he had stopped and walked away knowing it had sniffed his hand. Would have highlighted how farcical the law is though I suppose 👍
  2. And the players certainly dont know. In the bin one and all.
  3. Young players, bad luck, poor form, lost confidence. We'll have another good run before the end of the season and finish in the Champions League positions. Concerned about the lack of additions in the transfer windows though. We should have at least raided the football league for a couple of promising players to add to the mix. We're clearly lacking strength in depth and have put a lot of pressure on ourselves to get it bang on this summer and land 3 to 5 signings that will hit the ground running ready for a European tour.
  4. 4th. Only one of Chelsea, Manu or Tottenham will overtake us with some title challenging form.
  5. This and the offside rule are totally embarrassing for Mike Riley and the EPL in general. Laughing stock around the world at the minute as the only country who've screwed up the implementation of VAR due in part to laws like these and the powers that be seem to just be ignoring it and hoping it works itself out.
  6. Not a winger for me. Would like to see more of him alongside or behind Vardy/Iheanacho though.
  7. Ward Justin Morgan Soyuncu Fuchs Gray Tielemans Praet Albrighton Perez Iheanacho Bench: Schmeichel Bennett Pereira Ndidi Barnes Maddison Hirst
  8. Overachieved at the start - underperforming now. Will revert to mean and remain Champions League sans heads completely going (18).
  9. Hang the DJ. Bring back DJ Campbell
  10. I like him but he's settled into the England international resting on their laurels mentality frighteningly fast. Needs a reality check from the sidelines. Bring on the Fuchs or blood James Justin.
  11. We're way past the point where there should be an emergency meeting of the incompetent officials who have come up with the offside and offensive handball rules. So many good goals being disallowed by rigid unthinking application of ridiculous laws. Need the final decision to be given back to the on field ref as well so all VAR can do for big decisions is refer them to the pitchside monitor for review. Everywhere else it has been implemented it is a success so it's clear it is a problem with our rules and our sub-par officials.
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