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  1. I'm not saying it isn't accurate, I'm saying that, if it is indeed accurate at that level, more so than current techniques in wide use in PL football, there's a reason it hasn't been widely adopted. What that reason may be, I can't be sure, although I'd posit that it is likely due to defenders being much more skilled at reading the flight of the ball/being much more physical and powerful, negating any positive impact such a technique could bring.
  2. Not sure if something that works at a much more amateur level than PL football should be something Maddison incorporates into his football routine. There's no reason to believe that such a corner taking method would work outside of women's football.
  3. It would be a lot easier to rest Tielemans if Tavares would just sign a new deal already...
  4. Hard to say. It depends if Under comes good or not. He has shown promise but needs to be able to be a key player, week in week out.
  5. Rather play Mendy against weaker teams.
  6. I would argue that it is absolutely one of the factors that influences form. It's not definitive, but injuries have plenty of influence on form. There's so many examples of it over the years.
  7. Absolutely I'm really pleased the team has reacted the way they have, I'm just worried about how every game is a harsh grind, and it does feel a little like we're skating on thin ice. The attitude of the players and manager cannot be called into question though, they've got stuck in brilliantly. All I'm saying is that I won't expect this level of results to continue, even though I'm very pleased with it.
  8. We should know how hard it is, we bottled CL last year because of it...
  9. You're right about the league, my bad. I generally agree with your post, although would like to point out that we conceded to Man City first using this formation and it turned out pretty well.
  10. To be honest, whilst I'm obviously extremely happy and excited we're doing as well as we are, it does worry me a little that 6 of Vardy's 8 goals so far have been penalties... Makes me worry about how sustainable our form is. I'm very pleased with the team, but I think we are probably overperforming right now, so I hope we won't get too upset as fans if results drop off a bit.
  11. That's wrong tbf Grealish is better than Maddison at this point in time.
  12. Can't wait for when everyone is fit and returns and we can play Maddison, Barnes and Under all together behind Vardy. Don't think many teams could park a successful bus against that.
  13. I think Rodgers will try to revert to the attacking 4-3-3 in the last half hour as we did against Arsenal, maybe subbing Maddison and Under on like he did vs Leeds, whilst he sets up with a more cautious formation to begin with.
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