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  1. Jovic coming here would be a bad move for him to be honest. He should pick a club without a top scorer in the league, it hasn't worked out for him this season and probably wouldn't next season. If Arsenal sell Lacazette and Aubameyang that would be a good move for him. Or Everton to partner Calvert-Lewin, he does well with a strike partner
  2. Financially, we need to sell to buy right now. Even if we end up with CL money, we will be on thin ice. We should do what we did last window and buy everyone before selling Chilwell.
  3. Whilst your point about military coups is valid, the quarter of a billion stuff is completely wrong, look at what dimmerchant under me has to say. Our third party debt is at around £50 million...
  4. Chelsea losing like that is what we in the business call "a huge dub". Now we just have to win our last 4 games...
  5. Hidden agent, he can jump on opponents and sabotage their game without being picked up by cameras
  6. Lol! Like saying Everton should sign Ricardo...
  7. Utd are in for him, £80 million, not a penny less. We need to bully them whenever they buy from us.
  8. His name is Ian Cheeseman, relax people
  9. Apparently Wes isn't interested in management, someone on here told me last time I brought that possibility forward.
  10. Very good player, don't know if he would fit with us very well though.
  12. Yeah, don't want to risk it, we could end up with Ronaldo
  13. In fairness Rodgers has switched formations up a lot, he clearly has more than one way to skin a cat. There are probably unseen downsides that a fan can't know about, like dressing room issues from being a Plan B option, effectively training a team in two styles being very hard, other stuff. Considering the amount of world class managers who don't really have more than one "system" they're willing to try, this is one thing I'll leave to Rodgers discretion somewhat.
  14. Second choice to Pulisic, who might not even be a regular starter next season because of Werner. Doubt he'd bide his time patiently at Brentford for so long only to bench himself at the first opportunity.
  15. Considering Rodgers has been on record multiple times as not resorting to Target Man tactics, I think the only striking partnership is likely to be one like the one we have right now.
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