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  1. Please, for the love of God, rest Vardy. I feel like a broken record, but the man cannot play so many games in a row. We are destroying one of the best tools in our locker through misuse, when we should be taking care of him in order to get as much time out of him as possible. He made a great move to open up the space for Iheanacho's goal, but that was it. At least let him sub on around the 60th minute or something. Brighton are really quite good defensively but have no attacking impetus down their right hand side, not to mention their finishing overall is terrible. I
  2. Leaving Sheffield Wednesday has done him more harm than good, he was breaking into their setup at a very young age and the club would doubtlessly have invested a lot of time and effort into him, he showed more in his few appearances there than anything for us.
  3. Reghba has been held back in the U23s, Hirst made a poor career decision joining us. Wakeling is still very young.
  4. If Vardy and Evans are injured: Castagne Amartey Soyuncu Thomas Ndidi Tielemans Under Tavares Ricardo Iheanacho Ricardo got the winner for us vs Everton in 2019/20 from left wing, he's a bigger goal threat than Albrighton, that's why I want to try him there. Tavares is the big gamble but if it works it works, and if it doesn't work then we're ****ed anyway because our midfield is not going to build any play.
  5. Fantastic to see Wright having a positive impact at such a young age.
  6. I would bet a substantial amount of money on that not being the case.
  7. Equivalent of Sheff Utd is harsh to Slavia. They've literally kicked Sevilla out of the Europa League recently. That's like beating Man City in the carabao cup.
  8. Vardy is destroyed, unpopular opinion but I don't think he should start. We are seriously mismanaging him at the moment. He should be playing a game a week, he just isn't young enough to eat up games like he used to. Give him a rest for the next two games and then we'll have a revitalised man for the run-in, hopefully, rather than hoping he'll play his tired body out of his poor form. Better to rely on Barnes and Iheanacho for two games that we might be likelier to lose, (although on Vardys recent form that's no given) if it means we will have Vardy fit and firing again.
  9. Surely a 3-4-3 or 4-2-3-1 would be better than putting Ricardo in midfield and taking Tielemans out of his best position. Under has played as the 10 before for his national team, and done well. For me, either Amartey Soyuncu Evans Ricardo Tielemans Ndidi Castagne Under Vardy Barnes Or Castagne Evans Soyuncu Thomas Ndidi Tielemans Ricardo Under Barnes Vardy
  10. Fantasy window if we make CL Antony in £30 million de Paul in £25 million Toney in £25 million Praet out £15 million Iheanacho out £10 million Choudhury out £7 million More balanced first eleven with a stronger midfield and more threatening attack Barnes Vardy Antony de Paul Ndidi Tielemans Justin Soyuncu Evans Ricardo Schmeichel Ward / Maddison Toney Perez Fofana Castagne Mendy Barnes/Albrighton Vardy/Toney Antony/Perez de Paul/Maddison Ndidi/Mendy Tielemans/Dewsbury-Hall
  11. If Brighton were to go down, the club would surely have to go in for Yves Bissouma, huge talent. I would love us to start him with Ndidi and Tielemans when we play more intensely attacking teams, that would be such a solid midfield.
  12. Jack Grealish is not coming to Leicester, never in a month of mondays. Buying from the PL nowadays is ridiculously expensive. Prices have only gone further out of whack since we bought Perez for 30 million pounds... It's time to face the reality that PL-PL transfers are simply not going to be an option for us outside of certain very specific scenarios.
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