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  1. This happening would make me very happy
  2. Perspective is required. Sure we're doing badly, but we are lucky that we have just regressed to everyone else's mean, with a huge points buffer to help us out. I'm confident we will start to hit form before we run into any real issues.
  3. You just making this up? P sure Rodgers said sitting along the lines of Chilwell not having trained much during the week so he rested him.
  4. Burnley's second goal was gifted by Evans, not because of them playing incisively
  5. Much better performance today than Southampton at least
  6. There was one thing we did wrong today as a team: Defending on Wood's corner We should certainly have won this game, if not for a freak clearance by Evans and an uncharacteristically poor penalty. Don't really think we need anything at the moment.
  7. In fairness Fuchs hasn't done much of that today for Barnes either.
  8. Agreed, not a good look when Phil Bardsley speeds past you to get a cross in. Hasn't been awful though.
  9. If us and Liverpool win, we will be 9 points off fourth and 14 points off 5th. Despite our current poor form. We would need 5 consecutive losses with one of Man Utd or Wolves winning 5 consecutively to drop out of Top 4.
  10. Yeah, which would be easier I guess if our players wages weren't already "big"
  11. In some ways I'd rather our salary bill was smaller so we could more easily grow it, but that is interesting news.
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