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  1. Agreed. He's shown though, that he can at least be sold for not a huge loss now. Wish Silva all the best in the seasons to come
  2. Soyuncu, awesome. Nacho, very good all things considered. Justin surprisingly tidy. I'm sure we'll sell Silva for good money. Ghezzal was decent too. Locely
  3. I don't think there will be a great shift in total penalties awarded, seeing how the other big leagues haven't really had a major shift. The Women's world cup was great fun, but it was still the women's world cup ygm, don't think they gad the kind of facilities that the prem would after prepping for it for over a year
  4. It's great news. Literally the only problem I have is that its called soccer in the US. Their model is something many have been crying out for - actual journalism in a world of clickbait and bullshit.
  5. All the right attributes except being able to finish worth a damn, just like all our other wingers (sans Perez perhaps)
  6. 4-3-3, Albrighton and Perez closer to the striker than in the 4-1-4-1, also a bit of positional fluidity from both wingers, especially Perez
  7. Nooooooo please no. Believe me, we really don't want him. And he'd cost a ton.
  8. I'd rather play Ziyech ahead of Maddison in that scenario, but I take your point.
  9. I highly, highly doubt Ziyech is going to come to us to play off the bench. He's better than Maddison. If we're signing anyone it will be some backup like Praet or Amiri.
  10. Bailey is a fascination which has strange longevity in this site. He's a massive gamble.
  11. Oh I'm keeping him around of course. But I wouldn't consider him backup to either of Soyuncu/Evans over Amartey/Benkovic. Him, Matty James, and a select few didn't make the 2nd 11
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