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  1. He's our best central defender by far, but for 65 million (more than Mahrez!) we would be indescribable fools not to sell him. That would pay off the part of Tielemans' fee Silva wouldn't cover and the remaining training ground debt, with change.
  2. I'd rather appoint an actual Conker than Lee Congers
  3. I'm fairly confident of signing him. He's repeatedly emphasised first team football, which rules Man City, Liverpool, and Chelsea out completely I'd say. Spurs would probably not be willing to pay up, same story for Arsenal, I don't see United going for him unless they lose Herrera and/or Fred. That leaves teams from other leagues, which could come in, but also are mostly disadvantaged in terms of the wages they can pay and the fee they could afford.
  4. Good talking point, but a shit source. I imagine they'll be writing differently when Soyuncu starts against Bournemouth this weekend
  5. I would only sell him if we needed to offset some of our summer costs, not as a matter of principle. I agree he's very good for us.
  6. It's quite likely that most of these would have failed to step up, in all fairness. We shouldn't cease to make all transfers because it might block youth development.
  7. Anyway, I think it's likely that Pep is content going into next season with Mendy and Zinchenko as options for LB.
  8. I somewhat agree. Perhaps Utd could be duped or we could shift him to Arsenal for 30 million or so but unless he has an excellent end to the season and performs convincingly internationally he'll probably stay.
  9. I'd be much happier if we sold Maguire than Chilwell for numerous reasons. Firstly, I don't think this will be a particularly busy window, as depending on outgoings we'd only need a backup LB, striker, and maybe a winger coming in on top of Tielemans of course. With Silva most certainly leaving and Iborra already getting us 10 million pounds ish, Maguire leaving for a conservative 30 million to an optimistic 45 would be all we needed to fund our window. On top of this, Chilwell is part of our younger, more talented nucleus and the longer we can keep and continue to develop him, the more our identity in the league post-title win is established and the more our reputation grows as both a team for developing talent and a team with ambition. We also already have prepared for Maguire leaving us with the addition of Evans, Soyuncu, and Benkovic. Finally, he's from our academy.
  10. Chelsea have more to gain from this ban than to lose. It's a clear indicator and oppurtunity for them to address the internal problems which have plagued them ever since Mourinho left the 2nd time, and I highly doubt they'll be anything other than better off as soon as their ban is over. Short term, a team (probably not ours, Wolves and Watford both are more cohesive clubs right now) a team could maybe pip them to 6th. Anything else would be unlikely.
  11. In all seriousness, I'd be very wary of buying discarded youth from the big clubs again... Look what happened last time.
  12. “(Söyüncü) has done very well in training. There has been stability with the two centre-halves Harry and Jonny, but it gives us a chance to look at it for the next game.” – Brendan Rodgers after last match
  13. Probably not a total one, but it's a popular opinion on here that Beaglehole isn't good enough - his philosophy and tactics, they directly clash with Rodgers' at this level.
  14. Rodgers vs Rudkin - Unstoppable force vs Immovable object In one corner, we have Lee Congerton and a revamp of the academy system In the other, there is jobs for the boys and a competent Head of Recruitment Who will come out with the upper hand? Find out this summer in LCFC's suuuuuuper slam
  15. Just a shit James Maddison
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