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  1. Phillipe Coutinho is just a shit Rachid Ghezzal
  2. Would be interesting if we ended up having to sell Ricardo and invested in very attacking wingbacks (Castage has played as a wingback much more than fullback) and more centrebacks. This could be the way to go because finding a complete fullback like Ricardo that can do all the defending and attacking required at the highest level of the modern game is incredibly rare, whereas centrebacks are less so imo. This also solves the winger issue, as we seem to be having a lot of trouble finding the right one. One complete fantasy team, if we followed this strategy: Vardy Iheanacho Barnes Chilwell? Ndidi Maddison Castagne Soyuncu Evans White Schmeichel To be honest we could follow that strategy and keep Ricardo too, which would be infinitely preferable... Mainly the whole wingback fantasy was just to have the excuse to buy Borna Sosa to groom as the next Marcelo.
  3. The most badass thing I have witnessed to this day was an AFL player who dislocated his patella mid-game and sat down, slapping it back into place and continuing the game as if nothing had happened.
  4. Fabinho is only in his mid 20s and is the player they use in his position. More likely they go for someone in Praet's mold
  5. Saving up his energy so he'll be supercharged in the summer
  6. That's interesting and makes me feel a bit better about things... After all, closing the entire country down for potentially months on end seems unfeasible.
  7. You're right, the numbers we'd need to reach herd immunity would probably be unfeasible without exposing the virus to the elderly. Which is why I think they should be protected and isolated until a cure is reached. Regarding the part in bold, I was under the impression that children and the like are actually rather resistant to the coronavirus?
  8. Once you get a cold, you can't get it again. You can only catch other kinds of cold. (For reference, last I remember reading about this there's over 600 different strands of rhinovirus or common cold). This is the same for basically all kinds of virus that the human immune system can recover from (there are special cases such as HIV). So the people who get it, once they fully test negative for it, they will be immune. Enough people go through that and we will get something resembling herd immunity. Basically just letting the virus run its course would kill hundreds of thousands of people in the UK though, potentially. To be quite honest I think the most sensible solution would be to quarantine the elderly away from society for their safety whilst we work on a cure, and let things take their course. This way hospitals won't be overburdened and the sickly in hospitals won't risk catching the coronavirus whilst their immune systems are weakened, plus the economy can function relatively normally. This won't be done however because it would be viewed as too authoritarian and ageist potentially...
  9. I'm sure they can handle it, they're professionals and it entails a month or two of isolation. Pretty much every one of the squad members of Leicester is paid more in a week than I earn in a year. The problem with delaying the transfer window is that a lot of contracts and loans expire in June, so you could see teams lose players (for example Sheff Utd losing Dean Henderson) and not being able to replace them.
  10. I don't see why we couldn't postpone football until the quarantine infrastructure for football is strong and tight, then complete the season behind closed doors in the summer with the Euros being pushed to next summer. There's only 9 games left, if we postpone the season for two months and in that time partition away all the players and playing staff and their families from the general population, then I can't see why, with following proper hygiene regulations, we couldn't finish this season in the 2 and a half months remaining before August. The only really big problem would be playing the league whilst the summer transfer window is open, but I can't really see a way past that. It would be huge though.
  11. It's possible that Rodgers rushed him back, although I'm not going to lay the blame at his feet without proof. He does have previous with Tierney.
  12. I'm all for being optimistic about the transfer window and the argument that all our previous scouting apparatus hasn't gone anywhere and Rudkin is smart enough not to let Congerton fck it all up holds a lot of weight with me. But the erasure of Congerton's absolutely atrocious record isn't helping anyone. Glossing over what he's done "because he didn't have any money" is misleading and frankly wrong. Sunderland spent an absolutely incredible amount of money for their status. That's just one club he has been at.
  13. I feel a bit sorry for Ughelumba, he should have had a chance to prove himself by now, if not with the team than at least on loan.
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