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  1. You're right about Ndidi, but I'm very interested to see how Dewsbury-Hall does next season, I think he could be that guy.
  2. Unrealistic summer wishlist: Incoming Trincao £25 million Daka £25 million Gosens £25 million Madueke £20 million Total £95 million Outgoing Choudhury £10 million Ghezzal £5 million Expenditure £80 million (lol) Striker: Vardy, Iheanacho, Daka, Left Wing: Barnes, Daka, Albrighton Right Wing: Trincao, Madueke, Albrighton No. 10: Maddison, Perez, Madueke CM: Tielemans, Praet, Dewsbury-Hall DM: Ndidi, Mendy, LB: Gosens, Thomas RB: Castagne, Ricardo CB: Evans, Soyuncu,
  3. Good for him, I hope he has a fantastic career and wish him all the best. He is an academy success
  4. This is sooooo exciting, if we can manage to get him in I will be seriously impressed.
  5. Maddison looks off the boil, I would play Perez who always seems to put in a performance against his old club. Same formation though.
  6. Whilst I don'thave particularly strong feelings either way about sending Thomas out on loan, he did get an assist last season, I think in our win against Sheff Utd.
  7. Can get in the bin tbh. Doesn't want to sign the contract, ok fine leave. No player is bigger than the club. The 10 is a luxury position in this day and age anyway. We barely get away with Maddison there sometimes, and he's one of the better ones in the league.
  8. Long may Arteta remain at Arsenal. I hope Spurs sign someone useless like Southgate.
  9. Whilst I agree, I think it would be prudent to bring in someone like Bernard as a warm body. Without Fuchs, we go into next season with Ricardo, Castagne, and Thomas as our only fullbacks, I think another left-sided backup would make sense, at least until Justin is fit again.
  10. Brighton's problem comes down almost exclusively to shit finishing. The quality of their chances isn't in question, or their xG would be poorer than it is. They're a very bizarre team in that if they had Kane instead of Maupay they'd definitely be in the top half. Now, I do think Potter is at least somewhat to blame - if you have no good finishers, maybe you should switch your tactics to reflect that. Whether a team's overall quality can be separated from the quality of its finishers - Connolly, Maupay, Trossard, and the other forwards - is up to the discretion of the individual j
  11. I disagree with most of your comment, but just wanted to point out that Brighton having much higher xG than their actual goals disproves nothing. xG is literally just a measure of average finishing. The average finisher in the Top 5 leagues/Premier League (depends on which company is doing the calculating) is the baseline used for xG. It's no surprise, then, that Brighton underperform xG consistently, because none of their players know how to finish. Brighton underperforming their xG supports the science behind xG. Because all their finishers are below average, their finishing lag
  12. Thomas competing for a position in our squad next season benefits us and him the most. Our squad depth gets helped a lot, he gains some valuable experience. If he is 21/22 and still can't unseat Justin regularly, that will be the time to loan him out, where he can work on his game with another manager and improve with gametime week in and week out. He's so young that there's no rush though.
  13. Same formation but drop one of Castagne/Ricardo for Thomas imo. Thomas' crossing could be a useful tool to unlock West Brom.
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