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  1. That would be incredible. Think we have a better chance of signing Tielemans though. (I realise they play different positions, just saying I think it's unlikely)
  2. I mean, even if he's bought out, they essentially make £20 million pounds despite him never playing for them. Nice and tidy profit
  3. I think if we signed MacGregor who we've been linked with iirc, he can cover for right back as well as all the midfield positions, we could comfortably sell Mendy. That is dependant on his signing though you are correct.
  4. We should sell Mendy and loan Knight out next season, to a Championship team.
  5. Would love us to sign some unknown Brazilian teenager for 1 or 2 million pounds. They don't have to even be good, as long as they have a nice YouTube highlight reel I'll be content
  6. Ah, so we're just going to ignore all the other factors then, like how two of our last three games were against tired, injury ravaged B Teams (Chelsea and Arsenal) and that our defence was similarly resolute against Chelsea, Liverpool, and Man City under Puel? Just because we performend well in some games with Maguire in them, doesn't mean he's the only factor at all.
  7. No no no, awful attitude, not progressed at all since Milan bought him. I'd rather but Peter Crouch
  8. Noooooooooo Like Lukaku, except he's not good at football. (In b4 someone says "So like Lukaku? Hardyhar)
  9. I really don't think we will sell Maguire for £90 million pounds, but if we did, this is the window I would dream of: In: Tielemans: £35 million Chukwueze: €40 million MacGregor: £15 million New, talented, young striker: £5-40 million, depends on the player Out: Silva £10-15 million Gray £15 million Mendy £5 million Slimani £5 million King £750 thousand Maguire £90 million We'd have plenty of money for the next window, too, in all likelihood.
  10. Fair enough. I think we'll have to agree to disagree, but I can respect your opinion
  11. I can respect your overall principle of just leave them alone if you don't believe them, except that it's unfair for each newcomer to the forum to fall for the same ITKs - sort of like if no-one of us talked about how Sean from Enderby is full of shite, new people might fall for him. Also, just if they get something right, it doesn't mean anything. For example, that Ramladimmadome guy just posted in the development squad thread a week or so ago with a cryptic statement like "one down". He can hardly go wrong with that statement can he? Any number of rings could prove him right
  12. So we should just eat up what any ITK says? Regardless of how good they are at actually being, you know, ITK? There's hundreds of idiots on the internet (case in point, Sean from Enderby) who live off of fooling people. There's no point having ITKs anymore if we can't tell them apart from trolls. Tell me right now, is there any ITK on this forum who we know is beyond reproach, who is not making things up? No? Then we as a forum absolutely should call them out when they tell porkies.
  13. We conceded three against Arsenal alone this season.
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