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  1. He's ahead of Gray in my mind for sure. He isn't as flexible as Perez and Barnes however; today when we were chasing the 3 points we switched to a 4-3-1-2 with Barnes as the second striker for example. Albrighton can't do that.
  2. This is something that a lot of scaremongers don't realise or refuse to acknowledge. The B team we sent out against Newport was full of has beens and players who had no drive and were just past it. Hamza was the only player trying to accomplish something outside of Ghezzal. But we have plenty of young squad players with a point to prove that should seize their chances, particularly Benkovic as you say.
  3. Listen, I know you're all very scarred by Newport. But. This is a squad game. We play our best 11 every game in a season, we'll end up like Wolves are right now. There's absolutely no excuse not to rest at least a few of our older/tiring players (e.g. Tielemans, Evans, Vardy) in order to preserve momentum for later on in the season. A team like Ward J.J Benkovic Soyuncu Chilwell Tielemans Hamza Praet Barnes Iheanacho Perez Has plenty of quality and young, hungry players with a point to prove. It would do fine against an utterly disillusioned Luton that sits 21st in the Championship and just got pumped 3-0 at home by Hull.
  4. Right, but plenty of referees judge by intent, and letting Sissoko off here was fair enough. He did the same with Gray's stamp on Rose.
  5. In no universe was Sissoko's tackle a red. He caught the ball first, and its not like his studs were flying around at knee height he stayed low to the ground. Reckless, even dangerous? Yes. But a yellow card was fair. The free kick against Soyuncu was not necessarily the right decision but it definitely wasn't worthy of a penalty, they were both going for each other, Soyuncu more forcefully even imo. Ref was just ok, I don't really see the issue with him. Sure, VAR is being used kind of stupidly. But I don't think yesterday was exactly a shining example of it used incorrectly. Marginal offsides may be against the spirit of the game, but that's not a problem with VAR, that's a problem with the rules. Their 4k Ultra HD monitors ruled Son offside and Perez was clearly offside as well even on the shitty 560p playbacks they offer to the public.
  6. He'll probably get subbed on at some point. I'm not worried as of now to be honest.
  7. Wouldn't mind seeing Rodgers try Ricardo in the midfield 3 to be honest.
  8. He'll be benched soon. Pep loves benching his best players
  9. If Ndidi can basically cover the counterattack of Spurs, a team orders of magnitude better than Newcastle (yes yes haha Newcastle beat them, Newport beat us too shit happend) he can cover Newcastle. Sit Evans on Joelinton and they've got nothing. Schmeichel Ricardo Evans Soyuncu Chilwell Praet Ndidi Tielemans Barnes Perez Vardy
  10. Ward J.J Benkovic Soyuncu Chilwell Hamza Mendy Praet Tielemans Iheanacho Perez
  11. Wasn't true today at all, got it forward to Barnes a few times
  12. No team will score against a Hamza - Ndidi - Praet midfield.
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