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  1. Ahaha Sunny Leone co owns a leicester replica club ahahaha what kind of world are we living in
  2. To be honest, if we win, no matter the result in that game the table looks better
  3. Zapata is an excellent player, I'm a big admirer as well. Yeah Roma have had a very inconsistent season, but to be fair to them their injury list has been comical.
  4. I was wary at the time I think of Praet's record, he'd had one very good season for Sampdoria and then a decent one, so splashing £20 million on a backup seemed like irresponsibility. It's certainly served us very well so far this season and it's pretty telling that I'm not worried at all about Maddison getting over his calf strain in time for Brighton. It also says that there's a lot of value to be had from the Serie A, we should certainly scout there for future options.
  5. I always enjoy everything you post about tactics and performance, even if it's stuff that has already been talked about before - often you go into much more depth where others simply do not. You're the Most Valuable Poster in the Leicester City Forum by far imo.
  6. Eh, I feel like Praet could capably cover for either of those two getting injured. Vardy you're 100% right about though.
  7. To be honest, I wouldn't disagree that Ndidi would score that 1/10 times (although of course that's not what xG is)
  8. Kimmich, best right back in the world imo. I'm actually not sure who Germany's left back is. Jordi Alba, best left back in the world imo. And their right back would probably actually be Bellerin or Azpilicueta, so Trent would start there as well imo.
  9. Our whole front line would start over Italy's. Kane would probably start for all of those teams as well. Chilwell and Alexander-Arnold would both be in with shouts for Italy and France.
  10. True. I just meant that the background staff has mechanisms that are running very well and just as they are supposed to
  11. None of any of them will ever have what we have now as a club, no matter what they might say to make themselves feel better. Feel like that encompasses everything that needs to be said
  12. I mean, Leicester City also runs the way it's supposed to run, and there's plenty of big clubs that certainly aren't being run the way they're supposed to be, but I nitpick.
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