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  1. You know, everybody is joking about how they'd take Mahrez back... I'd do it in a heartbeat.
  2. On the one hand, it's fvcking great. On the other, this means the chances of both Spurs and Chelsea qualifying have increased exponentially, which is bad for us as it means they'll both be able to really push us next season. This would be truly fantastic if one of Chelsea or Spurs bottled 5th place to Sheffield Utd. We could be yet again facing a season next year with 3 or more of the "Top 6" in disarray.
  3. Couldn't have picked a better time to face them. They play West Ham three days earlier, then us. If we could beat them that would be glorious.
  4. Interesting to see people complaining about Puel ball right now. Out of all the teams in the PL, how many do you think have fans that are satisfied with how they're playing right now? Liverpool, certainly. Sheffield Utd. Man City, maybe. Maybe Southampton too, but their expectations are low... Who else? Not Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs, Man Utd, Wolves, Everton, Crystal Palace, Newcastle. None of the teams lolling about the relegation zone. My point is, it's a tough time of year. Maybe a little perspective.
  5. I'd really like us to go for one "marquee" winger in the summer like Thuram, Rashica or Neres, and one young talent like Stengs or Eze to groom into the role. Then we can sell off Gray before his contract expires for like £10 million or so to Crystal Palace or somebody like that, and we're left with Barnes and Perez pushing each other and the big money signing for minutes, with a very capable young talent to come in and rotate further, plus Albrighton if all else fails. That would completely sort our wings. The striker position is currently as good as it's going to get, teams like Spurs and Man Utd would be happy to have a backup as good as Iheanacho (as weird as that feels to say). Midfield is good, but could be better, with 4 players good enough to start for 2 positions in Maddison, Tielemans, Praet, and Hamza. Ndidi could maybe use a backup better than Hamza? Difficult to see how we could get one, unless they also were a centreback... (watch this space). Fullback is ok, Fuchs is as good a backup as any and Justin can play both sides which is useful. If Fuchs has to go (or even if he doesn't) I've my eye on Borna Sosa, very young, incredible attacking ability even if it is just in the Bundesliga II. Centreback is where a signing can and should be done. We're looking at Evans, Soyuncu, and Benkovic next season, with (hopefully) Fuchs as an auxiliary. Evans has had his career bothered by injuries in the past, (although thankfully he's largely been very fit in his time with us) and Benkovic is also a risk. I would be very happy if we went all out and signed Ben White from Brighton. He's had an electric season in the Championship with Leeds, and most importantly, has also excelled as a Defensive Midfielder as well as Centreback, so he could be the backup option to Ndidi we are looking for (this would also increase White'. This would leave us with 4 very good options, plus Fuchs as a last resort. I'm happy with that, all four are very good players and it would be tough to keep them happy with gametime if we added another. Goalkeeper... Schmeichel has had a good season with us so far, but we could improve on him, as sacrilegious as that sounds. The likes of Hradecky and Onana are very achievable targets and are very very good. My worry would be how Schmeichel and by extension the squad react to his replacement. For better or worse, he is part of the furniture, and replacing him will be a nightmare. I'd rather we wait until he became a clear liability and then offered him to stay as backup. Maybe it's better to stick with a seven out of ten and keep the squad mentality secure and settled, as he's such an important leader and member of the squad, rather than upgrade to an 8 but potentially get squad issues. That said, my ideal summer: In: Neres: €35 million Stengs: €15 million White: €40 million Sosa: €5 million (loaning him out) Out: Gray: €15 million Net spend: €80 million It's big, but the club was prepared to make a similar net spend going into this season, and we need to fill out our squad. CL money should more than cover it. The squad: Barnes Vardy Neres Maddison Ndidi Tielemans Chilwell Soyuncu Evans Ricardo Schmeichel Iheanacho Perez Albrighton Hamza Praet Stengs Fuchs White Benkovic J.J Ward
  6. Do you have a stream, Do you have a stream? Footybite's not working Do you have a stream
  7. Nah unless he suddenly became Messi hes not getting called up for the Euros, I imagine after the inevitable failure there he'll be some of the new blood brought in to freshen things up.
  8. Imagine caring what somebody you've never met in your life wears...
  9. His tight shorts make me uneasy too
  10. If we bought him in addition to another, first choice winger like Rashica or Neres, we could sell Gray and/or Albrighton and use Benrahma as a squad player at least to start with, so bedding him in would be no problem.
  11. We've scored over 2 goals per game this season
  12. That really seems off, aside from maybe 2 or 3 games he always seems on the ball for me, playing decently creatively and progressively. I guess it's possible but if it is the case it's probably more down to poor finishing than his service.
  13. Makes total sense, Villa are likely to be relegated and that would probably make Grealish at least half Maddison's price, probably closer to a third
  14. He's absolutely stepped up this year and has been our most consistent midfielder after Ndidi this year, not to mention his defensive improvement. He is very adaptable as well, he's shown he can play very deep and very advanced on the pitch, it's encouraging to see. Excellent player and crucial to get tied down.
  15. Adding on to this, we make a lot of our "foul" tackles well in the opposition half as an abortive measure to clear our retreat down the field, so a lot of tackles that would be fouls or yellows in our half are glossed over. But spot on.
  16. Chelsea are going to bottle it to be honest. Remains to be seen which of Spurs and Sheffield United will make the most of it.
  17. How can you dislike Mourinho God I love him so much. What I wouldn't give for him to manage us one day.
  18. In fairness I thought Barnes was very good defensively imo, I distinctly remember one crucial interception in particular (although his back pass was dodgy straight afterward).
  19. After all the drama so far this season concerning our wingers, it's nice to see that despite their inconsistencies, Barnes and Perez are well on their way to 10+ assists and 10+ goals respectively, and with a bit of luck, either could crack 10+ goals and assists each. This is definitely improved end product on last season and pleasing to see. Obviously some more end product would be nice, but not everybody in our squad can be perfect and both players seem to have improved over the course of the season so far. For some perspective: excluding Mahrez, Son, and Mane, definitively world class wingers, the only wingers who have gotten more assists than Barnes' 6 so far - Buendia and Traore - have both played much more than him. Traore having played 526 minutes more than him, Buendia playing 395 minutes more than him. In addition, Buendia has scored no goals, and Traore has only matched Barnes, with 4. Only Richarlison (outside of wingers like Salah, Mané, and Sterling) has scored more than Perez with 8 goals, and the other winger he is tied for goals with is Grealish, who is one of the best players outside the traditional "Top 6" this season. So, our wingers obviously aren't at a world class level (yet?) but they clearly are putting in solid numbers that more than compete with the rest of the league's wingers. What is your opinion? Obviously we are likely to sign a winger or even two this summer, would you like the club to go all out and replace both? Would you prefer a way that allowed both to rotate into the squad? Are you happy with both their performances so far this year?
  20. There should be some rules to regulate it, but I don't have a problem with it being in the game. We do it literally all the time, and get away with it a lot too.
  21. Bennett is allegedly a poor player of the ball, can't see him being first choice over one of our much more technical players
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