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  1. Choudhury is a footballer with great potential but I really doubt he will be any good if he keeps getting benched and asked to play in a system that doesn't suit his strengths. If we could sign someone like McGregor I would loan him out to West Brom, think he would actually do really well for them. For his sake and the clubs sake I hope that happens, can't see his future in a system like Rodgers' unless he really transforms himself.
  2. Would love Hauge from Bodo/Glimt, 20 and looked electric vs Milan, been performing really well all season as well. Would be quite cheap I reckon, like 5-10 million euros.
  3. Well I'm glad he can have a decent career at a solid club in a mid-tier league, I remember he did well in his first loan there, wish him all the best!
  4. Man City was beaten last season by teams like Wolves and Southampton when they sat back and counterattacked them. We would be playing into their hands if we continued to play like we did the last couple games. That said, it won't necessarily be a bad thing if we do play very offensively.
  5. I'm not going to judge him for his performance in that game. If Vardy had played instead of him, I don't think he would have been much more effective, the team fit together about as well as a LEGO death star built by a four year old with no instruction sheet.
  6. 4-3 thriller! Interesting to see how Praet/Mendy/Tielemans will fair against Rodri, de Bruyne and whoever else they put in midfield. I really hope the team can cope with the absence of Ndidi. We don't have to win, I'd just like a solid showing without Ndidi, would give a lot of confidence to everyone involved.
  7. I only saw the article which said 6-12 weeks... That is fcking terrible news!
  8. Hopefully he can be back for the Liverpool game on the 22nd of November. I think we could deal with his absence for that long. Worse case scenario he takes the whole 3 months and comes back around Gameweek 14, vs Spurs. I'd rather that happen though, than for him to be rushed back stupidly like he was last year. Speaking of last year, is this the same injury he has suffered?
  9. In fairness I wouldn't judge any of our players on their performance in a side as disjointed as that one was.
  10. It's possible that they were training in the first team bubble for as long as possible, and then when they left it, they wouldn't re-enter?
  11. Very true, if they're in some financial difficulty then obviously it would make more sense for them to sell, I was unaware of that factor. I do think they would have accepted the 29 million bid we threw in for him if they were in any serious trouble, though.
  12. The difference there being that Perez is perfectly serviceable and his defensive qualities could make him fairly useful against Man City, whereas Castagne's experience was much needed in a defence that was fairly makeshift anyway. I wouldn't be surprised to see Under off the bench, but I doubt he would start.
  13. In fairness he's shown he has the vision and ability to pick out passes to other players, I think he's being instructed to shoot more and be more greedy. Maybe once he starts to score consistently in the PL he'll look for the pass more often.
  14. To be fair, I don't think the stakes are all that high for Sainté if they hold onto him. He's shown he is mature and will perform for the team even though he wants to leave, and in his statement he made it fairly clear that he is going to keep being a professional. As he's just signed a new contract, his value is not going to go down because of that. If they don't sell him they get to keep their young, very talented player for another season to help their team, and probably sell him for more money next season - if not 50 million euros, 35-40 million. He will still want to put himself in the shop window, so will keep up good performances. The only risk Sainté are taking is the assumption that he doesn't seriously injure himself - and even then, that could still play into their favour; Ricardo was very likely going to leave this summer, but his injury put PSG (who have a need for a good RB), among other clubs off. Now we get an extra season out of him. Puel is going about this in exactly the way I would in his situation. That said, I fcking hope he blinks and we can sign this guy! He looks class.
  15. Burnley want £50 million for him, we won't pay that much.
  16. He played half a year starting under Puel (long-renowned for his abilities with youth players), with his only competition being Ghezzal. That year, he was still fairly useless on the pitch. Under Rodgers he has probably seen an uptick in positive performances, but it's usually only off the bench and he fluffs his lines when given a chance to start. If he can't deal with the pressure of starting, then he'll never deal with the pressures of a football club with ambitions like ours. If we did give Gray the chance to play 15 games in a row for us, our season would probably tank, because he is comfortably worse than Perez and now Under - even if Perez's end product on the right wing isn't great, at least he links up well with his teammates and gives everyone else some attacking structure to play around. Maybe he'll be able to revive his career elsewhere with a solid run of starts, but we have outgrown him as a club, sadly for him. Best for him to move onto a club like Crystal Palace where he can compete with Andy Townsend.
  17. Ah, yes. He would trade not coming off the bench for Real, for... Coming off the bench for Leicester. If he were to leave on loan, he'd go somewhere that actually needs a striker to start for them so he can regain his rhythm and keep developing. Zero chance he comes here.
  18. To be honest when I put Hamza there I wasn't thinking of directly replacing Ndidi from the bench, I was thinking of having the ability to tactically close out a game by replacing Tielemans or Maddison with him. Mendy is obviously better as the lone DM, but I think Hamza would offer us more options from the bench if that makes any sense. Either way, it's personal preference.
  19. Really want this guy. He would "complete" our squad Barnes Vardy Under Maddison Ndidi Tielemans Castagne Soyuncu Evans Ricardo Schmeichel Ward | Fofana Justin Hamza Praet Perez Iheanacho That is a Top 6 starting 11 and bench!
  20. He should go to Brighton, seems to have the perfect skillset for LWB, just strong enough defensively, good toolset offensively.
  21. That's sort of what I meant, in that they have a lot of great youth players in their squad who will probably start.
  22. Arsenal will probably also chuck in their development team. Wouldn't mind something like Albrighton/Iheanacho/Gray Hamza/Knight/Maddison Thomas/Soyuncu/Morgan/Justin With Dewsbury-Hall to come off the bench for Hamza if we're falling behind or Maddison if we're winning.
  23. Praet playing so advanced this season gives me hope that when Maddison does start to play more regularly it will be in a more advanced position as well, where he's always looked at his best for us.
  24. People on here talking about signing Brighton players... They would come at a huge premium, not worth it at all. Respect the deals they make and the players they have, but admire them from afar because it would not be very economically intelligent to pursue any of them outside of exceptional circumstances.
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