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  1. There was an article not long ago and he was diagnosed with kidney stones which led to infection and hospitalisation on top of coming back from a horrible injury. I think contract extension was just the club standing by him, on a human level.
  2. When I think of must wins I think of this game. It’s absolutely a must win. Lose and it’ll be catastrophic. 6 pointer. I’d take a point though
  3. Keep playing him and the goals will continue to flow
  4. I thought he did well considering he was making his full debut in a side that’s in a tough spot. Keep giving him game time here and there and see how he goes
  5. Can’t be any worse than the current defending from corners
  6. Yep. All about sides below us dropping points for me, I love seeing Man Utd lose but I hope they win
  7. Top 4 is going to be a big ask but we probably want Man Utd beating Chelsea
  8. If he progresses the same way Barnes has after a debut in a European loss we’ll have some player
  9. I really don’t get why that Mckirdy is playing for us?
  10. He always goes through streaks of not scoring but he’s still impacting games. Have a feeling he’ll start scoring at just the right time and get us top 4
  11. His link up with Barnes has always impressed me. Great game
  12. One of the Trialists is 24 in March. Just bizarre why we’ve got him playing
  13. have you heard vardy’s interviews? if anything they’re just as bad. full of cliches. at least Kelechi spoke his mind.
  14. It’s a weird one him being called up. rodgers must see something though!
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