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  1. Yep, you’re all right. We’re a crap team. 3 games to go and we’re a lowly 4th in the league. Wake the fukk up people...some of the comments here make you question the intelligence of our fans.
  2. 7 pages of people expecting us to lose! These are the games we win fukkers...CL back on.
  3. Really poor performance and result. Still not sure what Perez brings to the side and unfortunately the mere sight of Chilwell annoys the fukk out of me. Evans, Soyuncu and Ricardo the only consistent performers all season. Bring back Ndidi, Fuchs and Tielemans for Choudhury, Chilwell and Perez. The blip has turned into the norm.
  4. Happy with the point in the end. Back four played ok, thought Maddison was busy. Not sure what Perez brings as a winger; seems to stand stationary on the line and passes backwards. Amazing that we haven’t played consistently well since late November but still sitting third in the league. I’ll take that.
  5. This weekend becomes suddenly far more important. We need to see a positive reaction. If this forum is gutted, the players will be more so. We’re still a quality side, should have won this tie comfortably but didn’t. No point blaming a handful of players for the last goal...we had 180 mins to win it. I’ve loved this season and there are 17 other teams that would rather be in our position. Move on and look forward to Chelsea.
  6. Some serious half-witted fux on this forum. Up one week, down the next. Those who blame the team for lacking consistency should show some themselves. 3rd in the league, semi in one cup, round 5 in another. Reading some of the crap on this site you’d think we were relegation fodder. I think it’s called being a fair-weather fan and there are plenty of you here.
  7. Outstanding performance and result. Was concerned at 2-1, but otherwise we smashed them. Loved seeing Chilwell bombing forward and Tielemans showed his true class and leadership. West Ham not great but we limited their play. Doesn’t sound like Vardy is too bad and hoping Mendy recovers quickly. Awesome to see Ndidi back, wasn’t a penalty, and thought Iheanacho was sharp. Ricardo and Harvey really good. Loved hearing the fans getting behind us again. Love fest is back on!
  8. A fickle bunch on this forum. We’re 2nd in the league, semi in the Cup and people are calling for players to be dropped and calling us overrated. Wake the fukk up and support this team. We’re bloody good.
  9. Was initially pleased with the draw but some of you blokes are really talking them up. Worried? A pub on every corner sounds good.
  10. Comfortable win. Newcastle really bad...how can they be 12th? How uninspiring is Steve Bruce?
  11. After the 2 losses this was our biggest game of the season. Needed a reaction and got it. Happy for BR, this could have really backfired. Evans outstanding again. Season back on track.
  12. Vardy was a sad, isolated figure today. They played 3 up front, we played 1. They had 59% possession and 21 shots... Highlighted the gulf between top 2 and the rest. No shame in getting beaten by way better teams but we didn’t do ourselves justice. West Ham is a massive game now. Maddison must play central.
  13. Showed where we’re at...we’re not top 2 in the country but I’ll take 2nd at Xmas. Maddison and full backs shut down, their press didn’t allow us to settle. Man C played really well. Enjoy what these guys have given us so far this season. Team is still learning...we aren’t sure of our best formation and starting XI yet. Merry Christmas all.
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