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  1. Since WW2, clubs with 'W' as their first letter have had a very good record of winning FA Cup Finals played at Wembley. 9 out of the 10 finals there involving a 'W' club have been won by the 'W' club, even when they've been rank outsiders (e.g. Wimbledon and Wigan). Ironically, the only exception was Watford themselves in 1984.
  2. I wish there was a cure for the depression caused by reading about the horrific treatment many farm animals have to endure before they are eventually murdered.
  3. Regarding our cup exploits, Puel blew a good chance of us winning the Carabao Cup, and another opportunity was lost in the Newport disaster.
  4. Thank you for your reply, which I can't argue with. However, there's a saying 'where there's a will, there's a way'. With nearly a month to prepare for the finals and with on-line ticketing available, they should be able to organise the events quickly enough, if they really had the will to do so. Clearly though, environmental concerns and the prospect of making life easier for fans of the clubs involved are secondary considerations when it comes to UEFA's thinking and planning.
  5. Until the FA started using Wembley for FA Cup semi-finals, the venues for these matches were always decided upon after the teams involved had been determined. Shouldn't UEFA now consider introducing a similar policy for the finals of the CL and the EL? With climate change becoming an urgent problem and air travel being one of the main causes, this small step would be a welcome signal that the football world is taking this issue seriously. No doubt others will justify why the four English clubs involved in the two European finals are playing in Madrid and Baku, but I stand by my belief that these venues are bonkers. Pat Nevin referred to this matter yesterday, but for the more blinkered reason that it is expensive/inconvenient/impossible for fans wishing to travel to the games.
  6. I wonder how many of us here remember that Man City, having beaten us in the 1969 FA Cup Final, qualified for the now defunct European Cup Winners' Cup. They won the Cup in Vienna in 1970 against Polish club Gornik Z, in front of a crowd of less than 8000. It's their only European trophy to date. I for one won't be backing Man City in next season's Champions League. Btw, shouldn't the word Champions have an apostrophe after the s?
  7. Isn't there something slightly ridiculous about having two English teams playing in the final of the Champions League (a) when neither have been champions in England for many years, and (b) playing the match in Madrid? As Spurs have been so jammy in their quarter- and semi-finals, methinks their name must be on the cup, despite being incapable of winning anything in this country.
  8. If John Sjoberg had been fit to play at centre half, maybe we'd have won. In those days, two of the three channels (BBC1 and ITV) televised it. Another TV highlight came three months later with the first man on the Moon. That year, it was a tale of two Neils - Young and Armstrong!
  9. What was so great about that goal? Nothing imo. Under no pressure whatsoever from our defenders, VK sliced it and it could have gone anywhere.
  10. I'm still trying work out why Selby calls himself 'The Jester from Leicester'. If it's not because of the rhyming words, is it because he's pulling everyone's leg with his world ranking of No.2?
  11. How soon will it be before the health and safety brigade clamp down on rocket shots of the type we saw from Messi this week? If chopping down an opponent in a tackle is verboten, is it okay to potentially decapitate a defender lined up in a wall?
  12. There was some grunting and snorting just outside my patio window last night at dusk. Two hedgehogs were dancing together, next to the bowl of water and the handful of peanuts which I put out, every night of the year. Their mating rituals must be the funniest on the planet, with the possible exception of Papua New Guinea's birds of paradise.
  13. Bolton's game against Brentford should be cancelled, and the 3 points awarded to their opponents imo.
  14. Sheff Utd, the indirect beneficiaries of the strange incidents at Elland Road, were themselves involved in a very similar situation in an FA Cup match at Arsenal 20 years ago. The Gunners scored when someone was injured, and won as a result. But Arsene Wenger insisted that the tie should be replayed, which it was. There is sportsmanship in football.
  15. Selby looks really out of sorts. His shot selections, accuracy, and pace of the cue ball all look questionable at times.
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