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  1. I agree about the stupid international breaks interrupting the new football season every year. Totally unrelated to that, why is it that Amazon keep trying to sell me stuff similar to what I've just bought from them? I recently bought a gas hob - so why on earth would I want another one within the foreseeable future?
  2. One way of watching lots of free footy on TV is to have a satellite dish pointing at Turksat (42degE). The signal strength for that satellite should be strong enough to be receivable on a 60cm dish, although I use a 1M dish. TRT 3-SPOR is the channel in question. Obviously, the commentaries are all in Turkish, but that's a minor inconvenience. Apart from the footy, there's also golf and various other sports to enjoy, all for free!
  3. Just to clarify my words, I didn't compare the finger pointing MP with anyone. I merely said that his finger pointing reminded me of something else. The two things are totally different. Anyway, apologies if I allowed my words to be misinterpreted.
  4. Whilst Labour MPs have today been critical of what BJ said yesterday in Parliament, let's not forget that some of the things they said weren't that clever. For example, one of them accused him of burning £50 notes in front of homeless people when he was a student, which was a ridiculous allegation. Another, from Hull, kept pointing his finger angrily at BJ whilst berating the PM over his refusal to apologise at the prorogation attempt. This finger pointing reminded me of those awful IS people. If Labour MPs want to claim the moral high ground in this debate, they need to up their game.
  5. Who here remembers the FA Cup 3rd Round in 1984-5? City played Burton Albion (then a non-league team) away at Derby County's Baseball Ground. City won 6-1 with the help of a Big Ears hat-trick. But their goalkeeper got hit by a coin, and the FA ordered the match to be replayed behind closed doors at Coventry City's Highfield Road Ground. City won that 1-0. I'm not sure if the goals Gazza scored in the first game were included in his stats. In 1903-4, Burton United played Leicester Fosse in another FA Cup tie, which saw us draw away 1-1, then draw 2-2 in the replay at home, before they won the next replay (also at Derby County's ground), 2-0. I remember it well!
  6. The hurt felt by being rejected at an interview is magnified 10 times when you're selected for redundancy. I know from experience, hence my location pun. The usual excuse employers give is that the job is redundant, and it's nothing personal. In fact, that's almost always complete and utter b*ll*cks. Once you're out of the door, they'll give your job to the person who regularly buys the boss a lunchtime drink.
  7. I found out years ago that not only is paid job hunting utterly depressing, but so is the process of trying to find voluntary work. The assumption seems to be that everyone is a criminal unless they can prove otherwise. And who controls the volunteer workers - folk who get paid to do so! Only fools and horses work, and bigger fools do voluntary work!
  8. If I were Boris, I'd now say to Gina Miller, parliament and the country - okay, I'm staying here until 2022, with no new session of parliament, and endless extensions to Article 50. Are you happy now? That way, Corbyn doesn't get the chance to ruin everything, the Brexiteers still have their dream of eventually leaving the EU, and the Remoaners continue to have their chance to play their stop Brexit games.
  9. Maybe the supreme court should consider the legality of parliament trying to stop Brexit!
  10. Forget Boris, the Queen, Parliament and Brexit - Gina Miller seems to be controlling everything now!
  11. If smart motorways are so smart, why are there more deaths along them than elsewhere? And who are the cretins that slow down to gawp at accidents on the opposite carriageway? Imo, they are as dumb as the middle lane hoggers and the lorry drivers who take forever to overtake another lorry. The M69 seems especially prone to middle lane hoggers.
  12. I always pay by cash for everything, where possible. Imo, there should be facilities available to pay such fines by cash, postal order, or cheque at a post office within the county responsible. As regards being able to stay as long as I wanted to, this seemed completely illogical, since I would have been depriving a resident their precious parking spot! Clearly, Rutland CC weren't bothered by that, as long as they got some money off me. Btw, Oakham is not worth visiting - Stamford and Market Harborough are far better.
  13. I recently visited Oakham, and because there were no roadside car-parking spaces anywhere on the main street, I parked on a quiet side street nearby, where there were plenty of spaces. Ten minutes later I returned to my car, just as a traffic warden was sticking a yellow envelope on the windscreen. When I enquired what was going on, he explained that it was residents' parking only and I was being fined £70 (halved to £35 if paid pdq). He then said, with a smug grin on his face, that I could stay there as long as I wanted to! My vexation was added to by the methods of payment allowed. If you don't have a debit or credit card, there appears to be no way of paying the fine! I won't be visiting Oakham again for a long while.
  14. Curiously, 5 of the 6 places immediately below City in the table right now are occupied by 5 of the 6 teams we've played in the Premiership this season.
  15. We seem to be in an era when new words keeping appearing. A while ago, John Cleese said he was a 'culturalist', not a racist. Now we have Mark Ronson declaring that he's 'sapiosexual'. In other words, he's attracted by brains, not gender. You might think that a 'financiosexual' is someone who's attracted to rich people. Not the case! It means someone who has sex with piles of money. The mind boggles!
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