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  1. Shouldn't the two adjectives be separated by a comma?
  2. I agree pretty much with all of this. Surely the bottom line is, were they in breach of contract? If so, then what are the appropriate sanctions as laid down in that contract? On the broader question of loyalty to one's employer, frankly I had almost none, other than regarding them as a means to an end i.e. to provide an income.
  3. Strangely, the Shorter OED gives 'Jezebel' with a capital J, but it's included as a valid Scrabble word in the Scrabble dictionary.
  4. Maybe the party was organised by someone with links to West Ham or Southampton, as way of trying to disrupt City's preparations for these games!
  5. Maybe they played a game of pass-the-Covid-19-test-swab, the winner being the first person to show any symptoms. The rules are simple: shove up your nose, rotate it a few times, then pass it on to the next person. Lovely!
  6. It's a curious irony that Maddison was one of the few players to make a point of observing social distancing when he was celebrating a goal he'd just scored a few weeks ago.
  7. It's difficult to decide if the players' were deliberately acting in defiance of BR, or whether it was just thoughtlessness. If it was the former, that might have big implications for the remainder of the season. Tbh though, JV 's form is also a concern
  8. Second best home team in the PL versus the second best away team, so something's got to give, unless it's a draw.
  9. The golden rule when breaking the rules is don't get caught.
  10. Isn't this the game when Nacho usually misses a penalty? Probably won't get the chance, as we used up our quota of pens for the season ages ago.
  11. Kind of hoping PP had just told the lady on the left a dirty joke.
  12. Don't forget Bobby Roberts, who played 281 games for City between 1963 and 1970. He played mainly at no.4, if I recall correctly. There's also David Davis, the politician, and David Davies, former FA chief, with almost the same first and last names.
  13. It sounds like your neck of the woods will become your neck of the former woods. I think I suggested a while ago that any new rail link should run next to the M40, not cut through unspoiled countryside, if we really need one.
  14. No worries. I'm always happy to engage in philosophical discussions on a wide range of subjects, and always appreciate your flagging up of science news.
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