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  1. What grinds my gears is the rule about when to use capital letters, specifically in relation to astronomy. Apart from the sun and the moon, every other bright star and all the other moons in the solar system have proper names and therefore start with a capital letter. Bizarrely, it seems that our star and our satellite don't have proper names i.e. single words not preceded by 'the'. Another area of confusion is the seasons. Why don't they start with capital letters, when the months do? Again, they can all be preceded by 'the', so they too must lack proper names, unless I'm mistaken.
  2. Tesco is going to stop selling tins in shrink-wrapped multi-pack form. Good!
  3. Does anyone remember Mick Vinter, who played as a forward for Notts County throughout the 1970s? He died a few days ago aged just 65 from dementia. Was he perhaps another victim of the long term brain damage caused by too much ball-heading?
  4. Imo, Monty Python was puerile drivel that somehow managed to convince an entire generation that it was funny.
  5. On Radio Leicester, Ian Stringer calling Matt Piper 'Pipes' is somewhat gear-grinding.
  6. I'm also feeling apathetic. Prior to the Norwich game we averaged more than two points per game, which was top 3 form. The last 7 games have yielded an average of one point per game, which is relegation form. Let's hope that Brentford at the weekend doesn't become another Newport.
  7. When the Carabao Cup semi-final draw was made, we were the highest placed club left in. Despite that, we were given the longest odds of winning it. Do the bookies know something we don't?
  8. It is really a hard Megxit? Harry and Archie remain 6th and 7th in line to the throne. Only an act of Parliament (or their conversion to Roman Catholicism) can change that. Clearly they haven't thrown the throne!
  9. This is an area of discussion fraught with danger....
  10. It was brave of Ali Carter to contradict Desislava Bozhilova last night regarding that missed yellow. She looks so much like she must be obeyed!
  11. Somewhy, I suspect that it's epicly unlikely that Nicola Sturgeon will bung a bob for a Big Ben bong!
  12. Today and every day, what annoys me on the roads is those stupid 'chicanes', i..e. those roads which just wide enough for two vehicles to pass, but which are made into single file. Examples are the bridge over the railway line in Kibworth and another one near Syston, both of which have traffic lights. Also, the newish one in Thurnby, very close to a T-junction. The planners seem intent on preventing free flow of traffic, wherever they possibly can.
  13. Given the current form of both clubs and the result of the reverse fixture, this was always going to be a very tricky fixture. And for me, the defeat has certainly taken the gloss off the 9-0 win. Given that City are destined to score only a certain number of goals throughout the season, it could be argued that scoring nine of them in just one game was incredibly wasteful.
  14. He's not the only player with a newborn. JV is in the same situation.
  15. What grinds my gears is Victoria Coren trying to be comedienne at the end of every Only Connect. More time for the missing vowels round and less time for her feeble jokes would be appreciated. Btw, the contestants on that show make most of the contestants on University Challenge look like complete idiots. One of the exceptions was Ted Loveday, with his wonderful 'hapax legomenon' moment on UC a few years ago. Perhaps he was an example of a student more interested in lucubration than lubrication!
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