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  1. That point about serious cases leaving ongoing health problems makes one wonder if BoJo will be okay to carry on as PM after his illness.
  2. Well, I'm in Scraptoft, and most folk here seem to be playing by the rules at present.
  3. Maybe BoJo's own personal experience of this virus will result in the government being more stringent in its lock-down measures than we've seen thus far, especially if the daily death toll shows little sign of slowing down significantly. One study suggests that lock-downs across the world should continue until an effective vaccine is produced. As regards dating old ladies, why not?
  4. Does anyone else share my fear that the '20,000 deaths would be a good outcome' statement is already starting to look way too optimistic? Will it have to be bracketed with other classic lines such as 'the war will be over by Christmas'?
  5. Perhaps Spurs will be punished, when in future their massive stadium may only be allowed to seat spectators 5 seats apart on alternate rows. So the capacity will end at about 6000 maximum. Unfortunately, with the same social distancing measures at other grounds, the KP would then have a capacity of about 3000.
  6. I'm no expert, but tbh, I'd have thought that radiant energy would be more likely to kill viruses rather than spread them, just as UV lamps do.
  7. Last weekend, I posed the question about whether or not face-to-face psychotherapy appointments would continue during the current crisis. Well, the answer appears to be no. In my area at least, appointments are now going to be held using phone calls instead, which is eminently sensible.
  8. Maybe a few more leaders of European countries should take the drastic action that Hungary is taking. It's almost criminally negligent of our government to allow folk from Italy and elsewhere to enter this country without checks, if that is what's still happening.
  9. I hope Professor Sikora is right. Imo, the government should do what it takes to stop this evil thing in its tracks. Saving lives is more important than civil liberties and the economy at present. Those things can be fixed later.
  10. The suicide of the German Finance Minister is a stark reminder that when economies go down, deaths of this sort unfortunately go up. A similar thing happened during the Great Depression in America in the 1920s. The sociologist Emil Durkheim wrote extensively about the four main motivations for suicide, of which this one would be classed as anomic. The others are altruistic, egotistic, and fatalistic.
  11. Did that nurse remember to move her watch forward by an hour?
  12. At times of great stress, I find playing online Scrabble quite relaxing. One of the most used words in 'qi'. This word means life force in traditional Chinese medicine!
  13. Does anyone know if NHS patients will continue to receive therapy for mental issues? It seems like a unnecessary risk to visit hospital for CBT etc. at present. I suppose it's a question of the balance of risk, and neither option looks ideal right now.
  14. If our news bulletins earlier in March had shown the reality of this beast, rather than showing fairly bland views of empty streets in Milan, maybe the UK as whole would have taken the threat far more seriously. As regards the Cheltenham Festival, looking through the thread on FT, a prediction was made on the first page that it wouldn't go ahead, but thereafter, everyone just focused on the racing itself.
  15. I've found that the motivation to keep the house tidy has disappeared, basically because we won't be having any visitors for a while. Has anyone one else experienced this?
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