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  1. Will those who regard Andy Burnham as some kind of folk hero be so enthusiastic about his out his stance when the local death rate rockets up, as a direct result of his prevarication and resistance to the government's attempts to get his area to be moved up to Tier 3? Interestingly, the Mayor of Sheffield Dan Jarvis has realised that the lives of his citizens take priority over everything and will take his city into the higher tier without all of the nonsensical and antediluvian 'canaries down mines' rhetoric that we've witnessed from Burnham in recent days.
  2. Under the Job Support Scheme, if an employee works a third of their normal hours, the employer will pay the going rate for that work. The shortfall will be topped up by one third paid for by the employer and one third by the government. Therefore the employee should receive up to 77% of their normal income, which isn't far off the percentage provided during the widely-praised Furlough Scheme. As regards Burnham, I noticed yesterday that he took very little effort with his own social distancing, standing close to a colleague at one point, with neither of them wearing a mask.
  3. The number of hospital admissions for COVID-19 in the North West is currently more than for London, the East of England, the South East and the South West combined. So Boris isn't 'going into battle' with the North West, he's trying to control the virus there by putting Manchester in Tier 3, for benefit of its citizens. That's something that Andy Burnham seems to have overlooked in the heat of the debate about money. (In contrast, Wales, Northern Ireland and Eire are all taking fairly severe precautions, so maybe that's also something Burnham should think about.)
  4. The £60M is still on the table. Why should Manchester get more money than elsewhere? Burnham is playing politics with his constituents lives, but he only seems to care about local businesses. Btw, I'm not a 'fecking idiot'.
  5. Andy Burnham is pleading poverty for Manchester, because he wanted £65M whilst the government offered £60M. Perhaps he needs reminding that one of his city's football clubs paid LCFC £80M for one defender! He's also moaning that Tier 2 restrictions haven't reduced the increase in COVID-19 cases. That alone should be a good enough reason for moving to Tier 3.
  6. The remote controls for those multi-coloured light bulbs. I've got four of them, and every one has now stopped working, despite fitting new disc batteries. The bulbs themselves can be switched on at the mains, but remain stuck on one colour, because the remotes don't work. Quite annoying!
  7. Including the Arsenal game in the Cara Cup, City have lost THREE home games on the trot, with ZERO goals scored.
  8. Imo, the government should have put Greater Manchester into Tier 3 before Andy Burnham had time to put up any resistance. How many deaths will it take before he stops playing politics? That speech he made yesterday completely ignored the gravity of the situation. He'd should perhaps go and see some of the victims dying rather than wasting time talking nonsense about canaries down mines.
  9. We had a similar problem earlier this year. Came downstairs one morning and the fridge light didn't come on. Then I realised everything was off. The main circuit breaker had tripped during the night for no apparent reason. To avoid a current surge when resetting it, I first turned off all the RCDs and switched off everything in the house powered by SM power supplies. Then switched the circuit breaker back on, followed by the RCDs, one at a time.
  10. Codiv? I've got a mate who keeps referring to it as coronavitis! Tbh, it's pretty annoying hearing newsreaders refer to it as coronavirus one minute and COVID-19 the next. Does it really need two names?
  11. This year, we've had a number of spiders in the house, almost all with incredibly long, very thin legs and small bodies. I suspect that even the most lily-livered arachnophobe wouldn't be scared of this particular genus.
  12. Maybe pubs should have signs reminding people that alcohol can damage the immune system.
  13. Someone should tell Andrew Marr to stop interrupting politicians when they're in the middle of responding to his questioning. This morning, he interviewed the PM and virtually everything Bojo said was interrupted before he'd had a chance to answer properly.
  14. How long will it take before Margaret Ferrier realises that she must resign as an MP?
  15. The late Carl Sagan once said in his wonderful tv series Cosmos 'We're made of star stuff'. Apart from hydrogen, the 92 natural elements including the nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our bones and the iron in our blood were all formed billions of years ago through nuclear fusion inside stars. This is the periodic table, giving the derivations of all the elements. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supernova#/media/File:Nucleosynthesis_periodic_table.svg
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