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  1. Is it just coincidence that the three countries with the highest death tolls, the USA, the UK, and Brazil, all have right-wing populist politicians in charge?
  2. Apparently, there's now a track-and-trace phone scam. Someone rings up and tells you that you've been in contact with an infected person. Because the infected person isn't allowed to be identified, the caller tricks you into thinking that you must obtain a testing kit costing £500. They then demand to know your bank details.
  3. The day after Parliament voted to abandon its own virtual voting system, it looks like the Business Secretary Alok Sharma could have the illness. Presumably, we'll continue to see the bizarre sight now of a mile-long queue of MPs outside the chamber waiting to vote. Apart from being an incredible waste of everyone's time, does this not also pose a security threat?
  4. The UK is on course for 40k deaths before the end of this week. Truly shocking. Dispatches tonight on C4 will be looking into why things have gone so badly wrong.
  5. BoJo does fancy himself as Churchill Mk2. Why else would he write a book entitled 'The Wit and Wisdom of Boris Johnson', when there was already a book out entitled 'The Wit and Wisdom of Winston Churchill'? Btw, did anyone spot the word 'recrudescence' being used today in the government's daily press conference? It's a flare up of symptoms after a period of quiescence (or remission) following an infection. As if we haven't already got enough to worry about!
  6. Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson has a history of risk-taking. In just the past 12 months, he's taken various big risks, including standing for the leadership of of Conservative Party, proroguing Parliament, calling a general election, shaking hands with those infected with CV-19, delaying lock-down until the last minute, and not sacking Dominic Cummings. Some of these gambles have paid off, whilst others haven't. His latest gamble is to partially lift the lock-down, whilst the threat level is still at four, the second highest. If the French graph above is anything to go by, I do worry this latest gamble will cost lives, just as his gambles in early and mid-March arguably cost many thousands of lives during April here in the UK, as well as almost costing him his own.
  7. I suspect that many who have been shielding themselves for the last 10 weeks will continue to do so until they are convinced in their own minds that it is safe to venture out, regardless of what the government tells them, myself included.
  8. What grinds my gears is footballers who think it's smart to buy themselves watches costing £230,000.
  9. Let's hope that any good news coming soon about relaxing the lock-down doesn't ultimately turn out be good news for the virus itself. The UK's death graph is attenuating more slowly than elsewhere in Europe, which I find quite worrying.
  10. I restarted having milk delivered when CV-19 began, after a 20 year gap. Since this morning, I've found a supplier of lockable milk bottle holders in Shropshire.
  11. The effect of warm weather on the virus may be related to levels of UV light from the sun. UV-B in particular is effective at killing bacteria and viruses, and on hot sunny days levels of UV light are quite high. There's even research going on to see if an endotrachial UV device can be used to treat CV-19. In essence, it would be like sunburning the patient's lungs. https://nurse.org/articles/uv-light-therapy-coronavirus-covid19/
  12. What grinds my gears are folk who steal milk bottles from doorsteps. Today, I was late collecting mine, and found that one bottle had gone. To my surprise, Amazon don't sell lockable milk bottle holders. Maybe I could make money by filling what appears to be a gap in the market for such things!
  13. Does anyone else think it's odd that Cummings said that he definitely did not stop to refuel when heading north, but 'may have done' on the return trip. If he was so definite about the first journey, why was he so hazy about the return journey two weeks later? Also, if he used motorways all the way, how was he able to stop the car for his son to relieve himself in woods? If Starmer had been doing the questioning instead of idiot Peston and co, I suspect his fairy tale would have been torn to shreds.
  14. I used to think that scruffy, bonkers, anarchists were the preserve of the loony left. Cummings has made me think again. What must world leaders think when they see someone walking into No.10 with his shirt-tail hanging out, advising Boris on what to do? Is the country safe, when the PM's chief adviser seems to think that the best way to test your eyesight is to go driving on a 60-mile round trip? I wonder how many of the electorate are starting to regret giving Boris his big win at the last GE?
  15. I'm going for a 30-mile drive tonight without wearing my glasses to see if it's possible!
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