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  1. The BBC's Laura Kuenssberg informed us last night that the GE was in 10 days time! Err.... I don't think so.
  2. Well - three - including the 'suspect'.
  3. The script writers of Coronation Street clearly think that their viewers are thick. Why else would the story lines be so predictable and the characters all so one-dimensional? Then a voice-over during the credits tells us that if we've been affected by issues raised ..... The only issue that ever affects me is the assumption that I'm thick!
  4. It's a curious irony that the fish-and-chip shop owner in Yorkshire offering freebies to Brexit Party voters is in trouble for trying to buy votes. It seems to me that the politicians in general (and comrade Corbyn in particular) are doing precisely the same thing, by offering to give away freebies running into thousands of pounds, whilst the shop owner is merely offering a few quid at most.
  5. I'm not sure how accurate the above FT General Election Poll is, since it's possible to vote more than once by deleting cookies.
  6. So Corbyn would cede the Chagos Islands to Mauritius. Why does that guy always bat against Britain? Look out Gibraltarians and Falklanders, you might soon both have to learn Spanish! (Perhaps he'd like France to have the Channel Islands as well.)
  7. The first MP to lose his seat?! Maybe not helped by HK scoring, this season, 10 in 6 for England, but only 6 in 11 in the PL for Spuds, if I'm not mistaken.
  8. Given the link between John Lennon and Karlheinz Stockhausen, one wonders what JL would have made of KS's incredibly daft Helicopter Quartet, composed 13 years after Lennon's murder. Would the other members of the Fab Four perhaps have been persuaded to record something, whilst all flying in different helicopters? Personally, I'd have preferred JL to have been linked with John Cage, which may then have resulted in a Beatles equivalent of JC's 4'33'', a much more appealing prospect!
  9. Whatever floats your boat - although she's not on my list of hotties.
  10. Every year, Chris Packham writes to ITV to complain about the bushtucker trials. Quite right too. I think this aspect of the programme should get mention, instead of talking about the so-called celebrities who appear on it, all of whom go down in my estimation as a result of having done so.
  11. I'm not sure that 'speed humps are a form of domestic terrorism' is an unpopular opinion. I hate them too, partly because the square ones discriminate between us very careful and law-abiding drivers in our small cars who have to drive over them, and loony white van drivers who aren't affected, because of their wide wheelbases. What is also quite annoying is driving through villages e.g between Market Harborough and Lutterworth where not only are there fixed speed cameras, but also sometimes sneaky mobile ones slightly further up the road. Having a persecution complex, I always fear the worst, despite never needing to.
  12. Death, a necessary end, will come when it will come, according to Shakespeare in Julius Caesar.
  13. Imo, predicting deaths next year is rather bad form. The reality is that nobody knows what the future holds, so there's no point in coming up with random names of over-the-hill celebrities, unless they've been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Also, I find it depressing that some here seem to think that the idea of a Thatcher government reunion party being bombed is amusing.
  14. The sickos who'll get their kicks attending the annual fire bull festival in Spain this weekend fall into this category. How can setting a bull's horns on fire, then watching it run around in distress and agony before it's finally murdered, possibly be regarded as entertainment and be allowed in any European country in the 21st. century?
  15. Whilst accepting the JV's goals in October weren't that spectacular, I still don't understand why NO City goal was featured in the Goal of the Month competition in October. For example, Maddison's superb free-kick at Southampton, which was very similar to the competition winner by Harry Wilson in August.
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