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  1. Isn't it the newspaper champagne socialists read? Personally, I prefer something a rather more intellectual, such as the Daily Sport.
  2. Does everyone here read The Guardian, apart from me?
  3. Put it this way, Mike Stringfellow is/was my favourite City player and my first ever match at Filbert Street (aged 12) was a thrilling 4-2 win over Newcastle at the back end of the 1966-67 season. He scored one of the goals. I was hooked from that day forth! As regards general banter, none of us really know each other, so none of us can predict how really negative comments will be received. The one I mentioned had no clear indication that it was meant to be a joke:- You need putting down to be honest, you're disgusting.
  4. Since that time, I've relied almost entirely on forums such as this for company, but even here a mild form of psychological abuse occurs. For example, a recent discussion about what to put in sandwiches (a pretty harmless topic) resulted in one person saying that I 'should be put down', which someone else agreed with. They clearly had no idea what effect that had on me, which is why I try to avoid saying anything negative about other contributors.
  5. I was also the victim of an abusive relationship of the psychological kind. When I chatted to my GP about it, she (the doctor) didn't take it seriously. Within a month and not sure what to do, I'd stopped eating and drinking, became severely dehydrated, and was on a saline drip in hospital for four days. Two weeks later I was dumped. That turned out to be great news for my sanity (and my wallet). Since that time, I've developed an emotional detachment from almost everyone, to avoid the possibility of history repeating itself.
  6. In the PL next season, if VAR is going to be that strict about GKs' feet moving before penalties are taken, will it be strict about penalty-takers selling dummies?
  7. Has anyone ever scored a century of sixes before?
  8. For once in a blue moon, the DfT are doing something which I'm in favour of! They're introducing hedgehog warning signs. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-48660420
  9. During Donald Trump's presidency, IS has been destroyed, the threat from North Korea has been reduced, and he's trying to stop the illegal immigration of America currently running at 130,000 people per month from Mexico. Would Trump's detractors prefer it if he hadn't addressed these issues?
  10. It's not just young parents. Anyone who uses '****ing' as their default adjective should really work harder on their communication skills. There approximately 42,000 adjectives currently in use in English, so there are plenty of others to choose from.
  11. China's increasing influence in Africa is extremely bad news for some of Africa's most magnificent wild animals.
  12. Imo, the main reason Spurs lost was because Mauricio Pochettino didn't have the guts to substitute Harry Kane with Lucas Moura at half-time.
  13. I have varifocals and wear them all the time, except when in bed. The brain quickly learns to get used to them if worn throughout the day, but if you keep removing them the brain can't do this necessary learning. Also, they last much longer if they are worn all the time. Furthermore, they provide a fantastic first line of defence against foreign objects - recently I was using a pair of wire-cutters to cut steel piano wire. One blade snapped and shot up straight towards my left eye. It ruined the lens but almost certainly prevented something much worse happening. One final thing - muck can build up between the lenses and the frames, which is difficult to completely remove, so I put my glasses into a glass of warm water with several Mentadent tablets. It's very searching and works a treat!
  14. It's the surface that's being treated, therefore I regard it as resurfacing, even though you're doubtless correct with the jargon. If I'd driven at 20 mph on the A47 today, someone would have almost certainly overtaken, causing more damage. The only real answer is to not use the car at all when all this (unnecessary imo) re-dressing takes place.
  15. Now is the time of year when LCC (or whoever) decides that half the roads in east Leicestershire need to be covered in loose gravel. This appears to be their idea of resurfacing. They kindly put up signs warning of skid risks, but fail to warn drivers that their cars are about to ruined by a shower of high speed bits of gravel being fired at them from the front, from the off-side, and from underneath. And it's not just B roads and country lanes, even the A47 at Skeffington has been done. It drives me bonkers.
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