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  1. A broken clock is correct twice a day.
  2. Would put you to sleep so far this game.
  3. Glad to hear this. If he does half as wel for your club as he did mine then you’ll have won a watch!
  4. Yeah that’s a very good shout mate. I’d imagine it’s something we may need to do at some point before the season is out as I don’t see Klimala being ready to come in and make an impact until next season.
  5. The last paragraph of the article, it's hard to know for sure as it's just a quote with no context but is Rodgers while defending Maddison then inadvertently warning Maddison that if he wants to beceome a real top player he needs to cut out nights out, alcohol, etc? I'm not saying that definitely is the case, just that last paragraph and the fact Rodgers was really vocal at Celtic about players having to be 24/7 athletes, not drinking, etc makes me think a little bit that while he's obviously unhappy at Maddison being scapegoated in the media he's also not entirely happy with his choices off the park either.
  6. This ain't gonna be a popular opinion on here but imo the EPL is one of the main reasons football has headed to this state, it's created such an artificial bubble. I'm also a hypocrite as I pay for Sky and BT and watch any EPL game that's on TV if it doesn't clash with Celtic.
  7. Very good observation mate, pretty much spot on. I think it was a masterstroke from Lennon in changing systems like you say, we look far more threatening with two strikers on the pitch now and are scoring a glut of goals. We toiled much of December and the wins we did get were by 1 and 2 goal margins in the main. Something had to be changed up as teams were getting wise to how we played and Rangers in particular seemed to know how to counter that. The trade-off like you say has been felt most in terms of Forrest as essentially he's not a wing back but more an orthodox winger. The new system certainly inhibits his effectiveness but I'd say overall we look far more potent so it's a bit of a quandry. The really interesting thing is going to be when Frimpong is fit again as he's become too good to leave out and is ideally suited to a wing back role so where does Forrest fit in? What makes this all the more interesting is that Lennon has always had a soft spot for Forrest as it was him that bled him into the first team in his first spell as manager.
  8. Good signing for them at that price, looks a great player. You'd imagine he'd be a direct replacement for Willian. If Chelsea get Sancho too, Ake back and a decent striker in they could be in good shape for next season.
  9. Agreed and there's always someone who comes into a rich vein of form in the back-end of the season and ends up on the plane, why can't it be Barnes.
  10. Do you know that for certain? What I read when he signed was Leicester have a £5m option, that's very different to an obligation to buy.
  11. These things normally work by there will be a certain date that Leicester have first refusal on him at that price so in effect if you exercise that and agree terms with the player he can't go anywhere else. Same happened with Alderweireld and Edouard with us last summer. The latter is just Leicester protecting their potential investment. For example if Bennett came in, played every game, was a star and went to the Euros or something like that (unlikely I know), then Wolves would want a helluva lot more money for him.
  12. In terms of numbers and form I don't see how guys like Hudson-Odoi, Lingard (who is utter dog sh!t anyway), Sessegnon, Nelson, Redmond, etc would be ahead of him. I've not checked but I'd wager his numbers are as least as good as the best of them and better than most. Going to the Euros if it happens could be superb for him and his overall confidence and mentality imo. I think he is a terrific player but you can tell from his demeanour on the pitch at times he's still a little bit of a shrinking violet. Going to the Euros and that becoming his breakout, if that's the correct term could be the thing that brings him out of his shell and elevates him mentally to possess that ruthless, single minded streak that you need to be one of the best. I've never understood the flak this guy gets on here at times, you only need to look at him for ten minutes to realise he has everything in his locker to be a top player. Of course he's a bit inconsistent, but he's young and you need to put up with that as a player develops and not gnash your teeth anytime he has a quiet game or makes a poor choice in a match. If Barnes was bringing his A game that we've seen in flashes every single week this season then he'd be close to a £100m player and Europe's biggest clubs would be circling like vultures.
  13. I would have a sneaky bet it may be you guys Rodgers has been a big fan of him for a few years and tried to get him on loan at Celtic twice, his soured relationship with Liverpool meant it was a non-starter though.
  14. Vardy is a legend the likes of which you may never see again, he is surely the most irreplaceable.
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