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  1. Part of me also thinks a deal has already been agreed behind the scenes for Ziyech to go somewhere it's just being kept under wraps for some reason.
  2. Yeah maybe would be a bit of a gamble based on one tournament as haven't seen anything of him apart from that. Not sure how much the Turkish outfit would want for him.
  3. Great shout, never realised he was at Inter last season.
  4. Hahahaha! Also thought Trezeguet for Egypt looked a really good wide player who might be worth a look.
  5. Diop is a class act and won't be at West Ham for much longer.
  6. When you put it like that then it may be more realistic a deal than I thought, thanks for clarifying. I'm not a fan of Gray at all from what I've seen, hasn't developed at all so if you could swap him for Fraser then you'll have won a watch and then some!
  7. Never realised you guys did something similar, as said wasn't advocating the story just popped into my head when it was suggested.
  8. Did you ever see the transfer years ago where Monaco got round something like this? Not advocating this or anything it just popped into my head, iirc it was when they signed James Roudriguez and Joao Moutinho from Porto for some silly combined fee. Anyway, can't remember which one it was but one of them had a chunky sell on clause and the official fee for said player was £100k or something and the other player officially cost 50 odd million or something as a way to circumvent the sell on lol!
  9. That would be far too much for Townsend imo, I was talking about him on the basis you's get him for circa £20m.
  10. Jones is a travesty of a defender, Leicester, or indeed any premier league club would be off their head to accept Jones as a makeweight in any deal.
  11. I think Benitez worked miracles with that squad, take the main two sources of attacking threat out of it in Rondon and Perez, add in a far inferior manager and I think Newcastle will be a shambles this season and a certainty to go down. Sheff Utd look weak also so can see those two teams anchoring the division early on and being cut adrift in terms of relegation by Christmas.
  12. My point is they weren't a perpetual shambles last season, finished on the same points and seem to have smartly strengthened this summer even further. I get Rodgers is a far better manager than Puel but it's dangerous to count your chickens and dismiss any sides like West Ham, Everton or Wolves for that matter, all these sides will have exactly the same aspirations as Leicester this season and will be equally as dangerous. Puel for all his faults presided over a mini-run where you beat most of the top teams in the league, will be hard to replicate that this season so those points will need to come from somewhere else. I think you'll do much better under Rodgers but you need to be careful in terms of tempering expectations or people will majorly overreact at the first sign of things not going in a linear upward curve.
  13. Yeah not disagreeing with that, I'd much rather the Leicester pair, just highlighting Gomes is a very good player who also had a very good season last year, £22m for him looks to be shrewd business.
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