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  1. Rodgers will have hard data that tells him the current team isn't fit enough, he wouldn't have said that without the evidence to back it up. He was a stickler for fitness and analystics to prove it out at Celtic and that comes from someone on the inside. The difference a year later from when he arrived in our fitness was night and day. Apparently the numbers for the slowest/unfittest (sic) person a year later were better than the fittest person at the club the year previous.
  2. He was identified pre-Congerton! We still needed a CB when he arrived and his answer was to sign 'Marv' as he's now known who has played 60 minutes of football for us and is taking home 30k a week! Our recent scouting/recruitment is very much a shambles! We've often looked closely at Croatia/Zagreb in particular for players, we signed another CB, Simunovic from them a few years ago also.
  3. Tbh no sane person at Celtic ever expected him to be here past the summer, given you guys paid £15m for him there is no chance of us paying even 2/3 of that to get him permanent never mind anymore than that. The pain point with a lot of Celtic fans with him is with the board as we had been tracking him for a while and had the chance to get him 12 months before you guys signed him but wouldn't go to the £7/8m Zagreb wanted for him.
  4. My tuppenceworth on Benkovic after having watched him for a season. Excellent player, really excellent in fact, does everything really well, there is no obvious weakness in his game. I know I'll get responses he's not up against much up here and that's valid in relation to the standard of attacker he'll face in the EPL. However, we all said the same about Virgil Van Dijk and look how he's gone and done. I'm not saying Benkovic will be that good but you can tell he's a real cut above similar to what VVD was. On the negative side of things he seems to get injured pretty frequently, that said we play 60 odd games a season up here typically so that could be a reason why we pick up a lot of injuries in general, I guess in terms of number of matches the load will be less down at Leicester and he can be managed better in that respect. Do you guys think he'll be a first pick next season alongside Evans at the back? On another note, what has happened to Soyuncu this season, I notice he's not played much? I thought he would have turned out to be a very decent signing.
  5. They have been mates for a long time, they both started out at Chelsea coaching in the youth academy and have remained friends since.
  6. We tried to get him on loan last season and Liverpool blocked it because of Rodgers and the way he left in terms of compensation apparently. Would be surprised if this one happened as a result. On that note is Wilson any better than Harvey Barnes also? Surely better developing your own player than Liverpool's.
  7. If this transpires thats no bad thing imo, especially if Walsh is coming in who has an excellent track record in that regard. As long as that diddy Congerton is nowhere near your club, if he walks through the door then really start to worry.
  8. All the responses to my original post are good points and valid. Like I said if you can keep Rodgers on a leash somewhat in terms of transfers within a recruitment structure with a DOF and/or head of recruitment then I imagine you'll be fine in that regard. I and 99.9% of Celtic fans out there place most of the blame for transfers at the door of his crony Lee Congerton, who has bloated our squad full of shite and nigh on doubled our wage bill during Rodgers' time at Celtic.
  9. Think in the modern day given the vast wealth that now dominates the game has really burst the 'Big Club' myth. It was actually Rodgers leaving for you guys that really made me think about it. One person will argue the bigger club is the one playing in the bigger league against better and more competitive opposition. Equally someone else will point to their club being bigger as they have a richer history in terms of honours, have bigger fan base or whatever else. I think nowadays the notion of we are a bigger club than you, etc, etc is a pointless debate, particularly when things are so easily disrupted in that regard when Russian Oligarch's and middle east royalty can rock up and completely transform clubs and competitions overnight with their money. Everything seems relative now, every club bar a handful in the world are a selling club. For example you guys come and take our manager, at the next end of the scale, Chelsea come along and nick Kante. Even clubs like Man Utd, Liverpool, etc are victims of the same beast at the next level again when clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid come calling.
  10. I'm obviously very biased lol! But I'd say Henrik Larsson at £650k is up there with Vardy in terms of value and legendary status at their respective clubs. Can't think of too many others you'd say that are similar, maybe Cantona.
  11. Righto, similar to who was our first choice for most of Rodgers spell, Craig Gordon. Was incapable of playing these diagonal pitching wedge passes that Rodgers insists on, was infuriating. We'd get away with it at home but it would really cost is in Europe against the better teams. I guess the difference will be he'll have money to go out and get the exact type of keeper he wants at you guys though. From afar, would look a brave move to bin Schmeichel though given he's been pretty synonymous with a lot of your recent success.
  12. What's Schmeichel like with the ball at his feet? Rodgers is obsessed with keepers being able to play out from the back so if he's not great with his feet I'd wager he'll try and replace him.
  13. Boyata is out of contract at the end of the season so you could pick him up for nowt! He's been very good for us the last couple of years, improved a lot. However, in Europe he often comes up short against a better standard of striker so I'd have concerns with him playing against to strikers week in week out. Worth a punt for free probably though. I wouldn't say he'd be a better option than Evans and/or Benkovic however.
  14. Loving this thread. Just shows the measure of the man the adulation and legend status he has at two clubs. He’s the best Celtic manager I’ve ever seen in my lifetime and I reckon I’ll still be of that opinion 50 years from now.
  15. At least for all your sake it’s just speculation at the moment, you’d be hoping the chairman (who seems on the ball) would do some due diligence and look at his record. If he does there would be no way he would sanction his appointment you wouldn’t think.
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