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  1. Any true, match attending Celtic fan wouldn't so much as even consider reading the Daily Record, for a whole host of reasons I don't have the time to go into. Not seen the comments but I expect they are the gutter element of society who lean towards Celtic as opposed to being what I would call a 'fan'.
  2. More a side-effect of you guys being second but how I loved to see Pep acting like a spoiled toddler yesterday and seeing the franchise slipping down to fourth.
  3. Watched the match you guys were terrific to watch, Arsenal should count themselves as lucky getting out there only getting beat by two goals. Top 4 must be the aim now, not saying if you don’t do it it would be a disappointment but the league has settled down now and you look every inch good enough to finish top 4.
  4. I see your logic there and am in agreement with you. However, I heard from someone who worked for him at Celtic that he often spoke of how he'd love to get the Arsenal job and was seriously miffed when he wasn't mentioned as a potential replacement for Wenger. It may be because he left us but I'd be wary of what he says and what he'd actually do if offered it.
  5. Great to beat the fascist scum home and away. Fitting a dark skinned muslim got the winner also, that'll really stick in the crow of their gutter, right-wing element.
  6. Wasn’t nice to see, apparently the lad is ok and talking now. Thank god.
  7. Hopefully it bursts into life with a couple of Porto goals :D
  8. Know I'm very much an outsider looking in but it strikes me Vardy never really got any sort of crack of the whip playing for England at all.
  9. Can't see this happening at all. Not a striker in the mould who would remotely fit how Rodgers likes his teams to play. Just noticed 'Diego' rather than 'Fernando'! d'oh!
  10. Yeah just as Rodgers left Celtic I joined here!
  11. Just an observation but Puel still gets a hell of an amount of air time on here for being the previous manager.
  12. Agreed, Xhaka may be part of the problem but he's not to blame to where Arsenal find themselves as a club, if the fans really want to direct their ire at someone they should do it more forcefully at those that run the club or sign the players. They've needed a dominating physical centre back who can actually defend and a powerful midfield destroyer for about a decade and have done nothing to address that. Until they do they'll always have a soft centre and bottle it and achieve nothing.
  13. That's a very good question. I really don't know, they are different types of players to an extent, Edouard is at his best peeling off out left, turning and running at people or running in behind onto through balls. He is an excellent finisher, never seems to miss. Dembele on the other hand was a powerhouse, quick, great with his back to goal and would bully defenders. I find it really hard to split them tbh and they both always deliver in the big games. Will be interesting to see who goes on to have the better career. If they join the right side I could see both doing very well in the EPL. Not saying they are as good or will be as good as these players but in style Edouard is like a Thierry Henry type attacker whereas Dembele is like a Drogba. PSG definitely don't have a buy-back clause but not 100% sure on the sell-on, hopefully not.
  14. I'd take that tbh, not because I want to lose Edouard, more due to the fact I'm resigned to losing him this summer.
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