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  1. Dunno what Chris Sutton has to do with Leicester City's interest in Calhanoglu but there you go!
  2. You seem to have an unhealthy obsession with the SPL. And it's the SPFL btw.
  3. Not seen tons of this guy but when I have seen him he looks like he'd really struggle in the EPL looks nowhere near athletic or quick enough.
  4. Van Dijk was slightly ahead of him based on his time in Scotland in a Celtic jersey but not by miles. Not saying Benkovic will go on to be as good as him but based on what I've saw and comparing to Van Dijk I've absolutely no doubts he could slot in at Leicester and play every week and look accomplished.
  5. Sure De Ligt is only not a target as he's already knocked them back publicly.
  6. As great a manager as Rodgers is a bit of advice would be to take what he says a lot with a pinch of salt, he likes to talk a lot, a lot of the time too much and goes on to contradict himself in a short space of time. That's not a dig or being bitter in any way it's just an observation from his time up in Scotland.
  7. Yeah he's definitely good enough to play in the EPL week in week out, absolutely no question and I base that on comparing him to players who have left us and done well in the EPL. Slight concerns over his injury record but this could be managed.
  8. In today's market particularly the cash rich EPL your going to end up with a lot of dross with a buy low sell higher model unfortunately, that's just the way it is. It's the same at Celtic at a relatively lesser level, for every gem we unearth there are two or three who come in who aren't even good enough to play in our first team. I guess the trick with the buy low and sell high model for clubs in the middle to lower end of the food chain is that over the piece you get more right than wrong in terms of net income. I'd say as a club, looking at Leicester and the assets worth decent money you have in the squad at present, guys like Maguire, Chilwell, Ricardo, Ndidi, Maddison will more than offset the cost of any duds you have signed, as painful as it's been to see money wasted on guys like Slimani, Silva, Musa, etc.
  9. Yeah Bristol City last season too for the same player according to reports.
  10. Couldn't agree with this more, as well as we've worked the transfer market in recent years there have been occasions we've been too sentimental and not been ruthless enough to sell players at their peak and re-invest. One's that spring to mind are Boruc, Bitton and more recently last summer where we could have got a combined £20m+ for Ntcham and Boyata, one of which has now left for free and the other has had a poor season and diminished value as a result. I've not seen much of Soyuncu but I know a lot about Benkovic and am quite honestly flabergasted at Rodgers' comments on perhaps sending him out on loan again next year, Rodgers of all people. If he ends up back at Celtic Park I won't grumble obviously tho lol!
  11. I get no club wants to lose their best players and Maguire is clearly one of those. However, given the strength in depth you guys have at the back and the astronomical fees that are being quoted for Maguire would it not be perceived as a calculated sacrifice to strengthen other areas of the side? Would be far easier to replace than someone like Chilwell for example.
  12. Bullet dodged for Leicester. Don't think it was ever a goer anyway tbh, lazy journalism.
  13. @Bluearmyfox28 From what I was led to believe the issue was two fold. Some bad blood still simmering between Rodgers and Liverpool from when he left with regards compensation and they weren't impressed at how we used (or indeed didn't) Musonda who we had on loan from Chelsea the six months prior. As far as I know Liverpool impose financial penalties on clubs where they have players on loan who don't play regularly.
  14. Looking at both sides on paper, maybe Aubameyang apart I really don't see Arsenal as all that much better. If reports are true and they have only £40m to spend this summer then with some decent purchases Leicester should be aiming to go after them imo.
  15. LOL I'm not taking it personally as much as it's a frustration at times I'm well aware of where Celtic are in the food chain (lower down than Leicester), where I took umbrage was the Coventry and Sunderland comparisons which I don't think are fair, we're not a basket case of a club like those mentioned.
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