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  1. That side is mediocre if you ignore the fact they are Man Utd. Leicester should be going there to play on the front foot and beat them.
  2. Not a player so slightly off topic but always loved and admired Sir Alex Ferguson after reading his books, despite the fact he was at Rangers in his playing career.
  3. Imposters like Lingard. It's always shit players who do that as well, boils my piss.
  4. He was lucky to stay on the pitch agreed. That said so was Ryan Jack, the referee was unusually lenient for an old firm game.
  5. It's all based on how you define world class to be honest which is subjective in itself. To me it's one of the top 2 or 3 players in the world in your position so on that basis no he's not world class. Someone else might interpret it differently and based on that interpretation he may be in that persons thinking. A good example of the interpretation would be when Sir Alex Ferguson said during all his years at Man Utd he only ever had four world class players. Whatever he is he is one hell of a striker and will go down among the EPL greats imo. The fact he's stayed with Leicester heightens that as well imo.
  6. I said pretty much this on the Andy King thread when he signed when folk were going on as if he'd come up here and look like Zidane. The quality up here is far less than the EPL and overall the championship but due to the intensity and physical nature of our game a lot of EPL players, especially ones who are at the tail end of their careers come up here and really struggle.
  7. Good to put Rangers back in their box yesterday. They are always the greatest team known to man in pre-season before a ball is kicked, every year we are told the Rangers are coming, never happens though. Thought Celtic cruised it yesterday without being spectacular, Lennon got tactics, game management, everything spot on. We had half a team out injured as well. Edouard is a majestic player and this will be the last year we have to enjoy him, wouldn't be surprised if he ends up exceeding Dembele and fancy him to have an awesome career himself.
  8. Lingard must have caught Southgate with the cleaning lady, an imposter of a footballer and epitomises the modern day under achieving fame hungry footballer.
  9. I get the feeling there are some unrealistic expectations set on Tielemans after all the hype around will he/won’t he sign in the summmer. I get he cost big money but looking at it the other way this is a player who is still young and didn’t have the best of times at Monaco and as much as I think he’ll prove to be a great signing in time it’s wise to temper expectations and keep feet on the ground somewhat. Yes he had a great 6 months on loan but this often happens with loan signings who then join permanently.
  10. I'm glad to see Pukki do well as he always seemed like a decent guy but he was absolutely terrible for us and it's pretty mad seeing him having ripped up the championship and now going on to score goals at EPL level. That said would be amazed if the goals didn't dry up somewhat as Norwich are inevitably going to struggle for long periods of the season. I think Merse dines out on the whole "i'm not very bright" act now and you can see some of it is obviously forced.
  11. Second half here has been like a different side, much better.
  12. Being a bit harsh on him imo, was at his best at Newcastle as a striker or a second striker and he’s been flung out wide which isn’t his natural position. The bigger question id ask there is the merits of spending £30m on him rather than a natural wide player.
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