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  1. Leon Bailey looked great tonight when he came on, scored a lovely goal too. If attainable he’d be worth a punt imo, he’s stalled a bit but has all the raw attributes required.
  2. He’s been a bombscsre this season by diving in and going to ground too easily.
  3. He does, but some players get over their injury problems and getting him for essentially free (we paid peanuts for Ajer, £700k) on @Ric Flair hypothesis then it would be a risk I'd be willing to take.
  4. He was fit for a lot more than that at Celtic, 30 games in fact!
  5. Straight swap for Benkovic and I'd bite your hand off!
  6. Ajer's agent saying today in the media he's off in the summer. If the fee's that were spoken about last summer (£15-20m) are being offered I'd drive him to wherever he's going myself as he's regressed quite a bit this season. Leicester should very much avoid this summer at those sort of prices if still interested.
  7. Have no clue how big his influence is at Leicester but he had the final say at Celtic in terms of advising Rodgers on transfer targets. Until lawell got fed up with him and started taking matters into his own hands latterly, which wasn’t ideal either but the lesser of two evils.
  8. Not really, they have been best buds since they were youth coaches at Chelsea many years ago. His defence of him when being criticised at Celtic was that he said Congerton spotted that Neymar and Coutinho when they were 15 years old and identified them as going to be big stars. My 6 year old could probably have told you that. I'm not bashing the guy unnecessarily, he was an absolute disaster at my club and we weren't the first. I get giving him a chance and a lot of the things I read are similar to what a lot of posters said when he arrived at Celtic, "but Sunderland were a basket case", etc. Like I said, hopefully he's marginialised or brought into line by a decent recruitment structure at Leicester whereby he can't do much damage, problem at Celtic was that he via the Rodgers proxy had total control at Celtic.
  9. If your to get offered the money spoken of for Chilwell, circa £60m you should sell in a heartbeat imo based on his performances this season. Wouldn't be the hardest task to replace him with even half of that money based on his form this season.
  10. Everything is relative though, the resources he had at Celtic dwarfed anyone else in the league and he only needed to find players that could win the Scottish league, that I keep seeing on here is league two level. You could give me £10-15m a season and a wage bill of greater than £50m and I could win league two. I just don't buy the argument that giving him more resources (money) will make him any more effective at his job, in fact I think it could be the opposite and he could be more destructive. We've never been able to spend fortunes for obvious reasons but John Park who came before him managed alright, signing guys like Wanyama, Forster, Ki, Hooper, Van Dijk, etc for a couple of million and selling them on for big money. Fact of the matter is almost all the players brought in under Congerton's watch barely even played in the first team, a couple being pound for pound possibly our worst signings ever in Comperr and Kouassi. The former played 60 minutes for us in 2.5 years and we paid him 30k a week on Congerton's recommendation. The latter, we paid close to £4m for, has played about a dozen games and is out on loan at Genk because we can't get shot of him. That's just two, I could go on all night about some of the others, Hendry et al. We had a very good track record in terms of transfers prior to Congerton and we're now seeing signs of it coming back now he's gone. The guy is a charlatan. I only hope his influence is marginalised at Leicester to the extent he can't do much damage.
  11. Yeah not sure how the logistics of it would work out at all. Maybe just can the nations league for a year? Would be a better option than ditching the euros imo.
  12. Latest things I've seen on twitter just then are some scientist has predicted it won't peak in a global sense until next winter and that the big leagues are lobbying UEFA to postpone the Euros for a year in the interests of completing the club football season.
  13. Looked good anytime I've seen him this season, proving to be a very astute signing. I know they are different types of players but Tielemans will have a job on his hands to get back into the side given how well Praet and Ndidi look to dovetail. I know there was a lot of hype about him during his loan spell last season but every time I've watched him this season I really don't see it with him at all.
  14. Fact Congerton is saying this makes me take it with a dose of salt.
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