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  1. Fne if you've got £30m extra lying down the back of the couch as that's what he'd cost.
  2. I'd agree with this, Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool and Chelsea aside I think Leicester are the most attractive club for a prospective player to join in the EPL right now.
  3. I think signing such a player would be the worst thing we could do. Both financially and for squad harmony. Stick with what has worked so well, sign young hungry players on the way up that can be sold for vast profits that allow the club to continue growing. Not overpaid players on the way down, with little to prove and no re-sale valu.
  4. I think something like that is the dream window and it would be great. Reality I think though will be that 1 or 2 of those positions left unfilled, by the kind of player who would cost what the above would anyway. Champions league is a great shot in the arm financially but it's only £30m guaranteed, at the point of th summer window anyway. That's basically paying the biggest majority of Soumare or Gosens. Add in the backdrop of covid and everything else and it's perhaps not even an uplift of £30m overall. Realise I'm sounding like a prophet of d
  5. Going to Leipzig, a done deal by all accounts.
  6. Sounds like someone from the grimleys!
  7. Seems AC Milan are trying to sign every player in world football if you believe the rumours.
  8. Good question, probably after a few months and I'd accepted Rodgers leaving
  9. Agree with this, criticism of Rodgers is fine and deserved, he makes mistakes and makes the wrong calls and if we can't say that then just pack the forum up and go home. He's not a protected species as far as I can see on here where people have a problem though is the vitriol, hyperbole and knee jerk reactions anytime there is a negative result. For example this week in this thread alone we've had: "the team is falling off a cliff" "anytime the team loses it's Rodgers fault" "he's f&ckin shit" "he's a bottler" I could go on. Th
  10. Hopefully all the bed shitters calm down now. The other night you would have thought we'd already blown it and were about to go bankrupt. Very well done to Brendan and the players.
  11. Looks more than decent this lad.
  12. Was going to say exactly this, what Leicester seem to be very good at is succession planning and being proactive rather than reactive with respect to transfers. This is always something that has caused me a lot of frustration at Celtic and we, latterly anyway, have been terrible at it. Guys like Dembele, Edouard, etc we should be identifying a replacement for as soon as they come in the door and whoever that replacement may be should be signed before they leave. Firstly it eases the transition and gives the replacement time to settle and secondly selling clubs don't hav
  13. The rest of the recruitment team have Congerton's number on their blocked list
  14. I know what you mean, I also believe a lot in guys like Klopp and Guardiola when they say all great teams have a shelf life before they stagnate, irrespective of age or whatever else, typically around 3-4 years. This is why I find it weird that people get hung on not losing any big players etc. Leicester have more reasons than most clubs to make sensible big sales regularly. The first being around the above, the team needs constantly freshened up to keep developing and to keep players on their toes. In most cases as soon as a player gets comfortable and knows they'll play week in
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