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  1. Criminal fiscal mismanagement to sell an English U21 international with a fair bit of EPL experience at his age for that sort of money.
  2. Tbh in the EPL bubble far worse players have went for far more money. Think on guys like Ibe, Solanke and a good few others.
  3. Agree with this, this deal smacks of the EPL premium being whacked on and then some to the fee. £40m for a guy that's had 1 season in senior football and started less than 20 games screams risk to me.
  4. Spot on. Hardly blue sky thinking not wanting the club being held to ransom.
  5. Yeah very much agreed, he'd be a really good for Scottish football given how physical he is.
  6. I probably would yeah but I doubt we could pay his wages.
  7. Yeah I fail to see his logic here. Can't get a game ahead of Albrighton and Perez most weeks but somehow is then meant to oust folk like Bergwijn, Son, Moura, etc. I don't think so. A club like Southampton or somewhere like that would be a really good move for him in terms of getting a chance to play regularly.
  8. Yeah he can play as a 6, 8 or 10 all pretty effectively.
  9. Yeah and we get to send you McGregor at the end of this season, deal
  10. One thing I like about him that may have gone unnoticed is that although he's still got quite a bit of physical development to go he's actually quite robust and determined and it's a struggle to knock him off the ball. There were a couple of senior players who could have taken a leaf out his book in that regard the other night. In football a lot of the time it's not about inherent strength but determination.
  11. If Carlsberg done centre back recruitment
  12. Yeah your right, read last night PSG are after him.
  13. Logging in for today's instalment in the soap opera
  14. And there’s a reason it’s not been tried, he’s not good enough. It’s obvious Rodgers barely trusts him, there’s a reason for that.
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