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  1. Aww man I loved Sinclair! Even his song was amazing!
  2. Yeah Premier League era of course. Trying to compare anything pre that is like comparing apples and oranges given the context of where football is today.
  3. Best finish was winning the league obviously. Last season was second best finish. This season will be either the second or third best finish ever. What's the point your trying to make here?
  4. I'm sorry but people saying this team are bottlers when on the cusp of the two second best top flight finishes in the club's history are a complete embaressment. Hysterical, entitled nonsense. Performances have been poor the last two games yes. The team is clearly dead on it's feet and decimated by injuries. Does that give everyone a pass for the last two performances, manager and players included, no it does not. That said although not an excuse it's unquestionably a reason and a factor for the recent performances so time to cut just a little bit of slack. By the way
  5. As much as I think that side last night should have been good enough to dispatch Slavia at home, as I've said earlier in the thread, the key thing now is to go on and finish the season strongly and get a CL spot. If that happens this result will be consigned to the bin and will be a distant memory. What can't happen is surrendering meekly in Europe last night and then blowing the CL spot also. For what it's worth I don't think the latter will happen this season.
  6. That's European football, you think that's bad you should try facing the Italian sides.
  7. It's easy to say that but you need to look deeper. Zenit for example we beat 1-0 at home, played them off the park and should have won by more. We went to the away leg and he made a raft of daft changes, played too open and expansive and we got skelped 3-0. Anderlecht at home was another one, I could go on. Tonight is a frustration as this is a competition Leicester could and should have went deep into. Going out to a side like Slavia Prague however you want to spin it is poor.
  8. I don't buy into the bottlers thing at all. The league finish last season, hopefully top four this season, beating the likes of Man City, Liverpool, etc along the way with great performances. Bottlers or mentally weak teams don't do that. I know there have been some poor results and performances against some of the leagues weaker teams but that's the premier league, it's the most competitive league in the world and anyone can really beat anyone on any given day. Even some of Man City's results this season proves that. All that said I don't think the team selection or the squad dept
  9. Yeah I'm not bashing his overall ability as a manager, he's a terrific manager overall it's just this quirk with European competition that's quite strange, I genuinely think it's even playing on his mind now.
  10. He done similar things at Celtic in Europe weirdly. More than once would bring a player in who hadn't been seen in months against one of the elite sides, they'd have a disaster and then wouldn't be seen for months again. I think he overthinks it in Europe.
  11. He is and I still think a top four finish will happen but this mental block he has in Europe, not just at Leicester but everywhere he has been is frustrating.
  12. Yeah we only played near 70 games every season Rodgers was here, on average 16 European games each season. Two of our players playing more minutes than any other player in world football two seasons in a row in Tierney and McGregor. Start thinking like a top four club if you want to be one, accepting going out to a side like Prague and making excuses is so small time.
  13. It was good enough to perform better than it did, particularly in the Europa League, we had poorer managers than Rodgers, with less money to spend who fared far better. It's not exclusive to Celtic either his European record at Liverpool was a shambles also.
  14. That's a cop out. Look at the resources between the two teams, a top 6 EPL side should be able to put three different sides on the park and dispatch the Czech champions. No excuses.
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