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  1. This is his instruction. Rodgers Celtic team were the exact same, our keeper at the time Craig Gordon was similarly poor with his feet and every time he had the ball it was these pitching wedge type kick outs to the full backs 3/4 up our own half. We got away wtth it in Scotland as the other teams are so poor but we got absolutely crucifed in Europe doing it against the elite teams.
  2. 33 year old Messi wouldn't score as many goals in this Leicester side as 33 year old Jamie Vardy,
  3. You'd think that's his agent planting such stories, he wouldn't even make Spurs' bench. Wages would be a problem and doubt it would happen but I'd have him at Celtic!
  4. Yeah the hype has died down a fair bit but I think he can still make it if he grows physically, from what I believe he has a fairly good attitude (other than expecting he should be playing for the first team at the moment) and doubt there is a danger of him turning out to be Feruz mk 2.
  5. This may be one for the development thread as he wouldn't be a first team signing but wouldn't be surprised if Karamoko Dembele ends up here come the summer. He's now being left out our under 23's squad despite starting the season on the first team bench. Admittedly he hadn't shown anything near enough as yet to be on the first team bench, it looked like a move to get him to sign a new contract which he hasn't done. A few years back Man City, Barcelona, Real Madrid were all after him but I'd be surprised if they were still courting him now as his career has stalled the
  6. Good stuff, good to see him doing well, a bit of a late developer it seems as like you say I thought he'd have missed the boat n being an EPL player at Leicester anyway.
  7. facepalm! I never realised he was out on loan! How is he doing? Just checked and it's Luton rignt.
  8. Exact same thing happened to Kieran Tierney at us, he was third choice LB for the development squad and on a 1 year deal when he got a chance with us due to injury and nt making the development squad who were away playing a game when the first team LB got injured.
  9. He's already 22. Desperately needs to start playing games at some sort of level ASAP or his career will go nowhere. He should be loaned out on January 1st to a championship club.
  10. Yeah I saw the same, rumour has it lawell is going at the end of the season also though. The high profile managerial appointments we make Desmond seems to handle all those personally anyway. It's a good question, I think the sole reason is that we operate in a backwater league and a very restrictive market, there isn't much room for us to grow unless we leave Scotland. FFP makes it very hard for us to pay massive wages to entice better players to come to Scotland. Clubs like the Derby's of this world have the carrot of the pathway to the EPL and if they were to make it the value of
  11. Agreed. Don't get me wrong Bielsa is a great coach but what's he done so far at Leeds, took a side out the Championship that really should have been in the premier league anyway. Fair enough if he were to finish top 6 or something this season but it's too early to judge how they'll do in the premier league.
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