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  1. Serious contender for my favourite ever Leicester player. Always gave his everything and you can tell he loved playing for us.
  2. I was at the Glastonbury Festival one year and went to use a portaloo. One appeared to be vacant but when I opened it, former City striker Mark Robins was sat in there looking a bit worse for wear. He started screaming 'LET ROBINS DO HIS BOBBINS!!' over and over again. I just walked away. Felt sorry for the guy.
  3. Pave paradise and put up a parking lot..
  4. I remember seeing Leicester Fosse versus Syston Fosse back in 1884. Cracking match that was played on a private field just off Fosse Road South. Been hooked ever since...
  5. The Criterion and The Salmon are probably my two favourite Leicester pubs. Could do with a few more like that.
  6. I was in there on Saturday for the first time too. Really nice place. Great beer selection. I notice they have an upstairs bit too but I didn't go up.
  7. Doesn't the money from testimonials go to charity now? I think King definitely deserves one. He's won three league titles with us and has been with us through thick and thin.
  8. Scanchez


    Not now, Bernard.
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