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  1. Gonna watch the snooker for 15 mins for a bit of excitement.
  2. Vardy will be absolutely fuming if he didn't get invited.
  3. This'll be the ref's 5th PL game. He's shown 2 reds in 4 games so far. Oops He's given 2 pens so far.
  4. Just posting this so I can scroll away from the pigs.
  5. Thanks for putting me right. They own the Daily Express, Mirror and Daily Star. Christ.
  6. The Merc is 'written' and produced in Nottingham now I think (Leicester merc offices closed long ago). All these regional rags are basically run and operated by the same organisation (there is some relationship with the Daily Fail here). All their websites are the same format/template and riddled with popups, ads and bullshit. Sack the lot off - it's now just printed spam.
  7. Big improvement today in that we were not rubbish for the first half.
  8. Who knows? His brain certainly doesn't seem to have any effect.
  9. If we play with this current attitude/intensity/desire then there is no point whatsoever in qualifying.
  10. We got schooled by Liverpool n Man City and have not looked the same at any time since.
  11. I'm not very good at crosses either tbf
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