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  1. King £1-2m, James £1-2m, Ghezzal £6m, Diabate £2-4m, Kaputska £2-4m, Kelechi £10-15m, Slimani £5m, Gray £10-15m. Total: £39-£53m. I admit we’d never get £53m for all of them but I don’t think most of those prices are far off possible. Add that onto the transfer budget that we’d already have (probably around £60m) and I think we’d have enough. Dont get me wrong, I see the advantages that selling maguire could bring, but to me it gives a bad impression for the rest of the players, plus there’s no proof that the money from his sale would be used successfully.
  2. I don’t know if I agree with this, I don’t think we’re in a position where we need to sell big in order to improve our squad. Selling Harry could disrupt the squad, there’s no guarantee that the replacement will be better and it’s signals to our other important players that we’re happy to sell. I think if we offload several fringe players we could make £20m-£30m and along with our current budget we’d be able to comply with FFP and still make some big signings.
  3. Dusty

    Papy Mendy

    I personally don’t see the point in selling him. It would generate very little money, as most prem teams wouldn’t want him and the foreign teams who would be after him can’t afford much. He’s probably more comfortable being towards the back of the pecking order than a new signing would be, and there’s no guarantee that a new signing would perform any better. He’s capable of coming on as a sub and keeping the ball and making a couple of tackles which is fine. And he seems to have some good relationships with the squad. Him and Ricardo appear to be very good friends on social media and selling him might upset him a bit and good morale is vital for performing well. I wouldn’t be that annoyed if he left, I just personally don’t see the need to sell someone and sign a replacement who’ll be 4 or 5th choice.
  4. We might be more financially restricted than we think. The training facility is obviously very expensive and taking a lot of funds. It’s also our first summer without vichai, and as much as I think Top will be fine, he might be cautious spending large amounts given how unsuccessful lots of our other big money signings have been. Just a thought more than anything.
  5. Anyone for Jack Grealish? I know he’d probably cost a lot for a championship player, but if we sell ghezzal, kaputska and gray/diabate that will fund some of it. But he’s comfortable playing as a 10 or an 8 and he can play out wide, he’s had a very good season for villa and he’s friends with a few of the lads in the squad. Personally think we then only need to sign a back up striker and a LB and we should be set for the season.
  6. But Morgan’s not up to the standard anymore, Evans already in his 30’s and soyuncu has been far from convincing imo (I believe he will be a decent player, but don’t have the confidence that he can play regularly and be successful next season)
  7. CM: Tielemans for definite, then one of: cyprien, mooy, grealish, eze & sangare Winger: Kalu, Thuram or Watkins Striker: Mitrovic and Adams If chilly leaves Tierney is an obvious replacement. If Maguire leaves, could go for Tarkowski?
  8. GK: Schmiechel Ward Iverson RB: Ricardo Amartey CB: Maguire Benkovic Soyuncu Evans LB: Chillwell New LB (Angelino???) CM: Hamza Ndidi Mendy Sangare Tielemans WINGERS; Gray Albrighton Barnes Ghezzal Kalu CAM: Maddison Barnes Eze ST: Vardy Mitrovic Adams Thoughts??? Also, Robert Skov, 21 goals and 5 assists from right wing this season, only 22. Could be worth a punt.
  9. Yes you’re probably right, they are above us now, but players like Kalu and sangare who are performing really well in Ligue 1 right now would be great additions at a small cost.
  10. I understand the point you’re making, but I think we’re on the cusp of having a really great team that will challenge for European places. Some players are still adapting to regular first team football in the prem: Chilwell, Periera, Soyuncu, Mendy, Maddison, Barnes etc and then with Benkovic coming back from his loan he’ll sure up the defence. All we’re missing is a central mindfielder, which youri could turn out to be, a striker, perhaps a Seb Haller kind of player and a winger maybe Hazard or Saint-Maxim. With those players and what we already have, it would be a young squad with good competition for places. I understand the stagnant of comment, but I feel once this season is over, we’ll really kick on next year.
  11. Mousa Dembele Brais Mendez Che Adams
  12. CDM Mooy, Drinkwater, Dembele, Selnæs, Wanyama WINGER Saint-Maxim, Townsend, Kennedy, T. Hazard, Barnes STRIKER Adams, Dembele, Haller,
  13. I think we have to go for drinkwater, he’s exactly what we need. Good and creative passing range, good tackler and knows the team well. Would cost very little as he’s only played once all season I think? Other options are mooy and Allen who would do a similar job. Then I think we need a target man. Crying out for another striker plus we need a plan B if things aren’t working out and we can just hoof it up the pitch to him. Should try for mitro in the summer if (when) Fulham go down, maybe go for Llorente loan until then? Che adams would be a good option to get in the summer too, give more competition to vardy.
  14. Think it’s more about the summer window for puel. With benkovic and Barnes coming back I think we then have some more completion for places and hopefully the quality of performances will improve. Names we should be looking at this window and for the summer: - Chris Mepham (very comfortable on the ball, physical, young) - Allan Saint-Maxim (skilful, French winger with an eye for goal) - Ole Selnæs (good tackler and a decent passing range) - Unsure on which striker, Max Philip? Not getting many games at Dortmund this season but did alright last year. I think a good starting 11 as of next season would be: KS Ricky Benkovic Maguire Chilwell Ndidi Selnæs Saint-Maxim Maddison Gray Vardy subs: Ward, Amartey, Soyuncu, Mendy, Barnes, Albrighton, Philip
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