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  1. Dusty

    Adam Lallana

    Although Perez’s goal involvement isn’t bad at all, I think it’s fair to say his performances have been disappointing, especially for our second most expensive player ever. I don’t mind the player at all, just think he needs to improve if he wants to retain his place.
  2. Dusty

    Adam Lallana

    I’m really not understanding why people are so encouraged by this? I feel like we’re trying to put a positive spin on it because we feel it might happen. The bloke genuinely hasn’t had a good prem game for over 3 years, and he’s barely played or contributed to goals in that time. I also can’t understand why anyone would start him over perez? I’d be the first to admit perez has been underwhelming this season, but he’s still managed a few goals and assists and he’s good at pressing the opposition (he does have some very obvious flaws tho) and then to replace him with someone who can’t run seems like suicide. I’m all for adding some experience in midfield and I understand that we might struggle for marquee signings this year, but we can do better than Adam Lallana.
  3. Dusty

    Adam Lallana

    He has just over a 1000 minutes in the last 3 premier league seasons, due to a combination of injuries and not being good enough. He’s well past his peak imo and I’d stay clear, I’d rather we went for some young championship talent instead.
  4. Would love to see us go for Milot Rasicha from Bremen. A winger that has the ability to win us games.
  5. I think it’s the perfect time to tinker with the team. We’re about to enter a run of a lot of fixtures in only a few weeks. It will be to our benefit to have more than 11 players that are on form. Why not have them play when the rest of the team is on good form and fit, so if these players struggle, the normal 11 will have enough to get the job done, and it’s slightly lesser opposition (although not a bad team at all) and when we have a nice gap from the teams below.
  6. I personally would change a couple of things to give some players a chance. I’d start Praet over Tielemans just to give him some solid minutes and keep up his match fitness. He also could do with some time playing with the XI just in case he’s called upon due to injury. I’d also play Gray. He’s earned a start, and it would be good to show him if he works hard, he is rewarded. Also, dropping Perez for a game or two might get him to improve too. Also, maybe if we’re comfortable around the 60 minute mark, throw Justin on to give him some time with the first team.
  7. For me the difference is that youri is much better with his face to the goal and receiving the ball from deep. Where he can see the whole game in front of him and pick out good passes as well as running into spaces and playing nice one twos. I think he has a better range of passing and that his passing is much accurate, saw a crazy stat that only Trent has played more balls into the final third than youri so far this season. Also I think he’s a better crosser from wide positions. However, I do think that he is less creative. Personally I think he’s pretty poor at receiving the ball further up the pitch and with his back to goal, which is what he was having to do a lot when madders was being pushed out wide and he had to fill in the space and that’s why I think he had a slow start to the season. I think he’s a better finisher than Madders, but not as good runner or as good defensively. Madders is great at receiving the ball further up the pitch, with his back to goal as he can turn his man inside out in a flash. His dribbling is far better than Youri and I think he is a much more creative passer, even if it is less accurate. He’s a much better distance shooter and a significantly better set piece taker. I think Youri is really good at making the team tick. Before he was here we greatly missed someone that could pass from a deep position into the advanced areas and into madders’ feet and now that we have him, it’s like the final piece of the puzzle.
  8. Don’t know if we need any centre mids, but emre can anyone?
  9. Someone that would just slot into the team would be nice. I’m thinking Ryan Fraser or Dwight McNeil. Ziyech would be the obvious choice due to his goal scoring and playmaking ability and he would take us to the next level. Come summer id be looking at grealish or Eze.
  10. Ward Amartey Morgan Soy Justin Hamza Praet Youri Albrighton Perez Barnes If benkovic is fit i’d give him a run out for 30 mins and take off Soy. I’m not confident that chilwell is fit for Saturday so I’d rest Fuchs so that he keeps fit. I’d keep youri and praet so that they can have more time to get on form. I’d start Pérez up top to give him a chance to score and get his confidence up. I’d take Barnes off at 60 for Gray to keep him fit for the weekend and to give Gray a chance to prove himself this season.
  11. Although I agree that Pérez has been poor thus far, I think the system is very different to what he’s used to. Last year he was playing off Rondon very well and vardy is the complete opposite player. We need Maddison in the 10 for him to play off and I think he’ll do much better. Same with tielemans too, he needs Maddison in front of him to play off successfully. I’d drop praet for barnes, play a 4231 with Hamza and Youri as the 2 and Maddison in at 10.
  12. Anybody else watching this thinking we need a new keeper? Bravo’s composure and distribution is what we need from Kasper. City pass it out so well from the back and it all comes from their keepers calmness. Kaspers distribution against Atalanta was pretty poor. Not suggesting we sign Bravo FYI.
  13. My view of Soyoncu’s game seems to be very different to everybody else’s. Positives first. He got forward well and his movement further up was good, couple of misplaced passes, but nothing major. But I thought his defence performance was pretty woeful. Gave away numerous free kicks and always seemed to be chasing the forwards as they’d always got passed him. His positioning is not good enough. Even at the end there was that lobbed pass that he completely misjudged and the player was in. Similar example with Rotherham, poor positioning and had to dive in, he missed and the player scored. I hope he’ll come good and that it’s just a confidence issue but I really didn’t feel like he was good enough. I know I may be in the minority on this one.
  14. King £1-2m, James £1-2m, Ghezzal £6m, Diabate £2-4m, Kaputska £2-4m, Kelechi £10-15m, Slimani £5m, Gray £10-15m. Total: £39-£53m. I admit we’d never get £53m for all of them but I don’t think most of those prices are far off possible. Add that onto the transfer budget that we’d already have (probably around £60m) and I think we’d have enough. Dont get me wrong, I see the advantages that selling maguire could bring, but to me it gives a bad impression for the rest of the players, plus there’s no proof that the money from his sale would be used successfully.
  15. I don’t know if I agree with this, I don’t think we’re in a position where we need to sell big in order to improve our squad. Selling Harry could disrupt the squad, there’s no guarantee that the replacement will be better and it’s signals to our other important players that we’re happy to sell. I think if we offload several fringe players we could make £20m-£30m and along with our current budget we’d be able to comply with FFP and still make some big signings.
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