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  1. We must be scouting strikers all year round, and have a long shortlist of potential players we’re interested in. I have really high expectations of who we’ll bring in as I’m sure he will have been thoroughly scouted over the last couple of years. Have to suspect it will be a young striker with lots of potential as that’s the sort of player that Brendan loves, Malen, Bodau, Espositio etc. Similar to what wolves have done with silva, and yanited with diallo.
  2. We don’t need to replace Vardy directly (we can’t). We should aim to bring in a different kind of striker, one who is capable of dropping deep and building up attacks as well as getting in the end of scoring chances. A more modern striker.
  3. Yes they are. But I’d be surprised if we couldn’t reach a deal that was slightly lower than the “agreed” fee as long as it works for both parties.
  4. Roma are also struggling financially so we could be able to knock a few million off the price if they desperately need cash.
  5. Hasn’t really worked out so far imo. Hasn’t been given loads of opportunities but whenever he’s started (except AEK) he’s been fairly poor. Gives the ball away a lot with too many shots, most have been pretty poor. I think perez offers more and I think he’s a back up at best. He offers good attacking intent but so far has lacked the quality to make a real impact. Would I pay £24m for him? Currently no, but hopefully he settles in the second half of the season and can improve his efficiency.
  6. Who Iheanacho? Despite him missing 2 very good chances, he had other shots and misplaced numerous passes. I try not to be too harsh on players, but he was palaces best player today, if it was vardy with those chances we win those games. Hence why we need another striker in asap.
  7. Not Brendans fault at all, missed chances, then got complacent, then got rattled when they scored. Harvey saved us. But players that were playing well at the start of the season are now looking like very poor options. Iheanacho, praet and Mendy were poor today imo. Need a striker in jan, jovic is avaliable for loan and we should go for it, even if there’s a hefty loan fee involved. Can’t cope with watching iheancho play one good game a season.
  8. Tbh I think we have an 11 that can contend for the title. I think our issue is that we need more players that can fill in and we still be challengers. City have probably 15/16 players that can make a contending 11. Liverpool less so, but their first 11 is almost flawless. Another top class striker that comes as bit deeper and gets involved more if Vards isn’t getting the ball much in a game. A world class winger with a bit of a spark e.g. Mahrez. And maybe another cm option if we find we’re not dominating games.
  9. We’re all disappointed but people calling for Rodgers to go when we’re in a similar place to Tottenham who have one of the greatest managers of all time and a squad twice as expensive as ours is ridiculous. We’re massively over performing for our players, manager and financial capabilities would suggest. Let’s all relax for a bit.
  10. If Leicester fan tv was a thing, it would be more popular than Arsenals version. Complete meltdown every time we lose. They had one shot on target in the second half, just one of those days. Already qualified in EL and in a great position in the league despite so many injuries. Some people need to grow up a wee bit.
  11. Watching us play with Mendy this season makes me think that we invited more pressure when N’didi was playing. He was far less comfortable on the ball and if was pressured I often thought he played the wrong ball or lost possession all together. I certainly don’t think he’s capable of beating the press like Mendy can do. He doesn’t show for possession off the Centre Backs as much as Mendy, which is why Cags and Evans spent so much time passing it between them last season. This often meant that Tielemans and Maddison were having to come very deep to receive the ball off the defenders
  12. I’m not sure how easily Ndidi fits back into this team. Mendy has been absolutely class and the way he plays makes other players better. He takes the ball off the back much more comfortably which allows Youri further up to press and arrive in the box later. The way Mendy can break the opposition press is brilliant too. I love ndidi and he is a world class cdm but we’re playing some of our best football and look so complete, Mendy has to take a lot of that credit.
  13. There’s pros and cons to take from that really. Still really lacking the final product from everybody on the pitch, nobody can finish or make that final pass. Thought Thomas looked poor today, JJ at RB was class but he also looked poor when he went to LB. Cags, Johnson and Benko all seemed solid enough at CB. Tiele was decent enough. Barnes was poor and Gray looked better. Tavares has some good and bad points but played well for an 18 y/o, KDH seemed good when he came on. Not sure why else to pull from the game.
  14. Would love to see us go for Milot Rasicha from Bremen. A winger that has the ability to win us games.
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