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  1. There’s pros and cons to take from that really. Still really lacking the final product from everybody on the pitch, nobody can finish or make that final pass. Thought Thomas looked poor today, JJ at RB was class but he also looked poor when he went to LB. Cags, Johnson and Benko all seemed solid enough at CB. Tiele was decent enough. Barnes was poor and Gray looked better. Tavares has some good and bad points but played well for an 18 y/o, KDH seemed good when he came on. Not sure why else to pull from the game.
  2. Would love to see us go for Milot Rasicha from Bremen. A winger that has the ability to win us games.
  3. I think it’s the perfect time to tinker with the team. We’re about to enter a run of a lot of fixtures in only a few weeks. It will be to our benefit to have more than 11 players that are on form. Why not have them play when the rest of the team is on good form and fit, so if these players struggle, the normal 11 will have enough to get the job done, and it’s slightly lesser opposition (although not a bad team at all) and when we have a nice gap from the teams below.
  4. I personally would change a couple of things to give some players a chance. I’d start Praet over Tielemans just to give him some solid minutes and keep up his match fitness. He also could do with some time playing with the XI just in case he’s called upon due to injury. I’d also play Gray. He’s earned a start, and it would be good to show him if he works hard, he is rewarded. Also, dropping Perez for a game or two might get him to improve too. Also, maybe if we’re comfortable around the 60 minute mark, throw Justin on to give him some time with the first team.
  5. For me the difference is that youri is much better with his face to the goal and receiving the ball from deep. Where he can see the whole game in front of him and pick out good passes as well as running into spaces and playing nice one twos. I think he has a better range of passing and that his passing is much accurate, saw a crazy stat that only Trent has played more balls into the final third than youri so far this season. Also I think he’s a better crosser from wide positions. However, I do think that he is less creative. Personally I think he’s pretty poor at receiving the ball further up
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