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  1. I agree £10m for ghezzal is probably a little steep, but I think we’d get £7m ish for him. Top assister in their league this year, £7m is a tiny fee for that club as well, should be no trouble. As for Hamza, I think we’d comfortably make over £10m for him and we’d be looking at closer to £15m. We got £12m for Jeff Schlupp, so I can’t see why we wouldn’t get at least the same for Hamza. Counts as home grown, young, physical player. For one of the promoted clubs he’d be a snip at £15m and with a run of games he’d be a really decent midfielder I think.
  2. But if he were playing well, we’d be looking to sign him permanently, so where would that money be coming from? That’s the way I’m looking at it.
  3. Personally think we need at least 4 signings, and maybe 5 for full cover. Tomiyasu (£15-20m) Bertrand (Free) Soumare (£15m) Fairve (£15m) Eduoard (£15m) Total (£60-65m) Seems like a lot of money but I’m thinking we’ll get roughly £20m for qualifying for champions league (fingers crossed) and I’d imagine we’d have had some set aside for the possibility that Ünder was made permanent. Then the sale of choudury would make at least £15m and I think that leaves us with a small enough net spend to manage.
  4. In the grand scheme of things, I don’t think I this is that bad at all. A big fall in match day revenue will have played a part, as well as some matches being held in the next financial year so we won’t see the benefit of those for 12 months. Clubs like West Ham, Chelsea and particularly Everton who posted a loss of nearly £200m have done much worse than us. The champions league group stage alone makes the club about £20/25 m so you can see why the club want it so desperately. Our wage to expenditure is quite high but not awful and we only have the 9th highes
  5. Ndidi has it in his locker to play some great passes. It’s when he’s put under pressure in his own half he struggles to remain composed. He’s miles better than he was last season, but for me still needs to improve his composure in the defensive third.
  6. Some truly woeful performances. Choudury, Mendy, Amartey, Ricardo were all terrible tonight. Much better with 4 atb. At least it wasn’t a loss. Need a win at the weekend.
  7. Personally I think Timmy isn’t that great on the left, seems far more comfortable on the right to me. Plus Ricardo’s dribbling ability makes him pretty useful on either flank.
  8. Agree with a lot of this. Would say we should have 5 wingers, one being perez as well so then get a top draw right winger in (same as you). Really hard to decide who we need. I disagree with most and I don’t think the player we need is Thauvin, but at the same time I don’t have any better suggestions. Not sure Fairve could go straight into the line up which is what we’d need. Think someone like Tarkowski would be a class move. Reckon we could get him for £15m with his contract being up soon and I think we need someone of his quality to keep up with game demand and the agein
  9. Seen a couple links this morning, not sure how reputable this source is in Netherlands? https://www.telegraaf.nl/sport/560959914/pascal-struijk-in-beeld-bij-leicester-en-napoli Seems a strange one to me, not seen a lot of him but what I have seen he doesn’t look great?
  10. Can kamal sowah replace gray as 5th choice winger? Got a great work rate. Bigger priority is replacing cengo with a winger that can really contribute every game, whether that be with g/a or work rate (e.g. albrighton).
  11. We won’t get £50m plus for Ricky. Chilwell who was a young, English player being bought by a club with money to burn and he only went for £45m. I think if we do sell Ricky, it’ll be because he wants to go and we’ll get £35-40m I imagine. I still think Ndidi’s ball playing ability isn’t good enough for one of the top top clubs. If you look at all the players those clubs have their currently in that position, their first role is to dictate the game (Kimmich, Veratti, Busquets, Rodri etc) whereas that isn’t wilfs job. Maddison is a difficult one because I don’t know where
  12. Hilarious reading the comments through every match. So many mentions of perez yet nobody sees under completing more passes for Brighton than for us.
  13. Reminds me of Gray, looks very promising and does some good things but his end product is usually wrong, he is very wasteful and not great defensively. Would assume he’s not likely to sign as he seems to be third choice RW atm
  14. 5/6 players worse than him today. Doesn’t deserve the abuse at all.
  15. Beaten by the better team. Really poor defensively and not much better going forward. Team selection was fine, no need to change it when we’ve been playing our best football all season. Missing key players as well. People need to keep their heads screwed on.
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