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  1. I think would always go for my favourite players, rather than the 'greatest', to make up a Leicester XI as they are the ones who I've perhaps identified with more or have stand out memories of. For example, Kante is one the best players I've seen in a City shirt yet Wilf or Lennon would get the nod in my XI over him due to their longevity with us. Having said that, I would pick Claridge over Heskey based on a couple of memorable goals despite the former only being with us for a couple of seasons.
  2. Top 3: Vardy vs. Man Utd in the 5-3 win. Just loved the cheeky near post finish and the fact we'd come from behind to lead against one of the big boys. Albrighton vs. Sevilla. Electric atmosphere that night and so fitting that two of less lauded players (Morgan and Albrighton) should score the goals to send us through. Mahrez vs. Man City. This is when I started to believe. Beautiful goal at a pivotal time in a pivotal game. Magic!
  3. To the tune of 'Agadoo': Soy-un-chu La-la la-la la-la la Soy-un-chu La-la la-la la-la la To the tune of 'Heaven' (Bryan Adams/DJ Sammy - depending on your age!) Jonny you're all that we want, When the ball comes into the box, We're finding it hard to believe; We've got Evans.
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