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  1. I think these would be my picks. Mainly chosen on value-for-money. Fuchs and Elliott unlucky to miss out, as is Youri who, despite the huge fee, is so integral to how we play. 1. Huth £3m 2. Kante £5.6m 3. Ndidi £15m 4. Evans £3m 5. Albrighton £0m (Only included players signed when in the Prem)
  2. Absolutely immaculate today. Best player on the pitch by a country mile! Immense.
  3. Yeah, thought he'd provide a bit of cover for Howey... 😅
  4. I don't think anyone will disagree that Lewis is one of our worst ever players but we weren't expecting much from him; he came from Gillingham reserves. I read the OP as being XI players you were excited that we signed but disappointed with how they played.
  5. GK Ricardo (brilliant for Portugal, liability for us) CB Keown (claim for captaincy of this XI strengthened after reading Micky Adams' autobiography) CB Mills (woeful) CB Howey (I thought he was great Newcastle and Man City - complete bombscare for us) RWB Kaebi (I'd imagine he will feature in most people's XIs) CM Silva (should've been so much better) CM Inler (a little unfortunate to arrive when he did) CM Wise (I genuinely liked him at Chelsea but just wasn't Prem quality by the time he signed for us) LWB Musa (*that* goal vs Barcelona!) CF Slim
  6. Brilliant throughout the team tonight. Subtle tactical tweak from Brendan has been interesting in the last few games - Maddison almost playing up front with Vardy at times (far more useful than collecting the ball off the CBs) and Wilf pushed further forward to win the ball earlier in the press. On we go!
  7. I think taking everything into account, Tsaroulla's was the best goal. Great skill and part of a giantkilling.
  8. Probably the most frustrating year I can remember. Yes, we've been in far worse positions but our 'hot and cold' form has, at times, been baffling. Most of the time, I think the blame lies at Brendan's door; trying to be too clever tactically. However, we're in a good place overall if we haven't quite kicked on and we're currently sitting in the top 4 with the Europa League knockouts to look forward to.
  9. Poco


    Completely agree. He might not be the best CDM we have but I wouldn't swap him for many from other teams. Comes in, does his job when called upon; great to have in the squad.
  10. Thought he looked very good today; solid, comfortable on the ball and read the game well.
  11. Got to say, I agree with the team picked. The debate over Grealish is interesting and I think the points the chap picking the team makes are spot on; as brilliant as Grealish is, he's still not at the same level for effectiveness as, the example given, Sadio Mane.
  12. So many great memories of that season! Mahrez vs Blackpool Drinky's last minute equaliser against Watford (I think...) Vardy's length of the pitch run and finish against Millwall Kasper being denied a surefire equaliser against Yeovil only for Chris Wood to nod it in Seriously thought that season would be as good as it got for long time... 😅
  13. Haha! You beat me to it - almost word for word! 😅
  14. Hume was great; a real shining light in very dark days!
  15. I think the worrying thing, from my point of view, is the fact that, in every game we've lost this season, the opposition have not had to work hard for it. I don't think you can say that we were unlucky in any of our losses or that the opposition were amazing. Seems to me that, in the games we've lost (particularly last night), the other team hasn't even broken into a sweat. Such a frustrating season...
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