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  1. I thought he looked seriously upset when he was subbed yesterday muttering to himself as he was going off. He doesn’t ever appear cocky so I interpreted it as he realised he had not shone as I am sure he would have hoped given the opportunity. I think we forget the inevitable self-pressure people put upon themselves when going about their work. When you read this think of how you perform when your confidence is sapped. He needs a lucky break and I, for one, hope he gets it. Everton please.
  2. Yea, noticed that. Oh dear. But on a brighter note JV back in training in 10 days .... get in
  3. A yougov survey just reported suggests a changing attitude - some numbers UK - 81% Denmark - 80% Spain - 71% Italy - 71% Sweden - 66% Germany - 59% France - 46% (but an increase of 14% from previous)
  4. Meanwhile in Spain’s Premier League Eibar (just above the relegation places) lead league leaders Atletico Madrid 1-0. The goal scorer the goalkeeper ..... from a penalty. A cracking pen too
  5. Spain’s Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, has said it is unlikely that the country will welcome international tourists until the end of the summer - speech delivered to a body ka the World Tourism Organisation last night. Plan accordingly.
  6. Incidentally - had a look at the BlueMoon’s equivalent thread to this. They wanted a Chelsea win last night 😂😂
  7. All the studio commentary on my channel is - offside and can not be argued. They are angry about the inconsistency
  8. Well the USA is on to its next phase. Good luck President Biden - you have a hell of a job to reconcile your country but, hopefully, good will out. I am sure many other world leaders will look forward to dealing with you. The world needs a new America - do your stuff 👏👏
  9. “Oooooh, they play some wonderful football ..... Leicester” - Peter Drury’s commentary when Maddison struck the bar last night. What a fabulous performance. The energy the players put into that game, in grim conditions, was astounding. I can not single out one player - they were all immense.
  10. Great result - you have to dig deep and we did. Evans brilliant in that first half. Love JJ - even if he did let it out on the touch line ....twice
  11. Out of interest - Atlético Madrid v Sevilla just about to kick off. Current temperature-4c and expected to be -7c at the finish. Burnley and Wolverhampton tropical by comparison 😀
  12. We all know it is hard to come to terms with what is happening - recriminations for behaviour I or you find offensive abound. However, situations will always be compounded by ambiguous messages and the inability this creates with policing. Morally, I think it is wrong that someone thinks it is ok to drive seven miles to exercise. A few posts above someone appears to be bragging that s/he entered a supermarket without a mask. Both testing the boundaries - and with the backing of those who argue “our rights are being infringed”. The difference I find here, in Spain, is
  13. Seeing as there is an interest in age ranges here are the ranges for deaths in hospitals in England yesterday 2 aged between 20-39 47 aged between 40-59 234 aged between 60-79 and 367 aged 80 or over
  14. Yea - I re-wound it (to 57th min - go me) and it was accumulated 57 making it 225m (lo and behold they scored in 12th min against WBA ... and then Newcastle). Better still when I got back to the match 71m they still hadn’t
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