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  1. Yea - thanks. Blind spot when fearing the worst I suppose. I also transposed the Liverpool & WHU games so all now corrected and right I believe.
  2. Ttt So, is it best to be playing one of our thirteen games left against a potential rival or against a team fighting for survival? Or be playing a team with no ambition for the rest of the season (probably more relevant in a few weeks time) I still believe we should keep thinking about winning the league but I would definitely accept that Man City will qualify for Europe. I would contend that there are five other teams fighting for three spots in the Top Four. Leicester Man Utd Chelsea West Ham Liverpool Invariably there may be “one” that comes out
  3. You do amuse me. Your many contributions to the FT forum carry weight but it is clear you are entrenched in a political narrative which, may I dare to suggest, a little bit more reflection on how you are coming across might be worth considering. A term like the “rabid FBPE mob” hopefully illustrates what I am trying to say. I think there is some credence in some wanting Brexit to fail but, before you attach too much to that, I would argue you need to look a little closer at the intransigence of the “winning side” - a provocative term as well and I will leave you to ponder the insin
  4. Anyone aware of the progress with Dennis?
  5. Everton win. We all get the Top 4 argument but we are one of the best three teams in the PL so we will manage Top 4 on our own merits. You can not compete at this level in sport wanting to come second. The biggest fear this fan base has got is the fear of its own team’s ability. We can do this - Champions please. Believe.
  6. I kid you not - the News page of the BBC website carries this main headline “Democracy is fragile, warns Biden, as Trump is cleared”. Then a sub-article has the following ”Johnson: US democracy strong after Trump ‘kerfuffle’” Now, who has the finger on the pulse 🙄
  7. Arsene Wenger today, studio guest on BeinSports. Referees need to get closer to understanding player behaviour. The game is physical and not every touch should result in a free kick, referencing recent penalties where players have effectively conned referees. VAR needs to mature (which he predicts will take another couple of years) to be used to recognise what a foul actually is. Falling over when touched should not automatically be rewarded with a free kick/ penalty when contact wouldn’t naturally knock the player over. Hallelujah. PS - Jim Be
  8. Watched today’s game on BeinSports. Arsene Wegner was studio guest - and was excellent on so many topics. At half time they had a montage on JV and Keyes asked about the time Arsene tried to sign him. To paraphrase Arsene: JV’s ability to play the defender, to run off the shoulder, to generate enthusiasm within the team is second to none. He was gushing in his admiration despite being snubbed by the great man. Enthralling viewing. PS - really interesting points about “cheating” ... I will put in PL thread.
  9. I meant - if there are, as an example, a 100 doses available that would go to 50 people first rather than 100. I thought your reference in your original post to Portugal, by inference, recognised the well documented fact that doses are not readily available.
  10. Forgive me - I have not read through the thread so may be repeating what, I hope, many of us feel. If we purport to be a top 4 team we can NOT approach games like this, and the forthcoming cup tie v MU, with an inferiority complex. We are a really good team. Other teams’ supporters are envious of us. We must play with confidence and, should we suffer a reverse, examine how we reverse it next time. Play to our strengths - we are good enough for those coming to the KP to be worried, including Liverpool.
  11. You need to be very politically astute to get the region pushed up the political ladder. The government want to make the right noises with regard to its new found base in the North. You have an excellent advocate in Nottingham - Lillian Greenwood. Well respected but she really needs more of the regions’ MPs to get involved.
  12. Do you know what ..... the UK speed of roll out gets little to no mention here in Spain. It does, of course, within the British communities. The plan here is to double vaccinate and, because of that, progress appears slow. What is really evident is the authorities do not see it as a race .... comes with the manaña culture I suppose. I guess it’s not about “winning” as we would see it .... but, I confess, I would love to feel there was a bit more urgency. However there does appear a coherent plan which includes those who have had COVID, under the age of 55, being rele
  13. I don’t think the EU is reneging on the WA with this example, although I do recognise you have said that it is the “impression” that is being created. This could have been avoided, of course, but the acidity within the negotiations prevented it from happening. I leave it to others to conclude who was the most bombastic. Meanwhile, the reality for many is there are real downsides to the divorce - well, blow me over! We have to live with this now, appreciate the rules and understand the repercussions. Those in the shellfish industry look like they are going
  14. Regards the electrification — the line is electrified north of Kettering and then on the line to Corby. There are campaigns to electrify the main line but all electrification ideas not getting a good hearing at present.
  15. Spot on. Let’s release VAR on cheating .... watch how the game gets cleaned within weeks. Send the cheating fkrs off. Can’t come too soon for me
  16. I applaud you. My friend has just been accepted as a vaccinator - I recognise what you are saying. Thank you for sticking with it. It must be hugely frustrating.
  17. Just read through this thread - absolutely excellent. The OP created the vibe with a great post. Loads to agree with but I am going to speak up for the castigated referee. Everything is scrutinised from nearly every perceivable angle and there is no way the human eye can pick everything out (hence VAR). Things are made worse by players being encouraged, and rewarded, to “cheat” whilst the commentary teams and studio experts appear to be reluctant to call it out. A definition of “clear and obvious” [I think I know what that means but it seems to have got lo
  18. The one defeat that really annoyed me this season was Fulham at home. I felt we thought we just had to turn up. That is why I think the second half tonight was the right way to go about it. We had these beaten and it would have been criminal to let it slip. Someone posted on the pre-match thread hoping not for a repeat of Norwich away last season. After tonight I am confident we have got the necessary steel to string another great winning run together. Thought JJ was superb AGAIN and, like many have commented, Youri is a proper machine. Rock o
  19. Think you’ll find we’re playing them next Wednesday ..... FAC
  20. Hmmmm - hope Brighton don’t turn up like that next Wednesday. Fair play - great result
  21. Nicky Summerbee is excellent at giving balance and a great addition to the non Keyes/ Gray studio. Pulled up the studio host big time when he implied that Man City likely to go further clear as next opponent is Burnley - “that’s totally disrespectful to Burnley” and wouldn’t let it drop. Host, embarrassed, had to change the subject. I’ve heard quite a bit of the same sentiment from him and it is refreshing.
  22. Another nil-nil now please ...... talking through my pocket 😉
  23. Wow ... Fleck as close as you can get for Sheffield
  24. At half time I was confident we’d get a result. That’s a great feeling, believing that we can come from being behind. Thought Mendy did well and a shout out too for their Keane. But, dearie me, if Goodison had a crowd tonight they would have mullered that home team performance.
  25. Got Sharkey first goal scorer at 20s. Hopeful. Bit surprised we are CLEAR favourites with the bookies. They’re never wrong apparently 🤞
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