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  1. At risk of being called out by @Beliall...
  2. Blessed be the foxes, for they shalt inherit the league. Awww, that's nice isn't it? Blessed be the foxes, cos they never get anything. This is the Life of Brian thread, right?
  3. If you took the Tiers map and put it next to a population density map (on a county basis) they would be practically identical. No surprise really. If there's been one constant in all this it's that close proximity of people increases transmission.
  4. Can't believe so many people are saying no. Even Vardy would swap himself for Messi.
  5. Better than someone referring to it as a national pandemic.
  6. In terms of music specifically made for the game, Morrowind and Bastion. As has been mentioned, the Wipeout games and GTA games sourced some great tunes that were already out there (though I think some of the Wipeout ones were written especially for the game).
  7. The fax was 14 seconds late for yesterday's totals.
  8. I wonder how much percentage of people celebrating Christmas have been to a church (other than for a wedding, funeral, etc) in the past year, compared to Eid/mosque and Diwali/temple? Given that many, many, many people aren't celebrating Christmas for any religious reason and therefore the date really doesn't matter, why not just say, you know what, let everyone just celebrate it later when we're all in a better place.
  9. The question should be can we, not will we. Definitely we can, we could have done under any of our past few managers, as we've had a good enough team. There's a fair bit of just doing it on the day in knockout trophies and you could get all the way playing lesser teams, and plenty of plumb average managers have won the League Cup and even the FA Cup.
  10. He played a blinder against Man City. It's not EVERY game.
  11. Do you have a surround sound setup? Just asking, cos I know the PS5 doesn't have the optical out that I use on my PS4 to plug into my surround sound receiver. I think I can get a hdmi-optical splitter, has one ever used one? Do they work just as well? It will put me off getting a PS5 if it will require upgrading my TV or audio too. As it stands, I'm waiting on that must have game that will force me to get a new console. Still plenty of PS4 games I want to get round to.
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