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    LCFC, sport in general, books, films, music, computer games. Love surfing - but a little to "heavy" for it now, but still quite surf culture. Ambition - to have a novel published
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  1. I came in to say just this. Would be my first choice, then Muzzy and Guppy. That's about it though.
  2. Re: kick-starting the economy. Can people please do it by going out to real shops? I can't deliver any more parcels per day than I already am.
  3. If it was a reliable leak, you'd expect the odds to be shorter.
  4. Josh Low never let it stop him. Light-weight!
  5. You'd be surprised the Francophobic comments I've received in the past. I chose the name simply because I was recently back from Paris when I joined FT and loved it. Having said that, my French affinity is not all that great, I've never been to France again, unless you count passing through it, though there are parts I'd love to visit.
  6. I like City. I like music. I'm not French.
  7. Would you feel the same buzz though if you were away playing with another team? Given, there's not been any victory parade or games in front of fans, but when he signed he might have thought there was an outside chance of that. When we first went into lockdown, I genuinely held out the hope I'd be able to go on my holiday in May. Who knew.
  8. Yeah, I think if he had meant it, he wouldn't have put up the pretence of being sorry, he'd have just walked off as if nothing happened.
  9. You may mock, but he speaks highly of you.
  10. And you thought that one of those wins was going to be away at Arsenal?
  11. So, instead of getting a draw, you'd like us to play like we did in the game when we drew?
  12. Do Sky realise that there are two teams involved in a football match when one of the big six play any other team in the league?
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