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    It's nice to be important; but more important to be nice.

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    LCFC, sport in general, books, films, music, computer games. Love surfing - but a little to "heavy" for it now, but still quite surf culture. Ambition - to have a novel published
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  1. Trav Le Bleu

    Charity Shop Finds

    Got these beauties in Kendal at the weekend... The Subways album is great, where as the other two, which I were more familiar with, really only the singles worth listening to, but a a combined total of £4 for all 3, can't complain.
  2. Trav Le Bleu

    Best job in the world?

    Garth Crooks' ghost-writer. Just write anything and nobody's any the wiser.
  3. Trav Le Bleu

    Random, yet mildly interesting, stuff

    1 in 10 people don't understand binary. The other half do.
  4. Trav Le Bleu

    Which is the best Star Trek series?

    Original. Kirk would have had that Klingon scum Worf screaming for mercy. None of this trying to reason with aliens, like in later series.
  5. Trav Le Bleu

    The joke thread

    My wife hates it when I say, "we got it second-hand." She prefers, "adopted."
  6. Trav Le Bleu

    What's that thing called quiz.

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 80/100 My Time 94 seconds  
  7. Trav Le Bleu

    Leicester Music Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 115 seconds  
  8. Trav Le Bleu


    It's the smell of South Wigston. That and biscuits baking.
  9. Had this on in my car. This was the album that reignited my love of rock music.
  10. Trav Le Bleu

    Social anxiety

  11. Trav Le Bleu

    Social anxiety

    Oooh, that's the difficult balancing act. Showing an interest in who you're talking to, without appearing nosey. Then on the other hand you need to let them know about yourself with out appearing like a self-centred narcissist. As with all things (with the exception of the arts) moderation is key. Just don't be too beige!
  12. Trav Le Bleu

    Social anxiety

    Your theories on playing a traditional 2-3-5 formation to accommodate Simpson as a half back, with Neil Warnocka as manager, are likely not to be well received. I'd keep them to myself. Seriously though, as someone who also struggles being in a group of more than 7 or 8, I think it's because I over think things. I notice that 90% of what people say has absolutely no importance or relevance to anything in general, but that probably rises to 99% on a stag do. Just be yourself - you can hardly be anything else.
  13. Trav Le Bleu

    Ricardo Pereira

    Was about to post something very similar. With a back 3, he'd be perfect. Not only, but also, would help cover Morgan's lack of pace.
  14. Trav Le Bleu


    If you look real closely, you can see @Babylon picking through the rubble.