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  1. Right, I'm not going into the football forum for a while. It's like Stupid McDumbass shagged Moron Idiotson and had 500 children that were starved of oxygen at birth, before falling down a lift shaft and suffering serious head injuries in a country with absolutely no neurosurgeons; all of whom have FoxesTalk accounts.
  2. I think it's more a case of, we beat Bournemouth at home, we're world champions; we lose to Man U away and were bound for non-league football. I exaggerate of course (though not by much in some cases), but it's a valid point, despite the hyperbole
  3. If the team react as negatively and defeatist as 90% of the post match responses on here, then we might as well jack it in now and get ready for life in the Championship.
  4. Tbh, I'm blaming today's result entirely on this post.
  5. Too many midfielders, not enough goalkeepers.
  6. "It all now makes sense now" Now it makes sense.
  7. Harry, King of Scots The Pride of Mr John Brodie Alistair in Wonderland Hansel and His Brothers He Theodore and Louis Imagine the uproar!
  8. Anyone else read this thread title as Agent of Real Madrid, and Leicester star...? Had me panicked!
  9. I'm pretty certain Mr Southgate will be able to get us out of Europe in the next 12 months.
  10. Madders is coming o... No, wait, he's just going for a pee.
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