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  1. I think the fundamental difference is tv/movies/music are all passive, you sit back and they happen to you; whereas playing a video game is active and you happen to it and as you say, often for a long period of time. Aside from minor indie games, I can't remember the last time I bought two games in one month. I usually play sprawling open-world games, which as you say, get you involved for 2-3 months, excluding any other games.
  2. I did and I was offered the option to download, open in a new window or share this image.
  3. On the Pork Pie Library roundabout today I saw a car reverse back onto the roundabout because traffic was queuing down Glenhills Avenue, so they pulled back after being pretty much fully off the roundabout, into traffic on the roundabout, lined up to rejoin at about 60 degree angle to the rest of the traffic, expecting everyone driving correctly to let them back into the flow, so they could go down Wigston Lane instead. Possibly the dumbest piece of driving I've ever seen. I can only hope the Wigston Lane was equally congested (it's usually a nightmare at the Aylestone Rd end, so fingers crossed!)
  4. Trav Le Bleu


    I distribute communication media from some of the world's largest companies directly to your home at no cost to yourself.
  5. Sterling hat-trick? I dunno, pretty sure it was going wide. Certainly more wide than the Barnes effort that went off a player (was it the wolves game) and was given as an o.g.
  6. Nonsense, he's worth £85M on anyone's book!
  7. For any big club scouts who may be reading this forum, he's rubbish, don't bother.
  8. I like to circle them two or three times, though I'm in no doubt it has no effect.
  9. Yeah, as you notice, I went back and corrected myself having re-read the original stat.
  10. For those worried about the 30 mph limit on Soar Valley Way, don't be. It's completely closed, with absolutely no warning until you actually get there and have to make the decision of Middleton St or going through Enderby
  11. . Ignore this post. I missed the word "directly" in the debated post. As evidently has @Ted Maul
  12. Essentially Red Dead Redemption 2 is Red Dead 3 because Red Dead Redemption was a sequel itself.
  13. Just started this last week. Beginning to get the hang of it (seems much more complex than the previous title), but it still find myself shooting people that I'm trying to talk to. (on account of one is L2, the other R2)
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