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    It's nice to be important; but more important to be nice.

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    LCFC, sport in general, books, films, music, computer games. Love surfing - but a little to "heavy" for it now, but still quite surf culture. Ambition - to have a novel published
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  1. At least, had mine for 9 months and it's still not great. Fine for most of the time, but don't ask me to break into a jog for more than a few metres.
  2. Gigantic - Pixies Clair De Lune -Debussy The Girl and the Robot - Röyksopp In Between Days - The Cure I See A Darkness - Bonnie Prince Billie (though not sure which version) Cortez The Killer - Neil Young (ugh, just one Neil Young song) Lay It Down Slow - Spiritualized Ice Hockey Hair - Super Furry Animals If @Dr Marco hadn't already put God Only Knows, I might have chosen that too, but I want to avoid duplication. I could have a completely different list tomorrow, though the top too are pretty locked in. When I think of the acts, and even genres, I've omitted from that list, I feel sick to the stomach!
  3. I have always found it weird that when an MP stands down, it triggers a by-election in which the electorate decide the next incumbent, but when an Prime Minister steps down, the robes of office are either passed on (Gordon Brown) or voted for from within the ruling party (May, or our next PM), with the electorate having no say whatsoever in whom that should be.
  4. 100% For instance, I am a lovely bloke, but you wouldn't want me as your postman.
  5. Bo Llocks Without criticism (which wet people see as complaining and hate) then you never improve. Also criticism is so often taken as a negative think, when actually, it's positive, even if it's pointing out faults. Wait, what?!?!
  6. Needs punctuation. Either... Tanner says, nothing in it Or Tanner says nothing, in it
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