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  1. But I thought all the kids are playing Mein Kampf these days.
  2. Have you ever noticed how you never see Sean and Stringer in the same place at the same time?
  3. The guy is a Muppet, more concerned about creating sensationalist news instead of, as a fan, maintaining some measure of level-headedness to help the manager of his supposed favourite club (he really makes me doubt him sometimes). I'm surprised he isn't making throat slashing gestures already.
  4. Tielemans was a loan, so no real risk. Doesn't work out; we give him back. Same happened with Huth and the rest is history. Ndidi was the last real Jan gem. I wasn't saying it can't work, just that it's much higher risk for the reasons given.
  5. The only players you'll sign in January are: A) ones not wanted by their teams B) ones from lower leagues (domestic or otherwise), as yet unproven in the top flight C) ones nearing the end of their contract, for inflated sums I'm always content to not do any business other than loans in January.
  6. Saw 1917 this evening. Can only add to the plaudits, an incredible piece of cinematography, it'll be winning that Oscar hands down. I did enjoy playing "spot the cut" though.
  7. So long as we can do a chant to this... Hwang more time, we're gonna celebrate!
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