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  1. I was going to suggest Foxy Peter if @Bellend Sebastian were willing to part with him.
  2. To be fair, changing your nationality to Faroese would make a Scottish player better.
  3. Peter Canero. Now where's my five points?
  4. As part of the Hope Sandoval love-in...
  5. This is an awful game. England fortunate to be in the lead.
  6. Or... 2.5 points off first place!
  7. War of the Chosen on PS4 is so broken I've reached the last but one mission, no sign of the skirmishes (though I regularly come up against the Chosen they opposed, Blightlance) and after completing the mission to destroy the Advent Tower I get the cut scenes, back to the Avenger and then it won't move to the next, final mission or anywhere. It just takes off and goes nowhere. I've tried reloading the last turn of the mission and finishing it slightly differently, but that doesn't work. I'm going to retry the whole of the last mission again, see what happens. If that doesn't work, think I deserve a refund on the expansion. Getting right to the end and it failing is awful. Weird thing is I can't find any mention of people having this bug. So annoying.
  8. 10 years. The previous 10 between 8th and 13th. Before then you'd probably consider Aston Villa to be a top club. The idea of an established big 6 is frankly just lazy journalism or a marketing tool. Probably both.
  9. Indeed. Up to that point their history was similar to ours, a serial yo-yo club, as were Man City, which is why they share the dubious honour with us of the most 2nd division titles.
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