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  1. A May Bug? Right time of year for them. Seem to remember a thread a few years back of someone who found one in their house, took a photo and - as you do - turned to the etymological wisdom of FT to find out what it was. Quite bizarre looking things. They do a great Denis Healey impersonation.
  2. As someone who works outside lugging heavy stuff about, hot weather can do one! Anything above 22... fine for dossing, hateful for work.
  3. You'd love this guy, cos he'd call him Debauchery. All kinds of lols!
  4. Sure, it's the guy in the Uncharted games.
  5. I actually laughed!
  6. 21st is Shinji. That's not even on the bench!
  7. Stooopid auto-correct
  8. Countryfox's joke book...
  9. Well alone.
  10. Amazing the stuff you hear after these tragic events. At work someone commented that the bomber, "probably thought he was going to heaven and getting crystal virgins." It took me a couple of minutes, but I finally worked out that he meant Vestal Virgins. So I told him so and informed him they were a sacred order of ancient Rome and nothing to do with Islam. So today he was making the same comment, but this time it was 'vestigial' virgins. So... virgins who are not quite virgins anymore. I'd laugh, but it's tragic. For all the nutters who don't get it and do terrible acts, there's thousands of people who don't get it, but thankfully aren't as resourceful, motivated or unhinged.
  11. Have
  12. But if you were being sarcastic then how can we be expanding the East Stand in June?
  13. The almost as nice as Jon the Hat is from a year or so ago when there was one of those "how nice are you?" online quiz things and I got slightly less then you and is of course meant to be ironic. I'm much nicer.
  14. As heartless as it might seem, the best thing that can be done is to ignore it ... (ignore isn't really the right word but I can't think of another). The relentless 24 hour coverage of the event, where in reality little new information is forthcoming - by which I mean that something new usually comes to light every 2-3 hours, not every 2-3 minutes - the mass public displays of grief, sometimes by many people who have no connection to those immediately affected. The whole, "I have a 10 year old daughter; it could have been her!" It wasn't and the vastly overwhelming chance is it never will be. All of this is exactly what the terrorists want, whatever their cause or belief. Keep the news down to bulletins when something new and relevant is known. Starve them of publicity. Don't go wailing in the street for people you don't know, because while we will be all upset by this, those truly affected will have the support of their families, friends and neighbours. Don't give them the impression that we are all in emotional turmoil because of their actions. Don't go thinking what could have happened; it didn't, so be glad of that, enjoy your life and show them you're not afraid. I honestly think that modern Western media plays right into their hands, as does the growing idea that, 'if you don't wear this armband or come to the memorial or tweet your disgust, then you don't care!' We can see it as community supporting one another, they see it as points scored.
  15. I guess the number of players leaving will have a bearing on the number of players arriving.