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  1. Has anyone noticed how you never see Jeremy Corbyn and @Dr The Singh in the same place at the same time?
  2. Just wondering, how many people are anti small children getting their ears pierced?
  3. That's cos he was making a jibe. Isn't it common practice in some countries, not even for religious reasons, just something that gets done? Just putting it out there (as it were).
  4. And this seems to be Man U fans at the moment.
  5. I never liked the first one. I saw it at cinema as someone who regularly flew flight sims and wondered why they didn't just launch a couple of sidewinders from 10 miles away at the MIGs that looked like F-5s. Having watched it in the past few years... it's incredibly homoerotic, isn't it?,
  6. Makes me wonder if Donald Trump is a Man Utd fan.
  7. Whilst this might seem reasonable to the bureaucrats in London (moderate change through the year between day night cycles), it would essentially make driving as a younger person in the Shetland Island during the winter almost completely unworkable. Stupid.
  8. That's the spirit! Might as well give up now. If only Wolves, Watford and Everton realised this too. Relegation looms.
  9. Whole album 30 years old, could've been recorded yesterday. Also... Even earlier, 1986. Actually, pretty much everything Talk Talk did post It's My Life sounds like it could be any time from the 60s to the present day. (The first two albums are equally good but dated to the 80s in their synth/keyboard sound).
  10. I suspect this is pretty close to the actual truth, if not spot on. The gutter rags just like to make up stories.
  11. Flukily knocked him down as a he dived desperately to avoid being run out? To suggest we battered NZ is so wide of the mark.
  12. No, Man Utd's OGS replacement in three months. (Oh PLEASE let it happen! )
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