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  1. True happiness? Is it possible?

    Ha! Pretty much posted the same thing at same time. Although I first read the part I've picked out in bold as, "I feel pretty much the same about you", which I thought was a little harsh.
  2. True happiness? Is it possible?

    Find contentment in the little things. A beautiful sunset, the song of birds, maybe music you love or a film or a book. Give yourself something to look forward to, but not something too far away and grand. Little and often, as is true of many things, is the best way. Talk to people, but listen too - you'd be amazed at some of the things people say, often unintentionally. If I remember correctly, you're a paramedic, or were, so you've had a huge and beneficial impact on people's lives in a way that 99% of us on this forum can't even start to compare with. You've had the guts also to take on children with real needs, who weren't your own - not many would do that. You have every reason to take pride in what you've achieved. Oh, and you support the greatest football team in the world (despite the evidence of the last 45 mins).
  3. West Ham post match 1-1

    Game of two halves. We get the penalty and score it, game over. We didn't, should have pushed on, but lousy second half. Goal conceded at worst possible time. Crowd getting behind their team (put us to shame (by which I mean home fans)) made a difference. Our team is in transition and it'll take some time to iron out the kinks. The biggest thing from this though is this... City fans only seem to remember the last 45 minutes of any match.
  4. West Ham (A) Match Thread

  5. West Ham (A) Match Thread

    Look on the bright side. At least we haven't got Masuaku in our team.
  6. West Ham (A) Match Thread

    Uh uh uhhh!
  7. West Ham (A) Match Thread

  8. West Ham (A) Match Thread

    In which case, he'd be off now.
  9. West Ham (A) Match Thread

    Ayew card for diving? Probably.
  10. West Ham (A) Match Thread

    Both of them are getting knocked all over the park and yet when we breathe on one of the ironically named Hammers they fall over.
  11. West Ham (A) Match Thread

    Like I said.
  12. West Ham (A) Match Thread

    Ref's a homer.
  13. Oxford Circus

    Just seen a related article. Top reporting guys!
  14. Oxford Circus

    Police have stood down now apparently and everything is normal.
  15. Oxford Circus

    Car backfires and everyone runs for cover.