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    LCFC, sport in general, books, films, music, computer games. Love surfing - but a little to "heavy" for it now, but still quite surf culture. Ambition - to have a novel published
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  1. And considering right back is only one of many positions Dan has played in, whilst most of our right backs, even some of our better ones, would never be played in another position. As versatile cover, when you've got a couple of injuries in a position, outside the (urgh, I hate saying this) "big 6" teams, you'll struggle to find better.
  2. I think that for a neutral watching the game it would have been a very entertaining match, but both supporters on both sides would be frustrated. For me, main good point, is that Amartey proved he is very decent cover. He's not world class, but he is solid and doesn't over complicate things... unlike Choudrey, who is in danger of going the same way as Gray.
  3. Familiarity breeds contempt. The more something is done, eventually it starts to lose impact. I strongly suspect that taking the knee hasn't changed one single person's mind about racism, at least not in any meaningful way.
  4. Royal Mail shares are up 200% since the start of the pandemic. Which shows what you can achieve by flogging your staff to death.
  5. Aston Villa don't have a UEFA coefficient despite actually having been European champions, but Spurs do... So history is only relevant if it's the past ten years?
  6. If you're a Chief's fan you've got to be so disappointed in your defence. Offense not much better.
  7. The Superbowl LV logo is super confusing. I thought this was LV, but it looks like LIV. Didn't realise that the Vince Lombardi trophy hadn't been put in to cleverly represent an i.
  8. If we ever have this kind of bilge during halftime football, I'm giving up.
  9. Yeah, can't see them coming back. Tampa would have to meltdown and with Brady at the helm.... ain't gonna happen!
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