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  1. Wotsit sandwich. Has to be white bread and butter though.
  2. We have now gone a whole month unbeaten.
  3. We had rubber gloves for the first time today. (Ikr) On my first street the end of my index finger glove was ripped off, by the end of the round they were pointless and totally shredded. I'm forever cutting my hand on people's letterbox.
  4. One of the people in a street I deliver to leant out of a window today and said, "we've left something for you in the porch" and there was a box of chocolates, a can of Pepsi and a thank you note. Nice to be appreciated. Then you get the people who have ordered stuff, then refuse to take it. well don't farping well order stuff then, I'd rather be safe at home, keeping my family safe you Muppets!
  5. I wish I could stay at home. Been working harder than usual. Constantly knackered, goodness knows how NHS staff are feeling.
  6. Every time I hear Covid19 I expect to hear, "Aston Villa 0".
  7. Yes, we're key workers. However, since Royal Mail have done nothing to provide masks, gloves, sanitizer, not introduced ways to work at safe distance from each other and until today we've been working two to a van, the Union want us not to work until that changes. I've heard this evening we'll be working one to a van from tomorrow and introducing a two metre distancing rule but no idea how that will work because the sorting boards are basically back to back with little room to move between. Fortunately, I work in the only small office in Leicester that's not been moved into the big Meridian centre, where there must be over 400 workers. I volunteered to work my day off tomorrow, cos we've got so many off... starting to seem like a bad decision.
  8. A sentence I never thought I'd read during my life. Certainly not on FoxesTalk.
  9. You forgot Royal Mail , but same. Was out in the sticks today, delivering to farms. I heard a lamb bleating in a barn and the farmer said I could go in if I wanted. Three ewes with their new lambs, which the farmer said had just been born in the last hour. Great to see that life goes on.
  10. In case anyone is missing their motorsport... Watch it, it's actually much better than it has any right to be!
  11. Got e-mail and txt from Virgin today. From Monday 23rd all mobile customers getting unlimited minutes to UK landlines and mobiles and 03 numbers and an extra 10 gb of data for 1 month, with that to be reviewed at the end of the period (so possibly extended?)
  12. I plan to give it a go. Moved onto Star Wars: Fallen Order. Which is proving to be frustrating.
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