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  1. Yeah - interesting comparison with Les Allen's son Clive who was injured in the first five minutes of the 1982 Cup Final playing for QPR v Spurs. He tried to struggle on but then went off in tears as Les watched from the stand. I wonder what Len Chalmers was thinking.
  2. Recently discovered footage is casting new light on Leicester City history. Like the release of sensitive government files under the 30 year rule, online videos are revealing the truth about what really happened. Let's look at the semi-final and final of the FA Cup in 1961: 1) FA Cup Semi-Final, March 18th 1961. Leicester 0 Sheffield United 0 at Elland Road. Gordon Wills, our outside left, played most of the game as a hobbling invalid. Why? In Of Fossils and Foxes, it refers only to him 'receiving a severe knock'. What does this mean? Well now we know. Uploaded this w
  3. This is one of the best old videos I've ever seen. Gives such an authentic sense of an era long since gone. If you fancy a little quiz while you're watching, see if you can spot a) Two future Leicester managers , and b) Two future England managers. Look At Britain - The Saturday Men (Full) - 1962 - YouTube
  4. In another section of that magnificent book it says that at the club's centenary celebrations in 1984 Leek and Gillies had put the past behind them. I wonder how the conversation went? They both seem pretty cheerful in this photo taken on that day. Leek on the left, Gillies sitting with his coach Bert Johnson to his left:
  5. Still a mystery, isn't it? If he was dropped because 'we celebrated hard after the semi-final and I got into a bit of bother', why wasn't it until two days before the Final that he was told - more than five weeks later? And why has no-one revealed exactly what kind of 'bother' it was? It says in 'Of Fossils and Foxes' that in the records of the club's boardroom meetings, the page relating to the build up to the final was removed. Youtube's clever algorithm keeps throwing up more Leicester 1961 videos - so here are two more criminally under-viewed clips of our (anti-) hero in tha
  6. Found another amazing 1961 video that was uploaded to youtube recently. The title is 'Leicester players prepare for the Cup Final'. There's Ken Leek cropping up repeatedly, just before he was told there was no point preparing anymore. The way the film cuts from Leek (at 0.30) to Gillies, then back to Leek with the medicine ball - it's so poignant, Such good views of the ground too. Leicester players prepare for the FA Cup Final 1960-1 - YouTube Reading this quote from Hugh McIlmoyle, chosen in Leek's place, you wonder whether the film might have been shot just moments b
  7. Here's a better version of that semi-final video. Were you one of the kids on the pitch? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThusajhTGBM
  8. The more clips you see of Ken Leek the more you realise just what a sensation it must have been at the time when he was dropped. Here's another great clip - it's the semi-final replay (somehow it has fewer than 2,000 views nearly 10 years after being uploaded). Look at the classy way Leek rounds the keeper (followed by the worst penalty ever), then a shot for our second goal as good as that one at White Hart Lane. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kE4IxYXs-U And here he is getting the winner in the quarter-final replay. https://www.youtube.com/w
  9. There have been some fantastic uploads of old Leicester games to youtube recently. Here's two form 1961that show us just as Matt Gillies and Bert Johnson's forward thinking tactical ideas started to bear fruit. We went on a fantastic unbeaten run throughout the winter, two years before the more famous 'Ice Kings' team did the same. Here we are at White Hart Lane on February 4th. Spurs are eight points clear at the top of the League, but get outplayed and fall to their first home defeat of the season: Spurs v Leicester 1960-1 - YouTube Spurs captain Danny Bla
  10. The photo in question was taken on May 4th 1985. QPR 4 Leicester 3. Lineker only played two more games for us after that. Here's a photo of him scoring in that game. And here's a photo from the same game on the cover of the programme from the same fixture the following season:
  11. This is Brighton boss Alan Mullery's famous double V-sign to Palace fans after the game in 1976 that started the rivalry between the clubs, I never realised Graham Cross was part of the story, but it's all explained in the link below. Scroll down to the second article: graham cross | The Goldstone Wrap
  12. I was reading a footy history book the other day that said this: In the 1948 FA Cup Semi-Final, Blackpool beat Spurs 3-1 with a Mortensen hattrick. After the defeat, Spurs, who had been pushing for promotion, faded in the League, too. As Julian Holland put it in his Spurs history: ‘Paws buttered, they then slipped rung by rung down the league ladder’. The book he's referring to was written in 1956! It's in the Spurs genes.
  13. Yep. Very similar. Did you spot Henderson's subtle push on Dier that left Rhys Williams a clear run, meaning Alderweireld had to pick him up, thus neglecting Firmino. I suppose the difference is with Huth's header Alderweireld and Dier managed to knock each other over.
  14. Yeah - I hated him for that! Loved that Brazilian team so much. If only they'd had a defence. Here's another of my favourite Rossi moments. European Cup QF 1983 at Villa Park. That was quite a blow at the time - Liverpool also went out at the same stage and after six successive European Cup wins for English clubs (1977-82) the run suddenly came to an end.
  15. I like that line about people 'walking from Nottingham to Leicester' to see that cricket match (previous post). How long would that have taken? About 10 hours? Weirdly enough, it was exactly 100 years later that the Jarrow Marchers walked the same route. October 1936. It took them 2 days, stopping overnight in Loughborough, but then they had already walked nearly 200 miles. It's another fantastic bit of Leicester history: The marchers were put up at St. Marks’ Church, Belgrave Gate, and The Co-operative Society’s bootmakers worked through the night without pay to repair the march
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