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  1. Shinji, 35 last week, was back in the Huesca team tonight against Atletico - his first start for two months, back on the ground where he played in our Champions League QF four years ago (no, hang on - they were still in their old ground in 2017 weren't they). Sadly Huesca lost 2-0 and are still in the bottom three. There was a good article on the BBC site about the team a few days ago: Huesca: The tiny club from the Pyrenees catching the eye while trying to survive in La Liga - BBC Sport Great to see all his former clubs in Europe sending Shinji birth
  2. Just a fleeting moment, but one more reason to love him:
  3. If Hideki wins this it will be so huge here. There's gonna be millions setting their alarms for about 3.30am. Some say his game's a bit boring - but like Leicester in 1999/2000, people who say that aren't really paying attention. The recovery shots from around the green yesterday were strokes of genius. Have a look - here's the whole show: The MastersさんはTwitterを使っています 「Watch every shot of the third-round 65 that gave Hideki Matsuyama the 54-hole lead. #themasters https://t.co/JgJAX031wT」 / Twitter
  4. Coventry 1999. Emile was awesome, the whole team was awesome. Goal Vault: Heskey vs Coventry 1999 - YouTube The whole weekend left a bitter aftertaste, though. Even Strachan (their boss) admitted that Heskey was outstanding - I think the word he used was 'unplayable'. But then in News Of The World the next day, the headline was 'Not Good Enough, Emile'. It's the most bizarre headline I've ever seen. Nothing to do with racism - the only thing I could put it down to was the journalist being a Shearer patsy. At the time, Heskey was the main challenger for Shearer's place
  5. A minute's keepy-ups would be the best tribute. By everyone. Five minutes before kick off.
  6. Five enjoyable defeats! What a fine idea. Here's some candidates from across the decades (can't say I was at all of them...): 1) Mar 30th 1996 Leicester 0 Sheffield United 2. Martin O'Neill kept all the hate mail he received from City fans calling for his head after the game and when we won promotion two months later gleefully telephoned those same fans to ask exactly how they felt about him now... 2) May 3rd 1924 Derby v Leicester. Derby need a 5-0 win to pip Bury to the second promotion place on goal average. Leicester are safely in mid-table w
  7. Great thread. The team that most fascinates me is the one that won promotion in 1924/25 under Peter Hodge, our first really great team, with a forward line of Hugh Adcock, Johnny Duncan, Arthur Chandler, George Carr and Harry Wadsworth. It was a thrilling four way promotion battle (for just two places, of course) between Man U, Derby, Chelsea and Leicester. If you have a chance, go through that season week by week, looking at our results and those of our rivals, and see how we gradually reined them in, while still finding the energy to reach the FA Cup quarter finals (the best res
  8. It's like Christmas every day at the moment for anyone interested in the club's history. Yet another gem has just appeared on youtube - and this is one of the holy grails. It's arguably our biggest game of the 1950s - March 30th 1957, we are top of Division Two, Forest are 2nd, and the two clubs face each other at the City Ground. It was shown on BBC that night, and has never been seen since, at least not until 'the heavy roller' uploaded it this week. Who he or she is, and where they're getting all this amazing footage from, I don't know. It was a pretty dramatic game, as you can
  9. Too right. Look at one moment in time - April 21st 1979 - the day Frank Worthington scored that famous goal for Bolton (that I've seen so many times today). Forest were preparing to head to Germany for the European Cup semi-final v Cologne. They won that, of course, with the most famous goal in their history. So what were Leicester doing then? The same weekend, we were struggling to avoid relegation to Division Three, without a win in seven games after a 1-1 draw at home to Palace. Four days later, we had an away game, ironically in Nottingham, at Meadow Lane, desperate
  10. Just spent an hour looking at Frank photos. What a life. Here's some of the highlights: 1) No regrets? Frank and Shanks a year after the failed medical. 2) The worst ever football badge. 3) Sexy beast 4) **** you I won't do what you tell me.
  11. The story of that failed medical: Bill Shankly had identified the Huddersfield Town centre-forward as the kind of skilful goalscorer he wanted in his emerging second great Liverpool line up. Following successful transfer talks - a club record £150,000 deal was agreed in 1972 - the move was put on hold when Worthington failed a medical after having high blood pressure. Shankly was unfazed, instructing Worthington to take a holiday to Majorca to reduce his blood pressure. "My father had just died so I was probably suffering from some form of anxiety, but I was also enjoyi
  12. Just love this photo of Frank up against John Sjoberg when he was at Huddersfield. The beautiful game.
  13. Still remember his 'Focus on' in Shoot. Players always gave really boring answers. Favourite food? 'Steak and Chips'. Favourite musician? 'Phil Collins and Rod Stewart'. But Frank? Previous clubs: The Playboy, Tramps and Sandpiper (Manchester) Married: Used to be. Favourite other team: Bolton Market's half-holiday second XI Most difficult opponent: The taxman Biggest disappointment: Not getting the lead part in the TV series The Incredible Hulk Biggest thrill:
  14. Yeah - interesting comparison with Les Allen's son Clive who was injured in the first five minutes of the 1982 Cup Final playing for QPR v Spurs. He tried to struggle on but then went off in tears as Les watched from the stand. I wonder what Len Chalmers was thinking.
  15. Recently discovered footage is casting new light on Leicester City history. Like the release of sensitive government files under the 30 year rule, online videos are revealing the truth about what really happened. Let's look at the semi-final and final of the FA Cup in 1961: 1) FA Cup Semi-Final, March 18th 1961. Leicester 0 Sheffield United 0 at Elland Road. Gordon Wills, our outside left, played most of the game as a hobbling invalid. Why? In Of Fossils and Foxes, it refers only to him 'receiving a severe knock'. What does this mean? Well now we know. Uploaded this w
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