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  1. Some great pics here. If you zoom in to one you can see the old timber yard on Bede Island in the background: In about 2001 when we were planning to build the new stadium there I took a few photos. Amazing place.:
  2. Sequel to the July post about finishing in every position in the top flight. Here's the second tier version. We've nearly completed the set here too. Leicester City's placings in Division Two (currently known as the Championship): 1 1925 1937 1954 1957 1971 1980 2014 2 1908 2003 3 1899 1907 1923 1970 1983 4 1895 1992 1994 5 1900 1910 1952 1953
  3. This is a really entertaining chat that's just appeared online. He even mentions Leicester at the end.
  4. I make it we've had 52 mate. Reminds me of that old 'Leicester shuffle' joke with a pack of cards. Do you know the Leicester shuffle? No, what's that? I'll show you. Here's 52 cards - take one away and there's Leicester shuffle.
  5. You know what? It's about time we completed the set in the FA Cup too. Winners ????? Finalists 1949 1961 1963 1969 Semi-finalists 1934 1974 1982 Quarter-finalists 1910 1925 1954 1960 1965 1968 1971 2001 2005 2012 2018 2020
  6. Like that stat about finishing in every position in the top flight. Here's the full details: 1 2016 2 1929 3 1928 4 1963 5 2020 6 1961 7 1927 1966 1976 8 1930 1967 2000 9 1974 1997 2018 2019 10 1998 1999 11 1964 1977 12 1960 1972 2017 13 1968 2001 14 1962 2015 15 1984 1985 16 1931 1938 1973 17
  7. The top five players in the FWA vote were Henderson, De Bruyne, Marcus Rashford, Virgil van Dijk and Sadio Mané, and 10 other players received votes: Trent Alexander-Arnold, Alisson, Raheem Sterling, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Sergio Agüero, Adama Traoré, Danny Ings, Jack Grealish, James Maddison and Jonny Evans.
  8. Five years ago today Shinji made his first appearance for Leicester - in a pre-season friendly at Lincoln. Anyone go? This was the scene last night when Cristo scored the goal that clinched the title (along with Albacete's late penalty against Cadiz). Imagine having this smile to greet you when you score a goal.
  9. The Spanish Segunda Division season finished yesterday, 337 days after it began last August. In all that time, Huesca were top of the League only for the final sixty seconds of the season.
  10. Huesca are champions! They won, Cadiz lost - so for the first time all season they're top. Congratulations Shinji!
  11. Is Shinji's promotion with Huesca the first time we can celebrate a post-Leicester achievement of a 2015/16 title winner? Don't think too many would have been celebrating the title wins of Kante and Mahrez with Chelsea and Man City. Who else? Kramaric has done pretty well for himself at Hoffenheim, but then he played so few games in 2015/16 that he didn't even get a medal. Shinji's getting a lot of attention in Japan this weekend - this is what the press reports said: With a brilliant heel-flicked goal, Okazaki added the flower to Huesca's promotion-clinching victory (y
  12. There's nothing I could find about his relationship with Leicester fans that was very enlightening, though after his last match for us he was saying how moved he was by the reception he got - made him realize how much of an impression he'd made.
  13. Here's a better video of his goal last night. Looks better every time you see it - not just the finish but the way his movement destroys the defender. (You might have to click the link to see the goal) The movement is similar to this Shinji classic - his last goal for Leicester. The defender looks and thinks he's going far post, then the kill... The way he's playing at the moment he looks sharp enough to keep his place in the team in the top league next season.
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