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  1. After many minutes of research into some of your opinions i have found a perfect concoction to the current perception.
  2. With more and more videos and posts being removed on a daily basis on media platforms I ask what are your opinions on free speech? Does this exist? Some content doesn't fit into the main stream view but should we not be able to dissect information ourselves and come to our own conclusions? or should we just be told what we should hear? I hope this post doesn't break any rules. Hope all are well... <3
  3. Its good to be back i hope all are well!
  4. Just a theory why not keep all the elders and vulnerable at home self isolating and finding a system to help them whilst everyone else carries on their daily life and keeping everything as normal per se. Work, events etc. And those that become poorly go home self isolate recover and get back on with it. Keeping the economy going at the same time as allowing for herd immunity?
  5. you may be right honestly its just what someone sent to me and in a world of lies sometimes you dont know what to trust. If the video is correct little research has been looked into 5G. Apparently the test pilot country to kick start 5G was Wuhan last year. im all for being swayed a different way but at least shes gone into a lot of research into all this.
  6. cant tell if your being serious or not?
  7. good way to start a cashless society
  8. However you may view this she seems to speak some sense.
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