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  1. The advances in sports science etc and the fact he’s naturally slim all will help him maintain that yard of pace! Huth hardly trained during our title winning season and was still class. I’d have confidence in the medical teams doing the same with Vardy if it came to it
  2. Could potentially line up in midfield with N didi tielmans sansom perez Maddison (both free roles) Vardy not playing with actual wingers although Perez Maddison would filter to there when we don’t have the ball to form 4-5-1 defending? Barnes/Gray/albrighton on the bench to provide width if needed? Also can see albrighton and one of gray/Barnes starting against the top teams for a more rigid shape for defending purposes?
  3. Just remember what ranieri got out of players such as huth/Simpson/Morgan/ etc during the title winning season. I see Rogers being able to do similar with people like Perez and Townsend should he sign! We don’t need individual superstars, we need people who fit into what the team is about! Just look at Manchester United, pogba and lingard etc are very arrogant/all for themselves. I’d rather we sign a tried and tested good pro who would still have point to prove than an egotistical muppet like pogba.
  4. Surely we’d say no to Phil Jones being part of the deal?
  5. I didn’t watch the game, seeing leshabala was good, what sort of midfielder is he?
  6. Who are fitzhugh, russ and leathers? Interesting people like ndukwu and thomas with u23 and Hirst doesn’t appear to be in either squad?
  7. Leahabela the young one who’s impressed the most then? Could easily be a prem starting 11 minus jakupovic
  8. Any ITK confirmed an interest on our part?
  9. Can have all the stats you want but how many of them goals were his errors or realistically he could of saved? I can’t think of many??
  10. Have sky sports ran with this ‘update’ yet?
  11. I agree, as long as they can pass to their full backs or into midfield and are good defenders we don’t really need to replace someone who travels with the ball like Maguire!
  12. Not that I want him to leave but if he is going to go the sooner it happens the better! Will make me despise Man Utd more than I already do and hope it motivates the rest of them to beat them in both games and finish above then! Players come and go, cheers slabhead and lets get dunk/Tarkowski in a winger and push Benkovic/soyuncu even knight through and we won’t notice he’s even gone!
  13. Where did you see/hear Rogers wants to see amartey at cb?
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