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  1. Drinkwater

    I heard that Chelsea haven't got the correct amount of English players in the squad! I'm hoping that if they sign oxlade-chamberlain that they won't go for drinkwater!
  2. 2017/18 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    From listening to the stream I think the trialists first name is Ben? Sure I've heard beaglehole shout ben! Lots of effort from Leicester but very little shown when we have had the ball as yet.
  3. Mahrez to .......................?

    No help from the ref when he was fouled a few times! Thought he had a decent game, nothing exceptional and set vardys 2nd up with good corner. I will be gutted if he leaves, technically the most gifted player we will ever see in a Leicester shirt. But for £50 million we can't really turn that down if it gets offered
  4. Arsenal post match 4-3

    Very simple, did he touch the ball? I can't remember him touching it.
  5. Arsenal post match 4-3

    We got to 3-2 up playing 442 so why couldn't we hold out playing that! Yes we changed then changed back but we should have been fine with that having played it numerous times! Neither goal came through the middle of the pitch either if I remember rightly? positives- vardy and okazaki off the mark negatives- 2/3 defenders needed minimum in my opinion. Not a negative but did kelechi touch the ball when he came on?
  6. Mike Dean Stuffed Us Yet Again.

    Again mike dean does us over with decisions! Always has to be centre of attention! How he didn't see that handball I do not know, such a perfect view of it!! If we get that free kick we win the game simple!
  7. Arsenal.. Away: pre match thread...

    Mendy and huth are training judging by the training video which is a good sign, get them in the u see 23 for couple games and get them upto speed.
  8. George Thomas

    Where to? Hopefully league 1/championship
  9. George Thomas

    Technically he's meant to be very good, he's just a little small so strength may be an issue, got this information from a family member of his.
  10. Hernandez

    I ask of all Leicester players that they put in 100% effort! He has done that so cheers for your efforts and good luck! Has a young family maybe they haven't settled how they wanted?
  11. Hamza Choudhury

    Been recalled from his loan at Burton, no idea why. couldnt find the original thread on him, sorry
  12. Hernandez Signed

    He looks unnatural in his running style which certainly makes him look slow. Stick him centre back where it's his preferred position and see how he does. A new centre back is a must in January though.
  13. January Transfer Gossip

    I agree that we need at least 1 centre back and 1 centre midfielder although I'd like 2 of each! How many spaces do we have in the 25 man squad? Would people need to leave to make way for new signings? Or have we got room to add a couple without selling anyone?
  14. Watford 1-2 Post Match Thread

    The start to the game absolutely killed us off. I saw small flashes of last season but not enough. We need a settled 11 which I think we can do now, only two extra games before Christmas and no international break compared to last season an if the players cant manage that then they need shooting. On a side note I thought the ref ruined any chance of a good flowing game by constantly giving fouls for nothing. Finally as others have said we need to go with 3 centrally in either defence or midfield away from home. We are too easy to play against at the minute.
  15. Football Manager 2017

    Yes along with loads of injuries and red cards! What budgets with leicester have people had?