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  1. Lets be honest their still a million times better than a Sunday league game on Vicky park
  2. If we weren’t in Europe I’d say yes as it would give us that little extra time to prepare when others are playing in Europe. Beat last seasons points tally and we have made progress! Would bloody love to win the title again though
  3. What a legend, great servant. The way he apparently ran straight round after the helicopter crash and his visible upset on the pitch against Cardiff show what a truely great bloke he is! Go get to 500
  4. Under soil heating will have been on a lot due to minus temperatures, guessing this could result in it being boggy?
  5. Can see them signing him
  6. Said he expects it to be pretty quiet, just over two week left, we won’t be signing anyone
  7. Personally would prefer edouard but know plenty on here like milik.
  8. Milik available for £7 million apparently.
  9. Who’s Wanya Marcal he mentions at the end?
  10. Hope it’s just a strain and not amartey style hamstring injury, vitally important to the squad as a whole
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