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  1. Exactly what I thought, had the poos and sent home to stop everyone else getting it
  2. What position does sowah play?
  3. Why hasn’t this been reported by official website? Same with ghezzal?
  4. Not that I can think of? Tom Lawrence the closest we had to that maybe? I’m sure I saw a stat that said players who have played in our academy have most playing in the football league? I am sad and do check every game any young kid who’s been with us at some point has done!
  5. A new 3 year deal for him. We must feel he has a chance as he is what 20 now? Means we have him until he’s 23? Loan in January?
  6. I agree, but I think there were very high hopes for Hughes when signed! He had a very good season for the u23s and was on the bench for first team towards the end of the season! He also scored a few from centre back if I remember right! He then got injured which has massively set him back! Hopefully gets full season at Salford does well and then get a good league 1/championship move! Thomas passed up league 1/2 football for the u23s so makes you wonder what was promised to him? Money? First team squad role?
  7. Iverson in the Conrad Logan role has a chance!
  8. He probably would of been in a higher division had he not missed almost a full season with injury!
  9. His goal scoring levels are very good! Has anyone who plays like vardy before ever been called world class? I don’t care I love him and he’s quality! I know if he played against Leicester I’d hate the ****er though
  10. Let two centre backs go, plus another on loan, and signed one in to replace. We seemed over stocked there so trimming it and getting in a youngster with something to prove is good work! Let’s hope they can start performing!
  11. Training photos, who’s that with back to us on image two? There’s a shot of someone in background who’s him and I never seen him before? Trialist? Can be seen in image 12 between albrighton and Barnes?
  12. Got to feel for amartey too, can’t be nice when docs say it’s fully repaired for you to still get soreness around the injury! I have the same with a previous one of mine. Always in your mind!
  13. Reckon he will start on Tuesday! What a finish!
  14. Has Rogers told gray he sees as a striker and that’s what he’s had to work on to get in squad?
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