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  1. That’s what I’ve heard yes. Gng in the senior league to become the reserves apparently. Will eventually change name to oadby gng is the rumour
  2. But have moved Ashby and Kirby to midland league 1
  3. I believe someone involved with another local club has bought the club!
  4. If it’s him gone then makes sense as to why it was just Ben petty in Hong Kong for the tournament
  5. Bangkok a very nice horse, 16s into 10s now!
  6. Being reported in the sun now that Man City want him
  7. That pass is beautiful to watch especially as a left footer!
  8. All I ever ask is 100% effort from anyone who wears a leicester shirt. Okazaki showed that from the first moment I saw him in our shirt! Instant love for him and them became very very effective despite falling over a lot! Will miss him and his fantastic smile! Thank you legend
  9. Nowt against him staying btw I quite like him, can play in few positions so is great from the bench and solid enough in those roles! Also agree with you on his performances before injury, fingers crossed he can start pre season fully recovered.
  10. Amartey surely has to stay for now as he’s our only right back cover should Ricardo get injured.
  11. 4 points and only 1 conceded in our final 3 games, happy with that! Fingers crossed for a positive summer. Roll on August
  12. Where’s he gone again? Will wherever he’s gone have the same finances etc?
  13. I agree and hope that the targets have been identified. If not surely we are going to be going for players we haven’t watched seeing as it’s season over in the next week.
  14. You sure they weren’t just shy in front of the camera?
  15. If we can match the effort and work rate we had tonight for large parts of the season adding in a bit of quality we could have a very good season next year. Excited for next season now! Hamza and wild fantastic tonight shielding that back four!
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