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  1. On loan at the minute but watching George Thomas for Wales, has done okay and he does have good movement! Wouldn’t mind him getting. A championship loan next season
  2. From his Instagram looks like elder has had an operation which explains his absence from Ipswich squads
  3. Oadby town have folded because of finance issues!
  4. True but I don’t see how the scoring one equals out as fair? Defenders get the upper hand still?
  5. Surely the hand ball one should be same for defensive positions too? Whether accidental or not theygain advantage? Could see a lot more penalties etc and higher scoring games
  6. A poor and rushed kick cost us yesterday. The back 3 were split ready to receive the ball short hence the awful positioning when we lost the ball so quickly. Kicking is he weakest part but he has won us more points than cost us so won’t be getting on at him. Do wish he’d realise he can’t play though and stop those type of passes!
  7. Disappointing result and the two goals conceded were very poor! Formation wasn’t too successful but I can see it be successful going forward. Remember Rodgers has only had 2 training sessions. We kept the ball well although at times we played too safe. There is a lot of work for him to do here. He’s got the rest of the season and then all summer to get us how he wants. A full week of training under Rodgers and fingers crossed we see a good performance against Fulham next week and all the players are literally playing for their future between now and end of the season so it’s up to them to perform! Stay positive everyone we have the correct gaffer in charge!
  8. Exactly what I thought? Or is it worded wrongly that he can manager reserve youth teams such as under 23s etc?? not got his pro license so can’t manage in the prem?
  9. When his finishing/final ball clicks we have a very good player on our hands. Positions he takes up are fantastic.
  10. But got subbed when we chasing a goal??
  11. Maddison by all accounts isn’t very happy either!
  12. He’s got to go! Lack of points a concern. Lose Tuesday and relegation battle awaits us!
  13. Anyone know where’s dewsbury-hall is? Injured? With the first team?
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