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  1. Morgan thought **** it as leaving? Or believe he was going to Perez with others to go outside and have rule of 6? The decided not to step away when others turned up? No excuses like
  2. If he doesn’t feature in our plans why would we retain him for another year when money is tight?
  3. Personally think centrally in midfield we won’t sign anyone KDH and sowah will come in for that. We will be after a wide attacker to replace Mahrez which we still haven’t done. if Rogers insists on 3 at the back we will sign another centre half. we also need an extra striker which is something we’ve needed a while. I think like last summer we won’t see many incomings. I’m going 3 max. having said that we have under loan ending, fuchs and Morgan probably leaving aswell as jakupovic and I believe we only registered 24 players so that could mean we have
  4. Don’t you return 3? He maybe weren’t back until yesterday so only done 2 days worth?
  5. Didn’t this happen in reverse fixture? Praet started and played well and Maddison came off the bench to stick one top bin. I’ll take that again please!
  6. Athletics at home in quarter final, came away knowing we had a right good go, could have scored multiple goals and the goal we conceded to them was a world class header. Never been prouder than that night. All I’ve ever asked is we have a go, we had a proper go that night.
  7. Is there some new names on there that we haven’t seen before or just me forgetting?
  8. No thanks don’t overly rate him
  9. Quite like both centre mids being busy and wanting the ball a lot. Not seen enough to comment on their ability though
  10. Anyone know our line up? No sound on my stream at the minute
  11. So nice to see Praet back yesterday. Brings fresh energy to midfield and different forward runs
  12. So so good, captains performance that!
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