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  1. Can’t see us spending this much on a player this summer. Something just tells me we in for a championship summer of spending 3/4 million max!
  2. I’d play him, he won’t have an out and out winger against him will he?
  3. Pic above isn’t from official Instagram and looks like photo we’ve seen in training specials before
  4. I get that, but there’s always knock on effect, if being in champions league frees up extra £50 million and failure means we don’t have that, is Carvalho a signing we want regardless of champions league football? Paying 28 million for him may mean we can’t strengthen another area if we don’t qualify? Nothing against his ability etc just a what if. So I’m surprised we’ve committed if true given we may have restricted budget!
  5. I doubt we’ve agreed anything with champions league qualification up in the air? Surely our business full dependant on champions leagues qualification?
  6. Forgot albrighton went off injured! Does anyone know what he’s done? if all 3 are out with soyuncu suspended it’s a good opportunity for a couple of under23s to be on the bench
  7. He ranges from good to horrific, I feel he gives/gets knocked off the ball far too easily! He’s better than gray though for me
  8. I haven’t looked at stats or anything on him, was purely a week want experience to help the youngsters when their bottle goes’
  9. Play devils advocate is it the lack of experience and second half of season collapse means we want signings like this?
  10. I’m still fuming and can’t see myself calming down anytime soon! Horrific substitution that I cannot get my head around what he saw. Just don’t get it! Help!!!!!!
  11. Spot on, half time should of consisted of keep going lads get an early second goal and we go on to win 3/4-0
  12. Red card but it isn’t a horrific tackle, slightly earlier he wins the ball. Nowt to worry about
  13. We signed madison while injured didn’t we? Although not as serious an injury?
  14. Reckon he has a move lined up already
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