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  1. Lesta2014

    Luka Jovic

    Unless we let them leave for minimal fee so New club can cover wages for final year?
  2. Lesta2014

    Luka Jovic

    Can we cover 50% when slimani and Silva go?
  3. Get this done for 13m please! Albrighton back up to Barnes under Thauvin to bring on when we closing a game out or need an extra workhorse!
  4. Great sight seeing him back out on the grass!!
  5. Could be a summer where one doesn’t as so much will become free from wages? No need to cash in and can promise more funds/wages
  6. 30 mill plus Benkovic on loan for a season?
  7. Can see us getting tarkowski/fofana in on permanent and this guy in on loan with Benkovic leaving again on loan or perm
  8. Guessing now they have 3 that this is the maximum we can send there?
  9. One step closer to a bidding war St Etienne want?
  10. Post on Facebook that it is apparently on bbc red button?
  11. Gut feeling is this is who we get, scouted there and dealt with them for dragovic, loan move again I think!
  12. Get back what we paid for him? Best for all involved. Hopefully nails down a position and stays fit!
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