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  1. Massively agree and thought I was alone. Losing should hurt. Chilwell has great potential but always fudges it up bar one rare moment in Watford. Disgusted with him
  2. Yes I have to agree and back down on Jonny Evans his passing was awful. To many smiles tho, some players don't feel the pain of losing lamely.
  3. I think I watched a different game to you. When you lose and lose poorly like today you should be angry, not smiley and chatty, . If you lose but team played well you should be sad but happy you tried. Soyuncu, Evans, Schmeical, Choudry and Albrighton only ones giving everything. I like Wilf but he was poor today
  4. He needs to get angry, too many smiles at the end. Some players do not feel the pain. Chilwell clear off great potential but rarely delivers
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