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  1. Not Wayne haha. My old man used to train him before he signed at City then used to help him out for a bit of extra cash. Cant imagine any youth players doing that nowadays.
  2. Used to work for my dad on Leicester market when he was in the youth team.
  3. Last swap card available as an sbc.
  4. 90 rated Stoichkov for me. Couldve been worse i guess. At least it wasnt a keeper.
  5. I did his sbc and ive got to say he is the best winger ive used in the game. 15 games 10 goals 19 assists so far. Hes involved in everything and suprisingly decent in the air.
  6. Changed it around. Put Mahrez on the left for Sane and Figo on the right. Working well so far. Im going to work my way through the objectives once this horrendous FUT champs is over.
  7. Done the Mahrez flashback using a lot of deadwood in my squad. Didnt cost anything to do. 3 games, 5 assists and 3 goals so far. Replaced Figo for the time being.
  8. Already included that last monday when squad battles started. Ive got 9 in my squad at the moment. 1 from this weeks squad battles and 3 weekly objectives leaves 1 more. Probably sbc on tuesday.
  9. 3 swap players in weekly objectives making 13. Probably be an sbc next week for the final 1.
  10. Never have i rage quit so much in any fifa. I swear every game i come up against TOTS Neymar and i just cant get near him.
  11. Thauvin from player picks. Everything else was just meh.
  12. TOTS Quintero for me. Anything outside the area flew in. Think i did it in 6 games. Now just need to do the 3 assists with TOTW player and im done then.
  13. Im in Div 6. Never gone down to 7. Quite often get promoted to 5 but that lasts 3 games before im relegated again. It happens every week. Now when i get promoted i let my 6 year old son play until i go down 😁
  14. All sounds a bit crap to me. I just play the game (as frustrating and broken) how it is. Ive never wanted to get relegated just to complete an objective.
  15. Div 6 rivals come up against a 95 rated squad. TOTS Ronaldo, Guillit, Van Basten and Maradona. Lose 6-3. Seriously though how do you have such a high rated squad and be in div 6???
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