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  1. I heard that this morning as i turned off at the full time whistle. I almost spat my tea out. Frantic. Seriously that was so pedestrian last night it was frightening. Did he watch the same game cos id like to know where this frantic play was. Absolute clown.
  2. Arming next on the evolutionary ladder mark my words
  3. Keown is truely awful calling Finland Fulham ffs.
  4. Nice squad battle reward
  5. I had forgotten how toxic it becomes this time of year. Why people get so worked up over a computer game its beyond me.
  6. Bamba for me. Nice.
  7. I knew i had set my self up for that after i posted it 😅. Not that easy for me with kids in tow and the wife with the car during the day.
  8. I was eligable last thursday tried to book via the link and the nearest for me was 17 miles away in Nottingham. Kept trying all weekend but still the same. Called my GP today the receptionist said call 119. Called 119 they said the nearest one available is 17 miles away in Nottingham . Any ideas?
  9. Better than me i got the 85 hungarian keeper some random 84 and 3x83 gks.
  10. You was our 12th man. Sang loud and proud. Made me so proud as all you could hear was you guys. You were amazing thank you each and every one of you.
  11. Base Mbappe is always my achilles heel. Even though i have quicker players he just seems quicker. Scores pratically every shot as well.
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