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  1. Same picks as me. Could use Henderson. But Immobile no. Next fifa will be the one where i get good pulls from packs 😂.
  2. Matt Hancock thanks 'Daniel' Rashford for his hard work 😂
  3. Crept to 14 wins for the 2nd week running. Took penalties in my final match to secure it. Normally im useless at penalties i was just lucky he was even worse at them.
  4. Final fantasy IX for a bit of nostalgia. Free with game pass on xbox.
  5. Ah got you. I thought they were the free packs they give out towards the end of fifa for logging in for X amount of days.
  6. Ive not recieved any free packs. I play pretty much everyday as well. Oh well dont think i can improve my team much more anyway so not really a problem.
  7. Megan Boone from The Blacklist
  8. Had something similar on monday or tuesday. HMRC requesting payment as I havent been paying enough tax and wanted a payment for £750. For a start my tax is paid from my employee as im not self employed. Then they asked for my address so i said if your HMRC then you would have my address. The line went silent i laughed and put the phone down.
  9. I love games like that. Had one very similar yesterday. 2 down at half time. The guy was dapping both goal celebrations. Went to my all out attack formation and scored 4 in the first 15 mins of the second half. Scored a 5th just after 70mins then he quit. Games like that make me smile.
  10. I second this. Its a fantastic app for my fire stick. Has pretty much everything.
  11. Just done the Silva premium card. Had to rinse my club to get him. Not tried him yet though will give him a go tomorrow.
  12. Handamovic from tonights TOTSSF. Crap compared to earlier.
  13. Rashford from TOTSSF deluxe. Can now sell IF Mbappe for about 300k ish. Decent morning so far
  14. Red picks i got Edourdo and the player i needed to finish my prem team TAA. Really happy with that for a change. 2 TOTSSF players from Austria and Czech Republic in my packs as well. Not to bad 😆
  15. Thats who i got as well. Looks a good card but was hoping for a PL player really.
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