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  1. I was only 12 but can remember the game. We were in the seats behind the standing at the back of the goal.
  2. Was that the game when Schmeichael took out Speedie and wasnt sent off. Had about 10k there that night and a young Ryan Giggs ran us ragged.
  3. I got him yesterday. Game changer for me hes superb.
  4. Utter scumbags. Hope they are found and made an example of. Cant even begin to put into words how angry thats made me.
  5. Got to love fifa sometimes. 3 down at half time in champs and he messages me saying "you should just quit ive won this and it saves time." Fast forward 80th minute i go 5-3 up. He quits sends me a message saying "typical fifa scripting dont know how you cheated but you did im reporting you." 😂😂😂
  6. Did 35 packs of various values. Best pull was Neymar untradeable so not to bad. Plenty of high 80 cards for future sbcs. Saving the other packs for the next release.
  7. I know what you mean about squad battles being boring but i try to grind through it. As im furloughed i have more time to play so i try to do this. Mon-Wed squad battles Thu-Fri rivals Sat-Sun champs Sun evening wrap up any objectives
  8. Pretty much the same as me. I tend to stop when i hit about 50k then have a look sunday night to see if i need to play any more games to be certain of hitting elite 1.
  9. Agreed even then it seems a stressful game. Think ive won 2 on ultimate but just not worth the hassle so only tend to go as high as legendary.
  10. I can always hit elite 1 never anywhere close to top 200. To get elite 1 all you have to do is win the easier game on world class/legendary then the other 3 on profesional. That always nets me around 55k points at the end.
  11. Ive got 136 packs saved and ready to get nothing tomorrow 😂.
  12. Im on bt super fibre and in the 6 months ive used mobdro i think only twice ive had a problem with buffering. They were europa league games where i had to watch through bt sport rather than PL games where you can watch on NBC or Bein sports.
  13. No disrespect intended but id rather keep the £100 and have Mobdro (just about every sports channel in the US and europe) free Free cinema (10s of thousands of movies and boxsets including latest releases) free Freeflixhq (just about any tv station from around the world) free Not had any problems with any of the 3 mentioned above. All top quality and all easy to download to the firestick. A quick google gives you a walkthrough on how to do it.
  14. Im using mobdro and watching on bein sports 11 rather than bt sport. Perfect so far for me.
  15. Currently on season 4. Forgot how much i enjoyed it first time around. Season 3 finale is one of the best episodes of any tv program ive ever watched.
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