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  1. Fine them. Public apology. Get them to meet people who have been affected by covid. Some work in the community and move on.
  2. Its the weak foot upgrade that really does it for me as im not a skill moves player. Also fun when chasing a game and i stick what if Diatta alongside him in a 424 formation. Havoc for the opposition defence.
  3. Loving the birthday Vardy card so far. For me he will be my end game striker unless i get a great TOTS card. Makes it so much easier having 5* weak foot as you dont have to try and bring him back onto his right. Fantastic in the air as well.
  4. After a day of selling finally got birthday Vardy. All tradeable barring Fofana, Choudhury and De Bruyne.
  5. No no and hell no. Even on a free i think we can attract a far better calibre of player than him.
  6. Finished this morning. Replaced tradeable RTTF Wilf as im selling what i can to get birthday Vardy. Should have him today. Decided to go for him as i faced him in my 1st champs game this weekend and he destroyed me.
  7. Plunged on an ultimate pack and packed FUT birthday Can. Could sell for around 300k or keep as it looks a great card. Anybody used him?
  8. My supersub What If Diatta upgraded to having 99 pace, 90 dribbling and 88 shooting. Thatll do nicely.
  9. Just got to the 300 FUT fan friendly wins to get the jumbo rare players and ultimate packs. 54 rare golds. Thought id open them both in the hope of getting a FUT birthday card. 86 rated David Silva highest rated ffs
  10. First game that always comes to mind for me.
  11. Yes because they wouldnt welcome a Galatasary player there and rightly so.
  12. Ive had a few GG games but mostly they stay on as completing the X amount of games. Frustrating as hell when they just use something on the controller to keep them playing but just running the ball out of play.
  13. Go for it. I only did it as an 89 rated fodder for future sbcs and nothing really happening at the moment until friday promo and new icon swaps.
  14. How many wars have you fought in to know it is exciting? I have a feeling that you would barracade yourself inside if there was a war outside. Having served (only as an army chef) in Kosovo and Iraq exciting is not a word you would use to describe it.
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