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  1. Up there with Breaking Bad for me. Quality series.
  2. What is happening with the fut champs. 2 games in a row ive scored then the screen freezes then kicks me out and ive got a loss. Just seen on reddit something to do with scoring a header. Ffs ea just sort it out
  3. My go to for a chinese is sweet and sour chicken balls with egg fried rice. Now desperatley searching for a delivery service round where i live. I was quite happy with garlic kiev and chips until you mentioned that
  4. Just wow with that. You must surely be on a wind up. I didnt have a ticket as due to family commitments i couldnt afford to keep my season ticket. I turned up and the whole of the city centre was magical. Busier than xmas shopping. And as for where were you when we were shit? 20 away games in league 1 and also followed us to Kilmarnock and games in Finland in pre season games over the years. Dont judge people who didnt have a ticket
  5. Got him a few days ago. Good impact sub for me replacing scream Traore for the last 20-30 mins
  6. Bit harsh there mate. Always read your posts as i think they are insightful but defo not that one. I missed my nans 90th and im gutted about that. People can be disappointed missing things they have worked hard for. Me and the mrs have had our holiday to Mexico cancelled. Am i gutted. Yeah you bet we both are.
  7. Season 2 of the Sunderland s**t show now on netflix if anyone is after a good comedy.
  8. Tried to like it but got bored very quickly. Stuck it out for 2 seasons then gave up. To slow moving for me whereas BB always had something going on. For me personally the 2 programs are not in the same league. But each to their own if people enjoy it so be.
  9. My first ever England game as a 15 year old was when we hammered the Dutch 4-1 with all of their stars. I was hooked and still am. Been too many tournaments since and the amount of countries ive visited through qualifiers and friendlies is staggering.
  10. Fifas new motto #STAYANDPLAY yet the servers are down yet again. Id say im suprised but i really am not.
  11. Im on ep 4. It goes batshit weird. Interesting watch tho.
  12. The Tiger King. On episode 3. Some of the people are just batshit crazy. Interesting watch though.
  13. Done it many times. Even this lunchtime haha. Even the peas in the curry ones are decent before adding the water.
  14. Pot noodle or super noodles on toast with grated cheese on top for me.
  15. Finally got the birthday Bellarabi card. Was a massive grind. Now onto birthday Paqueta. Thing is i wont use either just doing it out of boredom.
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