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  1. Is Howe getting found out a bit? Some discontent on their forum . Seem to be getting lots of injuries too. Mind you I'd take their position!
  2. Well we do have a sell on clause !! Probably going to need it . Should have won today but predictable result and Zaha booked again against us . We'll miss him as the pantomime villain next season. !! Pearson got a good clap before the game.
  3. Richarlison with another headed goal? I remember he was useless at them with us !!
  4. Yes - think he just didn't get on with Sannino . Scored at Rotherham and laid into the manager when celebrating!
  5. We did actually sign him ofcouse but didn't last long ..
  6. Don't think we had many options left ! Might get the players going and will have a point to prove himself. Will be handy if we can keep players fit and find some form from the team . Really could do with some younger players and pace in the side .
  7. We sometimes have fleeting moments in games but we cannot keep the ball long to build any real momentum and our midfied has been poor generally.
  8. Keeping it down to two was better than expected. Good luck trying to catch Liverpool- don't count on us for favours!
  9. Got into his head that a move to a big club is likely.' Pereyra is good at times with nice skills but a bit of a weak link in terms of defending duties .
  10. Yes - Sarr looked good the other day too . Many just under performing like Doucoure .
  11. Doing well with the Under 23s. Some of them would probably be no worse than the first team! Vardy must be licking his lips at the thought of facing our make shift defence . (Even more than usual ) I'd go for a good home win by at least 3. We might threaten but more by luck than judgement.
  12. Doubt it .. Changing managers didn't work for Fulham or Huddersfield and any replacement would just be someone out of work ..
  13. Well we've been in poor league form for a year now ! We've just not had a good start this time to bail us out .
  14. No improvement in defence and ageing squad . VAR hasn't been kind to us !
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