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  1. That was very impressive and clinical. Well done - excellent start.
  2. Wasn't handball but bet Mourinho would have appealed for it had that been the other way round.
  3. 7 points clear of 2 potential rivals.. Nice to get the derby win and we played well despite the close scoreline.
  4. In Germany. I think it was handball this time in the Brighton game but again creates controversy. Just think if that happens in May in a vital match.
  5. Handball will be like the foot rule in hockey. And that won't be good for the game . All these goals and good games and all that is talked about is VAR.
  6. I think it's a simple case of those really worried about the virus and its affects will keep following the guidelines. Those who don't give a moments thought about it all won't despite all the threats and warnings.
  7. Last season yes but not this I don't think it gets ruled out.
  8. They were lucky there. EDIT: That was the law of the ex !
  9. And it counted. Cue mass outrage from Spurs media boys.
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