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  1. We were on 13 times a couple of seasons ago without being in a relegation battle or up the top! I wonder what angle BT will be focusing on..
  2. Well he did make Gray captain and have no-one over 23 on the bench. Plus the likes of Pedro who probably wondered where he was! Likes of Holebas and Kabasele probably thinking the same. TBH thought we did well to get to Extra time! Saves losing to Man U or getting humped by Man City or Liverpool in a future round.
  3. Tranmere 2-1 up in ET. Probably should have won before. Good luck to them against Man U. Prope cup tie on rubbish pitch against out of form side .
  4. Handy win for you and dented West Ham's goal difference! Moyes honeymoon didn't last long. Be surprised if he and OGS are still at their respective clubs come next season.
  5. We have Everton and Brighton next then Man U,Liverpool and some team in blue .. So really neee 6 points from the first two. Read Villa and Bournemouth have a hard run in but then apart from Liverpool all teams are beatable !! Our last game is Man City!
  6. Mings scores the winner then admits he should have been sent off!
  7. Damm. Paid for misssd chances and sloppy play letting them back in it by sitting back. Had to lose I guess at some point but not like that! Would have been better losing to Spurs really and drawing today !
  8. Sounds like Man U bullied the ref there - probably won't matter but they should not get away with that. Goalies in the main get well protected.
  9. Penalty like Deeney's yesterday. Unlucky with the rebound too. Hope Burnley don't go and nick it ..
  10. Looks like they might just nick a spot in the last 8 of the Champions Cup.
  11. Will they come back as there was talk of promotion/relegation being scrapped ? Will the top players join other English clubs .
  12. 3 clean sheets in 4 games. Probably fair but both teams will feel they should have won. Hopefully you will beat Burnley !!
  13. We'll probably be booing Rodgers whilst you giving Pearson a warm hand!
  14. How much are they paying Rooney ?
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