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  1. Probably handy for the FA he was out of contract anyway .
  2. I read they don’t in European competitions for some reason. No fancy lines either ? Just as well it doesn’t matter.
  3. Do you think Everton are destined to finish 8-12th for ever it seems ?!
  4. Well i suppose in someways that is a good idea if it's not clear and obvious but then we see so many decisions changed which aren't/ Of course not - they just have't bothered trying today saving themselves for Sunday.
  5. Not sure - only going by what has been said by others. Honest mistake in real time by the assistant not corrected by the VAR?
  6. That saying a bad workman will always blame his tools comes to mind?
  7. Sounds like the sort of thing Big Sam or Neil Warnock would say. I don’t think a ref did anything right in their eyes before VAR and certainly don’t now !
  8. Sorry to read this news . Condolences to you and your family .
  9. Probably did Spurs no favours going in front as all they do is then sit back which is dangerous v Man U.
  10. With VAR probably worth a go !! Never know .. Man U will probably win with a contentious incident to even things up .
  11. I suppose Man U will probably know how Brighton felt last week with VAR! Don’t think there is a team who hasn’t been affected by it .
  12. Were Kane and co putting pressure on the ref as players seem to do when they are looking at the screen?
  13. Unlucky in the end, Another 5 minutes and who knows. Unfortunately as we all know don’t get away with turning up for half an hour only .
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