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  1. Peter Walton says it's only used to advise the ref on incidents which are a clear and obvious error so basically he us saying they didn't think there was a mistake yet the Premier league are?! We might as well not have VAR then if it's just going to subjective all the time.
  2. They did say on MOTD could an ex player be involved as he would know what a foul and no foul can look like but then guess that would lead to acquisitions of bias for and against clubs if said player played for a rival team etc
  3. Garth Crooks maybe getting the wrong idea about VAR though? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53354663 The handball is a silly rule which forces the officials to disallow a goal no matter how petty is it and the ref actually did take some responsibility for his decision in your game by looking at the screen... If anything they were 2 decisions that in theory were right and done well - even if the handball rule is rubbish. It's these petty clear cut penalties not given and soft ones given that are the issue Mind you is it a surprise teams get cheap penalties when the Man U manager comes out and says that was a penalty?!
  4. They have had a good run in terms of fixtures too. Us Spurs - poor team atm. Sheffield U - when they started slowly after the break. Brighton Villa Bournemouth Sure they beat Chelsea and Man City but had some good fortune if I remember.
  5. It does say something that the PL and PGMOL have to keep saying refs get it wrong. Shows they aren't very good ?
  6. Blimey OGS is so biased in interview there is no point in asking him about penalties! Clear penalty?!
  7. Fernandes won a penalty against us by falling into Foster at Old Trafford ? Much wasn't made of it but was soft. Clearly something he has learnt to do.
  8. Bournemouth already look like they are playing for a point ..
  9. Tbf even Gary Lineker seems to be saying it wasn't a red card in his view.. But one thing we can be sure of is if that had been one of your guys on an Arsenal player they would have been screaming for blood and blue murder. Arteta is probably trying to protect his young players and deflect the blame. And disappointed they dropped 2 points.
  10. Will Arteta get into trouble for trying to put pressure on the ref looking at the screen? I sometimes wonder if that is why they don't bother most of the time .
  11. VAR went for you at last! Good 2nd half for you. Hopefully you will beat Bournemouth
  12. Phew.. Not a good game and performance but got the win !
  13. Yes - we certainly got on top of them after drinks break. Just need to watch their counter attack.
  14. Clear cut !! Mind you they are playing better than us.
  15. Fair points. Gray isn't the answer ofcouse. I think fans wanted Welbeck and Perdro in for change.
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