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  1. Get in lads! Put FIVE past a £190m defence! What a win! And mind without Ndidi and Periera.
  2. Glad we won't have to worry about this cup anymore.
  3. Mendy's doesn't do anything fancy but his control in tight spaces is really good.
  4. Aston Villa preparing for when they sack Smith.
  5. It is hilarious how at the end he started playing down our Champions League aspirations.
  6. You laid it out perfectly. With him always stretching the opposition backline it can feel like playing with a man down because a throughball is not always on. It's not a problem until we start struggling to score.
  7. As Deeney would say, there is a lack of cojones. Go back to the Champions League season, even with our lack of quality and form the players could be trusted to grind out results. There is very little grit in the current squad. All the big league and cup games this season we failed. Is it down to inexperience or is Rodgers incapable of riling them up?
  8. Even though this has been an objectively good season we shouldn't condone a bottlejob and the complacency that led to it.
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