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  1. The Blur

    Favourite Film Openings and Endings

    THAT chicken chase in at the start of City of God all day long. I am deaf so I would miss out on atmospheric music on films such as Jaws but even I can really identify with the vibe for this film, The scene also captures the film in a nutshell beautifully as well.
  2. The Blur

    Matthias Phaeton

    About three quarters of way down- look out for a post by mightyfin
  3. The Blur

    Matthias Phaeton

    I hope he is not the striker that an ITK poster on here mentioned that Leicester has put in a bid for recently.
  4. The Blur

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    I do not think that your view would be an unpopular opinion and do expect there would be numerous others who agree with you as well. However I have read that psychopaths behaviour can be unpredictable and uncontrolled compared to their sociopath counterparts so lack of tactical nous can be a disadvantage as well?
  5. Ah okay, I thought it would come in play during Christmas fixtures but was surprised when it was not the case. I now can see why it was the case as rearranged fixtures would not be part of the original matches schedule. Shame that I have already used my triple captain (on Aubameyang when I thought Arsenal would crush Huddersfield at home but they whimpered home with a 1-0 win! with an assist from Aubameyang! Typical Fantasy Football eh?) Thanks.
  6. I never knew there are double game weeks as I always get one free transfer per fixture so I assumed the app operates match by match unlike Sky app?
  7. The Blur

    Has Anyone Booked a Holiday Yet?

    I hate cryptic holiday tips- you are an anonymous (well hopefully you do not have mates on here- real life mates that is) internet persona so no harm in sharing further
  8. I also do not mind Liverpool winning the league- their squad mentality and the love they have for each other and Klopp is something that should be admired. Expect for the fact I made a bet with a Liverpool supporting relative that Man City would win the league when Liverpool was only two points ahead.
  9. The Blur

    Post Match: City 0 - 1 Cardiff

    Yes, Maddison created the penalty for himself after a good pass and move, he also played Vardy in for his chance which Mendy was close to lashing in the rebound. There were also some great touches such as first time pass to Vardy from a clearance and Maddison also drove the ball forward well on couple of occasions which Ndidi, Mendy, Gray and Vardy to some extent all failed to do so today.
  10. The Blur


    Do not forget that lovely touch to create a chance for himself from Ndidi's lofted ball which was tricky to control. I honestly would start him over Gray going forward.
  11. The Blur

    Post Match: City 0 - 1 Cardiff

    Many things to feel annoyed about. I know lot on here are slating Ghezzal but I honesty think he is a better option than Gray going forward, he just need to improve his decision making at times but his erratic decision making is lot better than Gray's non-existent decision making . I am done with Gray, he has reached his plateau and is not the same player when he first signed. Maddison despite his penalty miss was our best player- it is shame that Vardy and Albrighton was off boil today otherwise we could have looked better going forward however we sorely needed an extra body in the attack today. PLEASE PLEASE STOP PLAYING NDIDI/MENDY AGAINST STRUGGLING TEAMS AT HOME!
  12. The Blur

    Questions Thread

    I do not doubt that pets can adapt well following house moves but I just wonder whether if they can recall details about their former homes with nostalgia like we would at times.
  13. The Blur

    Banksy Artwork

    Yeah I did some digging around after Costock Fox's comment and I am a convert now.
  14. The Blur

    Questions Thread

    Do you think pets would miss their former neighbourhood or gardens or parks if their owners moved houses?
  15. The Blur

    Banksy Artwork

    Apologies for derailing the thread but I doubt Kitson was earning £100k a week when he was at Reading cause I was reading somewhere that was the case where he was earning 100k when his team went down.