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  1. Good Father by Noah Hawley- about a father dealing with the fallout when his slightly estranged son assassinated a Presidential hopeful. Funny enough, during reading this book I discovered that we are expecting our first baby. Jesus Christ.
  2. Yup- I have read Secret Physio book (a very fascinating read by the way!) and the physio was saying that in the latter stages of the season where there are two games a week due to knockout stages, replayed/delayed fixtures or so on- it is more effective to have light training/tactical sessions and allow players to maintain their fitness via matches. It is also a bit of a myth that more injuries occurs during that period of season as players' bodies would have been fully conditioned to matches by then- more injuries occurred earlier in the season when players are coming off poor pre-sea
  3. The lockdown was an odd experience for me. I used to work as a social worker for one of London boroughs but verbally informed them that I would be leaving for another local authority in East Midlands just prior to the lockdown. However the new job wanted to delay my starting date as my team were redeployed to other teams and they felt it would not be productive to throw me in at the deep end without my team. This has resulted in me staying at my old job until August as I have not handed in a written notice and I spent that time WFH in Bilsthorpe due to my wife's shielding and better W
  4. Try Emmaus https://emmaus.org.uk/donate-goods/
  5. If this occurred in the gentlemen urinals then you are in the right thread.
  6. Is it worthwhile having more than one mortrage advisor at the pre mortgrate in principle stage so you can compare mortrage in principle offers or is it too much of a hassle?
  7. Beer52 definitely takes the title of the most clingiest ex ever- I have been receiving regular emails from them after ending my subscription however they have just offered me a free case of beer with paid delivery. Be rude to say no.
  8. Perhaps I was bit too over optimistic then! Mods can always just can this thread if it gets too out of hand but I thought it would be a worthwhile experimentation- have already learnt a new fact or two from posts in this thread.
  9. I follow some of players' Instagram and twitter accounts. The insight I get from these accounts especially Instagram stories into the squad dynamics or players' personalities can be illuminating so I thought it may be a worthwhile thread of discussion- however I am hoping for rational contributions not wild conjecture based on minor observations but then again this is Foxestalk so let see! Observations that I have made *Wes for some reasons rarely appear in Instagram stories *Gray's baby (if it is actually his child not a nephew/niece?) came out of nowhere last
  10. Should have been Nacho/Ndidi or Barnes/Hamza on the cover for their bromance. Maddison and Chilwell last season would have been perfect. Have anyone noticed that Gray and Maddison have stopped featuring in each other's instagram? I have always thought Chilwell was the epicentre of their group friendship- this was noticable towards end of last season too.
  11. The Spanish Flu got its name because back then Spain was the only country who was open about it when other countries were trying to cover it up to preserve morale during WWI. I guess it would be somehow badge of honour for Spanish that they were honest about it compared to other countries?
  12. I have both Son and DCL in my team yet I have only 65 points so far and am only 15th in Foxestalk league Tough league for sure!
  13. I looked it up online a bit after the film- apparently the Player X is actually Tobey Maguire and Leo Di Carpio was also involved on a regular basis. Good film I agree.
  14. **** sake- clicked on the link to read the article only to discover that it has been copied and pasted on the initial post. Classic DavieG
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