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  1. I wonder if this season will be a transitional one from one Silva to another as Bernardo slowly replaces David? If that is the case then Pep played a blinder in buying in a player who not only showed lot of promise in his first season but also was happy to sit on the bench and bides his time.
  2. The Blur

    Leo Says Farewell

    Many have commented on Ulloa's crucial penalty against West Ham and winner vs Norwich which both were pivotal to our title win but I also remember Ulloa giving it his all when we all were worried about Vardy's ban against Swansea. I think Ulloa bagged a double in that match which was perfect response to being royally screwed against West Ham. The performance also summarise him as a player- a worthy steely cog in our title winning machine. All the best with the rest of your career Leo!
  3. The Blur

    Questions Thread

    Yeah but when I switched to them last year, they ended up asking me to contact old provider cause they were ignoring the new provider. I think @StanSP's advice is spot on, it always pay to look at customer reviews. I did that last year and that was what convinced me to leave the old provider. I feel that my current provider which is the one of big six do see me as a number sometimes but they are usually good at getting things done when needed.
  4. The Blur

    Questions Thread

    Thanks mate. I was bit wary about switching providers because I switched the providers last year when I first moved in and the old provider dragged their heels over giving details to the new provider. I guess all of this skullduggery business is their way of making the switches fall through.
  5. The Blur

    Questions Thread

    I have just received an email from my energy provider advising that my tariff would be up next month and their cheapest tariff is £200 on the top of my current tariff. I spoken with one of their agents to complain and they advised me to go on a comparison website where I managed to find a deal from the same provider for just £80 extra a year. The aforementioned tariff is also second cheapest one that I could find on the website. My tariff expires next month so I thought it would be wiser to wait closer to the date to change to the new tariff but the advisor mentioned that they may withdraw the tariff from the market at anytime. I have three questions from this matter- firstly do you guys tend to switch energy providers every year to the one with the cheapest tariff regardless of their reputation, if so is it a hassle and bit of a risk switching to an unknown provider? Secondly, should I switch to a new tariff now or wait? Thirdly, do energy providers always offer ridiculous price rises every year?
  6. The Blur

    The "Random Thoughts" Thread

    I learnt other week that Tories introduce Three Days week in 1974. I honestly cannot imagine how it was implemented and all chaos that it would brings. For an example I work in social services and am already hard pushed to complete all of my work so the loss of two working days would be very difficult for me. Any golden oldies on here who lived through these days can comment on how it was implemented and the impact it has on the society?
  7. The Blur

    Football badges quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 10/100 My Time 85 seconds  
  8. The Blur

    The Heat

    Mate- first Holiday thread and now this. Are you going to post in what annoyed you on the roads thread to complain it was 44 degrees but your Uber taxi refused to turn the air con or summat?
  9. The Blur

    Has Anyone Booked a Holiday Yet?

    Took me a while that!
  10. The Blur

    Championship 2018-2019

    Our Harvey has just netted on his debut for West Brom!
  11. The Blur

    Has Anyone Booked a Holiday Yet?

    I never heard of Sticky Vicky so I decided to look her up on Wikipedia. Apparently, Vicky's daughter first saw the show when she was 13. Jesus Christ.
  12. The Blur

    Questions Thread

    My mum wants to set up a easy to use bookmarking account. Delicious has closed down now so what is the closest/best alternative?
  13. The Blur

    Game of Thrones - hide spoilers please.

    Then you get Strangers Things coming out in the summer. Lovely.
  14. The Blur

    What grinds my gears...

    @brucey's avatar. I have no idea why but it really bugs me for some reason.
  15. The Blur

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    I actually think the likes of Whitehall, Howard, Carr, McIntyre et all are not that terrible.