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  1. BBC is now receiving so many complaints about their wall to wall coverage that they had to set up a streamlined complaint form! https://twitter.com/jimwaterson/status/1380608695940358156?s=19
  2. I now have got a weird crush on Sarah Kendall off Taskmaster. However the plot twist is that I am also actually married to a Sara Kendall. Does this counts as cheating 😂
  3. Yeah but I think organisations would need to prove that they are keeping the data securely and an open book in the middle of busy restaurant is not very secure considering the contents of the data? I suppose you could say the same for the likes of signing in sheets at schools or care homes albietty with less sensitive data.
  4. Had my second Pfizer vaccination. The side effects from first vaccination (sore throat, ears and eyeballs) has manifested again but it was not as bad as the first time.
  5. I am surprised that you did not signpost me to Strokes! Thanks for the tip- I do not think I would keep up with the maintenance with the cleaning myself but was considering going to a valeting firm for wholesale clean anyway.
  6. What is the most effective way of cleaning the grease and smears on the car windshield- the type that when the sun is shining at your car then it just lights up all of these smears like it is Christmas. I have tried window cleaner and taking the car to automatic car wash which helped a bit but was not wholly effective. Would a manual jet wash or manual hand wash at one of these car valeting firms be better? I cannot be bothered to wash the car myself and it would aggravate my back anyway
  7. Fair play. I got married in November 2019 and had honeymoon in Maldives booked in April 2020 then the pandemic hit. My wife is now pregnant and we have no idea when we would be able to go on the honeymoon again 🤣
  8. Watching the latest season along Season 4. God I am so slow 😂
  9. I think Tim would be a good replacement but he would definitely have to spin a different take on it- cannot see him playing a timid kind of character like Alex.
  10. I would recommend trying out Subwings on Gili. I had a whale of time doing that. https://youtu.be/cxtCxBrue48
  11. The government cannot do that at the moment- they are running low on supplies until end of April.
  12. From reading that article, I would have loved to play under him. I know there have been some moans about how modern football is going soft and lacks Roy Keane and Patrick Vieria types but football sometimes are an extension and a reflection of the society and in the modern times, there have been a growing awareness around the issue between toxic masculinity and mental health which is positive. Wes seems to be a perfect link between dominating/influential yet caring and compassionate character in the changing room. Like I said, I would have loved to play under his captaincy.
  13. I believe that too but the timing is little weird as it is released just before the vaccination slowdown with focus on completing second doses in April? If the government really meant it then it would be more useful to leak this before the drive to vaccinate younger members of population.
  14. There is an uproar at Leeds after rumours of one of their players agreeing to join Galatasaray due to historical deaths of their two fans there after being stabbed. https://trib.al/v7Hy8G8 How would you all react if we are in their position?
  15. As I mentioned in Film thread- do look up who Player X was once you have watched it! It wasn't someone that I was expecting!
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