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  1. 1.Vietnam 2.Scotland 3.Morocco 4.Vinales/Trindad (Cuba) 5.Thailand
  2. I suspect this post would be equally be at home in unpopular opinions thread but I think Peaky Blinders is overrated. Watched it up to second or third episode in Season 2. Do not get me wrong, I can see why there is some hype around the series but I just feel there are too many half baked storylines shoved in on an episodic basis and there are very little character development outside of Tommy, Campbell and Polly/Grace to some extent. Take John as an example- he suddenly developed a love interest and got embroiled in an arranged marriage in space of one episode. I have always thought John was the most interesting brother- Tommy is a sociopath and Arthur is a hothead but I feel that John is in the middle but this barely get explored at all.
  3. Foxestalk Book Club @MC Prussian, you got competition son. Time to up your game.
  4. **** me and I do not even like cricket! Chuffed for England but gutted for New Zealand.
  5. I even have the slogan sorted- Leicester goes to the TOWNsend
  6. Ah, I think I may have not worded my post well, I know you was praising Gray, I just feel that U21s have been Gray's level for a while now but he is not really stepping up to PL level so I was just disagreeing with your point that Gray would be a out of this world good player. There is lot more than just finishing off chances that Gray needs to work on I feel.
  7. I am not sure why Gray is getting some comments that he could be a decent PL player, he appears to be playing well at the moment (I am not watching so just going on the posts in this thread) but he has always looked decent at under 21 level. Gray is just not the same player when he plays in PL. I am not trying to be negative but just do not really understand some comments regarding his PL potential on here.
  8. Thinking of booking a villa holiday this summer- my girlfriend went on one two years ago with her family- they all stayed in Mijas and it was a mixture of chilling and day trips to likes of Ronda. We are looking for something similar (5 adults) but are flexible on whereabouts in Europe as long it is hot and have some cool historical sites/small towns/beaches nearby. I know it is bit vague but do anyone have any recommendations?
  9. I subscribe to Four Four Two and have always found their articles a good read as they usually offer personalised insight into football rather than standard who Man Utd should buy this summer junk. They also got some cracking features going on such as one on one (usually with eccentric or cult footballers), celebrity fan feature which is far better than it sounds and more.
  10. I am feeling rather smug that you have opened yourself up too easily for a retort. I have a great meme below that totally reflect how I am feeling at the moment.
  11. I learnt this from several deaf people- during Blitz, deaf people have the issue of not being able to hear the sirens. This was not too much of a problem during daytime as deaf people can just see their hearing peers panicking and running to shelters. However at nights, some deaf people who live in deaf household would have to leave their doors unlocked for their neighbours to rouse them. However for those with trust issues, they would tie a string around their big toe before throwing the string out of the window for their neighbours to tug on! I think the story above is reflective of the collective community spirit during the wars.
  12. Why do Indian restaurants open restaurants next to dual carriageways? Is it simple opportunism, cheap rent or something else that only Indians know?
  13. I am bit reluctant as all books seem to be long-winded and I did not want to invest all of that time only for GRRM to decide he cannot be bothered to write any more? I have heard there are lot of characters as well but I think watching the TV series might would make remembering them all bit more easier?
  14. Given that one of main faults with the last season is that the storylines had to accelerate to fit with GRRM's ending, I was wondering whether if it would be worth buying his books instead (I am aware that he has not written last couple of books)? Would any readers on here recommend his books?
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