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  1. Liked the trilogy. I cannot remember the second film but Once upon a time in Mexico got that strange enchanting quality to it.
  2. I swap stickers in a Facebook group which has massively helped. Happy to send you a link if you like.
  3. The Blur


    I had a mare there In my defence, I typed this while being sleep deprived soothing a newborn to sleep! Screw LCFC staff- I think I need a holiday most of all!
  4. The Blur


    I am little behind at the moment. Lot of posters being confident this is a done deal. What is the hold up?
  5. Got this lined up for my first baby free evening since my boy was born a month ago this Tuesday. Any good?
  6. How was your first week back going? My first day back is due tomorrow so I share your pain! Pretty nervous about how I balance looking after our boy, sleeping and working!
  7. Last Thursday I became a father for first time (Sobbed at Kasper's comments about being unable to celebrate with his family) Today, Leicester City win FA Cup for the first time in their history. What a week!
  8. There is another double gameweek on the following week. I debated whether to use my bench boost this week but worked out that my players would collectively play more games next week and crucially more likely to start in both of them.
  9. Don't forget Sheffield Wednesday has points deduction at start of the season too. That is what essentially saved Derby.
  10. Thanks mate. It will be first one- nice to be able to contextualise the loss a bit in grand scheme of life. Still hurts a bit although!
  11. My wife is currently 40 weeks pregnant with due date today. I was cracking jokes at work today that the baby better hold on until the match was done. By time the third goal went in, I was pretty much praying that my wife would start her labour to distract me from the woeful performance!
  12. I posted about this a page back. My wife is also called Sara Kendall (her maiden name before marrying me) so officially there is two Sarah Kendalls in the world that I find hot
  13. What happens if Chelsea wins Champions League and finishes 5th? Cannot remember whether if CL winners is basically a free spot and all other spots would be allocated as normal?
  14. I ordered a batch around same time as you. Had Double Pies in Skies and Lemon/Blueberry Drizzle so far. I didn't really like Pie in Skies- liked the fruits but the pastry aftertaste was off putting. Liked Lemon one but man my teeth were absolutely buzzing with sugar afterwards!
  15. I bet you are heavily regretting this post by now but worth a go! I would be interested as well if you do not mind please?
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