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  1. Pardon my deafness for allowing a 1960s musicial film fly over my head. Got it after looking it up and before seeing @Aus Fox's cheeky comment you arse. I hope playing my deafness/disability card and implying @Aus Fox is disability shaming have guilt tripped him as a karma
  2. About time! Looking forward to it.
  3. Where did you watch Season 7 as I think it is not out on Netflix yet?
  4. Jackpot! They are called burner caps- great stuff thanks Buce! You can get back to your evening now insteading of answering dumb questions on FT
  5. Nope- I came across that term but got this when I searched for it- https://www.ebay.co.uk/b/Gas-Burner-Ring/258592/bn_7023436918 I have also tried gas burner and gas boiling ring with no luck.
  6. What is the name of the circular things that sit on the grate for the gas hob that pans sit on during the cooking? I used to thought they were called gas hobs but I was wrong. I am looking at buying replacements and it is driving me mad trying to find the correct term.
  7. My friend posted on her Facebook yesterday that she wanted to report a hate crime but there was not an option to do so despite having options to report hate speech, cyber bulling and racism etc. I have not watched the programme but it looks like this may be under-represented or is lacking in awareness compared to other similar crimes?
  8. I thought Timmy had his best game since returning from injury which was really pleasing to see. Hopefully Timmy can continue to build on his progress- I thought Albrighton's form really helped out rather than us having high expectations for his return. It will be nice if it can be the case for Ricardo as well with our current form helping to ease him in.
  9. Aye Pep is different this season but I think injuries and loss of form have forced his hand a bit.
  10. I have always wondered whether if that is case as I do worry about triple captaining a player in double week only for the player to be rested for one of these matches. All about picking the right team with right circumstances. Man City was a big no for last couple of seasons under Pep for an example.
  11. I take it you have missed Perez's nutmeg and run to set up Vardy for a chance then? Perez has definitely contributed to our sustained pressure up to the end- in fact I think he has been playing himself into form for some time now which is a good turnaround after the start he had to the season. That deserves some credit.
  12. Seconded. I absolutely love how calm and laid back Cags was amongst all of lung bursting madness- a truly ice cold Rolls Royce amongst the exhausted chaos!
  13. Felt for him- he is sort of the bloke who loves to share his joy with others for a huddle compared to say Vardy who loves to go into frenzy on his own. Showed a remarkable restraint doing that with his trademark wit.
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