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  1. I was living in a street just off Tudor Road for a short while when I was a kid. Someone stole my mum's clothes from the washing line (we shared a washing line in an interconnected alleyway between each houses). There was another incident where a chav on a bike (not a neighbour but someone who lived on the same street) came up to my mum and started chatting to her. As I am deaf, I did not understood most of it so I just looked at my phone or something. At the end, I looked up and happened to caught the chav looking at me in a horrifed manner before whizzing off on his bike sharpish. My mum later explained that the chav was chatting her up so she waited for him to finish before introducing me as her son and added that I was the same age as the chav. The chav's face was a picture!
  2. As I was doing lot of the research today, I had a quick look at your suggestions which look superb. I also notice Salem is close by, is the town also worth a visit if you have been or is it a bit of gimmick now?
  3. Been meaning to say thanks for @Costock_Fox, @Silebyfox_89 and @Bayfox's tips! I am leaning towards Kerala/Maldives combo cause the wife to be want over the water villa and Kerala is also a hour or so flight for just £50ish so it would be a bonus to visit India and explore their backwaters on the route. Cannot believe the prices for honeymoon packages though, I think Bay is spot on, honeymoons are seen as huge money-maker, I think I will just DIY it.
  4. Ah, I did not know that. Thanks for renewing my hope that Ricardo would not be off that soon then!
  5. To be honest, I feel this is a beginning of a end. The call up and now this- Ricky is getting recognition that his ability merits now.
  6. Fair enough. I also saw something on TV other week that the police officers now are riding on the top floor of the double decker buses so they can see any offenders and act on it. They even filmed a driver who was caught and fined through the scheme, the driver admitted that he was in the wrong and that the scheme would stop him from doing it again in the future.
  7. How can you prove that the driver was on his phone although? I do not expect the police would use their resources looking at trafiic cams in hope of spotting him on his phone?
  8. Do you all know what I loved the most about the win? My apathy whenever Leicester loses the ball as I knew we would win it back within seconds which was virtually the case!
  9. I am getting married this November (proposed last March so it has been a bit of whirlwind organising the wedding) so we have neglected the honeymoon until now. However we are in a bit of rut at the moment in deciding what we would like to do. My wife to be is a chilled type who is happy either sunbathing on a remote island or getting out and about. Myself on an other hand is a bit of a neutroic and hate lazing around. I would need to be active (seeing the sights etc but I am happy with alternating days on pool/beaches) Our budget is £5k for both of us and we are looking at flying out for 10-14 days either December or April half term as wife to be works as a schoolteacher. We were considering Hawaii or Caribbean islands. Do you guys have any suggestions/recommendations? I also saw a post earlier about flight prices rising, I would have thought it would be for this month but it appears that it could carries over for next few months?
  10. Horrible stretch of the road that. Some of the junctions joining the carriageway are quite short and obstructed so you do get multiple cars suddenly joining the carriageaway quite a bit.
  11. Probably not that unpouplar but enough to get some people in uproar but I believe Batman Begins is actually the superior film in the Nolan Batman trilogy.
  12. I know you two meant well @z-layrex and@Beliall. No offence were taken as like I said earlier, there was a debate lying in there somewhere. It would be genuinely against my girlfriend's belief if we offer meat dishes at the wedding in a similar manner that if a religious couple forgo one of their traditional wedding customs. I did insist on one condition before agreeing to it that the dishes needed to be of a varied palette to cater for all guests. Carl has already explained well why we feel our menu won't affect our guests. However there was one adult guest who had a genuine reason for being unable to choose a vegetarian main and it was not an issue to offer a meat substitute. Ultimately, I made that original post to rant a bit cause I feel it is bad form to mouth off the cousin to our family or our friends so I thought it was best way to get it off my chest here. Foxestalk is also full of interesting posts so I thought it would be a worthwhile contribution but yeah to be honest it was more of seeking validation for my thoughts and for me to rant not only about wedding but how some people treat my girlfriend's choice to go vegetarian in general
  13. I'm getting married this November and my girlfriend is a vegetarian. We went for all vegetarian menu however there are still meat options for kids as we know they can be picky. Everyone were cool with it and picked their dishes, some of my mates ripped me a new one but I would have not expected anything less :D. However, the girlfriend's cousin decided to respond with "It would not be nice if we had a wedding with meat only dishes hun". I get that there is a debate lying somewhere in our choice to plump for vegetarian only menu but there is time and place for that. I just feel that some people are so paranoid and insistent to defend their meat eating that they pick on vegetarians and start debates, I have seen it many times with my girlfriend. This is 21st Century, we have ever expanding LGBTQAHSWHATEVER, ability to print organs in 3D and Boris as our prime minister etc etc yet people cannot handle others' nutritional choices. FFS.
  14. Unfortunately I cannot answer your call for more players but it would be good if you post about this sometimes- I have enjoyed Izzy's posts about his experiences of coaching his kid's team so I am sure that I and many others will enjoy hearing about yours. I also bought a book by Jim White entitled You cannot win anything with kids which was a right laugh especially with an anecdote about a Spurs fan which was a bit of a tool as well.
  15. Which is better Fox92 or Fox992?
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