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  1. I am bit reluctant as all books seem to be long-winded and I did not want to invest all of that time only for GRRM to decide he cannot be bothered to write any more? I have heard there are lot of characters as well but I think watching the TV series might would make remembering them all bit more easier?
  2. Given that one of main faults with the last season is that the storylines had to accelerate to fit with GRRM's ending, I was wondering whether if it would be worth buying his books instead (I am aware that he has not written last couple of books)? Would any readers on here recommend his books?
  3. Ruud Gullit? I also think Terry Connor managed Wolves for a bit in Premier League as well so it could be more than two managers?
  4. Steve Walsh- keeping FTers tradesmans in business since 2010. I swear you have been renovating your house since forever
  5. I do get your point but I suspect they probably get multiple requests everyday just like yours. I do not think they fancy working overtime everyday but I do think all estate agents should look at adjusting their hours to start at 11am and finish at 7pm for an example.
  6. The Blur


    Adults Social Worker for a local authority- no idea if I am brave or stupid- probably both! 28 days plus bank holidays and nine rota days a year- cannot complain at all.
  7. Cult hero. Bambi. Scorer of the scruffiest bicycle kick ever. Smiles. That celebration with Fuchs. PREMIER LEAGUE CHAMPION. You were certainly memorable and will be not forgotten Okazaki!
  8. THAT BLOCK vs Southampton (and too many average crosses for a highlight video )
  9. I remember that as well- I think both moments actually occurred within minutes of each other as well?
  10. Musa is debatable especially after Barca friendly but I do not think anything have high expectations for Ghezzal in the first place to be honest.
  11. I came across Now Apocalypse which is a new series but it is practically soft porn (hint hint likes of Dr Singh or Jattdogg!) by accident while in Cuba. I cannot get it out of my head as I only watched one episode but it was so randomly written. I wonder if anyone on here is following the series and can advise further what the hell the series is all about
  12. Non-binary cool? No, I am not an aggressive pedantic LBGTQ millennial
  13. What is the odds of the Chelsea game going to general sales? I am assuming that it would be unlikely?
  14. Is Free Solo also on Netflix?
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