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  1. Except Fofanna isn’t signing....
  2. I’m sure reporters aren’t allowed to get within 2m of footballers? But one must have done in order to conduct an interview with Rodri from inside the pocket of mendy. Ironically getting closer to him than Man City’s single pivot midfield ever managed.
  3. Is Rodri that little Spanish looking fella I saw crawling out of mendy’s pocket at FT?? A mendy who was injured for the best part of 2 years and cost a fraction of what Man City paid for Rodri? Is that the guy? Lol
  4. This is a deal that makes a lot of sense. He’s proven premier league quality. Knows the league well and can step in and out of the 11 without any issue. Our defence was amongst the best in the league last year until they all got injured/suspended. If it’s £40m then just pay it. He guarantees us another quality CB to add to the two we already have. This will enable us to rotate a CB once the European games start!
  5. I think we’re going to need to start the bidding at £40m if we’re to get this done.
  6. Yes - he's flat sharing with Syoncu. Cags called top bunk so Cengiz is Underneath him...
  7. We’ve won the premier league. Everything is Mickey Mouse in comparison..
  8. The fact that BR hasn’t brought Barnes on shows he clearly isn’t that bothered about the Mickey Mouse cup!
  9. This is why we need more signings. Our back up players aren’t good enough.
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