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  1. Say what you want about him as a person/journo but imo he’s honestly one of the best commentators I’ve ever heard. His goal announcements are class. He always hits the right level of excitement, he comes out with some absolute belters, and his voice never cracks like you hear with so many!
  2. Jakemoore


    I don’t think anyone hates us that much, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing - actually I think it’s quite nice telling other fans I support Leicester and not getting stick for it. Generally we’re quite well received. I thought the Ranieri sacking might have ended that but most people seem to have gotten over it!
  3. Am I right in thinking we have a bloody good record when a TIFO is unveiled? How many of the TIFO games have we won? Because I can think of at least 3!
  4. Honestly we should be looking to break in the top 6 - though for that we need to retain everyone and sign Youri💙 If you look at our starting 11 yesterday compared to Arsenal’s, ours was far better overall. That said, theirs wasn’t full strength. So, man for man, here’s a list and a reason as to why we are at least the 6th best team in this league. Kasper vs Leno > Kasper Rici vs Bellerin > Rici all day Evans vs Koscielny > if fit, koscielny. Maguire vs whoever else > Maguire Chilwell vs Kolascinac/Monreal > Chilwell N’didi/Choudhury vs Xhaka > N’didi best of the 3. Choudhury will be the best next season. Maddison vs Ozil > Ozil is a cracking passer but honestly, that is it. MADDERS overall. Tilemans vs Torreria > Youri obvs. Barnes vs Iwobi > Iwobi has always flattered to deceive but it’s too early for Barnes to be considered the real deal so Iwobi just. Albrighon vs Lacazette > obviously not a like for like but arsenal only seem to have one winger. Lacazette is class can’t even deny it. Vardy vs Aub > I wouldn’t swap vardy but I can’t pick between these two really. Vardy has 18 goals this season and aubemeyang has 19 so much of a muchness. And thats just Arsenal. We have better full backs than United and Chelsea. We have 3 better CBs than United and at least 1 better than Chelsea. We have a better striker than United & Chelsea. And we have a better no.10 than those two sides. (Assuming Hazard plays as a winger) I honestly don’t think I’m mad by saying that we’re 2 good signings away from being a top 6 club.
  5. Firstly. Pathetic post. Secondly, I don’t get the hatred of Liverpool? I want us to beat Man City next week because I’m a Leicester fan. But, I want it even more because I don’t want a team to retain the title, it’s not good for the league to have teams starting to dominate.
  6. And to be honest, he’s probably right. That was more a Puel performance than any of Puels performances
  7. Rogers out. Joking aside, that was probably in the top 3 worst performances so far this season. Every player had an off day. I never quite understand how every single player can turn up and just be shit. Maybe I’m being harsh on Newcastle.
  8. Oh without doubt and not even a seconds hesitation; Crystal Palace. I dont hate many things or many people. It’s a strong word. Far too strong to be associated with most things. But, I do really, really, hate Palace. I live within 20 miles of Selhurst and manage to go to their pisshole of a Stadium every season pretty much. This despite the fact that I’m not even a Member anymore let alone a STH. That just shows you how many people don’t want a trip to bloody Croydon. I hate their ground, I hate the wooden seats that they used to have. I hate the fact that you can’t actually sit down at their place during HT as there’s literally no leg room. I hate the pillars. I hate their fans. I hate that ****ing bird. I hate the fact that they have cheer leaders. I hate Woy for his complete and utter refusal to play Vardy for England. I hate selhurst. I hate Norwood. Agh, I feel better now.
  9. Mark Draper in a 1-1 draw away at Arsenal - cracking result that, especially considering we were relegated that season 😬
  10. God we were rich in comparison to those around us!
  11. No, it definitely hurts more if you’re straight 😂
  12. If I had a wife, I’d like Barnes shag her! What a player he is. We were crap though! Rogers out.
  13. I respect your opinion but I disagree whole heartedly. The one thing Puel brought to us was a belief in youth. You can’t take that away from him and act as if he isn’t hugely responsible for so many of our emerging youngsters. He signed two CBs under the age of 22. Chilwell may have made his debut under a different Manager but Puel gave him his big break. And now he’s an England International. He has tried to continue the development of N’didi - although I think he’s gone backwards under Puel. Though not through a lack of trying. Puel signed Madders. He promoted Barnes to the first team. It wasn’t a panic decision to bring him back from WBA otherwise he wouldn’t be playing so regularly. Gray gets plenty of game time too and he’s slowly developing Hamza. You can’t take away the one thing he did well.
  14. The fact of the matter is the players would never tweet about the situation whether they’re happy about it or not. Looking in from the outside I think the youngsters will be sad that Puel has been sacked because he invested game time in them. I’d imagine that the likes of Morgan, Simpson and Vardy will be delighted. But the truth is that we can’t prove that so I’ll treat them as I always have. I’ll back them to the hill for as long as they play for us.
  15. Ok so now we HAVE to sack him. We’re actually slipping in to a relegation battle. Southampton win tomorrow and we’re only 6 points off the bottom 3.....let that sink in for a second. We were talking about 7th a few weeks back. He has to go now. And I’ve been 100% Puel in for months.
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