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  1. I cannot believe what I’m reading on here tonight, and I’ve been a FT member for 13 years. How can so many of you want BR to get the sack? We were 9th when he took over. Just remember that. Yes we have issues. Find me a team that doesn’t. The fact of the matter is, we are a better team now than we ever have been. We are too soft at times, and we do lack leadership on the pitch, and we do need to sign some experienced winners. But these are all things that we will do with the money European football will bring, something we are only getting because of Brendan.
  2. We could go in to full melt down mode over this. We could have the opinion that we’re going to fall out of the top 4 again and that someone will come in for our best players, and even BR and then before you know it, we’re back to midtable. But let’s be rational. There is a very good chance that westham will lose at least one of their last 4 games which will make it a lot easier on us. It’s not over yet.
  3. Get off his back. He’s coming back from an injury and he’s probably trying too hard to make up for the covid breach, that he’s actually playing crap. But class is permanent, he’ll be back.
  4. I don’t get why people say things like this? What’s your point? Because we were shit 10 years ago we can’t expect to beat Newcastle at home? We can look back and feel grateful that we’re far better now. But that doesn’t change the fact that we should be beating a team 17th in the league, when we’ve been top 4 for 95% of the last two seasons. It’s not about being entitled.
  5. Newcastle do deserve credit to be fair. They smelt blood from the first minute, and they went for it. They’re pressing has been great and if they had better players, they would already be out of sight. We’re a ****ing joke. Bunch of twats.
  6. The point is that they’re already ripping us to shreds on the counter attack, and you want to take off our only defensive midfielder? Albeit one who has played shit tonight. And I accept that Maddison has been crap for weeks but he’s still far more likely to score or assist than Perez.
  7. We’re ****ing it up AGAIN. I could cry. Every single player has been crap. And everything that could go wrong has.
  8. Anyone picking Perez over Maddison need their heads examining. Yes Maddison has been poor since his injury, but at any moment he could burst in to life. And even a poor Maddison is better than Perez. Maddison is quality, Perez is not.
  9. Senior Man Kelzzz 🇳🇬 My god, he’s just unreal. What a huge win that is. If we can get another win on Friday night i think 4 more points will do it!
  10. I genuinely believe that he’ll go on to a premier league regular for someone, hopefully us. But he needs to attack more. He seems scared to run at the opposition. He always turns back and plays it safe which is why I’m saying he may not make the grade for us. I hope I’m proven wrong, but we have 3 attacking full backs who are ahead of him at the moment. That also means he has good mentors to learn from though!
  11. Irrelevant. My point is, on a night like tonight when WBA helped us beat them by being so inept, we need to be ruthless like we were against Southampton. I’m not implying that we should win every game against poor sides, 9-0.
  12. We should have won that 5/6-0 which is what top teams do. I’m not unhappy, I’m just pointing out a fact. We’ve done it before so we are capable, but we should always go for the jugular.
  13. This page marks my longest ever thread. Cheers lads, it’s been emotional.
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