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  1. Jakemoore

    Newport away match thread

    Okazaki I love you but you’re done. See ya later. Ihenchaho can go now. He’s useless. Ghezzal is shit. Fuchs is going and that’s probably for the best because he’s clearly past it. I’d put Gray, Madders and Riccardo all on at HT!
  2. Jakemoore

    What are the Players doing wrong?

    Yeah but that comes from the fact that there’s no movement ahead of him so he has to go backwards to retain possession. We’re so slow and ponderous. It’s just incredibly boring.
  3. Jakemoore

    Crystal Palace - Sat 15th December

    Where is everyone drinking tomorrow???
  4. Jakemoore

    Spurs Home Match Thread

    ****ing offside you willy puller
  5. Jakemoore

    Spurs Home Match Thread

    I think we’ve played really well. And I think a lot of you need to remember just how good Spurs are. I think there’s a bit of arrogance on here towards them because we’ve beaten them a fair few times recently and we beat them to a title. But they’re still a top team. We aren’t out of this. I can see a draw, win or a loss. Come on citerhhh!
  6. Jakemoore

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    When Pep asked his chief exec to insert a buy back clause in Ihenachos Leicester contract, he must have been cracking up thinking ‘this lot actually believe he’ll be good enough’ Don’t get me wrong, he has his moments. But overall he isn’t good enough as a striker. He’s probably good enough alongside Vards but that ain’t happening now that we’ve got Madders! I’ve been saying for a long long time now that we need a second striker of real quality. We reply on Vardy and he isn’t getting any younger!
  7. Jakemoore

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    He was class as a number 10. Very ineffective on the wing.
  8. Khun Vichai, where do I begin? How can I truly express the sorrow I have been feeling since the news of your tragic passing hit me? I never had the great pleasure of meeting you but my God have you had an impact on my life that words can’t truly express. I feel so gutted to have lost you. You were the kindest, most loving and generous man we could have hoped to lead our great club. The hole that your passing will leave is huge but you the now healthy and thriving Leicester City family are so lucky to have had you here for those incredible 8 years. Thank you for all the free stuff, the scarves and the beer, the doughnuts and the t-shirts. But most of all, just thank you for the memories. Thank you for giving us all the best days of our lives. Rest in peace our friend and our chairman. You are one of our own.
  9. Is there a planned TIFO for the Burnley game? A picture of Vichai holding the premier league trophy would be amazing! Happy to chip in if cost is an issue..
  10. Jakemoore

    New chants and songs

    Please let it happen.
  11. Good words Matt! Nicely put
  12. Jakemoore

    A statue of Vichai

    I agree. We simply have to do this. But not now. Give it a few weeks and it simply has to happen.
  13. Gutted truly gutted. So lucky to have supported this fantastic club under your leadership Khun Vichai. Rest in peace. Gone but never forgotton.
  14. Jakemoore


    This definitely