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  1. Thoughts on Dyche?

    Guys... Chris fecking Coleman is the current favourite. How anybody wouldn't want Dyche after knowing that is beyond me
  2. Shakey back as number 2???

    That's football. If you're the manager that's the risk you take. I'm sure he'll get a big fat pay check.
  3. Shakey back as number 2???

    I can't see him being offered any manager roles so I don't see why not. Depends on the new manager, if it's a big Sam or NFP then it makes sense, he was a big part of our special 'team spirit' back in the day and loved by a lot of players.
  4. Next City Manager?

    It's basically get it right..... or become Blackburn Rovers
  5. Thank you Craig

    Hopefully he will join NFP in the new setup. Lets be honest he won't be offered a manager role anywhere so what's he got to lose?
  6. Iheanacho

    And Foxes talk we're worried about the buy back clause fee
  7. Iheanacho

    I miss the days of signing underwhelming players and them turning out to be great. its the opposite these days
  8. Next City Manager?

    I'd take Dyche over all them. Our team needs the egos taking out of it. Much like Pearson did after the Sven era, Dyche wouldn't stand for it and think he would suit us well. Similar to NP but not as controversial MON - Too old now for club management Ancelotti - wouldn't come here Howe - overrated Wagner - OK but time will tell Rafa - Good but again overrated Tuchel - would he come? Pearson - would love him back but can't see it happening.
  9. what price Sean Dyche now!!

    I like Dyche, similar to Pearson Very underrated Without him Burnley would be a struggling Championship team His style of play is also very similar to our so he would hit the ground running if we gerrimmin.
  10. Silva given number 14

    Rudkin is one cheeky bastard
  11. Our most intelligent player?

    It's Dragovic: ".... Dragovic, whilst playing his trade in his native Austria studied and achieved bachelor honours in Physics and Engineering, as well as becoming increasingly involved in a start up aeronautical business. While playing for FC Basel he took part in a Swiss TV show testing celebrity IQ levels, with Dragovic winning the show confirming an IQ level of 134 and just to make you aware I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about."
  12. I agree that promotion was more impressive, but to be fair again it wasn't by building an up and coming young team (The NP way) it was a group of old has beens that were chucked together (Deane, Ferdinand, Ian Walker) whereas with the Pearson team he basically laid the foundations for our title win. I enjoyed the football we played under Pearson, you would rarely go away from a game feeling dissatisfied - win, lose or draw
  13. Craig Levein, Ian Holloway, Gary Megson, Dave Bassett, Nigel Worthington. Is it any wonder we fell in love with Pearson after these drab managers. Like it or not Pearson built this club up from its lowest ebb. Pearson for me is the best 'team building' manager we've had. Under his leadship we always seemed to have a 'direction', we just don't seem to have that at the minute. We seem to be falling into the 'let's buy this player and see how he gets on' whereas with Pearson you always felt like a new player would fit in perfectly. Whether he got lucky or not he was also excellent at building a strong backroom staff: sports science, Shakey and Steve Walsh. Shakespeare could still do very well and I hope he does but we just don't seem to be playing well at the minute. Pearson also had a sort of 'charisma' about him that only certain managers have (Fergie, Allardyche, Mourinho) I like that in a manager, shakys a nice guy but I don't think he has that 'charisma'
  14. Has the desire gone?

    It's strange but the title win was the pinnacle. It's almost as if now we achieved that we all know whatever happens we won't better that. Even if we we end up a team like Man City and spending a fortune on players through mega rich owners it will never feel as good as winning the league in 15/16 the way we did it. We need to win the FA cup then we've basically completed it
  15. The Owners

    Yeh they shit ain't they, done nothing for our club... Bring back Martin George