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  1. I love that 4 weeks ago nobody had heard of this guy, hardly any of us has seen him play, but we are all Jizzing and thinking he’s the best CB in the world now. It’s days like these that make Foxes Talk a special place 😂
  2. Admittedly haven’t seen him play much but I my main worry about us defensively is height. I think we need a big centre back (Huth style) as our biggest vulnerability is set pieces. Tarkowski is 6ft1 which isn’t huge for a centre back
  3. We’re lucky to have YT, one of the worlds best midfielders on his day no doubt about it
  4. I’m a little in shock at our start to the season... with the poor end to last season and lack of transfers I was expecting us to struggle... similar to how it was when we won the championship... Is history repeating itself!? 😂
  5. You spelt ‘bad defending’ wrong
  6. Hopefully Rodgers has learnt his lesson from previous seasons, usually tries to go toe to toe with the big boy
  7. If spurs sign home I’ll piss myself... what have they become?
  8. So it’s completely up to Puel and the ASSE board are just gonna let another team buy him for less for a petty reason... sounds logical
  9. Since Mahrez left he basically started last season and the season before as 1st choice winger, he’s had plenty of chances. Similar chances to what Barnes has had but Barnes has backed up his selection with consistent performances so stays in the team
  10. Not a chance... why would he come here to be back up to Vardy?
  11. Gonna be interesting to see what happens when Madders is fully fit. YT and Praet making a good partnership
  12. He’d do well at somewhere like Palace, needs a consistent run of games but he’s not good enough. Think he’s a nice guy but we’ve given him enough chances and he hasn’t taken them. Flashes of brilliance but too inconsistent. If we get anything near 10m for him all praise Rudders
  13. So loan with obligation to buy suggests he’s our player but we are having cash flow issues?
  14. Kane is regressing IMO, had some bad injuries recently. I also think England should drop him, he slows England down, Hendo should be captain
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