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  1. When you look at how much money they’ve spent in the last 3 years or so it’s baffling how they’ve managed to waste so much money. Players like Fred for 52m, average players 30m +. Looking at their squad after the money they’ve spent is embarrassing
  2. I actually think we have a great spine and a lot of upcoming youngsters would thrive in our team. We have Kasper - Evans - Ndidi - Vardy. Cos they are such quality / underrated players they make others look better than they actually are. United have fallen into the trick of thinking just buy players for each position like Man City did, the trouble is Man City already had a good spine in Kompany - Silva - Aguero. My point is if United spend a high proportion of their budget on just Chilwell and Maddison I still think they’d be sh*t
  3. Every team bar Real Madrid and Barca are selling clubs. I.e. Pogba, Ronaldo, Suarez, Courtois etc etc
  4. It’s funny he’s linked with the Spurs job... imagine! It’s like Olé they dismiss how shit he was at Cardiff and appoint him Man U boss
  5. Is it any wonder, players out of form: Pickford, Keane, Rose, Maguire, Henderson, Sterling, Kane and to top of off instead of bringing on the PL top scorer he brings on.... Rashford 😂😂
  6. No publicity is bad publicity... she’ll be on strictly after this
  7. Inevitable. I still think Fuchs is better, it’s a shame he’s not 25 tho
  8. Can someone please PM me stream? Thanks
  9. If anyone could PM me a stream I’d be very grateful. Thanks
  10. Do you reckon if Mount played for us or Wolves for example he would have been picked in the England team after a few prem games? Even Rashford? I’m sorry but he’s so overrated it’s unreal, if he played for a team outside the top 6 he’d be nowhere near. The reason all the players you mentioned don’t get in the team anymore is because they had their chance (earlier than any of our players) and proved to be useless, with the exception of maybe Gomez
  11. If he signs for Man U he’ll be the first choice ahead of Barkley and Mount... this is what annoys us
  12. Can you imagine if Mount was a Leicester player? He wouldn’t get in our team above Madders
  13. Anyone found a decent stream? Struggling today
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