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  1. It’s been obvious he hasn’t been himself for weeks, not fully fit. In my opinion this is good news, as the alternative is that he is just declining with age. A 100% Vardy is one of the best strikers in the world, Ayoze or Ian will do fine in his absence and Barnes / Madders are chipping in with plenty of goals now so hopefully we’ll be OK
  2. Media and fans are obsessed with replacing players ‘like for like’. The reality it there will never be another Vardy, not many players like him about. We should focus on keeping him going as long as possible - Zlatan is 39 and still banging them in at Milan (12 goals in 8 league games). I think the best thing is to get in a few cheaper young strikers and train them up, not much point spending another 30-40mill on a striker who will probably never play for 2-3 seasons.
  3. Scholes is on a different planet. He really think Woodward would sign a player for 70-80mill in Jan after we signed him for 30mill 6 months ago- this would go down great with their owners. I don’t even know why this is ‘news’. Ex-professional says old club should sign a good player from another team.... wow some world class reporting right there
  4. What makes you think that?
  5. I think it’s obvious with some players if they have the talent. Nothing I’ve seen of Hamza suggests he’s good enough for a top half prem team.
  6. His movement actually reminds me or Robben.... I hope we can keep hold of him for years
  7. You’ve basically described every winger ever... that’s what they do
  8. I’d have Ralph when Brenda eventually goes... that’s about it
  9. We sold Harry ‘laughing stock of the football world’ Maguire for 80million. You win some you lose some ;-)
  10. I can’t think of 1 player in the modern game you can describe as a midfield general- I don’t think they exist in the mould of Keane / Viera anymore. Maybe Henderson? We actually have a really strong dressing room with players like Kasper, Vardy, Morgan, Fuchs and I think this is one of the main reasons we’ve managed to stay a top level team recently. I look at other teams in the league and they don’t come across as having good dressing room leadership at all (especially Man U). People underestimate leadership over quality, Fofana is probably a be
  11. King is an LCFC legend. Hamza is an average footballer who won’t be next in 12 months, although that depends on whether anyone would take him
  12. I’m not sure what Hamza is good at. He just aimlessly runs about and puts in a few tackles. Andy King is a better midfielder and I’m not sure Hamza will ever be PL standard
  13. Could be worse we could have Southgate and play 7 right backs. Although having said that we did sign Castagne when we already have Justin and Ricky P.... maybe Brenda is using the Southgate tactic after all?
  14. Barnes > Maddison. Weve been shite all games Maddison has started
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