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  1. I don't think he's particularly referring to himself. If you look at the England U21 team how many are regular first teamers for their parent clubs? Pickford, Ward-Prowse, Redmond and Mawson, as well as our lads. The rest and either on loan or used very sparingly
  2. Thank God for that, I was beginning to think this deal was never gonna happen
  3. Thing with King is, he is a positive influence off the field. If football was purely about ability you could argue we wouldn't have won the league last season. King is seen by many as one of our most influenchel players off the pitch so I'd be very surprised if he leaves anytime soon. Personally hope he stays with us all throughout his career, I remember many seasons where Paul Scholes was not considered a 1st team regular at Man U but he got better with age, not saying King is anywhere near Scholes standard but just an example
  4. I love it when fans think they know better due to 'smalling' being a bigger name. Remember when we got excited cos we signed Beckford, Neil Danns and Matt Mills? Then we signed Mahrez, Vardy and Kante to little fanfare.... You also have to realise that Smalling will probably want double the wages HM wants, it's more about wages for clubs like us rather than transfer fees
  5. Everton will win nothing with the current top 6, especially losing Lukaku. I also think we can offer Sigurdsson higher wages which between a team like Everton and us, should put the ball in our court Do you really think players will sign for Everton because of Koeman? Slags off his own players publicaly (Barkley) and will probably be gone soon anyway. I think Everton will struggle next year without Lukaku, there aren't as good as people think
  6. Let's hope he sees Musa as the ideal replacement for Lukaku
  7. It's not just stats though, we play better with Vardy as the 'main man' when Slimani plays he is a 'main man' striker so it's difficult to play with both, if we do, Vardy sits deepers and as a team we are less effective. Its a similar situation with Kane / Vardy at England, difficult to play them together as both are pivot point strikers
  8. Anyone who says we need a overhaul needs their heads testing. We won the league 13 months ago with these players on some of the lowest wages in the league.... and some think we need a complete overhaul? Delusions of Grandeur if ever there was a time to use it
  9. If Kasper left we could do much worse than Hart. He is also quite vocal like Kasper which is also a plus. Like strikers, keepers thrive on confidence and when his is high he is one of the best. Goalkeepers are a funny bunch. I remember when everyone raves about Paul Robinson then he made a few mistakes and lost all confidence, look at Scott Carson. That Croatia game ended him. Wouldn't surprise me if the same happens to Pickford. Everyone raving about him till he makes a few mistakes. I would take Hart over Pickford all day long
  10. Slimani is a good plan B but I don't think he's too happy beings plan B? If China bid £40mill again then I'd snap their hands off
  11. Didn't he mention something in his book about not liking Liverpool or having a spat with some of the Liverpool lot?
  12. Let's be honest was we all really that bothered about our who our head scout was before we were blessed with super 'Stevie Walsh'
  13. Of course we are, until we can compete with Man City / Man Utd / Chelsea in terms of wages we will always be a selling club
  14. We need to get a deal wrapped up pretty quick, if we leave it until the end of the transfer window we'll end up getting about 15mill for him
  15. I didn't know you were Algerian?