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  1. Shinji, Kante, Huth, Fuchs. All signed in the same summer. Name me 4 better signings than that! I’ll wait....
  2. To be fair Everton are much improved under Ancelotti and we were pretty much the better team. The lads need to start the momentum versus Palace, massive game. We need a min of 7 points from next 3 games
  3. No he was pretty tactically naive previously, we just got away with it due to good form of some players
  4. Still wrong. You can kind of accept it after a prem game but not after an FA cup quarter final. It’s just not winning mentality, I don’t think Chelsea players would have been happy if they lost. Leave all the bumming for the dressing room or just not at all
  5. At the end of the game he was the only one creating anything
  6. To be fair even earlier in the season he wasn’t getting many changes, there were a number of articles that said his scoring / chance ratio was very high and hard to keep up. Now he gets even less service but seems to be struggling with the small amount he still gets
  7. Not sure what direction we are going atm. Even if we finish in Europe we’ll get dicked anyway
  8. Cos the players are working their ass off, winning the games, and seeing nothing ‘genius’ about the manager techniques. Whereas the manager is getting all the plaudits. If you were at work working your ass off and your manager gets all the praise and a big pay rise it will affect some workers, it’s human nature.
  9. It was an error to not bring an attacking winger in January, would have been a welcome boost to the squad
  10. The turning point was the Rodgers to Arsenal speculation and subsequent big pay rise. Rightly or wrongly it’s affected the playing staff
  11. I agree plus I think Vardy and Tielemans have a good relationship and when Vardys ‘appy, I’m ‘appy
  12. I just don’t understand starting 2 DMs in midfield versus Brighton it’s fecking stupid! Even the sky commentators said that our tactic was to play our best team at the end of the game haha
  13. I agree, praet is possibly the most consistent and hard working player than Youri, but Youri has that 1/2 passes a game that can really open up teams. I’ve got a feeling it’s more to do with his ‘perceived’ mentality but that just so happens to coincide with our poor run of form (dropping YT)
  14. After the 9-0 versus Soton Brenda starting rotating all the time. In my opinion the team that started that game is our best starting 11. Just keep that team, keep consistency. Stop ‘rewarding’ players for good training or a good cameo, players like consistency and forming on pitch relationships. It was what won us the league after all, most good/winning teams don’t rotate that much
  15. Basically our best chance of being top 4 come the end of July is a second wave
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