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  1. PUEL IN

    WTF is wrong with people. Soton are getting stick for sacking Puel we would get much more stick. He's doing Alright. We are in a decent position in the league and playing well. I think, like any manager, it will take a while for Puel to put his stamp on the team. He's only really signed Diabete, so to be honest I have no idea how good he will be long term
  2. why not offer 10million

    Might as well bid 67million for Messi while we're at it
  3. Leicester Vs Chelsea FA Cup

    Pretty sure the team will be: Kasper Simpson Morgan Maguire Chilwell Albrighton Iborra N'didi Mahrez Vardy Okazaki
  4. Kane injury?

    Could actually work in England's favour. Kane would be good against the lesser teams but I still think Vardy gives England a better option against the top teams due to his counter attacking. I mean his stats against the big teams in the prem speak for themselves. Would be interesting to see Kane's stats?
  5. Name a better option than puel

    Just get Pearson back and be done with it FFS
  6. A defence of Matty James

    It's so funny reading some of these threads. A few months ago... James is a future England international better than Drinky. Now... he's a championship player. At the end of the day he's Matty James not Iniesta. Steady, hard working, reliable. He's there to do a job, probably not been on form recently but he's a quality player once he's back to top form. Just hope he reaches it soon otherwise he won't be in the starting 11 long
  7. Puel

    Don't agree the squad need a overhaul. We are 8th in the prem and in the FA Cup quarters. I mean what what do our fans expect? It's about right for the budget we have. Some teams have spent more and are doing much worse Yes move over a few on and add a few quality additions but overhaul is a bit much!
  8. Chilwell vs Schlupp

    Based on their Leicester appearances it has to be Schlupp. He created much more than Chilwell ever has done. However, Chilwell has more potential than Schlupp and has played far less games than Schlupp did. So it's a pointless question really
  9. Bloody hell, I bet it took them a while to think that one up!!
  10. Didn't Tevez have the same agent as Mahrez has now?
  11. Is Demarai Gray an enigma?

    What is starting to worry me is that I'm starting to think it may not be his attitude but maybe he is just not good enough?
  12. Can't we just sack him then fine him and his agent for 100mill
  13. Swansea City (H) Pre Match Thread

    Kasper Simpson Dragovic Maguire Fuchs Albrighton Silva N'didi Gray Ihenacho Vardy
  14. Thank you, Andy King.

    I still don't think we will sell him
  15. Like Danny Murphy said 'he's outgrown little Ole Leicester' We should let him leave for 25m and be bloody grateful we are getting a good price and be honoured he is joining an elite club. Us 'little clubs' should not upset the status quo, its disrespectful to the 'bigger clubs'