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  1. Ive never associated Perez as being top class player. He had a decent season last year but I was always dubious when he was linked to clubs like Man U etc. For me it’s telling he isn’t a full Spain international suggesting he’s not at that level and at his age unlikely to be. I think he’s useful as a back up no10 or striker but for me Albrighton and Barnes should be ahead of him as wingers.
  2. I’m not sure if he is yet superior, Fuchs is a great player very underrated but Chilwell is obviously the future
  3. I agree , terrible corners, must have been long on purpose but I’m not a fan. We’ll miss Maguire at set pieces and it’s a reason I think we may play Benkovic when fit
  4. I’d be very grateful if someone could PM me a decent stream
  5. From what I’ve seen of both, I’m more excited by Benkovic than Soyuncu
  6. We had no Tielemans and arguably the most boring manager on planet earth
  7. In truth I have a wolves mate who is delusional and actually thought they had a good chance of winning the league last year. Wolves are decent but I still think we have a better 1st 11 and squad
  8. What’s wrong with people? There team is basically the same as last year and we beat them 2-0 at home. No way would I be happy with a draw at home. Nice 4-2 win for me
  9. Absolutely love the fella. I would say my favourite ever defender, he was such a dirty b*stard but so clever with it! No way would we have won the league without him
  10. To be honest doesn’t fill me with much excitement, looks similar to Silva in style, looks like a player destined for big things but hasn’t really done much. A big positive is that he will hopefully keep our absolute quality signing Tielemans happy and easier to settle. I can see Barnes keeping Praet out the the side if he (Barnes) fulfills his potential
  11. What’s gonna happen first? This transfer or Brexit?
  12. Two words... Wage & Bill
  13. I think credit needs to go to rudkin with how we negotiate these days. Held onto Mahrez until we had no option and getting 80m for Maguire is good business. Imagine being Southampton or Newcastle and selling everyone at the first sign of interest
  14. My champ manager days taught me to always sell players that ‘want a new challenge’, otherwise it affects not only their morale but the whole teams!
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