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  1. I’d rather they stayed in the CL. They would just play the kids in Europa so would have no impact on their PL season
  2. With their fixture overload it wouldn’t surprise me if they got a few injuries, if they end up being players like Van Dijk etc. that would be a huge loss for them
  3. He’s a huge player for us. Not only a top class keeper but his character means he is a true leader and players like him and Vardy are a big reason why the performance levels don’t drop. It’s rare in football these days. In a few autobiography’s it has been mentioned that a lot of the policing / discipline in the dressing room etc is done by the top pros at the club (ie. Roy Keane / Gerrard - Carra / Terry - Lamps). I think Kasper (and Vards / Morgan) are more vital than we all realise.
  4. Unfortunately, I’d be very surprised if BC was still a Leicester player in 3 years from now
  5. I agree he deserves more money but can’t stuff like this wait till the season is over? Unless it gets rid of the ‘release clause’. I just feel it little things like this that are a distraction from our consistency on the pitch. Before you know it the players are feeling under appreciated as they think the manager is getting all the credit, they all want a pay rise, get slightly unhappy and it affects our form. Personally, I’d wait till the summer, only takes a few games for it all to go tits up
  6. The only worry I have about Barnes is when he starts banging them in and scores 10+ goals a season he’ll be the new ‘Maddison’ with every club and their dog bidding 100m for him
  7. Getting rid of their greatest ever manager despite underspending every year
  8. Finishing top 4 with us will be a much greater achievement that anything at Arsenal, plus they need 4 transfer windows to sort themselves out
  9. If BR leaves for Arsenal he’s an idiot, he’s building something here and Arsenal are ****ed. Moyes MK2. if he does leave I fully expect him to be Hibs boss in 12 months
  10. In my 25 years as a fan there’s one man who seems a perfect fit for this kind of question, the mighty Steve Guppy
  11. I think we’re good unless we can sign someone like Haaland what’s the point? We already have a big squad
  12. It’s funny how little affection I have for Mahrez and even players like Kanté. When they are at the club I think if them like family, when they leave I couldn’t care less. Apart from secretly hoping they regret leaving. When he was a Leicester player I thought Mahrez was better than Mane. How wrong that has been proved. Like it or not Mahrez you will never have a better year when you won the PL with LCFC and was named POTY.
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