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  1. I’d try and persuade him to take a 1-2 year extension. Get a young left back in to learn from him. Chilwell is gonna be gone sooner or later so we may as well try and get 60m plus for him and keep Fuchs. if we lose both Chilly and Fuchs the same summer we would be seriously ****ed
  2. We weren’t great but Brentford are a decent team so I’m very happy we are through to the next round
  3. There’s a reason why he cost 3.5m and Maddison was 23m. Half decent build up play but ultimately I don’t think he has the quality. Barnes is now way ahead of him.
  4. If true then good. This is the main reason we are doing well, senior pros in the dressing room making sure the others are following suit. It’s also a reason why many in the prem are shite, cos leaders of the past (Keane, Gerrard, Carra etc) don’t exist as much now. We’re very lucky to have a captain like Kasper and other senior pros like Vardy, Wes who know what it takes to make sure standards don’t slip
  5. Missing a DM that protects the back 4. If Hamza is still in the bad books what about Amartey? Used to play there before we signed Wilf and more of a DM than Mendy is he not in the 25 man squad?
  6. I’ve said for a while wilf is a huge player for us, it’s why our defenders look so good. But then look at the stats, similar to many games earlier in the year we just didn’t finish our chances. No away game in the prem is easy, Vardy is off form, YT is off form. Don’t think there’s much more to it.
  7. We need a quality CDM to replace Ndidi- maybe on loan? Also a quality winger, again maybe on loan? The type of impact Tielemans had last Jan
  8. Reminding me of Peter Taylor mk2 this
  9. If we make champions league I can't see anyone leaving. Unless that player pushes hard for a transfer. Only reason we sold Kante was cos he had a release clause. It's the season after that I worry about.....
  10. If that’s true someone seriously needs sacking at Man U
  11. I remember people going mental when we didn’t sign another striker in Jan in our title winning year. FFS calm down
  12. For all the stick Tielemans gets its clear we need him to play as much as possible. The through ball to Ian was class and his passing ability in the final 3rd is absolute quality. Ok so he may lose the ball every now and then and not be amazing at tracking back but that’s also probably why he plays for us and not Barcelona
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