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  1. Yeh but the public shame will. These things happen... let’s move it and get in the FA cup final
  2. Juts shows how important confidence is to any player. Ian - High on Confidence - Scoring lots Vardy - Low on Confidence - Can’t score for toffee
  3. Fofana played like Sol Bamba today... we were only 1-0 down and he was playing centre forward!?
  4. Turn it into a motivation for making top 4. If we make it all is forgiven.... if we don’t... the reputation of those 5 is tarnished forever
  5. We’ve been terrible, but it could be that Pep has done a number of us
  6. For all the praise Rodgers got for the tactics in our first game, WTF are we doing today?
  7. It feels like Dyche is in charge and we are playing ultra defensive not good enough at home
  8. Surprised we are trying the counter more.. worked wonders in the past against City. But I also think playing 2 up top isn’t really necessary in this game. We should replace Perez with Praet and think about taking nacho or Vards off for Madders
  9. In terms of timing, possibly our best ever signing
  10. I enjoyed the Sven years... we had a decent team and tournament football was fun. It does make me laugh though when people say we should have won something when other teams had better players (Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Zidance, Xavi, Iniesta etc etc). yeh we had a good team but generally we weren’t as good as a lot of other teams and that never gets mentioned
  11. I would say that most Leicester fans would have a bad taste after recent years. When Leicester were in a lower league I enjoyed watching more. It annoys me now and I think it’s due to the injustice. Marc Albrighton... a PL winner and consistent performer... nowhere near. Jamie Vardy... a world class striker and someone who provides so much more; mistreated due to a having a massive bottler in front of him Constant selection of average players ‘just’ because they play for a big club (who we have been generally better than for 3-4 years): - Tom C
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