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  1. Imagine how low our confidence goes if we lose to United B team
  2. Going to be gutted when I see their line up of Bruno cavani pogba rashford because he’s decided to rest them against Liverpool instead
  3. That begs a good question would Pearson get us over the line in these last 3 games 👀
  4. You’ve got better funds than some though not sure id have Watford to go down, I think you will finish above Norwich
  5. I’d expect Watford to do alright, should definitely be 3 worse teams
  6. You would of thought so wouldn’t you, I’d still give 100% on a Sunday morning if my team were already relegated 😂 so as professionals there’s no excuse
  7. I’d take any kind of win against Man U can’t be picky asking for 3-0’s
  8. To be fair if West Ham do beat us to a top 4 spot they have done the double over us
  9. In all seriousness if he did go it would be a shame but I think we’d be attractive enough for someone of a good level to want to come here
  10. Agree with that which is why it annoys me that he can’t do it for another 4 games. He’s definitely a good manager and done lots of good things but if we fall out of top 4 again this season it’s something he’s doing not right
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