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  1. Ahmed Musa - Possible Loan Move

    I'm kinda at the conclusion recently that the only reason Musa is still here (and take a deep breath before reading this) is because he's backup to Vardy's position if he gets injured. He's certainly not a winger unless we are just putting a square peg in a round hole - like we have done. Outside of that i don't understand why he's still here anymore
  2. Depression

    Unfortunately dude it's all a bit of a mess seeing this and the other previous stuff - and in these situations it can prove very difficult to re-establish a solid relationship (which is what you need man, something supportive for when things get tricky) something i've personally taken away from my situation with my ex is that it's very difficult to love someone else when you in that terrible position of struggling to love yourself. This whole situation is no doubt stressing the hell out of you though man and making you pretty unwell as your not sleeping and everything like that. It really kinda needs a line in the sand one way or the other if you want to move forward now, it's never easy and it's entirely your decision what you feel about it all - but there will be regrets either way really if you get back together or not, that's life. You've got a few years youth on me though mate which helps if and when you end up properly back on the market Easier for me to say than do man but try to take it easy
  3. Vardy is selling his house

    Can we club together and turn it into a museum for our title winning campaign? Have a tv showing Fuch's title celebrations over and over in the same spot it happened Edit - i've got 45p in change as a start...
  4. Depression

    @Finnegan - its hard man but your ex it seems isn't able to support you, mine was the same, i can understand its tough for them being with someone who struggles with the old depression, probably why she just switched off from me completly - the lack of emotion from her about our breakup and her ability to just get on with things makes me feel really shitty even today. To be honest though i actually think she's a bit of a c*nt anyways now and i've probably dodged a bullet by getting out now, it would have hurt either way so what can you do? At least for me the people i now have left in my life are the ones who truly give a shit and have been very supportive, got two top top best mates i've had since childhood and they've been such a source of strength. Bearing in mind i was living with my girlfriend and a mate (gay chap) my best mate Chris was the first person to interviene - and realise that i wasn't doing very well, he turned up randomly at my door from London (200 miles away) as he was worried about me - and he opened my eyes that i was living in a toxic environment where i ended up always the odd one out, i was always wrong etc - and he got me out of there that day, owe him a lot for that. The two of them (my ex and my "mate") ended up always siding together about everything and offered me no support, prefering to be ostriches etc - basically i got pushed to the side because i wasn't well. What i really mean by all that is why it sucks you've lost your misses, it's probably a neccessary pain you were going to have to go through no matter what happened - stay together or not, so just keep trying to get through it, it's a daily minefield no doubt filled with potential pitfalls - but just do what you can, time is a great healer over time - that's one thing i really know for sure with my experiences. You'll get another misses someday mate and she'll be better for ya - i'm sure of it - and it will balance your life out more as well. Yeah avoid the Mirtazipine as well, it's a proper sedative and i hated those pills the worst of all Edit - on the quick issue around suicide, i agree with a lot of what you said there as well man, scary part is eventually that can shift, for me it went from that logic to a firm logic of doom, helplessness and even further beyond that into really not giving a shit anymore. There are times i didn't think it could get anymore darker - but it found a way somehow i think as you get more into the years of dealing with depression as well your tolerance to it gets worse almost, life experiences also can get worse. I'm not trying to sound all doomy but its more to be aware of that as awareness is at least one tool you can have in your mind. 2nd Edit - i was feeling proper rough before i wrote all that out, so thanks for sharing your story @Finnegan (and everyone else of course) it's helped me getting through my day today - it helps getting these things out there.
  5. Depression

    Followed the same path as me on the pills mate, im off them all now Citaopram was the most interesting cause it basically did a better job than weed of making me stoned - chemically stoned, however after a couple of weeks of it i was proper miserable - a funny case of getting what i had wanted for so long and then not really wanting it once i was there, really reduced my function and i thought if i didn't get off them i'd probably end up taking them more than i should @Finnegan - you're a top bloke though for being honest about it all, you've gone up in my estimations (you weren't bad in mine anyway don't worry ) but sign of a top bloke that so i appreciate your honesty. Being over-smart is sometimes a massive problem - i've had similar things said about me, it's just hard to get it into the right area of expertise or life sometimes. Lots of support for you anyways mate, i just refreshed and read your life story and it's been a journey, you've done proper well the last few years though - you could be going backwards a bit because your afraid to bollocks it all up after all the work you've done to move forward - and that's stressing you out. It's interesting reading back through the last couple of pages that people's jobs are really affecting them - and someone, (i believe Carl) said it pretty well that it's hard to get motivated to go and find work when you've had a rough time of it - and i'm in that phase right now, don't get me wrong im applying for jobs and going for interviews etc (no luck yet with an actual position somewhere) but my guts telling me this won't end well at all and will probably lead to a brawl with another staff member like my last job, however i've been out of work now for a year technically including my sick time from my previous job so the longer the gap the harder it looks. I've always been a really hard worker, that's why no doubt i've been management for a few retail companies now over the years - but it's taken it's toll and i feel permanently burnt out from it all. I've got a tough few days ahead as my ex-misses is moving back to Canada today and that door is completely closed now that i've turned 30 which makes me sad, Toronto was the place i really felt at home for the first time in my life and it looks unlikely now i'll ever be able to move back - which is a bitter pill to swallow at the moment. Just gonna hang in there for a few days and hopefully things will switch back upwards, the last year the dark bits have got proper dark though, probably age and tiredness of everything over the past few years (in-particular)
  6. Is Nigel Pearson finished in football?

    I really hope he gets a decent job soon, it's the least he deserves for everything he's done for us here. He's my favourite ever City manager - his edge while being his downfall currently is also in my view one of his greatest strengths. If Big Nige was here i wonder if Gray and Mahrez would be getting off so lightly at the moment - Gray for his first team comments/Mahrez for his potential departure/performances, im sure he'd have put them both in their places a bit by now. Edit - to actually answer the question, i think he's not finished - he'll nail an interview someday and get back in - and that club will be sorted
  7. Who do you want Summer 2017

    Would be a massive job to manage his levels of fitness vs. our style of play Love him as a player but we wouldn't suit him and thus he wouldn't suit us. We need a winger/inside forward though no doubt - i'd love one of Townsend, Phillips, (Antonio - might be tough to persuade), Ryan Fraser or Markovic
  8. arsenal fan in peace...

    You'd have been better off in the long run if we'd won - Wenger would have been out of the door earlier Yeah the mistake we made was we really needed that forth goal, that would have been it in my books. But saying all that - fair play for your team to come back and win it - i've given Arsenal stick for being so floppy against clubs you should be beating (numerous examples over the years of you losing to crap teams like Swansea when you've really not been motivated enough to win) so at least you had a go and won the game, defensivly we made some errors that really cost us. But like other posters have mentioned i think you're getting carried away if you think you can be in the top 3, you're just not good enough as a side anymore and as soon as you get a rough couple of games their heads will go (as usual) - it's normally over a two week spell in February this happens. In good news at least Bayern won't be able to do you 5-0 this year so pros and cons
  9. Arsenal post match 4-3

    I've waited a day to see how i truly feel about all this, Gutted is honestly the only answer - because we were so close to getting a really tough 3 points away - and especially because it was Arsenal. Knew we'd score a few, knew the players would be up for it - but it's such a shame the last portion of the game fell away from us - Ramsay and Giroud coming on was always going to spell trouble, was hoping we'd avoid that. It's a missed chance to win as we should have made it our mission to get that forth goal quickly, if we'd done that i think we'd have killed the stadium and not allowed them to even sniff a comeback, that's where we lost the game - before any tactical changes defensivly even occured. We're such a strange team in that we can score - but also can't seem to defend (especially set pieces) - really feels like we need to gamble a little bit now and get rid of a couple of players - and bring in a couple more. Most important thing is not to get a complex about this one game - while we've learnt a few tough lessons here they are a very tough opposition and it's done now, we'll get another chance to do them at home (hopefully after the pricks have dropped a series of points to Swansea and WBA like usual) we need to approach Brighton in the same way next week - win the game and just steady our feet a bit. Brighton do worry me a bit though as we don't have the best record against them and we're a scalp for them. We had a go though, scored three - can't really complain over that aspect when some of us thought we would just sit and not have a go.
  10. Andros Townsend...

    We could get worse, if he's available for a decent price then it's a good shout - could end up a bit of an Albrighton as he's still got potential to become a better player - i'd still prefer Phillips from WBA or Antonio from West Ham as a wing option honestly - but they'd probably cost a lot more and a bit of persuading.
  11. The "do they mean us?" thread

    Pretty good tactical analysis, however i'm never keen on reading any journalist who always goes for the line, "they were lucky with injuries" - yes, of course it's lucky to not get serious injuries - but i'd argue from looking (particularily at Arsenal and Liverpool for example) that you make your own luck to a degree with the efforts you as a club put in behind the scenes, we've got damn good fitness coaches so they deserve a bit more credit than it's just all luck.
  12. Arsenal.. Away: pre match thread...

    I REALLY, REALLY hope Arsenal have let their pre-season lull them into a false sense of security here tonight, They'll feel their pre-season has gone really well, beating top teams, scoring goals - winning the Shield etc and then we rock up into town on the back of an average to poor pre season... The signs are there - 0-4 to Leicester Vardy hattrick and James
  13. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    a few weeks ago i was in the camp of Watford could be in trouble, however i've changed my mind looking around at everyone else, they've got a decent core - a manager who's decent - and now Andre Gray who's a decent player. I'm feeling a draw for them against Liverpool, 2-2, while Liverpool do look dangerous going forward - their defence is still an issue. Even in this modern world of football signing Lovern on a new 100k a week deal seems daft for what he offers
  14. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    The relegation battle is going to be very interesting this year, i'd controversially say i can't see Huddersfield OR Brighton getting relegated, they'll be underestimated - and the way they play their football makes me think they'll both be alright in the end - so that really opens the door for someone like Stoke, Swansea, Crystal Palace, West Brom to potentially go down. Should be exciting at least.
  15. Boudebouz

    Wow this sucks, how the hell didn't we bid for him at that price?!? He was cheaper than expected, his stats even halved would be decent enough for what we are desperately needing more of in the side - creative options. Ugh, why do i think this is all because Demari Gray is a little moaning princess and if we brought in another winger/creative option he'd loose his head totally. I really cannot understand any other reason for us not looking at any creative players than that honestly. I guess at least he didn't go to Swansea/West Ham and be amazing, that would have burned even more.