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  1. Next City Manager?

    Call me mad but i don't think we could attract him (good shout though!) Sheff Utd supporter - managing his club - will no doubt feel he can get them into the Prem, i doubt he'd leave that at this moment (Marco Silva was bad timing for us as he's got that auroa of special)
  2. Thank you Craig

    I just hope that he realises how thankful we all are, it's no doubt a bitter taste now - but his time here has been an unprecidented success overall, no-one could have imagined what he alongside Nigel would have achieved from League 1 and up. It was really brought home to me yesterday watching the King10 documentary on the site funnily enough, we were a damn good/proud side under their leadership, we got robbed in the playoffs twice when being the better team - and still managed to go on despite those blows and utterly demolish everyone the next year to the Championship title...the Great Escape was one of those where in my gut i truly knew we weren't going to get relegated - we were still playing too well to go down and held a false position for a long time in comparison with what we were actually doing on the pitch. Then Craig played a vital role in winning us the Premier League, assisting a new manager to the club, being the link between him and the players and keeping us going in the right direction - i'm sure there's far more to that season than we know now in regard to how important he was to getting us into fantasy land. Craig gave me one of my favourite (if not THE favourite) game of my life so far vs. Sevilla at home - we were unbelievable, we've never been louder, brighter and more confident as a football club as we have then with the world watching us over those months. I'm gutted, i really wish we could've had just a couple more games with him, when he busted out the 3-5-2 we looked a dangerous side again, that for me "fixed" the issue with Kante leaving - as that's how we were playing with him in the side, with 3 in the middle - 2 being Kante but he was a tad over-cautious and perhaps even a few things as small as Okazaki not featuring Monday (who's been our only link this season at all) and Kelechi taking ALL SUMMER to sign - and then having that injury - has resulted in the ultimate price Actually puts me off modern football a bit, because we were the anti-modern football having this backroom staff around for so long and developing with them, makes me more proud due to the method of how we achieved what we achieved - not just Watford-ing our way through managers in a spineless fashion until we struck gold. Time for bed i think tommorrows another day. Shakey = Leicester Legend
  3. Next City Manager?

    Some good points here, i think our only attractiveness is our facilities aren't terrible when compared to similar-level clubs in Europe, they hold up pretty well - but you're right in is that really enough - probably not.
  4. Next City Manager?

    My gut is telling me we should play a bit "safer" here and go for Big Sam, not the most glamourous - however he's got incredible experience and will be able to add new things to our game which we need if we're going to restabalise the club - and more importantly ensure we stay in the top flight another season. (no surprise to many here) but i'd obviously also welcome Big Nige back - although i'd prefer him to be here WITH Shakey if he was - which is impossible so it just won't happen. Or we could go for a Wagner/Tuchel type - more of a gambling manouver with longer-term payoffs perhaps - i just don't know if we can take the risk at this time.
  5. Thank you Craig

    I feel so much more gutted about this than Claudio (rightly or wrongly in some peoples minds i'm sure ) Craig has contributed so much success to this club over this decade that i actually find it difficult to think of a Leicester City without his influence. These last few months must have been tricky as hell, he's not had an easy setup to have a go - difficult fixtures, a difficulty bringing in players who can adjust to our style quickly - and no doubt a few issues building behind the scenes with (i suspect) Riyad, Demarai etc These few little niggles have built into a bigger problem and it's a shame it hasn't worked out, a real shame. It really is a new chapter for our club now, feels new - really strange and kinda empty at the moment, obviously that will change with time, as for now - Cheers Craig Good luck in the future and i wish you all the best.
  6. Shakey Sacked

    i'm pretty gutted about this - but more on a personal level to Craig for everything he's done for the club, seems harsh and unfair bearing in mind the last few years and the journey we've been on Alas though i do have to conceed that last night it appeared (to me) that he'd lost some of the dressing room. Football nowadays is brutal and to be fair would have been to give Craig till the end of December Fingers crossed we can make the right appointment now, we're due a bad one Thank you very much Craig Shakespeare for everything you've done for Leicester City over the years, top man and i really hope that he can land on his feet somewhere else and show what he's got - he's obviously a good coach and i'd hate for this sacking to hurt him too much
  7. 2017 Deathlist

    John Dunsworth - aka "Jim Lahey" from Trailer Park Boys died yesterday at the age of 71
  8. West Brom (H) Match Thread

    Once again looks like we need Shinji on
  9. Alien game

    No, i think everyone has said in their posts what they have said - rather than you summarising it all into something it isn't It would probably not be best for everyones moral to turn this thread into another Pearson argument as well so i'll stay stum despite your baiting attempts So really what i'm saying is...your post kinda didn't offer anything to the conversation that was interesting im afraid - have you got any points that apply to the original poster, perhaps anything about fan psychology right now in regard to the original question?
  10. Nantes

    I don't mean this with any hint of anti-Claudio as i love him... But i'm lumping on them getting relegated next season
  11. have you ever flirted with another team

    Exactly the same as me except i'm not from Leicester - so my dad did the right thing and took me to see the Leicester/Boro cup final and i realised then i was a Fox. Heskey -> Cantona i guess I swear it had to be in my blood as i have no idea to this day why back then and now Leicester get me going (that cup Final was hardly the best advertisment either!) Ironically another couple of mates from Primary school ended up the same as me - started as United for like a little bit, but now ones a Sheff Weds fan (like his old man) - and anothers Plymouth Argyle
  12. Alien game

    I think it's very interesting at the moment, i think there is a "heightened" state of our fans - that is no doubt due to the fact that not many clubs of our size get such an opportunity in the Prem to really establish themselves as a top 10+ side. Fans reactions aren't founded on the fact that we aren't challenging for the title again, I actually believe it's more of concern that we've got ourselves into a great position to make ourselves a very stable & attractive club (which we weren't just a mere few years ago) and we are showing signs of springing leaks when our boat now should be made of diamonds. Ironically i'm feeling more upbeat about everything since Big Nige joined Lovren - as at least we've got a potential backup plan now a decent win tommorrow and we'll all settle down a bit im sure.
  13. WWE

    So, looks like Neville might be gone from WWE - actually kinda hope it is true for him, guys like Drew McIntryre, Cody Rhodes and such have really improved themselves getting out of there for a while and hitting the Indys, his booking the last couple of months has been terrible - and he's got a lot of potential as an angry heel character to get into the midcard and beyond. Hopefully he can leave on relativly alright terms - but if he's walked from RAW that's not good. Also, anyone else seen much of this guy: (not WWE but British Indys) I'd heard of Joe Hendry but never seen any of his stuff, hilarious!
  14. King Power To Unite Fans Of Leicester City & OH Leuven

    Can you imagine the scenes if Big Nige came over for the Prem game and was sat up in the directors box?
  15. The Mighty Three Lions v Slovenia

    I'd prefer Tim Sherwood - that's how bad it is