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  1. WWE

    DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! Totally missed that this happened on Monday, marking out
  2. Puel - Not Shy!

    He's doing a good job of backing up what he put across in the interview(s) so far, been impressed overall and encouraged by what appears to be a potential evolution of our playing style. We're going to need to invest in the defence going forward if we want to be able to push up another gear - but our game is looking more exciting with seeing Mahrez and Gray beginning to find a bit more space. Puel looks capable of getting the best out of some underperformers as well - i can see Chilwell/Ndidi/Iborra/Silva/Nacho/Slim all performing better as he seems very smart tactically and seems to focus on how to get the most potential out of an individual - also having already been seen having a close word with Mahrez after a game, in hindsight i think there was an underperformance for Shakey, i'd perhaps got used to seeing it and was slightly blinkered - i still think the sacking was a few games premature - but fair play to Puel for putting his money where his mouth is and getting us moving a bit more. Fancy us to perhaps surprise City now in the Cup and i'd take that over 3 points really, would be nice to potentially win a trophy and football is kinda funny and rhythmic sometimes - what with Puel being the runner up last year. Perhaps a Nacho hattrick in a massive return to form Anyways well done so far, let's give Man City a game next and get everyone looking sharper, when we are on - we'll be capable of giving them a game at least!
  3. [OFFICIAL] Claude Puel is the new manager for Leicester City

    Well reading into what the owners just said - seems like he'd done his homework pre-interview, perhaps viewing this in a more positive forward-thinking light he could add another layer of proffesionalism to the club, he gives off that vibe at least. We've got a decent squad all in all - we just seem unable at the moment to encorporate a lot of these decent players into a fully working team, hopefully he has done his homework and has sold the owners with a decent plan that can get us movin, if he hits the ground running we're an outside bet still for a League Cup final at least - so he's got every chance to prove himself here with us. It's a roll of the dice as there were a few options out there that i felt were stronger candidates - but basically - good luck gaffa
  4. Who's Robbie S?

    I watched Final Score yesterday and Mills was absolutly wrong with everything, i never thought he was THAT bad - but it seemed to me that punditry now has got to the point of people arguing nonsensical bollocks just to ensure they are "different" and stay on TV. His argument with Crooks about Man Utd's playing style under Mourinho was just mental
  5. Come Home Nigel

    I really like the DoF idea thats been banded around for Big Nige... The elements which made this club surge forward on the right tracks were areas like - the Sports Science, Fitness/Recovery Suites - and i can imagine the Player Welfare as well behind the scenes (which Claudio sacked off at the start of his final season) - Pearsons team brought these things to the forefront of the clubs structure - no doubt because Big Nige learned a few things from his time down at Southampton - as they have the DoF format with managers being brought in that fit the club ideals and structure, they've never even flirted with relegation since. We were on that sort of path under Pearson in my books - but we never got to see it through (can't complain there though either as we did win the title by a bit of magic ) i imagine we'd be just like Southampton now if he had stayed and we'd be a cemented top 10 side. Ironically the appointment of Claudio and the principle of it could be the thing which causes us a problem now with our next appointment - and that's because unlike Southampton we didn't appoint a manager after Pearson who fit the club backroom structure, we went slightly off centre with it - and luckily for us because Claudio is an older head he didn't get too stuck in until the next season as he was happy to add tweaks and just carry the momentum built. We really should have given Shakespeare a few more games, some say two more - i'd have said four - it was apparent however that he wasn't as strong leading the team as Big Nige - but if we'd given him four more games and Nigel continued to smash up the Belgian second division then there could have been more of a possibility of him returning alongside Shakey (perhaps joint managers) - now we won't see that unless the shit truly hits the fan and honestly in that spot if i was the two of them - i'd probably not take the job as it would be a hiding to nothing. Our next appointment MUST without fail be someone who fits our club philosophy. Thinking about it a bit more (i keep shifting my mind as to who should be our next manager in honesty ) we need someone like a Klopp (obviously not the real thing - so Wagner or Tuchel?) - or in the worst case scenario for a short-term fix a manager who is relativily experienced AND versitile (thus why i keep banding Big Sams name around despite not really liking him that much personally) ...the problem is i can see our owners picking someone who doesn't fit - because they've done it before - Paulo Souza anyone? On a quick side note nostalgia can play a part as well of course when appointing a manager - it would be a more emotional logic to do so but that can benefit a club that requires a rebound. Its for that reason mostly why so many (myself included) would like Nigel Pearson back - i'd also apply the same to Martin O'Neill - even though my head tells me it wouldn't work out well in the long run in that specific example. Unfortunately i'm really concerned we could end up with the wrong manager next... So yeah Pearson in as at least he would fit
  6. Come Home Nigel

    To be fair to you mate - that Hull game wasn't the best - but alas nobody is perfect in life eh? My actual first choice for the job would be Allardyce - despite not liking the bloke - he'd keep us up and is a master of coming in mid-season and turning sides around - someone like Pellegrini, Puel, Dyche could be an equally (or more expensive) risk, we're not in a position where we can mess around as the Championship is absolutly lethal now with the money starting to trickle down to there. But of course i'd love Nigel Pearson back, because overall i just loved the way he made this club feel, a big family all pushing in the same direction - and to compare it to life...NP is kinda like that girl that's always around, she's not the best looker but she's great in bed, gives a cracking BJ and is lovely to be around and very familar - or you can choose a more attractive (name in this case) one who's probably got the substance of a blunted pencil. Thank Christ Roy's already gone Palace that's all i can say
  7. Come Home Nigel

    Well if that's your contribution then bugger off to any of the other topics Let me ask you some questions as you haven't contributed much there: 1. Explain to me how he was so terrible with the media - anti-Pearson posters normally lean on this bookend. 2. Did you not feel the passion he instilled in the club during his previous runs? Is "passion" not essential for football nowadays, or do you feel it's an archaic element of football that's not in the modern game and thus redundant? 3. Are you an ostrich? (that was for Nigel )
  8. Thoughts on Dyche?

    the last time we pinched a manager from a "smaller" club that was outperforming us in the same division....we got relegated to League One. I'm not convinced in the karma of these sort of moves, but he's obviously a manager who's coming on well. I would urge caution to those believing we could currently be a side who could string together 20+ passing moves - even during the title win season i can only remember a couple of games where we really went full-Barcelona - and that seemed more due to momentum and atmosphere than actual quality. If we implimented that style right now with this starting 11 and our confidence levels - i believe we will go down. What we need right now is someone to steady the ship and keep us up - and build from there.
  9. Come Home Nigel

    any chance of, "there's only one Nigel Pearson" chants today at Swans? I think a lot of people "hide" (for lack of a better word) behind this idea that he's terrible with the media and thus doesn't have the full ability to be a top manager, it's the easy excuse to use - wheras i would point to the way he handled the media being the ONLY reason we stayed up during the Great Escape. It was a clever way to manipulate (which when Mourinho does it - is seen as the sign of a top manager - Pep as well has his moments!) our situation, we needed a fire behind us to get results as we were playing well and just simply losing - without that tension he created, the us vs. them mentality - we would have spent the final ten weeks of the season continuing to play alright, continuing to get complimented for being in games - and then getting lots of gentle pats on the backs as we got relegated for at least having a go, what a patronising departure that would have been. That fire he created was so darn big it ended up not only pushing us as a club to survival - but also made us the loudest, proudest fans in the country, the most united team in the country - possibly the world at that time. We would not have won the league title without that. But even despite all the achievements - the most important thing above it all how we went about it, playing with passion, desire and an intensity that wilted even the biggest names on occasions. What else could we as Leicester fans want than that? If there were any other realistic choices out there who could do the same i'd be right on board, but there isn't - Marco Silva won't be leaving Watford and he's probably the closest thing out there right now.
  10. Come Home Nigel

    It's so hard not to want him back when you see videos like that
  11. 90s Football Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 188 seconds  
  12. We're not as bad as this forum makes us sound

    I think there is a perspective we all could be missing here - yes the reactions have been quite (in my view) harsh - and if anyone from the club does keep an eye on us (of course they do) then a lot of the stuff wrote on this forum this season has no doubt been part of what has seen Shakey out of the door as its been very negative, perhaps overly-emotional. However looking at that from another angle - that's because we are damn passionate fans of our football club and fiercly loyal to it - and it being the best it can be - we're known for it now as well with the noise we've had in the King Power the last few years, we were heard - and really i don't think you can have it both ways, life's never perfect, we're still the best supporters in the land for me
  13. Come Home Nigel

    Big Pearsonite myself - and i did vote "yes" because his re-appointment would make me happy. It's an appointment from the heart no doubt. However saying all that and trying to use my head slightly more than my heart even I conceed that i'm not 100% sold on Pearson without Shakey as assistant - and that happening right now at this time would be impossible - firstly (i'm sure) Shakey wouldn't have agreed to dropping back down after he took the step up - and Nigel's not the sort of guy to bundle his way back in at the detriment of his long-time friends career either - and both of those reasons are completly correct and right. I can dream perhaps of a Pearson/Shakespeare team again someday - but i think now's the time for Allardyce - not his biggest fan personally, but what's best for the club now is a manager who can 1st - keep us up and 2nd - get us back into europe (europa league) - Allardyce for me is the only candidate who (all but) guarantees that for us - anyone else no matter how much weight the name has is going to be a punty move that could end in disaster come May - and lets not mess about - next seasons Championship could see some massive casulties heading down to League 1 as the division will be rammed with quality sides.
  14. Next City Manager?

    Call me mad but i don't think we could attract him (good shout though!) Sheff Utd supporter - managing his club - will no doubt feel he can get them into the Prem, i doubt he'd leave that at this moment (Marco Silva was bad timing for us as he's got that auroa of special)
  15. Thank you Craig

    I just hope that he realises how thankful we all are, it's no doubt a bitter taste now - but his time here has been an unprecidented success overall, no-one could have imagined what he alongside Nigel would have achieved from League 1 and up. It was really brought home to me yesterday watching the King10 documentary on the site funnily enough, we were a damn good/proud side under their leadership, we got robbed in the playoffs twice when being the better team - and still managed to go on despite those blows and utterly demolish everyone the next year to the Championship title...the Great Escape was one of those where in my gut i truly knew we weren't going to get relegated - we were still playing too well to go down and held a false position for a long time in comparison with what we were actually doing on the pitch. Then Craig played a vital role in winning us the Premier League, assisting a new manager to the club, being the link between him and the players and keeping us going in the right direction - i'm sure there's far more to that season than we know now in regard to how important he was to getting us into fantasy land. Craig gave me one of my favourite (if not THE favourite) game of my life so far vs. Sevilla at home - we were unbelievable, we've never been louder, brighter and more confident as a football club as we have then with the world watching us over those months. I'm gutted, i really wish we could've had just a couple more games with him, when he busted out the 3-5-2 we looked a dangerous side again, that for me "fixed" the issue with Kante leaving - as that's how we were playing with him in the side, with 3 in the middle - 2 being Kante but he was a tad over-cautious and perhaps even a few things as small as Okazaki not featuring Monday (who's been our only link this season at all) and Kelechi taking ALL SUMMER to sign - and then having that injury - has resulted in the ultimate price Actually puts me off modern football a bit, because we were the anti-modern football having this backroom staff around for so long and developing with them, makes me more proud due to the method of how we achieved what we achieved - not just Watford-ing our way through managers in a spineless fashion until we struck gold. Time for bed i think tommorrows another day. Shakey = Leicester Legend