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  1. Really good film 👍 could have been completely different if Jack Whitehall got the role of Pattison’s brother though 😂 that was on the cards at one point 😂
  2. This is a great shout, he’d probably cost a bit (as the only downside, I doubt Man City will sell for cheap if they do get rid - perhaps they’ll keep him for next season as well) but he’s got the work rate we’re looking for plus some great ability already in place. Harrison would be the first on my list 100% ticks a lot of boxes
  3. We shouldn’t revel in this too much it’s not classy at all. It’s a different scenario to Lampard where the club had spent a fortune and got totally outclassed by us. When we lost Vichai some tried to “banter” us for it, Klopps obviously in a tough place outside of football at the minute - we shouldn’t stoop to that level we’re better than that.
  4. This is a tough one to navigate as they shouldn’t be underestimated, they are a very good side - but we do need to probably balance the team selection to try and make the most of the squad while getting a result to some degree (even if it’s a 0-0 and all to play for in the second game). Brendan seems to do this in order to keep us competing on all fronts quite a bit as well, we went stronger with our starting 11 against Stoke in the FA Cup than I thought we would for example. I also don’t think we’d get away with resting both Youri and Wilf for example, it would probably be a step too far.
  5. That felt way too good for how good we actually were 😂 I actually feel better that we just nicked it from them absolutely brilliant!!!! 🦊 Ndidi was superb, other players had so so games / but damn first half the ref was a 12th man for them, feels good to win against those odds no matter what!!!
  6. True, it really depends on if we go five at the back or not, if we go 4 I’d say Ricardo is a better shout, with the 3 CBs I’d go for Albrighton as his long range passing and workrate would still be helpful in stopping the Manes and Robertson with more numbers. Tactically it’s gonna be an interesting one
  7. Yeah slightly 😂 I still think the full back positions are where it’ll be interesting. It’s the sort of game Albrightons work rate could be important - but will Ricardo then fit alright at LB? Perhaps controversially bench Riccy have Thomas at LB to start and then have Ricardo sub on second half to drive at them a bit?
  8. My bad 😂 I had a moment, Ndidi for Mendy then - cheers I thought I’d forgot someone 🤣
  9. Definitely got limited optimism on this one, a big part of me thinks the way we set up against Brighton means we’re gonna do the same today with 5 at the back. I can see us trying to do what we did against Arsenal - aka keep the game tight and then open up a bit later on and try and nick a win. That leans towards a team of Schmeichel Ricardo / Evans / Soyuncu / Amartey / Thomas* (or Albrighton at RB with Ricardo potentially at LB) Tielemans / Ndidi Maddison / Barnes Vardy Bench: Ward / Albrighton (Thomas) / Fuchs / Perez / Choudhary / Under / I
  10. We are such a strange side when it comes to set pieces, because overall it doesn’t quite add up how we’ve not done better with them. Free kicks directly we’ve got arguably one of the best players in Madders to take them, perhaps only Ward-Prowse is better In the Prem on his day (there’s no doubt others i’m forgetting though) The corners situation is weird as well because we have tried a couple of different things this season and neither seem to come off 🤷‍♂️ Earlier in the season we went through a phase of taking the short corner option and we couldn’t make that work, w
  11. I had a misses at the time so sadly not 😆 but totally agree she was lovely, if I was single I would have 100% especially as she wasn’t as horrified as 95% of the rest of the general public there 😂
  12. I forgot another one, you’ll wonder why when I explain 😂 I was once filming a YouTube video with a mate where I was running around Trafalgar Square in London in a pair of speedos carrying a plastic wrestling belt (pretending to be a wrestler basically) and they didn’t like us filming on the square so a copper came over and had a word with us 🤣 I was called “the Tom” which he told me meant in London language that I was a male prostitute - to which I promised him I wasn’t soliciting myself despite appearances - **** it I’ll put the video link in here despite the embarrassment nowadays (and the p
  13. Patrik Gerrbrand springs to mind, in his first few games I thought he looked pretty decent at CB - and then ended up disappearing. Kaebi would be another one who looked interesting and then also vanished very quickly. On the opposite side I never really rated Jeff Schlupp, every time I saw him in the early days he looked Levi Porter levels of quality (infact he can also go in the former catagory himself) I’ll never forget Yeovil away in the Championship where he came on and looked completely backwards in everything he was doing, but he ended up being very good for us for what he wa
  14. Had a few when I used to live in Oxford back in the day (student times so it was always going to happen) first one I got nabbed with an open bottle of Jack Daniels outside a pub - they made me pour it away - which was fair enough really so that resolved that pretty swiftly. Second time I was out with a group of mates in the city centre for St Patrick’s day and we’d all been on it for ages, whole city was absolutely packed out with students and I was desperate for a piss - so I spotted a random bush on a small square and ran behind it to quickly relieve myself, a mate of mine saw a
  15. Its a good point mate 100% and I’ll take it on board, it’s defo something I’ve got to consider going forward no doubt. at that time I was doing really well though (perhaps she had a sixth sense id previously had issues with anxiety and depression I don’t know) Work was going great, I was buying my house and my other interests were all going very well - like my standup comedy. These things do draw attention to myself though and made me pretty popular, in hindsight because I wasn’t that close to her though I do wonder as the workplace was made up of cliques that she viewed me su
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