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  1. I think you're right. Last "season", if you can call it that, is the first time Parkinson has made a significant, consistent contribution. Prior to that, I wouldn't have been surprised if he'd been released. Out of Azad and Parkinson, if one had to be lost and the other retained, I know who I'd want to keep.
  2. Agree; the hoped-for acceleration never came. Not helped by having Hill come in at 7 (why not at 5, when the run rate was in real need of a push?). So is this the end of Dearden - is his contract up...?
  3. Absolutely; and one straight after the other as if batting momentum doesn't matter.
  4. Even though he's clearly on the decline, Cosgrove has been a real miss. Next year, it's essential that we recruit an experienced middle order batsman for all formats of the game. Currently, "certain players" are getting the no.5/6 spot almost by default, with no real competition.
  5. Not sure we are capable of blocking this out for another 3+ hours (though Rhodes is doing his best...). But blocking is probably better than taking risks to establish a lead which would eventually be knocked off at T20 speed. So what do we say...? Block or score some runs....?
  6. Evans doesn't seem to have done too much wrong in his previous appearances, and hopefully he will finally get a few games to consolidate himself He's shown at least as much promise (and probably more) than certain players who have been given countless opportunities and underperformed. It's early days, but Rhodes looks to be the sort of player that'll be in this latter category - from what Nixon said when he signed (and from the length of the contract, which is absurd) it looks like he'll be set for an extended run in the team, almost regardless of scores.
  7. Yes, particularly Parkinson with five wickets in the match so far; nothing like being in the last chance saloon for sharpening a player's performance. Not sure that Dearden is capable of a similar transformation though.
  8. Need to take these final 5 wickets by tea or very soon after. Wouldn't want to see us having to chase much more than 120-130, as the batting is paper-thin; beyond Slater, Azad and Ackermann you can see clusters of 3 or 4 wickets falling for about 10 runs.
  9. It's a 120 over limit for the first innings, isn't it (in the Bob Willis Trophy)? If so, they'll need to really accelerate after lunch to create any significant advantage and put pressure on Lancs. 400-ish needed, surely?
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