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  1. Binged the entire new season this weekend. A slightly different feel to the previous seasons, but still terrific stuff. Bold, clever, funny writing. Probably the best depiction of depression on the box at the moment and it's lead by a talking horse
  2. Big fan of most of the usuals mentioned above. However to really step it up a notch, I recommend the peanut butter, fried egg, and hot sauce combo. Don't knock it 'til you've tried it!
  3. I urge each and every one of you to download the latest Athletico Mince podcast and listen to the Jordan Henderson song.
  4. Thinking of heading over to Pembrokeshire for a few days to get away, clear my head, and do some walking and reading. Any recommendations on places to base myself? Will be on me tod.
  5. Archer is brills. Plenty of re-watch value in it too. The writers have revamped the formula in the last couple of seasons to keep it from going stale and it's worked really well - can't wait for the next series after the teaser at the end of the latest one!
  6. That's an absolutely outrageous delivery by Rashid.
  7. Infinity War is just a big lukewarm bowl of Marvel gruel. It's not bad per se, and there is a mild satisfaction you get from that type of movie, but you don't finish the film feeling particularly challenged, riveted, amused, or any other strong emotion. It's well put together eye candy for the cinematically unadventurous. It was better than Black Panther at least which I thought was pap. Back to TV, has anyone else managed to watch S13E01 of Always Sunny?
  8. Switched mine on this week. I live in a Victorian terrace which isn't the warmest of buildings. You forget how much of a difference it makes - definitely no regrets! Have a timer set for mornings, and when I get back from work. I'm with bulb and don't find the costs to be that bad, all things considered.
  9. Will be watching Caglar with interest this evening as he looked rather erratic in his last showing. Hopefully just a case of him getting back to match sharpness.
  10. I just completed this quiz. My Score 100/100 My Time 57 seconds  
  11. Finished the second this weekend. Fantastic, mind-bending stuff. After watching the completely underwhelming Infinity Wars this weekend, I think I can say it's comfortably Marvel's best output at the moment.
  12. Horrible defending last few minutes
  13. Sorry to hear you've been suffering recently. I feel for you, and can empathise to some degree with what you're going through. Adjusting to a major change like coming off meds takes grit, determination, and time so you're right to say it's not a defeat. Progress is not linear, and life will always have its ups and downs. You've made a decision that's positive for your mental health in seeking therapy - that shows that even though you may feel like you can't see the wood for the trees right now, you're still able to perform small acts of self care that will really help y
  14. Where is the second one available to watch please mate?
  15. Great start, already better than the last series which was probably the weakest of the lot. James Acaster is my absolute favourite. I can't tell if he's playing it for laughs or he genuinely just has an odd way of looking at things. Any of you who have heard his 'classic scrapes' would probably suggest it's the latter. I'll second Stan's recommendation for his stand-ups on Netflix - absolutely superb. Kerry Godliman playing it more or less straight trying to do well at the tasks suits her I think. Her quick change was actually impressive. Phil Wang an
  16. Izzet, Lennon, and dare I say it, Robbie Savage. I was a lucky boy spending my formative years watching those three buzzing around the midfield. Honourable mentions to virtually all our centre halves from that era too, and Kasey Keller who I thought was so cool because he was American.
  17. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 106 seconds  
  18. Not worth a new thread and it's somewhat related to this one - where can I find the best retrospective of our title winning season? Did the club make a decent DVD of it, or was the Sky Sports thing the best recap? Anything else I might have missed? I've recently had an urge to relive that amazing season!
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