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  1. I think Maddison gets an unfair level of criticism and his goals, assists, and ability to progress the ball and win free kicks over the past three years or so for us is sometimes overlooked. That being said, I think a sale form £60m plus represents good business - but of course that is dependent, as ever, on our recruitment and who we replace him with.
  2. Still not over that Locatelli pass on the volley before his goal. Absolute filth.
  3. Couple of humdingers today. Hungary are playing at home in a max capacity sell-out so the atmosphere will be immense - think this will be the first full capacity game (certainly that I've seen) post Covid? Portugal should still have enough to beat them though. Then the first clash of the titans of the tournament later. Everyone will have France as favourites, but you just know as soon as you write the Germans off they pull something out the bag. The French ability to self implode a la the Mbappe/Giroud stuff this week always adds to the tournament drama.
  4. The rules of the extended squads for this tournament state you must have two keepers on the bench in the match day squad. Daft really, but there you go.
  5. Cags with a few nervy touches. Turkey really need someone who can put their foot on it in the middle and calm it down a bit. Aimless hoofs to Yilmaz ain't gonna work.
  6. Celeste. Absolutely superb platformer with a perfectly judged level of difficulty.
  7. Can someone tell me what I need to be looking for in a new PC or laptop? Things have moved on a lot in the 9 or so years since I was last in the market for one! I need it for work mainly, but it would be good if it could run games too, not the triple A titles on ultra or anything like that, plus enough memory to cope with plenty of programs running at once. Either general specs to look for or recommendations for specific models would be appreciated. I'm leaning towards a laptop at the moment as I'll also be doing a diploma next year where I think the portability will c
  8. 22 mins left and I've started physically shaking, this is gonna be dreadful
  9. I'd get Marc off, bring a centre half on to get wilf back in the middle, and go 433. Way too open in the middle. Spurs shaky at the back, There's more goals in this for us with a little pressure
  10. Anyone know what happened to little wes? Completely missed it
  11. Goodbye and thanks to another legend. Wonder if he'll finally fulfill his NFL dream!
  12. Well deserved Wes. Forever a vital part of our history. Wonder what he'll turn to next.
  13. I know what you mean, and I'll try to go in with an open mind, but I think I prefer it when it has people I've not heard of before plus one or two known favourites. I have seen and dislike the work of most of these people. Guz Khan is a laugh in interviews though, so I'll pin my hopes on that. Horses for courses though innit, I'm sure some people (as already mentioned in this thread) will be really looking forward to this lineup.
  14. Enjoyed the last episode of the current series - several laugh out loud moments. Mike Wozniak is my hero. Next season's lineup looks horrendous - potentially the worst ever. Hope I'm wrong.
  15. His positional play is good, but what use is that when he's (relatively speaking) poor at holding onto the ball, poor at passing, poor at decision making and releasing the ball at the right time, poor at shooting and not physically strong enough? A hugely frustrating and, in my opinion, ineffective player. I'm hard pushed to see a reason we can't improve on him.
  16. https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2021/may/18/david-squires-on-leicester-fa-cup-final-triumph-chelsea-wembley
  17. I don't entirely disagree with the thrust of your post, but I can't let the comment about Silva slide. The guy has captained Milan, PSG, and Brazil to many trophies - one terrible result doesn't make him a poor leader. I'd also class Azpi as a leader, even if he was looking a bit leggy in a demanding wing back role on Saturday. The game will certainly be tough but as you say - anything could happen.
  18. Legitimate goal ruled out and allowing them to take a corner after added time had elapsed? Smells a bit fishy to me
  19. Went to the pub after and was sick on the floor. Would do again, every day forever, 10/10.
  20. Can we get a pic of those classic rewinds from this trailblazing scene member?
  21. Stomach on the churn, a mix of nervous and excited and emotional. God knows what I'm going to be like at kickoff I hope everyone reading this can enjoy the day, win or lose.
  22. Feeling sick with nerves and excitement. This is what it's all about.
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