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  1. john_lcfc

    Live Streaming of LCFC games-look in here!

    anyone got anything?
  2. john_lcfc

    Fosse Boys - Leicester City Ultras

    The 2,500 who went to cardiff were a good "type" of fan. I went and it was a lot of regular faces from L1/back of the kop and some older guys from Pen 1 etc who'd come out for it. The vast majority there were male, aged 18-45 and wanted to stand and get behind the boys. It was the type of supporter United, Leeds, Millwall, etc have week in week out. Unfortunately our away support is infested often with women and old ******. For big games Forest etc tickets do get into good hands and we can produce a good away crowd. But this is because the games are about much more than football. If you take a random fan from a United away crowd (top support), they will probably be male, between 18-45, out on the beer and not wearing club colours. Take one from Reading (terrible support) and they will probably be male, wearing a replica shirt and on a family orientated day out. Our fans are somewhere in the middle with the potential for some games to be like United and some like Reading. If this group increases the vocal presence and gives another positive diversity and channel or supporter then this will be a good thing.
  3. john_lcfc

    Fosse Boys - Leicester City Ultras

    wheres it gonna be based at the walkers?
  4. john_lcfc

    Fosse Boys - Leicester City Ultras

    Without being funny if girls get involved in stuff like this, it just means it wont be taken as seriously.
  5. john_lcfc

    Goalline technology

    great news, keep football technology free
  6. john_lcfc

    When you're tired and weary

    fcuk off you forest bastards
  7. john_lcfc

    New chants and songs

    Like... An airing v West Brom would be most apt!!!
  8. john_lcfc

    New Girls Aloud songs

    Cheryll Coles a Geordie Newcastles where shes born and when shes shagging Ashley she thinks of our Waghorn Cheryll is a singer and knows Simon Cowell and when shes on x-factor she thinks of Chrissy Powell Cheryll loves a rent boy he's a shitty left back wing and when he plays for England she sucks off Andy King Cherylls shagging Milan relights an old fire but when he wasnt looking she slept with Lloyd Dyer Then she went to Pearson with much hope and no fear but when he signed Gillespie she then fooked Craig Shakespeare Cherylls from Newcastle geordies cant get any jobs her only form of employment is shagging our Jack Hobbs Cheryll loves a hard man a tough lad from the town she divorced with Ashley Cole when she met fooking Wayne Brown
  9. john_lcfc

    New chants and songs

    surely one of these for waggy? Cheryll Coles a slapper Newcastles where shes born and when shes shagging Ashley she thinks of our Waghorn!! Waggy waggy waggy, OI OI OI!!!!
  10. john_lcfc

    Rugby Union

    wonder how many of bandwagon brigade will crawl out the bushes for this tripe.
  11. anyone going trent bridge on the 24th v Notts 20/20 ???
  12. john_lcfc

    Rugby Union

    attendance was a few over 18,000 yesterday. 26,000 for the HC quarter and 30,000 empty seats watched the semi on the Heineken Cup which is the pinnacle club rugby tournament in the world (I am told). Those figures must surely be disappointing to Tigers fans. The fact that they are so succesful and yet still live in the shadow of an extremely average, 3rd division football team?
  13. john_lcfc

    Rugby Union

    Surely attendance figures for the GP prove that no-one really wants to watch teams other than Tigers, who even then have shocking attendances for a suposed "world power" in their sport.