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  1. I remember the excitement after the announcement that we were signing an England international...
  2. The TD just before half time, and the one immediately after the interception at the start of the 2nd half have absolutely killed the Pack today 😡
  3. Cant understand that field goal. Rodgers may not get the ball again
  4. I know what you mean. It would be typical of the Bills to beat Mahomes then lose the Superbowl to a 4th quarter Brady 90-yard drive...
  5. Such a difference in pass rushing between the 2 defenses
  6. Doesnt say much for the Bucs play off history!
  7. Criminal allowing that TD before half time
  8. Problem is if you dont have the pass rush to bother Brady, he'll just pick you apart all game
  9. I think Buccs have the better defense, could be a tough night for Rodgers
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