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  1. gazzaa2

    Shakey Sacked

    Only thing with him is he's got no tolerance for bullshit. In a way we need that but he'll walk away if he's not happy.
  2. gazzaa2

    Shakey Sacked

    Kept the club up last season just with the caretaker manager effect and was a great coach in the title wins. Not a manager though and the writing should have been on the wall with the end of season results like the Spurs thrashing. He wasn't the man to take the club forward beyond last season. Deserves credit for keeping the club in the Premier League because we were going down the way things were.
  3. Caretaker managers often do well. Teams have adapted though, Shakespeare doesn't know another way of playing.
  4. Too many games the manager has cost us. We might not expect much from the top sides but United, Arsenal and Liverpool his subs and team selection have cost us.
  5. Shakespeare is clueless. His tactics were a joke on Tuesday night and he was saevd by the Ulloa injury and Klopp taking Coutinho off at half time which changed the game. Yet after Tuesday the same thing happens in the first half. We got a gift right on half time to get back in the game which set it up for the second half. He was a good caretaker manager, going back to basics and getting the spirit back stopped us from being relegated last season. That was it though he's not the man to take the club forward. He's never been a manager. It's McClaren syndrome, he's a coach.
  6. he's not a manager. Steadied the ship after Ranieri left and got us to 40 points by going back to basics. He's clueless now. Writing was on the wall at that Spurs thrashing.
  7. Without Vardy there doesn't seem to be a plan. Two slow lumps instead is no alternative.