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  1. The players going to a party is not defendable. They broke Covid law and should be fined and dropped. Pity the police didn’t arrest them and embarrass them even more, absolute fools for doing that and nobody in their right mind should try to defend them
  2. Amartey was dreadful followed closely by Vardy. Vardy has been off the pace for weeks but today was his worse by a country mile
  3. Ricardo nacho Castagna are about 5he only ones to have turned up at 5he moment. Praet hasn’t shown anything, the central defence is scarey, Vardy has been scarily slow Ndidi and Youri couldn’t win a game of bingo at the moment. I would actually take Amartey off and bring Albrighton on now, and go 442. At least Albrighton can cross a ball
  4. Kasper,s distribution was awful time and again went out of play or to their players. Youri was dreadful tonight I am sure I will get moaned at for saying that, but so was Albrighton, Evans, Amartey, Ndidi, Perez. We were beaten by The better team, however the fundamentals of football remain the same pass to players in the same coloured shirt.
  5. Probably get slaughtered here but Kaspers distribution has been awful at times so has youri
  6. If we do win on Saturday and it’s a fair size if, can we then beat them for a 3rd time if we have to meet them 5 weeks later at Wembley? Would any team beat them 3 times in 1 season? I’m not sure
  7. This guy was my all time City favourite player. Could be so lazy during a game and then produce piece of magic that was worth the fee alone. Genius with the ball. Anyone not seen his goal for Bolton against Ipswich YouTube it. On way back to centre circle he pointed to the stand and said to Terry Butcher you would of had a better view watching from up there.
  8. He also assisted Youri for his goal, and his pass for Vardy was superb, shame Vardy couldn’t finish it
  9. Tigers lost that day as well. We were singing we’re going to Twickenham que sera etc when the result came through
  10. He was very good but probably our worse player but did what he was asked and did it well
  11. I actually think it was his best game of 5he season, he was superb
  12. I agree with you Perez has done really well and the ball to Vardy was superb
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