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  1. This is the sole reason i will never give my season tickets up , who ever thought we would win the league or even get this far in the champs league until we get a stadium expansion a lot of ''fans'' will be disappointed they cant get tickets to these massive games im not even rubbing it in im just grateful see ya in Madrid guys !!
  2. Adrian Sports on kodi
  3. i check my bets while in the stadium and i dont give a flying nut sack what anyone has to say about it , choosing the correct time to cash out or stay put can be at any point during the game .on the other hand i would never record goals or free kicks or chances i have someone who sits near me who does it all the time and i took great pleasure watching his phone fly out of his hand when Riyad scored against Copenhagen
  4. he has been quite injury prone the last season he ruptured his achilles and hasnt been match fit since late February hense the reason he was released
  5. doubt the tickets will make it that far back priority 3 at best i reckon
  6. sadly not competitive away games and season ticket are the only ways to accumulate points
  7. you get 50 points per season ticket per year and 1 point per away game bought through your supporter number , charity shield doesnt count as its a ''friendly'' and buying the 3 home game package doesnt count towards anything either
  8. i have 2 arsenal tickets sitting in b3 looking at face value only , i have tickets to hand also so ready to pick up from le3 or can deliver sold pending collection
  9. i have 2 tickets seated in block b3 west stand for this game available now , inbox me if your interested
  10. im so glad ive kept all my season cards at least now i dont have to pay for another
  11. my thoughts exactly off too lanzarote next week this would finish my suitcase off
  12. anyone know when its out ive heard friday dont know how true that is
  13. i need a reference just the 1 , if i cant get a spare reference then im gonna have my own reference up for grabs
  14. I'm looking for a reference to get a extra seat anyone help ??
  15. new chant stand up if your a plastic fan paid a tout nearly 15 grand got the seller a 3 year ban championeeeeess championeeees