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  1. Peterborough Away March 2009 ☔️
  2. Bruccianis is closing Maybe he’s coming in to save them.
  3. Please use your search engine & type in “dele alli handshake”. Muchas Gracias
  4. I do feel some of the “youngsters” coming through are a bit too ‘nice’ & lack the nastiness in their game. None of the seniors’ also appear to be grabbing them by the scruff of the neck similar to Gerry Taagart grabbing Robbie Savage back in the day for stray passes. We do lack leadership in the middle & don’t appear to have a talker, or an orchestrator in the middle since Drinkwater left. Hope Rodgers identifies this early & gets some new blood in to blend in with our youth - even having someone like Robert Huth gave us a bit of oompf. I think the games changing - don’t get me started on the practised handshakes 🤝
  5. This hits the nail on the head. When an experienced head like Kasper can’t even get distribution right it’s so frustrating. Can’t blame anyone but himself today.
  6. Spring back in the step. Buzzing for Watford now Hope Puel’s Cat is OK!
  7. Yes but Celtic? Really? Even Neil Lennon has a 70% win ratio with Celtic.
  8. I don’t understand this fascination with Brendan Rogers.
  9. For our goal we had Evans & Maguire as the furthest men forward with Maddison, Gray & Barnes all on the edge looking for a super shot. It’s not surprising we can’t take our chances. Bring back Slimani
  10. Agreed. But the nature of how we just gave up was appalling. No leaders.
  11. Big 45 Mins.... oh wait I sound a bit like John Hartson
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