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  1. Passing & distribution appears to be better than Chilwell.
  2. Couldn’t agree more. People telling him to tone it down or calm down, what nonsense. That’s his game. Its like telling Vardy don’t hit the ball so hard as you might break the net. The Ritchie challenge was 50/50 which Hamza won. The Salah challenge was a yellow. Move on.
  3. You say that, but last season James Maddison only got 3 more assists than Chilwell in the same number of appearances - & that was Chilwell playing from LB. Anyway it’ll probably never happen, was just a thought.
  4. I’d love to see him played as an out & out left winger similar to Steve Guppy. I know it sounds a bit strange, but he has always been so exciting to watch when going forward. He used to stride forward historically without really caring about his defensive duties, which made him standout as an attacking fullback. Rather than slate the guy, it would be good to see Fuchs given the responsibility of doing what he’s good at & defending - and Chilwell moved further upfield & providing some extra width. I’m sure Vardy would appreciate the extra 6 yard box crosses! However, probably will never happen given the number of midfielders we have.
  5. Enjoyed that - very entertaining. Keep it up 👍🏼
  6. Sticks and stones... Remember when we lost to Arsenal last minute? Was sickening and we came back stronger. Early days, we will learn from this. Vile abuse for Hamza - no excuse for it. Onwards!
  7. Number of times Milner & Henderson have done the same. Sad that Klopp has singled him out today. Would’ve love to have seen a Roy Keane Vs Hamza midfield battle. Game’s gone mad.
  8. Holding a “Pierpoint Out” banner as a kid not knowing who or what it was. Can still remember the chant Pierpoint Out Pierpoint Out Pierpoint Out
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