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  1. Spot on Stevie - any chance you could do the team talk? That made me want to run through a brick wall 😂😁
  2. We need to win this, we’re making them look good & they’ve been Toilet all season!
  3. Feels like the time when I agreed to do overtime for my boss... and then got told I was late.... ! Fuchs has been brilliant for us... but quite rightly should have come on to see the game out for us... not get dragged round by the Fulham youngsters!
  4. Lots of backlash understandably regarding PPV & they won’t release their viewing figures or revenue amounts... but having spoken to a few older friends who decided to previously stream (Villa Game) & with the delays and buffering/adverts there’s a fair few torn between paying for this as a complete one off. But this is the problem is it a one off? Will it continue throughout the season? Every season? A colleague advised he got the Villa Goal come up on his Sky Sports app quicker than the stream... and then had to anticipate it 🥴 Also quite irritating
  5. All things point to a undertaker choke slam 0-3.
  6. Not so “Great Character”. Showed huge naivety today. Didn’t look as we understood what West Ham were doing. My eyes hurt from watching the ball move sideways and back so many times. Youri needed help in there and we missed Praet today. What does Perez do?!
  7. 0-0 Dross Undertaker Choke Slam 90+7 mins 1-0
  8. Can someone restore this thread to: OMG Dennis Praet
  9. Brendan to earn his corn here. He said it’s a must win game, but we don’t need to win it in the 1st Minute. Will be watching behind the sofa - Should be a cracker!
  10. PROJECT RESTART - waittttt I wasn’t ready! Do it again.....
  11. All started from that poor corner from Youri. Don’t think anyone at the club can take a decent corner and beat the 1st man.
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