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  1. With David Martin in goal wasn't it? On loan from Liverpool? We went through a ridiculous amount of loan goalkeepers that season. Didn't affect us too badly though. Remember Mark Bunn saving Ricky Lambert's penalty at Bristol Rovers.
  2. Lovely cross from Kante. Still a world class player.
  3. Shiny new training facility or not, there is absolutely no chance a player is ever choosing to join us over Liverpool.
  4. 2 assists in his 5 appearances so far. Need January to come round so we can cash in before the assists dry up and they realise he's bobbins.
  5. That's because I am odd. Usually it's Eddie Butler's 'poetic' voiceovers that send me scurrying for the remote.
  6. I should have said I haven't watched it fully. I'll watch a couple of minutes here and there but then switch over because it's a total cringefest.
  7. I'm saving my money for @Dr The Singh's Leicester City FC Thong Book.
  8. Haven't watched SPOTY since about 1997. Not been a great watch for a long time now.
  9. Total waste of time and resources while Vardy is still the undisputed main man. We've tried several times but they just whither and die on the vine waiting for a sustained opportunity. Kramaric could have been the one but he had to leave to fulfill his potential.
  10. Slimani would have made naff all difference the way we played. We just weren't on it today
  11. I'm worried about @deanolegend1989. I fear he may have just turned into The Hulk.
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