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  1. Mo Salah's obvious desperation to win the Golden Boot also helps.
  2. How long is it since Grealish actually did something good in a football match?
  3. I think it means we qualify for the UEFA Intertoto Cup.
  4. Saw your post and immediately turned over from the football. First thing I saw was someone called Baga Chipz. Immediately turned the TV back to the football.
  5. When he's retired I can see him being our version of Duncan Ferguson at Everton. Forever on the coaching staff. Always takes over as Caretaker Manager whenever there's a sacking for a brief spell of rustling.
  6. There's is actually very little between them this season in this regard. Barnes' Goals and Assists per 90 minutes = 0.67 Gray's Goals and Assists per 90 minutes = 0.66 Both have been more productive than Perez (0.56 per 90) and Albrighton (0.35 per 90).
  7. Can't see him staying beyond his current contract unless he starts getting the regular, consistent minutes his play now merits.
  8. Has the potential to be as good as Franck Rolling. Keep.
  9. Vardy scored 2 against Villa in the last game before lockdown. His only 2 goals so far in 2020. Not saying it's his fault. Just stating the facts.
  10. Well at least he's not put anyone in hospital...yet.
  11. Sterling should be finishing that, or squaring it.
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