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  1. Former NFL kicker Tom Dempsey has died aged 73 from complications arising from contracting COVID-19. Dempsey is famous for being the longtime record holder of the longest Field Goal in NFL history, a 63-yard game winning effort while playing for the New Orleans Saints against the Detroit Lions in 1970. It was a feat made more remarkable because Dempsey was born with no toes on his right kicking foot.
  2. The problem is that Villa have played a game less than the clubs around them at the bottom. The Premier League could decide to use Points Per Game to decide league position, in which case Villa would still be relegated.
  3. Might take this opportunity to have a Partridge-style Bondathon. Not all in one day of course. One per day should do it.
  4. The only right and fair way to complete the league is by using Mark Lawrenson's score predictions for all the remaining fixtures. Job done.
  5. There's no way he could have finished the game if it was a full tear. If he did, he's superhuman.
  6. Also notice how they are still covering their mouths with their hands when talking to each other, then shaking hands. Thick twats.
  7. The 5-2 win over Sunderland with Collymore's hat-trick was 20 years ago this very day.
  8. What's Corolla virus? Something to do with old Toyotas?
  9. Anyone who watches Masterchef will know that you should make your own pasta from scratch.
  10. I just can't find the motivation to read this thread.
  11. Nope. Come back to me with a zombie apocalypse and then we're talking.
  12. I think you'll find Grealish played the whole game.
  13. Yes, it's definitely mathematically possible.
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