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  1. And his little goblin trollface, which always carries an expression that suggests the world owes him a penalty.
  2. Think of it as tough love. We're just trying to make Strings and RL better with a bit of constructive criticism.
  3. All white at the back? You should call it The Michael Barrymore Shirt.
  4. Would you throw your head back in mock agony and add in a little body twist like the man Robben himself? Imagine the amount of penalties we'll win next season with Robben, Maddison and Vardy throwing themselves to the floor at every opportunity.
  5. "Knowing me, Ian Stringer. Knowing you, Nigel Pearson. Ah-ha!"
  6. I think at best he was intending to smash it into the top corner. And he did.
  7. He did exactly what he was intending to do, however unlikely it may have seemed when he lined it up.
  8. Low percentage does not equal lucky.
  9. Read that earlier. Why do ex-pros, of all races, expect to go straight into management at a top club rather than proving themselves lower down?
  10. Agree. Uncharacteristic of the player?. Yes. Low percentage? Yes. A little bit in desperatIon? Probably. Lucky? No.
  11. Probably Dalglish doing the double with Liverpool in 1985/86 in his last season as a player, first as manager. He even scored the goal that clinched the title at Stamford Bridge.
  12. They're kicking the arse out of this ain't they? Get on with the voting already.
  13. Game and tie turned on the defensive Horlicks Leeds made to give Derby their first goal.
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