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  1. Chiefs vs 49ers it is then. Or as I'm calling it - The Joe Montana Derby.
  2. Nice of Mr. Policeman to give them some feedback on their robbing technique I thought.
  3. They try to go for the big hit too often, or try to strip the ball out, and forget about the fundamentals like wrapping up the ball carrier and just getting him to the ground.
  4. I am relaxed. Got my feet up watching the NFL with a beer. Couldn't be more chilled my friend.
  5. Ok. Thanks for lecturing me about my own team.
  6. The Titans are well in this game. But I sense Mahomes is just warming up.
  7. Ricardo has played there before and done a good job. He has the attributes to be an effective winger.
  8. Tbf, Neville thought Firmino's goal was incorrectly ruled out, while Carragher thought it was correctly disallowed. But yeah, can do without Carragher saying, "[insert Liverpool player's name] you little dancer!".
  9. You can modestly downplay it all you want. But I ain't falling for it.
  10. I think it's harsh on Barnes but I'm wondering if this is the game to push Ricardo further forward and also give Gray another start. Schmeichel Justin Evans Soyuncu Chilwell Ricardo Choudhury Praet Gray Maddison Vardy Subs: Ward, Fuchs, Morgan, Tielemans, Albrighton, Barnes, Iheanacho.
  11. Wolves are the team we should be worried about, not Man United.
  12. That Deliveroo ad with Harry Maguire is a bit cringe, ain't it?
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