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  1. Giroud gets nowhere near the ball jumping into Krul. No foul says Sutton.
  2. Kante out injured. Wouldn't be amazed if Norwich got something from this game vs Chelsea.
  3. The simple fact is that the 4 day game is being marginalised in favour of shorter forms of cricket. And guess what? We're suddenly good at one-day cricket and rubbish at test matches. Funny that.
  4. It's not the quantity that's wrong with the county game, it's the quality.
  5. Don't be upset at your kids' nonplussed reaction as they just shrug their shoulders.
  6. They're playing some nice stuff (the team...not the band).
  7. HERE IT IS!... ...IT'S NO BIG DEAL!
  8. He became a medical examiner who helped solve murder cases.
  9. Why was Shilts in the reserves? Coming back from injury? Out of favour because he was trying to force a move?
  10. I've no idea. But I'm loving some of those names. Gilbert Skinner and Playton Betts in particular.
  11. The governing bodies should bin off the qualifying via grandparent route. It's stupid. Parent's nationality is as far as it should go. Players need to realise that playing international football is a privilege, not a right.
  12. Let that be a warning to the rest of the Premier League. NOBODY BEATS JACK GREALISH 21 TIMES IN A ROW! YOU HEAR ME? NOBODY!!!
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