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  1. Top trolling Sir. This will rustle more than a few on here.
  2. Only wore this kit 3 times didn't we? And never won wearing it - at Luton (1-1), at Huddersfield (1-3), and at Reading (1-1). Great kit though. Still have my original too.
  3. Brighton will dominate the game. I've no doubt about that. It's just a question of whether they keep missing chances. Knowing our luck they'll probably find their shooting boots for once.
  4. All set up for a United penalty winner after Ole's whinging the other day.
  5. Not disappointed with the result but felt we went about it far too cautiously. Let's be honest, we're not going to draw our way to a top 4 spot because Chelsea and Liverpool will overhaul us with games to spare. We might as well see these games without Maddison and Barnes as a free hit and just go for it.
  6. Too many players happy to pass responsibility for doing something positive onto someone else. √únder may be a greedy so-and-so, but at least he tries to do something other than the safe option.
  7. IMHO you should just play your best players in their best positions and try to fill in around them as best you can.
  8. Amartey is more than capable as a CB in a back 4. No need to move Ndidi from his midfield position.
  9. I thought he was gash over the 2 legs apart from the goal (which was entirely preventable on our part). Still, at 19, there is plenty of scope for improvement.
  10. This is going to be 2005-07 revisited. It's going to be an awful game and Burnley will shithouse a 1-0 win. Come to terms with it. Make peace with it. Don't torture yourself.
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