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  1. Dettol antibacterial wipes. I just want one wipe at a time please, not 12 wipes congealed together.
  2. I got called up for 2 weeks jury service recently. I'll admit I was absolutely dreading it. Once I arrived at the jury waiting room though I was actually intrigued by the whole process and wanted to do it. Unfortunately, fate decreed that I didn't get to sit on any cases. Doubt I'll get the chance again.
  3. Some stats for the Premier League season according to SofaScore; Scoring frequency (mins per goal) Slimani 183 Vardy 216 Musa 377 Ulloa 435 Mahrez 473 Okazaki 524 Big chances missed Slimani 7 Vardy 6 Mahrez 5 Ulloa 2 Morgan 2 Okazaki 2 So Slimani scored at a faster rate than anyone else at the club, and if he'd have buried a few more of his chances he'd have been way out in front. Now, do I think Slimani had a good season? No. Do I think he's worth £30m? No. But he's way better than Ulloa and Okazaki. Definitely worth seeing what he can do next season.
  4. I'm sure Big Sam's agent's phone will be red hot in Jan/Feb next year. "Er, would Sam be interested in getting us out of the shit?" Hopefully we wont be one of those clubs ringing.
  5. Big Sam's problem is that rightly or wrongly he seems to have gained a reputation as being only a troubleshooter. Guaranteed to deliver safety, but incapable of anything more.
  6. M: Put Goodnight on will you. Bond: Yes Sir. (Long pause) M: Goodnight? (Long pause) Bond: She's just coming Sir. (Long pause) M: Goodnight?!! M: GOODNIGHT?!! Bond: Goodnight Sir! (Puts phone down) And goodnight to you Sir Rog. Thanks for the laughs.
  7. Marko Futacs currently top scorer in Croatian 1.HNL for Hajduk Split. [emoji54]
  8. a) We had yet to hit top form but we were far from average. b) QPR weren't all over us. c) The delay was 2-3 minutes at most thanks to Nuge. But hey, why let the facts get in the way of Jeremy from London's unfunny comment.
  9. He's OK I suppose. But it'll be a cold day in hell before I rank him above Bobby Davison. [emoji57]
  10. Tesco's 'food love stories' are getting on my wick.
  11. Ha, always reminds me of Swingers. "Watch, I'm gonna make Gretzky's head bleed."
  12. In no particular order: John Madden Football Super Monaco Grand Prix Sonic the Hedgehog Golden Axe Altered Beast Revenge of Shinobi Lakers vs Celtics and the NBA Playoffs Mickey Mouse: Castle of Illusion Cyberball World Cup Italia '90 Honourable mention: Jungle Strike Populous Cool Spot Taz-Mania NBA Jam
  13. Dean Saunders just praised Shakey's tactics. Hmmm?
  14. Cowboys legend Drew Pearson sticking it to the city of Philadelphia. Balls of steel.
  15. Jamie Redknapp just said "tender hooks". ! What a thicko!