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  1. Allow goal to stand for 2 minutes before serving piping hot with a slice of VAR, and disallow.
  2. Almost a carbon copy of Bobby Charlton's goal against Mexico in the '66 World Cup. Same end, same corner.
  3. We really are up shit creek if we're hoping for help from Burnley. Hope is not a plan. We need to concentrate on our own games.
  4. So after doing a bit of research, we are comfortably the club with the most FA Cup Final appearances without winning it (4 times). Next come Queen's Park, Birmingham City, Crystal Palace and Watford (all on 2). Lose today and we are ⅚ of the way to becoming the FA Cup's version of Jimmy White. MUST WIN!
  5. Sounds a bit daft. The player would end up with both legs ****ed!!
  6. With 5 subs allowed, and a 6th in extra time if needed, it's not so much of a gamble.
  7. Apparently, the last time the FA Cup Final was played before the league campaign had finished was 2013, when Wigan upset Man City. Could be a good omen if you believe in that kind of stuff.
  8. Ignore all the wet wipes with their "win it for me Gramps" X-Factor sob stories. Just go and play your game. And if you have to win it for anyone, win for yourselves.
  9. Liverpool are winning out. Book it. We have to do this ourselves.
  10. We're not going to get any favours from anyone. Gonna have to go and get this ourselves.
  11. As soon as Fred gets the hook United start playing again. Addition by subtraction.
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