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  1. Because he hasn't played that many games, it's probably too big of a gamble for other teams given such a small sample size of games. This is the type of move we have to make though - a bit of a punt on a young player that has shown flashes of talent, getting in there quick before it becomes obvious to all how good the player is.
  2. Almost seems like if they take their foot off the pedal attacking-wise for any amount of time, it exposes their back line.
  3. This is why I can't figure Man City out. All of a sudden they look vulnerable.
  4. Phil Foden's tiny head really does weird me out.
  5. The 4th best Belgian in the PL just won and scored a pen.
  6. Same with Almiron's pathetic effort against Brighton yesterday, which was a blatant attempt to con the referee.
  7. You philistines don't recognise greatness when you see it. Yous will all change your tune when he schools The Arse in the cup.
  8. Pffft. This is FoxesTalk. Win, lose or draw - we overreact.
  9. Tbf Molla was rock solid for the 70 minutes he played against Millwall.
  10. Nah, this'll be easy. Tarkowski and McNeil to show how much they want to play for Leicester by scoring at least 6 own goals......each.
  11. And that he's a beautiful human being.
  12. Aha, the old 'unsettle a player in the lead-up to a game against them' tactic that is so beloved by all the big clubs. We truly are massive.
  13. Bloody teenagers and their mood swings.
  14. We can't possibly be skint. I've just bought a fridge magnet from the club shop.
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