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  1. Same with me. Then my Dad took me and my brother to this game (because Liverpool were playing). I quickly lost interest in Liverpool and became hooked on City. I can still feel the sense of wonderment as I emerged from the concourse to the top of the double decker. The floodlights. The smell of cigarettes (I hate smoking, but the smell just goes with football).
  2. I've no problem with the BBC paying for talent. But in the case of Gary Lineker, surely his value (as an ex-footballer of some repute) would be as a football analyst, not as a presenter. I don't think he's a particularly good presenter. He's certainly not 7x better than Mark Chapman for instance.
  3. But I can't watch Murdoch's channels without paying the BBC license fee. That's my point.
  4. Why do you have such a big blind spot with this issue? Firstly, you don't have to have a bank account, although modern life would be bloody difficult if you didn't. And secondly, YOU get to choose who you bank with. You don't, for example, have to pay HSBC for the right to have an account with Barclays, which is essentially what is happening with the license fee.
  5. "Why are you just sitting around? Haven't you got programmes to make? No. You're all on the BBC gravy train. I wish I was. Take this cheese." "How did it go?" "I've been bad Lynn." "Oh! It's smelly!" "It's got walnuts in. Let's go."
  6. It was a glorified friendly vs West Brom. What were you expecting? A full-on Marco Tardelli style celebration?
  7. When he was co-starring with Bob Hoskins and Helen Mirren in The Long Good Friday he probably thought Hollywood stardom beckoned. Only to then be ground down and typecast by 30+ years of being Charlie Fairhead. Still, it's well paid regular work and very few actors have that.
  8. [emoji23] The guy who plays Charlie Fairhead in Casualty is the BBC's highest paid actor! All he does is pull the same slightly concerned look every week (which actually just makes him look constipated).
  9. Just simulate the tournament on FIFA. Job's a goodun.
  10. Not bad, but who's Ian?
  11. Are you questioning your own opinion?
  12. I decided to detest BBC3 way back when then kept recommissioning Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps.
  13. Mixed doubles really is a load of twee nonsense. Lots of silly giggling and flirty looks. Yuck!
  14. Yeah, because Hamilton is the ONLY F1 driver/athlete in history that has ever lived as a tax exile.