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  1. I heard he was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar.
  2. Fair enough. I can't find it in myself to be even remotely bitter about his comments though. The club is on the up again and has clearly moved on from the Mahrez era. So should we as fans.
  3. Maybe what got lost in translation was that he meant the club itself wasted the 2 years after the title win. And let's face it, aside from the Champions League campaign, we did.
  4. Being the sad bastard that I am I went and did a little research. Leicester have finished above Man United 19 times in the last 100 years - and are looking well positioned to make that 20.
  5. Cue Pep giving sarcy one word answers to Geoff Shreeves.
  6. Both managers trying to outdo the other in the tantrum stakes.
  7. 3 min 47 sec check at Spurs yesterday. But can't be arsed today.
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