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  1. Also got 1 spare ticket lower tier, happy to take £10.
  2. Ended up having to sell this for the sake of my mental health. I get more stressed playing this game than I do at my job...
  3. I'm signed up, but looks like Leicester are one of a few clubs who are not taking part in live playoffs this year which is a shame. It was a nice day last year.
  4. Registrations open for this year's competition! Anyone getting involved?
  5. Been out for a few months now but I'm still quite enjoying Rammstein's new album. This song gets stuck in my head a lot:
  6. If he continues his form from pre season into the league then he's a more than adequate back up striker.
  7. Well, we have a different manager now with a different style of play, so it's not really doing the same thing. Otherwise you could make the argument, "What's the point of trying any player again after a manager change due to poor form? Why not just cancel all their contracts and start again?" If Brendan thinks he can get something from him, then I fully support it.
  8. If you're just looking to play FM then shooting for a laptop with a budget of £1200 may be slightly overkill but at that price point, I'd personally recommend a HP Omen laptop like this: https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/hp-omen-15-6-intel-core-i7-gtx-1660-ti-gaming-laptop-512-gb-ssd-10193666-pdt.html
  9. danny2997


    Nice idea but probably just easier for people use https://www.buildlineup.com/ and upload the image in their post.
  10. I think we should be getting at least top 8 this season and would be disappointed to finish lower. We tend to look at Everton and West Ham's business every year and suggest that they are the one's that will really push on and they tend to fall short. Personally, I think we will finish 7th this year assuming the usual top 6 perform as expected. However, I see a meltdown from either Chelsea, Man United or Arsenal being possible this season giving us the opportunity to sneak into 6th but in this case the usual points gap seen between 6th and 7th will be between 5th and 6th so we'll still be a way off there.
  11. I think what I find quite strange after rounding off this transfer window is that while other clubs fans appear to have nothing good to say about us, they are all still ranking us as a bottom half/ scraping top half side. I have just finished watching a premier league table prediction video where the guy spends a fair amount of time talking about how good we have it in midfield and have such a fantastic manager before saying we will finish 11th place... I personally am under no illusion that we will stroll into the top 6 easily this season but the fact we are being underestimated so much still can only be good for us especially since the business we have done has set us up nicely bar being a bit short in CB.
  12. Pretty much any of their songs really, got such a unique sound and I love it.
  13. Given a choice for FPL, do you reckon Jimenez or Jota is better?
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