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  1. danny2997

    ePremier League

    Yeah, desperately scrambling to find some good goals from my screen caps
  2. danny2997

    Maguire to hand in a transfer request ?

    I think you might be right, I only did a brief check online cause it didn't seem right but other posters have corrected me on previous pages.
  3. danny2997

    Maguire to hand in a transfer request ?

    Fair enough, my bad.
  4. danny2997

    Maguire to hand in a transfer request ?

    Huh? Isn't he on his first injury of his career?
  5. Although it wasn't the case all game, in this period of play we saw the lads break down a team throwing everyone behind the ball defending a lead. I'm very optimistic going forward with the rest of this season after we've finally seen something like this come off. Tielemans instrumental in the final passage of play as well, very impressed with him in particular. If he continues to put in performances like that, I'd want us to do everything we can to keep hold of him.
  6. danny2997


    The main positive I see going into future games was his ability to play that one-two with Ricardo for the set up to our goal. Spurs were sitting very far back at that point and indicates that maybe we will be able to break down teams who surrender possession now. Here's hoping that's the case so we can get some more of the games we should be winning over the line.
  7. danny2997

    Spurs Away Post Match 3-1

    I think the tactics were spot on today, only question raised is whether Vardy should have started instead of Gray but wouldn't necessarily have guaranteed any change. Very disappointing and "semi-"undeserved. Suppose it comes down to who can finish their chances and that's where Spurs have won this. Good performance from the lads though, very impressed with Tielemans.
  8. danny2997

    first city game

    I went to at least 1 game while we were in league 1, but for some reason the first one I remember is a 0-0 draw against Newcastle in 2010. The ref was terrible that game, so it was a good indicator of things to come. Needless to say I started having a season ticket from the next season onwards.
  9. danny2997

    ePremier League

    I don't rate De Gea really, I was gonna use IF Alisson. I'll obviously have TOTY De Gea as a back up though.
  10. danny2997


    It's childish and embarrassing. During the game people should support their team to the full and moan later. What other industry would this be seen as acceptable behavior? Would people boo at a theatre if they didn't enjoy a show?
  11. danny2997

    ePremier League

    Information regarding playoffs been released, check your emails! Looks like premier league players only.
  12. danny2997

    FIFA 19

    Still full of lucky pricks getting rebound after rebound after the new patch. Back to staying away from it again I think.
  13. danny2997

    ePremier League

    The support person I talked to on Discord reckoned every player in the database was available. Where did you hear from? If you're right I'd better put together a prem concept as well as the hybrid I've made.
  14. danny2997

    ePremier League

    I'm still at uni though it'll be fine for me at least. Too late to book it off? Also, @Ross-Kemp where have you finished? I can't see you on the ladder.
  15. danny2997

    ePremier League

    Almost just lost after I had a goal disallowed so the ref could bring it back for my free kick. In the same game, my players miss 3 open goals. In the end got my first win on penalties for fifa 19. I honestly can't be arsed with this trash. Can't wait for this to be over so I can delete it from my PS4.