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  1. Considering some of our players get booed before stepping foot on the pitch, I would say the phrase is fairly accurate
  2. If he's worth 50 million then Maguire is worth 500 million
  3. Have to say that France's left side is looking quite good. Toussart looks a solid player as well.
  4. Your opinion is fair, and as long as when he's on the pitch you're willing to support and not boo then you're entitled to it.
  5. Fair enough, I stand corrected on this example but I still believe the decision making between the two here is very similar. The team as a whole may not be performing as well but he is still fighting for a place against Vardy, who is still as good as he was then. But like I said in my previous post, Iheanacho HAS shown talent in odd cameos, to around the same proportion as Kramaric did but has also shown amplified proportion of being useless having played more games. If you think I haven't seen Kramaric's good cameos then, your post suggests the same for you for Iheanacho. The lad is in a hole right now, and admittedly doesn't appear to be doing enough himself to get out of it. It would be a win for all of us if Rodgers manages to get the best out of him, but I agree that he's definitely hanging by a thread here at this point.
  6. How? Kramaric, for us, was as garbage as Iheanacho is now. Iheanacho randomly deciding to take it first time on his weaker foot against Man City is exactly the same bizarre decision making that made Kramaric decide to chip it into the keepers hands against Arsenal when one-on-one. Both players have in their time shown that they can be good in a Leicester shirt, Iheanacho being at the end of last season. I'm interested to hear why you think the situations are so different?
  7. I really hope Rodgers manages to get the best out him here, because despite his obvious failings in a Leicester shirt I've got a feeling it could end up exactly like the Kramaric situation if he left as he has shown glimpses of quality in his time just like Kramaric did. If that did happen, you'd get the same people slating him now criticising the club for letting him leave.
  8. Bit of a long shot, but I recall Albrighton pulling out some "Mahrez-esque" skills early in the season but can't remember when it was, has anyone got any clips? Or even just remember what match(es) it was?
  9. Wow, would be a great replacement if true. Can't imagine he'd be cheap mind.
  10. 17 wins with 8 games left, you'd think it would be reasonable to aim for elite 3. Failing that, gold 1 is surely as good as secured? WRONG. In come the icon and TOTY/TOTS laden squads who get all the luck as well as having OP teams. I did not play a single squad in the last 8 games with a squad rating of lower than 92. Why oh why did I re-download this waste of time game? Gold 2 it is. Cheers EA.
  11. Ghezall was NOT a replacement for Mahrez. A combination of players across the team for more attacking intent so Maddison, Ricardo and Tielemans were the replacements for Mahrez. Ghezzal was simply to fill the numbers out wide.
  12. People were the same with Kramaric when he was here, but now are claiming we should never have let him leave. Iheanacho is clearly not useless as he has proved his ability at man city and small spells here, he just needs the right manager (hopefully brendan) to get the best out of him.
  13. Was this match some sort of collective hallucination then?
  14. Hopefully just got some players shortlisted in case there's complications with Amartey's recovery going into next season. Right back would be low down on the list of priorities for me.
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