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  1. A player that seems sub-standard compared to the rest of the Man City team is by no means guarantees they are not a top player. We're talking about a fanbase that view one of our best players ever as a useless waste of money.
  2. Same as with Ghezzal, don't really understand what it achieves to be honest. What possible benefit does booing your own team's player get you? Best case scenario is nothing happens, worst case the player loses more confidence and contributes even less to the team, nothing positive. I recall he had possession at one point and kept it from someone but ultimately ran into trouble. Not many options available for him at the time.
  3. Spot on mate, can't really criticise the lad when he's getting into good positions and getting ignored. Reminds me of Vardy for England, getting ignored by the Tottenham lads.
  4. Honestly, I can't imagine any of our fringe players will be arsed about giving any effort anymore. Evans and Soyuncu been very impressive but Maguire comes straight back in and low and behold we have an absolute shocker. I saw someone post on the match thread about how Maguire brings the worst out of the others around him and they are right. Even when Maguire doesn't necessarily play bad himself, its like the other players around him don't trust him and fill with nerves. I'm not saying Maguire is a bad player but what does it say to the other lads when they can play well and still be dropped for the reputation player the next week? Another thing, Iheanacho made a number of excellent runs when he came on and looked like no one trusted him and played a nothing ball to Vardy instead. Very disappointing.
  5. If the officials weren't constantly incapable of making easy decisions correctly then there would be no need for the players to react the way they did
  6. This ref has been literally clueless all game, how do refs like this stay employed?
  7. Can't blame him for the ref making a terrible decision, clearly got the ball.
  8. I'd give Vardy and Morelos about 20 minutes before ending up fighting.
  9. I thought he looked decent but raw whenever he's played. Loan out would be very beneficial but not sure if there's any point loaning to the Turkish League. I'd much rather he went to an upper championship/lower prem side.
  10. Not played this for just under 3 weeks now, never been so relaxed in my life.
  11. Been quite a few attempts at this very thing already, all of which have failed. I'm not sure the gaming scene has evolved enough for this to end up being any different to the other attempts.
  12. I recall that when he signed he was injured, but I don't think he was injured again after that.
  13. Morgan new 5 year contract incoming
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