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  1. Mendy incredible again. Makes me feel so at ease given we've lost Ndidi. Not something I thought I'd be saying even a month ago.
  2. Lovely play by Mendy to start that attack, and we'll held by Barnes for the right moment to play the pass and GREAT penalty. Come on lads.
  3. I rate the lad, but only when he's playing in a two up top. As a lone striker, not up to scratch.
  4. Anyone got a link for todays match please?
  5. Fulham look very poor, excited to drop 5 points against them this season like we did with Norwich.
  6. Thought they were meant to be playing 120 minutes?
  7. Sorry if it's already been asked, but how close is Birmingham to their usual starters?
  8. I think in his defence he only made 13 appearances for them in around 3 or 4 months and then went straight back to Marseille. A good indication would be that in his first stint at Marseille he scored 13 in 69 appearances before signing for Newcastle and in his current stint he's got 38 in 69 with assists on top of that. Definitely a clear improvement in that respect.
  9. Need to make some big signings now, else we'll finish last in Europa league group and probably end up lingering mid table again. Pretty embarrassed at how we've bottled it from such a comfortable position. Time to take a break from social media I think.
  10. Rice has had a pretty good game to be fair, I like the look of him.
  11. Sky are talking about Soyuncu playing in the last game... Am I missing something? I thought he was suspended for rest of the season?
  12. To me he still looks like one of our better players, shows how eager you lot are to get on a players back. Bet you're all rubbing your hands together, weirdos.
  13. I think he was to do this he'd just then be criticised for deflecting blame. I also doubt the referees care whether or not the manager speaks after the game about decisions or not.
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