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  1. Jahanbakhsh and Mackail-Smith chose Brighton
  2. Not played well but got a feeling we'll have 1 break and nick it in the second half.
  3. Check out that passion, the boys in tears. Leicester legend.
  4. Not sure on playing Pérez instead of Tavares tbh, seems a little all or nothing in terms of attacking or defending. Effectively playing 3 upfront.
  5. Quoted by some sources as leaving for 30 million euros or so, so shouldn't be a problem financially. Just a question whether we could persuade him or not, which yeah probably not but one can dream.
  6. Rumours that Saul from Atlético is on the move. Maybe a tad ambitious but would give us a very high quality experienced head in midfield.
  7. If Maddison's not back soon, I don't know how we maintain top 4 now.
  8. Convinced there's something up with Vardy, barely gone into a run yet let alone a sprint.
  9. Neto has looked incredible everytime I've seen him, surely will be at a team playing in the champions league before long.
  10. Looks good but over half those tackles would be given as fouls by the ****s refereeing in the Premier League.
  11. Finally, exactly what these boring ***** deserve.
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