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  1. Our team is looking absolutely immense at the moment, the starting 11 is enough but that bench too 😭 genuinely one of the best in the league
  2. That Olosunde lad for Rotherham looks decent tbf
  3. Current under 18s keeper is on brink of being too old, so I thought maybe with this signing they'd be shifting up. Just thinking Stolarczyk seems like the most likely to be ready for a loan if there's an abundance of keepers.
  4. Possibly means that Stolarczyk is going to be sent out on loan? Not sure what level that would be to.
  5. You're telling me no one else think these two look a little bit alike? (minus hair)
  6. Take the hair away obviously, but similar sort of face and when you see him out of breath on the pitch I've often quickly been reminded of youri
  7. Is it just me or does Fabio Silva look quite a lot like Tielemans?
  8. Only issue with Vardy is that because of how we want him to play (on the defenders), we might as well be building up a man down half the time. I wouldn't be quick to replace him but I can definitely see an argument for a player which tends to contribute in the build up a little more like Iheanacho or Pérez against teams sitting back especially when we're already down a goal and the opposing team has no intention of pushing forward.
  9. I never got fifa this year and just went straight to this, there's a fair few bits that you can see the significantly lower budget for production, but I much prefer the gameplay here than any recent fifas personally.
  10. Unfortunate today in my opinion, Schmeichel saves the first goal or Tielemans or Vardy score then its a completely different game. Lee Mason had an awful game though, for both sides. Unluckily for us though, the decisions he got wrong for us were in much more dangerous positions.
  11. Just means they've blocked the IP addresses of the servers you tried cause it's against their license terms. Just keep connecting to different ones then there'll be plenty more that work than don't. Cause it's a paid VPN they add new servers regularly also.
  12. Being shown on LCFC TV. Apologies if it's already been posted. https://www.lcfc.com/news/1929766/how-to-access-live-aek-athens-coverage-for-free Edit: I misread the article, its actually just radio coverage. Whoops.
  13. Very easy for Man City already, how did we lose against these? No notable quality required to open them up at all.
  14. Evans mate, that's exactly what you'd be expecting from someone making a professional debut not someone with years of experience... Head on ffs
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