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  1. You can now do this on Virgin Media too, I was given this link by support: www.virginmedia.com/pauseskysports
  2. No equivalent for Virgin Media customers at the moment sadly
  3. Also got 1 spare ticket lower tier, happy to take £10.
  4. Ended up having to sell this for the sake of my mental health. I get more stressed playing this game than I do at my job...
  5. I'm signed up, but looks like Leicester are one of a few clubs who are not taking part in live playoffs this year which is a shame. It was a nice day last year.
  6. Registrations open for this year's competition! Anyone getting involved?
  7. Been out for a few months now but I'm still quite enjoying Rammstein's new album. This song gets stuck in my head a lot:
  8. If he continues his form from pre season into the league then he's a more than adequate back up striker.
  9. Well, we have a different manager now with a different style of play, so it's not really doing the same thing. Otherwise you could make the argument, "What's the point of trying any player again after a manager change due to poor form? Why not just cancel all their contracts and start again?" If Brendan thinks he can get something from him, then I fully support it.
  10. If you're just looking to play FM then shooting for a laptop with a budget of £1200 may be slightly overkill but at that price point, I'd personally recommend a HP Omen laptop like this: https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/hp-omen-15-6-intel-core-i7-gtx-1660-ti-gaming-laptop-512-gb-ssd-10193666-pdt.html
  11. danny2997


    Nice idea but probably just easier for people use https://www.buildlineup.com/ and upload the image in their post.
  12. Pretty much any of their songs really, got such a unique sound and I love it.
  13. Given a choice for FPL, do you reckon Jimenez or Jota is better?
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