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  1. Leicester 2-Liverpool 3 post match thread.

    Sadly we just give ourselves too much to do every game. Can't keep conceding 2+ goals a game and expect to pick up points!
  2. Nigel Pearson working for KP again

    This certainly seems like a stepping stone towards bringing him back one day, as it's appears NP and the owners have clearly resolved any differences that they may have previously had. I wouldn't be too surprised to see NP back within the next 2 years, and given the amount of stick Walsh has been getting from the Everton fans recently don't believe it to be inconceivable that we could see the dream team reunited.
  3. Huddersfield Away 1-1 post match

    Having been at today's game Huddersfield were everything we used to be; cohesive, hard working and incredibly fit. By comparison we looked very disjointed and poorly organised. We're fast becoming mid table Premier League plodders. A team full of established players that simply struggle to play as a team. Whether that's a good thing or bad thing time will tell and is down to personal opinion. However I feel that we're evolving into a team in the mould of Stoke and West Brom settling for mid table mediocrity rather than pushing to elevate our game to the next level. For the first time in a long while I feel like the club both on and off the pitch has no clear vision or direction which is saddening considering that less than 2 years ago the club was being heralded as the model that others should follow. Let's take nothing away from Huddersfield, they're a very good team and will surprise quite a few this season, however we really needed to ask more questions. Setting up in a 442 knowing that they would play 5 in midfield playing a high tempo pressing game seemed rather naive. First half our midfield was non-existent. Admittedly things improved slightly second half but N'didi was well off the pace today. If Iborra is fit then he has to play a part in these types of games. I was also very surprised by the Vardy substitution, he certainly didn't look injured contrary to what Shakespeare said in his post match interview but if he was struggling then fair enough. Not a disaster today by any stretch given the quality of the opposition but I hope that moving forwards we can be a bit more dynamic and flex our style in order to be prepared for the opposition rather than simply sticking to the same old formula week in, week out.
  4. Chelsea Home Match Thread

    Come on City! What on earth was going through Courtois mind. Such a silly decision.
  5. Chelsea Home Match Thread

    Defensively we're all over the shop. What the heck is going off?
  6. Chelsea Home Match Thread

    Typical. N'Golo has probably scored the only goal he'll score all season and it had come against us. Unbelievable!
  7. Drinkwater says farewell

    Absolutely gutted to see Danny leave although I wish him well at Chelsea and I hope the move works out for him. My heart is saddened as without a doubt he was one of my favourite players at the club and someone who I thought would be a strong candidate for the Captaincy. Whilst others have commented negatively I actually really liked his quirky complex character. We'll miss his leadership I'm certain of that, and I'll be intrigued to see how this impacts the squad as he seemed to be well liked amongst the 'Band of Brother's'. Despite all of the above, my head says it was a very shrewd bit of business by the club. We secured an excellent fee, and a competent replacement, but part of me wonders how much his Hip injury influenced our decision. Such injuries are very complex and surgery particularly arthroscopically yields mixed results. It could well be that our sports injury team felt that a move was in the best interests of the club and player as we may not have the specialised knowledge and equipment to get him back to the level he was at during 15/16 season, although time will tell regarding this theory. In terms of the dynamics of the team on the pitch I think this move will have a positive effect. For all his combativeness and hard work, he was pretty limited technically and since teams have started to close us down and restrict the space in behind for Vardy, we've been crying out for players who are comfortable not only on the ball but also capable of beating a man one v one in order to create their own space. I think our recruitment overall has been relatively positive in terms of trying to evolve our style of play so hopefully this move whilst sad will enable us to push on.
  8. Ulloa new contract

    Hopefully Rudders has inserted a £1 release clause
  9. New chants and songs

    To tune of Kings of Leon - Sex is on Fire Play where you're playing You're loved in this ground England are watching Watching All the commotion With the ball he can play It has people talking Talking Ooooohhhh He's Harry Maguire
  10. Mount Rushmore of Leicester Legends

    Think it's difficult to look beyond Peter Taylor, Junior Lewis, Dennis Wise, and Ian Holloway
  11. Kel-amity looming

    Usually I enjoy reading your posts as they are generally well researched and offer a balanced opinion @Thracian, but this one seems a little odd and not consistent with your previous posts. From the quick research that I've done he's only ever previously had one soft tissue injury, which would have healed very quickly. I don't recall him ever being out of the Man City squad based on injury. Assuming he has picked up a complex toe injury which at worst would be a fracture or break the bones are easily fixed via surgery as they are readily accessible, operating on them poses no risk to other structures, and the bones sit in a straight line with no mechanical stresses once mobilised to allow for healing. The only risk he faces is atrophy of muscles due to mobilisation which could potentially lead to injuries down the line however this can be easily managed by physiotherapy and given the resources that are available to the club there is almost no risk of this happening. Sorry @Thracian I'm not taking a pop just surprised by how quickly you've come to the conclusion that he'll be trouble moving forwards based upon the little evidence available. Out of interest are you privy to some information that isn't common knowledge that may have helped you form this opinion?
  12. BHA pre match

    Didn't see the Brighton game live but having watched the highlights I think they're really going to struggle this season. Reminded me a lot of ourselves in our first season back in the PL. Lots of effort with little end product.
  13. Simpson

    To answer the OPs question, my thoughts are that we don't need an upgrade, but we do need cover/competition.
  14. Arsenal post match 4-3

    I feel really mixed emotionally having left the game with 8 minutes to go at 2-3 in-order to catch my train back to the Midlands. The 80 odd minutes that I saw we were very impressive overall and didn't ever really look outclassed by Arsenal which is what I had feared going into the game. Vardy, Maguire, Albrighton, and James were all excellent in my opinion. Sadly I felt the opposite can be said for Morgan, Mahrez, and Fuchs performances. I don't want to be overly critical of Shakespeare as in my view Wenger's tactical changes won them the game as much as ours cost us the result. What concerns me slightly is that we seemed a little unprepared for their changes which did surprise me given the amount of times over recent years we've seen Arsenal revert to such tactics successfully; off the top of my head Bournemouth away, and Chelsea in the FA Cup final spring to mind. Ultimately no team should be losing a game in which they score 3 goals away from home. For me Amartey was the right choice and was effective in tightening up the midfield, and whilst I left as soon as Iheanacho was introduced what followed didn't surprise me as Arsenal had a clear numerical advantage in the areas of the pitch where they were always going to look to target. Add to the fact that Giroud is very effective off the bench and almost unplayable at times I think we were left very exposed by our tactical choices. I felt as soon as Arsenal introduced Ramsay and Giroud and switched to a front 3 we should have countered by going 5-3-2, thereby allowing us to match them up man for man defensively to nullify their attacking threat, give us the numbers behind the ball to restrict the space for Arsenal to work in, whilst also having an attacking outlet on the counter. Defensively we have to improve as our shape was all over the place at times. Whilst Arsenal certainly have the capability we made it far too easy for them to cut through us at will. Fuchs for me has to focus more on his defensive responsibilities rather than trying to be a marauding wingback which he's no longer capable of due to his decreasing pace. Morgan is another for me who's on his last legs too and in my opinion should no longer be a regular as he's really struggling with the basics which is sad as his decline has been quite rapid. Whilst we have a replacement in waiting for Fuchs, I think it's crucial that we bring another CB in before the window closes. Overall, this was a much improved performance and there were a lot of positives to draw from the game. Given the fact that it was our first game back and we're still probably not at our peak in terms of match sharpness, plus the current midfield injury crisis which would have probably seen us pick up a result I think we can have a lot of optimism going into this season. If we can pick up points early doors I can only see us getting stronger as the season progresses as our fitness peaks and other teams tail off. Yes, last night's performance highlighted some shortcomings but in all honesty if you're going to make mistakes now is the right time to realise your weaknesses. So long as we learn from our mistakes, and address the areas where we need to strengthen I think we won't be far off the European spots which I'd certainly be happy with come the end of the season.
  15. Arsenal.. Away: pre match thread...

    Thanks for the heads up appreciate the info. Good to see local authorities plan these events well!