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  1. ian_marshall

    Wagner leaves Huddersfield

    Why is this thread in the Leicester section of FT?!? Surely it'd be better aligned to either the PL thread or General Football section. As things currently stand we have a manager, and even if we didn't our previous links to Wagner were speculative at best so I really don't understand why we're discussing a former Huddersfield Town in a Leicester City forum.
  2. ian_marshall

    Southampton Home post match, 1-2 loss.

    Agree with this. For all of their technical ability, we must have some of the least intelligent player's in this league and that is remarkable considering how dim the average footballer tends to be. Maddison, Chillwell, and Gray somehow make Jeff Schlupp look like the footballing equivalent of Albert Einstein. No wonder they're all best mates, they're clearly all on the same wave length. People rightly or wrongly will criticise Puel for not coaching these guy's to make better decisions, but ultimately if they're not capable of absorbing the information or processing what they've been taught in a real game situation what hope does he have.
  3. ian_marshall

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    I think you're right in the sense that he does do it deliberately, however I think it's for other reasons than trying to wind up the fans. I suspect he wants change but behind the scenes he's being told that it isn't necessary as the senior management are probably pointing to the fact that he has inherited a group of player's that not so long ago won the PL so are therefore more than adequate backup. The best way to disprove that notion is to give the backup player's the opportunity to prove that they're as good as people believe, and can be best summed up by the old expression of "Give them enough rope and they'll hang themselves". Ultimately the more he does this and the more those same player's keep letting him down, the stronger the argument for change becomes as he will have compelling factual reasons as to why he is right to push for the changes. He did this last season with the back line, regularly playing the old guard whilst FT went into meltdown constantly criticising him for not addressing the leaky defence. We got to the summer and the defence has been completely overhauled and we now have a very good back line which offers an attacking option, with strength in depth. Try to be patient, I'd like to think some of these decisions are part of a bigger plan.
  4. ian_marshall

    Everton Post match Thread.

    It's a definite Puel 'Out' for me. I mean look at the stats: - Only 3 pts secured throughout the whole of 2019 - No home wins this calendar year - Only one goal scored in 2019 - Yet to pick up any points against any of the top 6 and bottom half sides since the turn of the year. How can the board continue to back this manager?!?
  5. ian_marshall


    In my view he's a decent player but that's about it. I appreciate he's young and will develop but if you compare him to the top player's in his position he's too slow mentally and needs too many touches on the ball. You can coach him to be more instinctive in his decision making which will improve him, but no amount of coaching is going to improve his intelligence which will ultimately prevent him from becoming one of the best.
  6. ian_marshall

    Booing your own team

    Some of our current fan base are embarrassing. Every single person who booed today should take a serious look in the mirror and ask themselves if they are cutout to be a Leicester fan, or whether Man City, Liverpool, United, or Chelsea are a better fit for them. The title win has absolutely ruined our support. If people think sitting 8th in the PL is worthy of abusing the player's and manager, then I have no idea how these same people felt during the season we were relegated to League One. Iheanacho and Puel are like having Messi and Guardiola compared to some of the dross we've previously had to entertain in the past, yet both have been singled out for far worse treatment. I keep hearing people say it's an entertainment game and that they pay their ticket price so they are entitled to air their views. If that's your stance and you aren't prepared to support the team through the good times and the bad (not that sitting 8th in the PL constitutes a bad time) then why not do us all a favour and go and spend your money watching football in London or the North West. You'll be in good company with like minded people, enjoy yourself a lot more watching 'entertaining' football, and not annoy the rest of us by whinging and whining all the while. If football is as transactional as you claim and this club is not for you, fine, no one will hold it against you if you decide that there are other team's that you'd prefer to watch which may better suit your needs. At the end of the day no one's forcing you to pay your money to watch a team which has a long history of being highly inconsistent and average at the best of times. I'm personally not a fan of Period Drama film's, but I wouldn't pay to watch one at the cinema and then boo because I disliked the story.
  7. ian_marshall

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    I have no strong feelings on whether Puel should go or stay, however if he does go the next appointment has to be a strong high profile manager who has been at the very top of the game and can reign in the ego's of the legends. If not, we're just going to keep seeing the same nonsense every year. One thing is for certain - unless everybody is pulling in the same direction I think we need to accept that mid-table mediocrity is here to stay.
  8. ian_marshall

    Spurs 0-2 Post Match Thread

    Sorry Foxboy have to agree to disagree on both counts I'm afraid. Son's most PL appearances were last season where he started in just over 60% of the games. This season he's started in a similar proportion of games where he's been available despite both Eriksen and Lamela experiencing injuries at one point or another. As for being the third name on the team sheet, I'm sure Eriksen, Alderweireld, and Lloris to name just a few would all argue that they're ahead of Son in the pecking order.
  9. ian_marshall

    Spurs 0-2 Post Match Thread

    Right... I refrained from posting last night as I would have written from the heart not the head. Having had time to reflect here's my observations: - We have a group of potentially above average youngsters but nothing more. - We're technically not as good on the ball as I originally thought, always needing two touches rather than moving the ball quickly with one touch football to open up space. - This group of player's are way too soft. - Some of our hyped player's (won't call them out) need to work alot harder if they want to win anything throughout their careers. - I can take watching us being outclassed by a better side, but find it hard to accept when the player's don't work hard to at least try and compete. - If we want to progress to a top team the board need to stop spending above average amounts on potential star's of the future and go all out on proven player's who will definitely make a difference. - We are at least 2 top class player's short of being a decent side capable of competing with the league's better teams. - Why do we have only two striker's capable of finishing (subjective I know) in the squad? - As much as it pains me to say it but both Son and Alli were in a league of their own on that pitch last night. - How on earth is Son a bit part player at Spurs?!? Overall a very frustrating watch last night, let's hope we can learn from this performance and offer more moving forwards.
  10. ian_marshall

    January Transfer Window Thoughts & Rumours

    It won't happen but I'd like us to go after Josh King. He reminds me a lot of Vardy in many way's and still has his prime years ahead of him. I think it's about time that people started rocking the boat at Bournemouth, they've had it far too easy. A bid would be a win win for us. We either get a good proven PL striker who'd do a capable job for us, or Bournemouth (one of our direct competitors) reject the offer but are forced into offering him improved terms which in turn will trigger their other top players to do the same putting them under pressure to comply with FFP.
  11. ian_marshall

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    For me Iheanacho needs to be playing on the shoulder of the last defender. He's not a number 10 in my opinion. Serve up the chances and this lad is lethal in front of goal. He's no Vardy in the sense that he'll chase lost causes and create his own chances, but put it on a plate for him and he'll score goals for fun. The problem we have in my opinion is that it's either him or Vardy up front, you can't play both unless you switch to a traditional two up front where they're both playing on the shoulder. As much as I love Vardy, given his recent form I'd be tempted to give Iheanacho an extended run up top and see what comes of it. I genuinely believe that like most striker's Iheanacho is one who thrives on confidence and a couple of goals would do him the world of good. We need to start managing Vardy a bit better now. He's not getting any younger and his main asset (acceleration) is slowly deteriorating. Make no mistake there is most definitely still room for Vardy in this team, but I think it won't be long until he may be better suited to coming off the bench and utilising his speed against the jaded legs of the opponent's defence.
  12. ian_marshall

    Puel in, but the debate should be there.

    @Suzie the Fox Generally speaking it's a good start and shows he has potential but I agree with most of the feedback so far. For me, where he cites changes to the style of play I'd like to see him back it up with references to statistics and rationale, e.g. 'Having switched from a Counter Attacking style of play with circa 30% possession, Leicester have now transitioned into a team that dictates the play of the ball, doubling their possession rates to closer to 60-70% under Puel's guidance. It's a philosophy often adopted by Europe's finest, one which requires skill and precision, yet when implemented successfully yields success by not only limiting the time the opposition have on the ball, which in turn reduces their attacking threat, but also improves efficiency by conserving energy whilst forcing the opponent to run further and work harder to retrieve the ball.' For me I like to see some context to what has been written. I also think it's important not to assume that your audience has a good knowledge of the subject, and therefore by offering insight the writer sets the scene for a reader who is either new to the subject or only shows a passing interest. The only other thing I would say, is that reading the article I really think your nephew could benefit from reading not only more, but also a broader spectrum of material from journal's through to academic publication's across many differing subjects. This would massively increase his repertoire of writing styles and allow him to be more adaptive depending on the subject written about. I wish him well on his journey and look forward to reading more of his work and seeing it evolve.
  13. ian_marshall

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    I was impressed with his work rate yesterday. Seemed to put himself about a bit and chased down/pressed from the front. Definitely his best game for us, looked more confident and fit than previous games.
  14. ian_marshall

    Helicopter crash

    Absolutely shocked and devastated to hear this news! I'm bordering on tears. My thoughts and prayers are with Top and his family.
  15. ian_marshall

    December and January TV Fixtures announced

    Why on earth have the broadcaster's moved the Everton game to that time, when they could quite easily have scheduled the London derby Arsenal for that time? Given that most people will be heavily intoxicated from the night before (assuming that they're able to get up early enough to travel up there), and the severe disruption to public transport with it being a Bank Holiday, it seems rather irresponsible of the broadcaster's seeing as people will have no choice but to drive. Surely logistically it makes more sense for two London club's to play each other. The lack of common sense from these broadcaster's is truly on another level. The government need to intervene in all honesty as the whole thing is getting out of hand.