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  1. West Ham (A) Match Thread

    We're sat far too deep!
  2. West Ham (A) Match Thread

    Need to provide more support to the forward players, Vardy's becoming isolated. We need someone to hold up play and allow the midfield to play higher up the pitch.
  3. Ulloa new contract

  4. West Ham (A) Match Thread

    Our lack of clinical finishing in front of goal is a big concern. Created a lot of chances in that first half and should be out of sight.
  5. West Ham (A) Match Thread

    What awful defending. No wonder West Ham are struggling.
  6. Next up . . . Manchester City (Home) thoughts?

    No idea why, but just have a feeling that we'e going to turn these over today and start a bit of a wobbly run for them.
  7. Not bad but Birchy sounds like a second hand car dealer at the end.
  8. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/42022871 Premier League at it again. Can't say I'm particularly looking forward to this, where does it end?!? It wouldn't be so bad if there were regulations in place restricting such games to supporter commutes of no more than an hour, but you can guarantee that we'll end up playing someone like Swansea on a Saturday night at 7.30pm, or Newcastle playing Bournemouth midweek.
  9. New training ground

    As far as I'm aware they only own the land up to Snells Nook Lane. I believe the farm belongs to the Trustees of the Grace Dieu and Longcliffe Estate. Whether there is an agreement that the University has first refusal on the land I couldn't tell you. The land across the road has plans approved for a huge housing estate between Loughborough and Hathern around Garendon Park, so that land definitely isn't owned by the University.
  10. New training ground

    Completely agree. No chance of building in this area unless the club buy the golf course. The area in red is already under construction to expand the technology park which is owned by the University, the yellow area has had a planning application accepted by the local council for a large housing development, and the old quarry highlighted in purple has a planning application approved for an incinerator. The only other site is the farm in the middle (next to the golf course) but it's currently a working farm and the terrain isn't flat so it would cost a small fortune to level which I don't think would be very cost effective. Not sure where else in Loughborough the club could build near to the M1. Only other thoughts are maybe around the Castle Donnington area due to its transport links, airport, roads, rail, etc. Plenty of land around that area.
  11. Stoke Post Match Thread 2-2....again

    Think Puel will be extremely frustrated with yesterday's performance. Having scored two away at a side who are happy to park the bus at home I'm sure he'd have expected us to come away with more than a point. There were plenty of positives from the game. We created more than enough chances to have secured the victory and restricted Stoke to a handful on their own patch. Furthermore, I got the impression from Puel's post match interview that our frailties yesterday highlighted a few issues to him and that he'll go away and focus on addressing these for the future. Without trying to state the obvious we simply weren't clinical enough in front of goal, and were too sloppy at the back. The Iborra injury was a massive loss and emphasises the lack of quality we have as backup in the squad at present. I must admit I felt Fuchs was very poor, and I'm concerned that he allowed Crouch a free header for their equaliser without really contesting the ball. I was also disappointed to see how both Fuchs and Maguire reacted immediately after the goal trying to point the blame at one another, and it certainly didn't look like they have the type of bond that solid back fours are built upon. I got the impression that their reactions didn't go unnoticed by the management team either. Finally, Vardy looks like he's lost a yard of pace this season. There were couple of instances yesterday day where he got himself one on one with the last man yet seemed to lack the explosive pace to exploit the space in behind. If that is the case then we're certainly going to need to be a bit more inventive in how we approach attacking opposition teams moving forward. Overall we played well, and whilst we didn't get the result that we wanted the performance will have certainly helped Puel in assessing the strengths and weaknesses within our team.
  12. Everton 2-0 (H) Post Match Thread

    Surprised with some of the negativity concerning the second half display. Yes, we dropped the tempo along with the pressing game and allowed Everton to have possession of the ball, a point which was highlighted further by their switch to a midfield three, but we simply managed the game well and didn't allow Everton any clear opportunities. Admittedly it wasn't pleasing on the eye, but we did what we needed to do in the first half, so the second half was just a case of containing them whilst preserving our energy for the games ahead. Smart management in my view and in all honesty despite our decision not to go at Everton in the second half, we still created the better chances. In fact, the cynic in me actually thinks that Unsworth knew full well at half time that we had too much quality for them to get back into the game, so opted to go with a 3 man midfield as he knew that it'd give them greater possession stats second half which he could then point to after the game as a measure of improvement to suggest that they were the more dominant team after the break whilst ignoring the fact that they were completely impotent in front of goal.
  13. Bastian Schweinsteiger

    Had a similar thought at the Leeds game midweek. Kept shouting to Gray when he had the ball 'Go on son', then thought to myself I bet those around me are thinking what a plonker that guy is calling someone of a similar age 'son'. I then experienced an awful moment of reflection and realised that if I'd started young around 16, I'm technically old enough to be the dad of Gray, Chilwell, Amartey, and N'didi. That truly was quite a scary moment.
  14. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    As much as it was brainless decision making from Antonio, the rest of their play in the build up to the equaliser was awful. You can see forward players idly jogging about not even trying to get back, the midfield don't press the ball carrier and let him advance unchallenged, and then once the ball is in the box Kouyate should be ushering Zaha to the touchline and closing the space behind him to prevent him turning. The focus and concentration of the West Ham players should be a big concern for Bilic. In all honesty the Palace first goal was just as bad, what on earth was going through Ogbonna's head! Absolutely no need whatsoever to make the challenge, let alone an ill timed one. If I was Bilic I'd be furious.
  15. Everton (H) Pre Match