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  1. The whole GCSE negativity seems a bit daft in my opinion. As davieG pointed out its a prerequisite for the BTEC course which is out of Fuchs hands. Yes, it may exclude a few from this generation who have already taken their GCSEs, but moving forward it should act as motivation for any aspiring young footballer to at least strive towards ascertaining a basic level of education knowing that if they don't make it within club academies (which they most likely won't as academies these day's will take anyone who can lace their boots up in under 5 minutes, giving false hope to lots of young people who will clearly never make the grade just to avoid said club potentially losing out on a late developer) they may get a second bite of the Cherry. If youngster's aren't committed or lack the self discipline to follow a pathway that is a compulsory requirement in this country for all, then you have to question their desire to actually fulfil their dreams. It's not as if the college the academy is working with have requested 5x 'A' grades. How anyone can criticise a scheme setup to better people and help them potentially have a better future whether that be in football or not is somewhat surprising.
  2. Burnley post match 2-1 loss

    Poor opening 10 minutes yesterday. Burnley caught us cold and it was a tactical masterclass from Dyche to get his team firing on all cylinders to try and kill the game early doors. Burnley simply wanted it more than us in those opening minutes and were first to every ball and were quick to pick up the second ball. After we settled we were easily the better team. The contrast between the two sides was night and day. I don't recall Burnley really having any chances of significance after their blistering start. Had we taken our chances in the first half we could and should have been going into the break leading 2-4. We continued to boss the second half and for the life of me I genuinely don't know how we didn't come away with at least a point. Credit to Burnley they did what they had to do, and I left the ground yesterday with no complaints only disappointment at what could have been. Aside from the obvious underperformer's, what has surprised me having read the thread is how little mention there is of Maguire's contribution to their second goal yesterday. Burnley played a hopeful ball down their right to no one and all Maguire had to do was take the Huth approach and put the ball into row Z for a throw in. Instead he tried to be clever in attempting to shield the ball out for a goal kick and got absolutely bullied in the process which led to the corner that they scored from. It was an extremely naive piece of defending. Burnley were in the ascendancy and full of confidence. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out that Burnley's game plan would be focused on trying to use their height and strength in and around the penalty area at set pieces, particularly as everyone in this league knows that we are abysmal at defending them. I really like Maguire a lot as a player. He's comfortable on the ball and doesn't panic in possession which I like, but in honesty he hasn't mastered the basic art of defending which is primarily his role. He's still young so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt as he has time to learn and develop this side of his game, but it is definitely something he needs to work on. As for our tactics yesterday, once we established a rhythm there was only one team in that game which highlighted that Puel's approach is working and will benefit us long term once he has the right personnel at his disposal. Finally, I just wanted to highlight Choudhury's performance yesterday. What a mature display from a player with such little first team experience. He certainly did not look out of place, and was one of our best players. Hopefully that will give him the confidence to push on.
  3. unrest in the squad

    You make some very valid points in your post's and I must admit that my initial thoughts were along the same lines. However, having given it a little more thought I actually think Puel may be picking these player's to make a point. We know from previous reports that these player's are rumoured to have the ear of the senior management at the club. Maybe certain established player's from this group who were dropped raised concerns again. Puel rather than taking a heavy handed approach may actually be smarter than we give him credit for, and have countered by selecting these player's to out their lack of ability and fall on their own sword. He's effectively saying 'you've openly made it clear within the club that you you believe you're good enough for selection, now prove it!' Yes, he could just drop them and select our second string or youth, but if/when that fails he's effectively strengthed the position of the rebels in the squad by allowing them the opportunity to make the argument of look what happens when we don't play. Likewise I'm sure if said player's were dropped they'd also argue that they weren't given a fair cracking of the whip to demonstrate their ability to play his style of football. If he continues with the old guard and results don't improve what bigger statement to the board than simply demonstrating that these player's aren't good enough to step up to the next level. They'll be no hiding places this time for the player's. Yes it might cost Puel his job (depending on his influence in the boardroom or lack of), but either way rather than being viewed as weakness you could argue it's a brave and courageous move and a case of him trying to pick his battles wisely. Time will tell I'm sure, but judging some of the comments on here directed towards certain players following recent poor performances you could say that his approach is possibly having the desired effect and weakening their stature within the club.
  4. Burnley (A) - Sat 14th April 3pm

    1x adult ticket available at face value. Can meet around the ground at 2.30pm. Please PM me if interested.
  5. Burnley (A) - Sat 14th April 3pm

    Got 1x adult ticket available at face value. Please PM me if you're interested. *Will need to meet at the ground*
  6. New Statue

    Just to clarify... Those asking for a statue of Pearson are you referring to Nigel or James?!?
  7. Europa League

    Tough draw especially as they'll play the second leg away. Having said that if they can get past Atletico who I think are definitely beatable given the our performance against them last year, I can see them winning the tournament.
  8. Danny Drinkwater: Would you re-sign him?

    No. He was one of my favourite players before he left, but I'd have huge concerns over his fitness given his injury record over the past year, and I'm sure financially in terms of wages it'd be an expensive bit of business. Furthermore, seeing as it's been suggested that some of the old guard maybe have a little too much power in the dressing room I really don't think it would be conducive to resolving such issues by adding to their numbers. Finally, if we were to re-sign him he'd surely want guarantees of first team football given his reason for wanting to leave Chelsea, which would mean both Iborra and Silva would be demoted to the bench which would surely cause further issues.
  9. Leicester 1- Newcastle 2 post match thread.

    Disgusting performance from the player's yesterday. Newcastle were rubbish yet you could see how much more they wanted it compared to our player's and it did not surprise me that they walked away with all three points. What disappoints me most is that many of the player's who played such a pivotal part in the great escape and title winning side seem to have forgotten how much their own high work ethic contributed to their success and have simply become complacent. Culturally that can't be a good thing, as any new player's coming into the squad accept that as the norm. You can have all of the talent in the world but if you're not prepared to work hard for the team you'll seldom succeed. The league has evolved to the point where even the very best teams are now continuously pressing, tracking back, and on the move. That says a lot about how high the bar is now set just to compete. I lay the blame yesterday at the feet of the player's. Too many simply didn't turn up and individual errors cost us dearly. Whilst it was a turgid performance overall, I'm prepared to get behind the manager as I can see what he is trying to do and with the right personnel which I think will arrive in the summer the system and style of play will most certainly work. It's difficult right now as he's having to try and get across his ideas to a group of player's some of which are technically limited and some who have clearly seen better days. Those players will know that they are effectively finished at the club for one reason or another yet still have a job to do. As such I wouldn't be surprised if motivation is relatively low amongst some of the squad and they have downed tools. I said last week after the Brighton game that the movement in the final third was very poor which was causing us to slow down the play as none of the forward players were offering an option. Nothing yesterday suggested that this had improved but this is ultimately down to the work rate of the attacking players. Without attackers prepared to disrupt the back line of the opposition, the play will naturally slow down especially in a team schooled to retain possession of the ball. My anger yesterday was down to the fact that the game should have easily been a winnable one especially with the opportunity to finish seventh, yet that result barring a colossal down turn in form from Burnley has pretty much ended any hopes of possibly achieving European qualification. If the player's can't get up for games when we clearly have something to play for then it doesn't bode well for the remainder of the season.
  10. I can see the owners bringing Walsh back into the fold as Head of Recruitment for the King Power Footballing Family overseeing Leicester and Leuven. That way Walsh has an elevated role within the group, could probably base himself up in the North West as he wouldn't have day to day involvement at Leicester other than phone calls/web conferencing, and from a structural perspective would also allow Macia to focus solely on Leicester with the occasional discussion involving Walsh.
  11. Brighton Away post match 2-0

    We were nowhere near as bad as some are making out on here. Yes, admittedly we could have been a couple of goals down on a different day, but you should expect any team playing at home to have spells where they create at least a couple of decent chances. I thought we controlled the game for large periods and it's quite evident that we're now managing the transition of the ball from goalkeeper, through defence to the midfield much more comfortably. What we now need to work on is our movement in the final third as it's too static with no one offering an option, which is making us look laboured in midfield as the midfielders chose to hold on to the ball rather than give up possession. Once Puel has had time to develop this aspect of our game we'll be a very good team and certainly win more than we lose. Today Brighton made it very difficult for us as they sat very deep and got plenty of men behind the ball when out of possession. This restricted our play due to our lack of movement up front yet we still found a way get the points on the board. It might not have been pretty but it's days like today that show us how far we've progressed. It wasn't that long ago that we were in a similar position to Brighton, working hard as a unit to avoid defeat and being picked off by teams who were a little more streetwise and possessed a little more quality. To be able to pick up points against teams setup to nullify you, or when you're not quite at the races should be viewed as a positive step in my opinion. As for those questioning Puel, give the guy a chance. I distinctly remember Man City fans last season calling for Pep to go and calling him a fraud. One season later, and they're now saying he's a genius and has created the best team ever to play in the PL. Rome wasn't built in a day, be patient and have a little faith.
  12. Brighton away

    1x Adult ticket available at face value, will need to meet at the ground. PM me if interested.
  13. The "do they mean us?" thread

    Probably has something to do with Scouser's and there liking for a white substance that looks like Snow!?!
  14. 18 years ago today....

    That game showed us a glimpse of what could have been. I remember thinking we'd finally cracked it and could push on and break into the top 6, only for Heskey to be sold straight after in what would prove to be the pinnacle of that generation and the beginning of the end of the O'Neill era. Such fond memories, yet so sad to see to see it all fall apart.