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  1. Player Meet & Greet/Signing Session

    I agree that safeguarding is very important, but it sounds to me that they weren't there to safeguard the kids, rather the player's. Even as a preventative safeguarding measure, did the club really need to roll out the heavies? I'm sure having anyone in an official capacity would act as both a deterrent and witness to any antisocial behaviour, I just don't know why they felt the need to have a couple of bruiser's who might intimidate young children.
  2. Player Meet & Greet/Signing Session

    From what's been described it sounds horrendous. Why do the club feel the need to have minders at a kids meet and greet session, what do they expect will happen?!? The off field antics of the club are shocking and have been for a very long time. I really don't understand how they can get their commercial operations so wrong. The level of incompetence is beyond belief and the staff generally speaking exhibit zero common sense.
  3. Man City away - 5.30pm Sat 10th February

    1x Adult ticket going spare if anyone is able to meet me at the ground. PM me if interested.
  4. Need to get the lads to feign some injuries second half tomorrow to buy some injury time then sub him on in the 95th minute as a reminder to that **** Pep of Riyad's actual valuation.
  5. Money Can’t buy my Love , but it’s killing it.....

    Good topic which is certainly thought provoking, however whilst the league is awash with money, is money really the issue? Throughout the history of the game there has always been teams with bigger budgets, whether that be down to demographics, location, population, ownership, success, etc. which has made it difficult for others to compete on a level playing field, so whilst the numbers may have changed I'm not sure that in the grand scheme of things it's actually changed all that much. There's also the argument that if money was such a factor in determining success we'd never have won the league. Forget the rhetoric that the media spun about the league being weak that season, as that was simply an excuse to cover up for other's failings. Lets not forget that both the Manchester teams spent in excess of £100m in the summer window alone, with United having already spent several hundred million in the seasons preceding. Also, whilst money has come into the game from TV rights at the top level, virtually every club in the league now has a billionaire owner which to some extent has increased competition. The traditional top 4 is now pretty much a top 6. Whilst we've experienced a difficult week with the Mahrez debacle, this is first time in my time supporting City (over 30 years) that we've been in a position to stand our ground and avoid a so called 'bigger team' from cherry picking our most talented player as the money isn't really that important to us at the current time. Whilst I certainly agree that the money in the game is excessive and goes against the historical culture of the sport, i.e. being a working man's game, I'd argue from a competition standpoint that the introduction of short transfer windows along with the Bosman ruling have been far more detrimental to the game overall.
  6. Probably done us a favour in all honesty as it clearly shows Mahrez where Pep sees him featuring in that squad.
  7. Benalouane is unhappy

    Love Benny, sometimes you need characters like him around a squad irrespective of how you perceive their ability.
  8. I really don't think that the owners valuation is unrealistic in this market given that statistically he's on par with the likes of Coutinho and Hazard. To put that into context let's say Man City had offered £70m and we had accepted, do people honestly think that he is half the player that Coutinho is?!? The fact that Man City got nowhere near £70m says a lot about how they actually rate him. I get the impression given Riyad's actions during the past two windows and the fact that he has publicly stated his desire to play for Barcelona that he considers himself to be a top top player, yet Pep stated today 'Maybe in the future we can buy players for £100m but it will be for a special player', which suggests to me that given Man City's bid of £50m plus one of their random fringe player's that he really doesn't consider Mahrez to be anywhere near a 'special player'. If I was Mahrez I actually think I'd feel quite insulted by Pep's comments today as it shows that they only ever really saw him as a stop gap to fill in whilst Sane recovers and nothing more. For those saying that we're being unreasonable by holding out for a fair valuation and not allowing him to move let's not forget that a contract is a two way street. There was a point last season where we potentially looked like we could get relegated. To play devil's advocate, let's say we had gone down and then upon relegation got hit with a massive fine by the Football League and were subsequently forced to cut costs to avoid further sanctions in line with FFP, with no suitors for Mahrez due to his poor form last season, and his £100k a week salary being restrictive to a transfer, would Mahrez have agreed to take a pay cut to reflect dropping down a league in order to protect the interests of the club? I think the answer would most certainly have been 'no'. For the record, I do think that under the current circumstances given market conditions that his wage is not reflective of his valuation so this needs to change in fairness to him, however I really don't know how we approach this matter as it'd be wholly inappropriate to be seen to be rewarding such recent behaviour and send out the wrong message to the rest of the squad. Hopefully he sees sense and we can all move on from the debacle. I'm not angry with him as he deserves the chance to play at a top club as I'll never forget his contribution to us winning the PL, but I must say that I'm very very disappointed with how he's gone about his business in the last few days.
  9. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    Am I the only person that thinks apart from the beard that video looks completely fake unless Mahrez has been on a strict diet of Pie and Chips since Saturday?!?
  10. The manager slayers

    Seems a very silly decision by Watford. They certainly aren't the worst team to visit the KP this season, and you can see that they have enough about them to stay up certainly by comparison to many of the other teams battling it out down at the bottom. My biggest concern for them, is where they go from here. Virtually all of the half decent managers that they'd be able to attract have been appointed elsewhere, and what's left is a far worse than their previous manager.
  11. Matty James

    Good performance today. Looked really comfortable on the ball. I'd forgotten how good his footwork is when he has the ball at his feet. He is still a class act.
  12. Chelsea (A) :: Match Thread

    Silly challenge knowing he was already on a yellow. What was he thinking!
  13. The Owners

    The article doesn't say that they took out a bank loan, merely that the owners lent the club £100m which we already knew, and is partially part of the reason along with the Trestellar deal that questions have been raised by the Football League regarding possible financial doping to circumvent the financial fair play regulations that were imposed. This is old news.
  14. The "do they mean us?" thread

    I know Walshy was a bit of a party animal in his prime but I've got to say looking at those pictures he definitely hasn't aged well!
  15. Europa league spot

    I'm pretty certain 7th will be good enough for a Europa League place this season. As mentioned based on domestic cups the chances are pretty high and no one has even talked about an English team winning one of the European Cups which I think is also a strong possibility and would also unlock 7th place. I'd agree with one of the previous posters that it's between us, Burnley, and Everton. I think we'll finish above Burnley. Yes, they don't drop many points but we still have to play them at Turf Moor which would put us a point behind them if we were to win and I think we'll certainly amass a higher number of points throughout the remainder of the second half of this season. Everton on the other hand are a completely different animal and a lot will depend on whether they beat us and Burnley, and also who they recruit during January. Out of the teams in contention I think our run of fixtures combined with our usual strong finish to the season should see us sneak 7th. Finally to those saying it's only the Europa League, why bother? Generally speaking it isn't the toughest competition in the world and has a huge reward for the winner. I would like to think that we'd certainly be one of the stronger sides to qualify should we make it and it is probably our best opportunity of bringing Champions League football back to the KP in the short term.