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  1. Obviously it's very difficult to predict without knowing the incoming and outgoing player's and also the business that other club's complete, however if Brendan can keep the nucleus of the squad together whilst bringing in Tielemans, another striker capable of chipping in with 12-15 goals, and a goalscoring attacking midfielder/winger I think we can challenge the periphery of the top six. Having said that, if Wolves make significant reinforcements in the summer it's hard to see us and them displacing two teams from the top six so I think a lot will depend on what other teams do.
  2. Because firstly he's Rodgers mate, and secondly because Rodgers seems to think he has some god given talent by being able to identify that Coutinho and Neymar are half decent player's.
  3. 1x adult ticket available at face value if anyone is interested. Will need to meet in or around Leicester by no later than 4pm on Friday to complete sale. Please PM me if interested.
  4. I appreciate that the bulk of a club's money comes from broadcaster's and subsequently they want their pound of flesh but it's the lack of consideration for travelling fans (particularly away fans) that annoys me. As someone who travels to away games frequently it's incredibly frustrating seeing broadcaster's switch games around with little notice. Those who don't go will say it's wonderful as they get to see more games, but for those who do, you're often put in quite a predicament with regards to personal commitments and travel arrangements. There's been a number of occasions where I've had a ticket for a game only for the date to change at relatively short notice leaving me unable to go, and out of pocket on the ticket and occasionally out of pocket on train fairs. To add insult to injury, as a non subscriber to such premium sport's channels my only option to watch the game that I've already paid to watch is to subscribe to the service that has stopped me going in the first place. Whilst such changes inconvenience me I wouldn't have so much of a problem if the broadcaster's offered to refund expenses incurred (assuming proof of purchase is provided) for any games where their actions have prevented someone who has financially committed to the event being unable to attend, or at the very least if they included a NowTV code on the tickets (maybe under a foil coating which once unveiled invalidates the ticket) so that if you have bought tickets but aren't able to get to the game you are at least eligible to watch the game in some form given that you have paid to watch the game. Sadly the broadcaster's have no concern for anyone other than their viewers which is rather ironic considering how much their presenters bang on about the atmosphere in English football.
  5. Three centre backs and we're still shocking in defence. Awful performance all round. 7th well and truly out of sight now.
  6. What I mean by expectations is that Puel got it in the neck because he was perceived to play defensive football when people inside the ground and on this forum have continuously been calling greater emphasis on a counter attacking style. Rafa's style is ultra defensive which wouldn't appease the majority down at the KP, so he'd be up against it from the off.
  7. Need to avoid Benitez like the plague. Not necessarily a bad manager but wouldn't be a good fit for us in either team selection or fans expectations. Also has major health issues and even if he was successful is only a few years off retirement so isn't one for the future.
  8. Completely agree re: money so I realise that these slots are necessary to ensure higher revenue for the PL, however what I take issue with is the poor planning. Far too frequently fans are being asked to travel very long distances without any consideration for the travel conditions when there are other fixtures scheduled between clubs which are relatively close geographically. It's this stupidity that I find frustrating, especially when a travelling fan is paying close to £100 to watch their team, yet 60/70% of the televised viewing audience has absolutely no interest in either club and have paid circa £1.50/2.00 to have a bit of entertainment on a Friday night. Yes, that's the business model, I understand that, but it doesn't make it right.
  9. Shocking changes as always. Absolutely no consideration whatsoever for travelling fans. Firstly there's absolutely no need for these Friday night games, it's just a load of nonsense. Secondly, realistically how many Newcastle fans will be in a position to set off around 3pm to negotiate Friday rush hour traffic, find parking, and walk to the ground to ensure they don't miss kick off. Thirdly, if Sky insist it's absolutely necessary to have a Friday night game, why the heck have they ignored the fact that Brighton play Southampton that weekend (admittedly still a trek but easier journey than Newcastle to Leicester)?!? Until the government intervene which I suspect is highly unlikely I can see the broadcaster's continuing to marginalise travelling fans.
  10. The scenes in Leuven when the new management team get the club promoted only for Top to reinstate Pearson so that they can continue their strategy of developing the LCFC youth. Lizhang will be fuming!
  11. I'll be disappointed in Puel if Kasper isn't dropped for the next game. Regardless of whether or not Peter's views represent Kasper's this lack of professionalism needs to be reigned in as it sets a precedent for others. Peter more than anyone should know that such comments have consequences, after all Fergie most certainly wouldn't have tolerated this. Some might view it as being harsh on Kasper, but if he's going to be annoyed with anyone he needs to have a strong word with his dad and warn him of his conduct in public.
  12. Really don't want any of the top 3 to win the league this season for varying reasons, but seeing as one of them will have to win it I think Man City are the least annoying of those in contention.
  13. Pickford Ricardo Cathcart Evans Digne Doucore Anderson Neves Richarlison Zaha Mitrovic
  14. We have some of the cheapest tickets in the league. Rightly or wrongly that's the price for watching PL football. If people aren't happy paying that price there are other football club's with cheaper prices. Relative to how much people pay we are performing well above the ticket price. You can't say that because you pay 'x' amount you have the right to see the club be in a particular position in the league, play a certain style of football, be entertained, or simply boo the player's. If you applied the same logic to every football supporter in the country you'd end up in a situation whereby those paying the most are entitled to more success. There's plenty of teams below us whose fans pay more than the club charge ourselves yet you rarely hear them giving their player's and manager the level of abuse directed at ours. Furthermore, you can be certain that if the club said tomorrow that they were going to double the price of every ticket with a promise that they'd guarantee the league title every year with free flowing football, people would be up in arms at the prospect of being priced out despite this ideology that performances are in some way linked to the ticket price. Unfortunately you can't have it both ways.
  15. Can't understand what all the fuss is about regarding Mahrez not playing this month. How's Pep supposed to pick him when he's away on his annual trip to Charles De Gaulle Airport?!?
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