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  1. I know, makes a mockery of our negotiation skills. How on earth Watford can negotiate a deal to receive a fee £10m short what we received for Mahrez is unbelievable. Richarlison has only been there a year and was bang average throughout. Recent transfers are showing that we sold far too cheaply.
  2. ian_marshall

    Kasper - Chelsea and Roma. SSN

    I take your point Babylon and could understand if he was relatively new to the club and had been sold the dream, but if he can't see how far we've come as a club since he joined us and acknowledge the progress we are making then you have to think that he has other motives or isn't particularly bright if these rumours are true. Whilst I acknowledge the point about timelines, again this comes back to unrealistic expectations. I personally don't think the club are moving slowly, rather they are moving at a pace which a) is relative to their growing status in football, and b) in accordance with the logistics associated with the planning/preparation, and legal processes required to bring these improvements to fruition. Rome wasn't built in a day, and whilst I appreciate that Kasper may not be a beneficiary of the planned improvements it would be naive of him to think that the club can announce their plans and expect completion within a year or two. Furthermore as mentioned in my previous post, even if the owners did want to sink over a billion pounds into the club overnight, we'd get the book thrown at us for breaching FFP. With the current infrastructure there is absolutely no way that the owners could justify such a spend given our revenue streams. This isn't something new, and even those (bigger clubs than ours) who have the infrastructure having invested heavily prior to the regulations being applied are now trying to cut back and live within their means. It's going to take considerable work, time, and patience before we can realistically open up the chequebook safe in the knowledge that FFP is something we need to be aware of rather than allowing it to dictate how we operate.
  3. ian_marshall

    Kasper - Chelsea and Roma. SSN

    Out of interest, why is he disillusioned with the clubs ambitions? Plans to develop a state of the art training facility, expand the stadium, and continuing investment into player acquisitions suggest that these are exciting times and that the club are extremely ambitious. I certainly can't recall a time since the owners took over where they have shown greater levels of ambition than what they are demonstrating right now. Also, comparative to our direct competitors i.e. Burnley, Everton, West Ham, Watford, Palace, Southampton, etc. we appear to be one of the few clubs showing signs of trying to break into the next tier. To be clear this isn't me questioning you... but I'm just keen to try and understand what Kasper's expectations actually are. Being fair to the owners even if they wanted to throw silly money around to bring the very best player's in the world to Leicester City, given the current infrastructure at the club we simply couldn't do so without falling foul of FFP. Therefore it's imperative we put the foundations in place first to build a platform which will give us more flexibility in the future.
  4. ian_marshall


    Can't say I've watched him play before, but looking at his YouTube clips he looks like a very tidy player indeed. However, the article from L'Equipe looks very much like it's been influenced by an agent trying to chuck as many names out there as possible. If I had to hazard a guess I think he may already be close to a deal and we're just being used as a pawn to ramp up the value of contract negotiations.
  5. ian_marshall

    Alireza Jahanbakhsh

    Amazing post, but can't believe that you failed to mention the steering wheel!
  6. ian_marshall


    I hate the way these club's manipulate the media to express their interest and unsettle a player whilst also trying to put a starting figure on a player's head. It's just a modern day version of tapping up, and I wouldn't be surprised if some of these so called journalists aren't getting kickbacks in some form. The FA need to try and do something about it but I guess it's very difficult to prove. If United want Maguire they'll need to double that figure in my view, however knowing us we'll probably agree to a deal for less than what has been publicised. I guess this news will be a real test of Maguire's character. Can't blame him at all if he is interested. Unlike Man City, United have a good heritage and are genuinely a big club which has grown organically, not one which has been bankrolled by oil money. Also, I have a feeling that the World Cup experience has turned Maguire's head a little.
  7. ian_marshall

    Post Match - England 1 - Croatia 2 (AET)

    Croatia did their homework on us, and our refusal to change things up and adapt to the opponent put us at a disadvantage. Fair play to Croatia, they were class after the break and really targeted our weaknesses. Overall the lads have had a great tournament and can hold their heads high.
  8. ian_marshall

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Devastated to be honest. Struggling to describe how I'm feeling right now. Even when he's been awful, you just knew that at any moment he could produce a moment of magic in an instant and change a game. It truly has been a pleasure to witness some of the football he's produced over the past few years. Whilst I'm obviously sad to see him go and will miss his wonderful footballing ability, I do feel that he's tarnished his reputation with the fans with his antics over the past few seasons. I appreciate and believe that he deserves a platform of the very highest level to showcase his capabilities (though I'm not of the opinion that he fits into the very highest tier of world football), however his determination to leave at all costs has disappointed me. I'm also annoyed that the club didn't do enough to convince him of our ambitions immediately after winning the league. I think that at that point we were in a position to make some marquee signings and signal our intent to not only our existing player's but also the rest of the league, but for whatever reason it never materialised and we opted for consolidation and mediocrity. I'll be intrugued to see how he gets on at Man City. If Pep can get a greater level of consistency out of him they'll have a bargain on their hands, however he won't get away with putting in a world class performance every 8 to 10 games like he has done here. If that happens he'll become well acquainted with the bench and I'm not sure how he'll handle that as he's quite temperamental. Also, if Pep does get him playing at a higher level regularly I can see a scenario whereby he and his agent start angling for a move to Barcelona, which will see Man City facing a similar scenario to what we have faced over the past few years. Ultimately I wish him well with his move. Hopefully it follows the path of Kante and not Drinkwater.
  9. ian_marshall

    Mahrez to Man City shock

  10. ian_marshall

    Alireza Jahanbakhsh

    I admit that I know nothing about the lad, but purely based on the video above the positives appear to be that he is very direct, is pretty quick, can pick a man, and isn't a bad finisher. On the flip side his footwork looks pretty average, and the PL is a massive step up from the league he's currently playing in both physically and technically so his ability to adapt would be a concern. Having said that if we could get him at a reasonable price he may prove to be a decent signing.
  11. Obviously don't know where you are based or if you plan on staying over in Manchester but if you live in the Midlands and intend to come back that night there doesn't appear to be any trains returning after 20.38.
  12. ian_marshall

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Will take that if Riyad has dropped his demands for a loyalty bonus, and Man City let us sign Roberts for £10m with no strings attached.
  13. ian_marshall

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Have Man City hired the former Leicester medical team. The amount of medicals Riyad has supposedly had over the past few weeks he must be knackered - poor lad.
  14. ian_marshall

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Shocking deal if true.
  15. ian_marshall

    The upcoming season

    I personally think we're capable closing in on the 18 points. Yes, it will be a challenge but we look a lot stronger at the back this season which should turn many draws into wins and prevent quite a few losses. If we can get more joy against the top 6 we have a chance as it prevents the points gap widening. Our main issue last season was that we had the 5th worst defence in the league with 2 of the sides relegated having a better defence. We look like we've addressed this with our transfer dealings so that will help massively. Whilst the loss of Riyad in isolation looks like a big loss in terms of assists, I think if we can add a small number of assists from more fluid full backs, and get our number 10 contributing more we'll easily replace the number of assists. To put that into numbers, between Mahrez, Iheanacho, Okazaki, Simpson Fuchs, Chillwell, and Amartey, all managed 17 assists last season. If we can get an accumulated 8 assists from whichever players play the number 10 role this season, and a further 3 assists each from both fullbacks we'll have pretty much filled the void which in reality should be achievable. That's before we even contemplate adding another flair player of the Mahrez mould into the mix. There's still some way to go in this transfer window but as things stand I'm feeling quite optimistic that we can be very competitive over the duration of the coming season.