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  1. If Man City are genuinely interested in him then we need to be pushing for a ridiculously high fee. This potential transfer is a weird one for me. If he went to United for £65m I'd think that we had done a good bit of business as they need a defender to sure up the back line and I don't think Harry is the man for that job so would look pretty average in their team. Conversely if he ends up at Man City I think we'd seriously regret selling him for any less than £85m as they require a footballer who is comfortable on the ball not necessarily someone versed in the art of defending so given Man City's dominance on the ball I think he'd look world class in their back line.
  2. I'd love for Tielemans to sign permanently but I really hope our actions are decisive and we don't get strung along. I think if we're interested we need to put a realistic offer and package down on the table but be very clear that we want this tied up as soon as possible. If having done so either Monaco or the player are attempting to drag things out then I wouldn't complain if the club looked elsewhere. Yes, he seems to have fit in well and clearly has a great deal of ability but I'd rather we bring player's in early to start working on Brendan's system whilst building team cohesion. For the money we are looking at for Tielemans there will certainly be other player's in the market who we could consider I'm sure.
  3. Don't worry lads if we miss out on Tielemans I'm sure Cattermole is more than capable of filling his boots
  4. Just read on the BBC website that the stadium hosting the Europa League final holds 68,000 yet both finalists have been allocated 6,000 seats each! Absolutely disgusting that any finalist should receive less than 10% of the capacity. I appreciate that sometimes it might be necessary if the stadium isn't particularly big (of course one would have to question why a bigger stadium wasn't selected in the first place) but in a stadium holding nearly 70,000 this is very poor practice (Note: I realise that other previous finalists have probably faced similar dilemmas so this isn't necessarily a conspiracy against PL teams).
  5. I'm afraid it is. There was a long running power struggle in the boardroom up until recently when their majority stakeholder Kroenke eventually won out. Essentially he's happy just to keep the club ticking over and benefit from the revenue that it brings in without investing any great deal of money. From what I understand it was why the other stakeholders who were wealthier and more ambitious have pulled out of the club. They wanted to invest to push the club on and challenge for honours but in return wanted greater stakes in the club to offset the risk involved however Kroenke strongly resisted. I have a few Arsenal fans who are season ticket holders and apparently he's massively disliked by the supporters as they feel that they're stagnating under his leadership (which they are) but as he has no plans to sell nor invest they're caught between a rock and a hard place. The only hope many of them seem to be clinging on to is that the club is now trying to put together a structure behind the scenes which they're hopeful will enable them to compete with Europe's elite in a more sustainable manner, however so far even that isn't quite going to plan as there has been some major personality clashes amongst those brought in to the club to oversee this change which has meant things haven't progressed as quickly as was intended.
  6. Darren Eadie springs to mind. Absolutely loved him at Norwich and was sure we'd signed one of top PL player's at the time only for him sign to for us, get injured, then retire. Was really saddened and disappointed in equal measures.
  7. I think the length of the breach tells you is all that you need to know about how seriously the club appear to take online security. The setup behind the scenes at the club really isn't representative of one of the nations leading football clubs. It's rather concerning given how much data they actually retain.
  8. Well Wolves have put an end to any hopes we had of miraculously reaching 7th place.
  9. If this ever came into effect, it'd be an end to the Premier League. I would expect every team with a co-efficient rendering them unsuitable for the competition to either form a domestic breakaway league or apply to join the Football League. They'd surely be absolutely no appetite from fans supporting teams unable to break into this competition to ditch traditional Saturday afternoon/weekend games for midweek matches.
  10. I'd say so yes. Whilst we're being screwed over, having read the Man City forum some of their supporters have been absolutely shafted. Given it's their final home game of the season and depending on circumstances with how the remaining games play out that potentially they could be crowned Champions should they beat us, they have some fans from around the world who have arranged to attend as they didn't want to miss out on seeing the trophy presentation. I've seen a couple of posts from people in America and Australia who booked flights and hotels based on the original fixture date only for it to be changed and left hundreds/thousands of pounds out of pocket as they can't get refunds. Considering the PL tries to reach out to a global audience I can't imagine that such changes are very endearing.
  11. These fixture changes are beyond ridiculous. Until the government intervene the broadcaster's will continue to take the mickey. I appreciate that on rare occasions fixtures have to move but why the need to play at 8pm on a Bank Holiday when it'd make sense to play it at some point during the day given restricted operating hours for public services, and the fact that I'm sure it'd generally be more convenient for those attending?!?
  12. Whoever doesn't win the league this season is comedy gold. If Liverpool miss out from where they were they'll surely go down as one of the PL's greatest bottlers, whilst if Man City fail to win it the so called "Premier League's best ever team" will have seriously underperformed this season given the resources at the disposal of Sir Pep over the past few year's.
  13. That result is massive for Liverpool. Think they'll win it now as I can see them taking maximum points from their remaining games whilst Man City have a few potential banana skin's to negotiate and I expect them to drop points in at least one of those games.
  14. @Super_horns is 7th April now officially Deeney Day?!? Congratulations, if Leicester don't finish 7th then I genuinely hope you win the cup (especially if Wolves finish 7th) as I think Watford after ourselves are the most deserving of a crack at the Europa League this season.
  15. Banter Ben in goal for them. Can see us bagging a few goals today.
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