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  1. ian_marshall

    December and January TV Fixtures announced

    Why on earth have the broadcaster's moved the Everton game to that time, when they could quite easily have scheduled the London derby Arsenal for that time? Given that most people will be heavily intoxicated from the night before (assuming that they're able to get up early enough to travel up there), and the severe disruption to public transport with it being a Bank Holiday, it seems rather irresponsible of the broadcaster's seeing as people will have no choice but to drive. Surely logistically it makes more sense for two London club's to play each other. The lack of common sense from these broadcaster's is truly on another level. The government need to intervene in all honesty as the whole thing is getting out of hand.
  2. ian_marshall

    Stadium Expansion Plan Meeting

    I believe it is as a simple bolt on extension, but I believe the plan is to completely rebuild the stand and only join the old structure to the new (similar to Liverpool), so new footings/foundation's will be put in place for the new part of the structure.
  3. ian_marshall

    New training ground approved

    Do we know anything about what is planned inside the main training complex? Are we looking at altitude chamber's, Watt Bikes, hydrotherapy suite, cryo chamber's, footbonaut, etc?
  4. ian_marshall

    New training ground approved

    Amazing news for the club. Well done to all involved.
  5. ian_marshall

    New training ground announced

    Alternatively you can Google it and find out within about 5 seconds
  6. ian_marshall

    The OH Leuven Thread

    @Lizhang I understand your concerns and I realise it's relatively easy for me to say this, but try not to panic. The owner's regardless whether you or I like them are successful business people. They've clearly bought OHL as a vehicle to enhance their portfolio, whether that be as a means of making money, as a way to expose Thai footballers to professional European football, or simply to support their project in Leicester by having a club to develop young prospects and shuttle South American talent into the UK. Regardless of your current situation or whether you actually like them, it's simply not in their interests to allow you to go down a league so don't worry. If anything have faith that if you really are in trouble, come the next transfer window they have the resources to avoid relegation, should that come in the form of player purchases or simply sending some of our fringe squad player's such as Jakupovic, Simpson, Benalouanne, King, etc on loan. I know it's difficult watching your team when things aren't quite going to plan but just try and remember that these guy's need you to be successful long term so they will intervene if necessary.
  7. ian_marshall

    Too easy to play against

    The issue we're facing with the defence is predominantly due to a lack of concentration and focus rather than pace (although this is a secondary factor). Playing 4 at the back with attacking full backs means that one of your holding midfielders has to drop into the back line when they go forward. Presumably this should be N'didi's job seeing as he used to play at CB and is considerable taller than Mendy. The problem is that this isn't happening meaning that the CB's are getting exposed particularly when teams attack us through the wide channels as the centre back has no choice but to come across. This is what happened for the first of Wes' yellow cards. If the holding midfielder drops Wes doesn't have to pull Richarlison down as he has another man to beat which would give Wes time to recover, but without that support failure to deal with the situation puts us in grave danger. Again concentration and focus was at fault for their first goal. Richarlison has had a fantastic start to the season and yet we switch off at the back and allow an in form striker a simple strike at goal from 5 yards out with absolutely no one around him. These are player errors I'm afraid, Puel can't be held accountable for such lapses in concentration, after all it shouldn't take a rocket scientist to work out that you can't leave any player at this level (let alone an in form one) unmarked in the box. Yes, the back line is missing pace and maybe some of these issues would be prevented by having a quicker CB, I'm certainly not suggesting that this isn't a problem, however some of the goals we've conceded this season are largely down to decision making and the pace issue has been magnified as a consequence.
  8. ian_marshall

    New Screens at the KP

    Not trying to add a downer as I think they could be good if set up properly but whoever has calibrated them needs shooting. The sharpness needs reducing as the image looks too noisy. Also the refresh rate needs adjusting as the lag is very noticeable. Also, what's with the aspect ratio? I assume some numpty in the office has set them up thinking they know what they doing. It'd be absolutely criminal to spend all of that money on those screens then not get a pro in to optimise them for live sport.
  9. ian_marshall

    City v Southampton - Carabao Cup - Tues 30th Oct

    Thanks, must have missed that
  10. ian_marshall

    City v Southampton - Carabao Cup - Tues 30th Oct

    STH but nothing is coming up when I click on the purchase reserved seats link. Anyone else having this issue?
  11. ian_marshall

    Wolves (A) Match Thread

    Looking at their team we should be comfortable winners tonight, though we'll no doubt make hard work of it.
  12. ian_marshall

    Huddersfield H post match thread 3-1

    Decent performance yesterday. Only one team ever likely to win. Huddersfield we're horrendous both in terms of personnel on the pitch and also tactically. Anyone who still wants Wagner at our club having seen that side yesterday needs their head testing. Some good individual efforts. Amartey, Mendy, Chillwell, Maddison and Iheanacho were outstanding. Hopefully we can push on now.
  13. ian_marshall

    Time for a Puel in thread.

    This forum astounds me sometimes. We've spent virtually the whole time under Puel's tenure in and around 8th position in one of, if not the, best domestic leagues in the world and people are moaning. Our position pretty much reflects our level of Net spend over the past few seasons yet some seem to think that we are underperforming. I loved the title win as much as the next person but on reflection it was an anomaly and was never going to be repeated with that team. Taking that season out of the equation, we're making progress year on year and we've consistently achieved the heights in this league (PL not old Div 1) only previously achieved by Martin O'Neill who many rightly regard as one of our best managers since the formation of the PL. Let's be clear I'm not suggesting for one moment that Puel has pulled up any trees since his appointment, but conversely he's pretty much performed in line with the resources available to him which are those of a top half mid table side. Those complaining about possession based play and sideways passing in my view are either part of the PlayStation generation, relatively new to football, or simply haven't played the game at a high enough level to understand its necessity in the modern day game. Suffice to say I'd much rather us have control of the ball than hand over possession after every opposition attack by launching the ball aimlessly down the park. I love this forum and read it daily but some poster's agenda to constantly criticise the manager is becoming tedious and its getting to the point where if it continues much longer I'm seriously going to contemplate stepping away from the forum for a while until the dust settles. This used to be a platform for open and interesting debate with some very good contributors offering insightful and fair opinions, but over the past 12 months it seems to be overrun by so called fans seeking instant gratification from the side, constant moaners, and trolls.
  14. ian_marshall

    Bournemouth Vs Leicester Vlog!

    Good luck to you mate, but as some constructive feedback I stopped watching the second you started swearing. I'm not one easily offended by the use of bad language and have no issue in using it myself on occasion, but I do believe that it should be used appropriately and in context which from what I saw wasn't the case. Admittedly not to my taste but I'm sure there will be people who like to follow this type of coverage.
  15. ian_marshall

    Puel goes. Who do you choose?

    Do we really need a new manager?!? We're mid-table after 5 games having played 2 of the traditional top 6, with 3 of our opening games away, there's no shame in that. I really don't want to see us go through another 4 week period with no clue as to who to appoint, only for us to get desperate and just pick a random underwhelming candidate. If Puel was to leave the only candidates that would interest me are ones which we would never be able to attract. Puel in my opinion is equal to or better than the best of the rest so I'm content with him remaining.