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  1. Very odd team selection. Surely that should have played against Liverpool so we could have a full strength side today.
  2. I fully expect changes to be made, but have to question why we didn't put out a weakened side against Liverpool knowing a win was unlikely and following the defeat to Man City there's wasn't much to play for. Would much rather us have gone full strength today with a fresh team to take all three points off West Ham.
  3. We desperately need two new attacking midfielder's with pace to play either side of Vardy, or failing that Brendan needs to have the courage to tell his existing player's to play higher up the pitch so as to avoid the opposition full back's pushing forward. In the last two games against Man City and Liverpool the attacking midfielder's have been far too deep which has allowed the opponent to play high up the pitch but also prevented our own full backs getting forward as they're outnumbered, whilst leaving Vardy isolated when the ball eventually does make it's way out.
  4. The one consolation is that Otamendi and Fernandinho are a shambles at the back. On both occasions that Vardy's had the chance to run at them he's had their pants down. Just need the midfield to get on the ball more and feed him and we'll definitely score again.
  5. The two AMFs either side of Vardy are offering nothing at the moment. Would rather we chucked Praet in the middle to add an extra man or JJ to offer cover to Chilwell and bring Iheanacho on. Chillwell's positioning has been awful but to be fair to the lad he's had absolutely no protection from Barnes. I mentioned in the pre-match thread that I was concerned about them doing a Norwich and pushing their FBs high up the pitch. Having two AMFs who can't track back is a real problem in games like this. Brendan needs to change it up.
  6. That CB pairing of Otamendi and Fernandinho is there to be punished today. Get balls threaded through to Vardy and he'll have a lot of joy against them two.
  7. Take your point, but I do think he's good enough for their league and even the top flight. Just needs games in my view and his professionalism I'm sure would benefit the club.
  8. Surely there's a starting spot for him at OHL. Keep him in the family until he retires then offer him an ambassador's role.
  9. If we're to win this game we need press them high up the pitch and give them very little time on the ball. We also need to target their CBs who are there to be got at. Having said that, I think Pep will take a lot from the Norwich game and push their full backs right up the pitch to nullify the threat from our own full backs and turn it into a battle of the centre mids, which if that happens I think they'll just shade it. It'll be a very interesting tactical battle, and give us an indication of how Brendan handles competing against another top class coach. I do think that if we can get an early goal the wheels on the Man City bus will well and truly fall off as they do seem to lack resolve when they're up against it.
  10. Certainly they'd be an element of risk but every transfer comes with some risk and as long as we've done our due diligence I'm sure it'd be worth going for him. To be fair even if things didn't work out he's young enough that we'll still profit significantly from any future transfer. Furthermore, his stats are way better than Daniel James who just looked like a pace merchant in the Championship and he hasn't done too badly at Man United. Bowen obviously has a different set of attributes to him but from what I've seen of him I personally think he's more than capable of the step up and I genuinely don't think he'd be any worse than Perez, Barnes, Gray, or Albrighton (not that any of them are particularly bad) so I wouldn't be overly concerned if we did make a move for the lad.
  11. From the survey that was sent out to season ticket holders regarding the expansion, I fully expect that the tunnel and changing rooms will move to the East Stand and will have a tunnel viewing area for fans to see the player's as they prepare to enter the pitch.
  12. Guttted... Was really looking forward to getting high speed broadband for free
  13. The irony is that the more these player's are talked up, the less likely they are to go in my opinion. All the media coverage does is increase demand which given the limited supply means an increase in price to the point where very few or only the foolish will pay the fees required to prise our key assets away. If anything I think we should be encouraging these pundits to talk more.
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