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  1. First time I've watched him during his time in England where he's not looked like a competition winner. I do think NES would be well served by taking a leaf out of Klopp's book and banning him from the weights room. As quick as he is his stamina is pretty poor and I think his agility would improve hugely if he lost a stone or two. On the evidence of tonight there may actually be a player in there somewhere.
  2. Look there is no one on this forum who advocates playing the ball out from the back more than myself. It's absolutely critical in my view if you want to be considered a top team. My issue here is that there is a time and a place for executing such play, and I don't understand why we're suddenly trying to rush things unnecessarily; after all patience is a virtue. I'd also consider a ball into the centre of the park to a player with his back to the field of play with no cover, somewhat of a school boy error. I think the world of Evans and rightly believe that he's currently the best CB in our squad but that ball just seemed completely unnecessary. Admittedly N'didi made a pig's ear of the situation but I think that collectively as a defensive unit they all have to take responsibility so that we can avoid it happening again.
  3. I take your point but it's too risky to play the ball into the midfielder in this instance. The midfielder should drop to draw the opponent into the space and stretch/distort the opponents shape. That then creates space further up the field for the ball to be played into or alllows. The only time in my view when Wilf should be receiving the ball in this instance is when he's facing the opponent and can see the field of play so that he can release as necessary. The whole move was rushed in my opinion. Had we been better set maybe the risk could have been mitigated but to play the ball as we did without cover was very dangerous in my view as it gave Mount a clear run on goal.
  4. To be fair to Wilf whilst his mistake led to their goal he should never have been put in that situation in the first place. If the centre halves split (as they did) they should never ever be playing the ball into the centre of the park regardless of availability as if you lose possession (as we did) there is no room for recovery. I was speaking to a friend of mine during the game about the rule change regarding receiving the ball inside the box at a goal kick and have no idea why anyone in this league other than Man City are utilising the rule, especially us. Just because you can now receive the ball inside the box doesn't mean you should. I'd much rather we take our time and allow ourselves to get back into shape before the ball is played. I didn't think we looked comfortable with it last week and I'm convinced more than ever after yesterday that we're better off not trying to rush things.
  5. Just seen the replay and he was off by quite a bit. Admittedly didn't look that way in real time but was definitely the right call.
  6. I think VAR is a good addition to the game and from what we've seen so far it's very rare that it fails to lead to a correct decision. I appreciate my thoughts go somewhat against the grain but I don't actually see the issue with the new hand ball rule. Most people's opinions seem to be be based on the fact that there was no intent from the offender which I fully accept in both cases concerning the Wolves goal last week and also Man City's. However, the issue for me with both goals and hence why I feel VAR along with the new rules have led to the correct decisions being made is that in both cases the intervention whilst unintentional and very slight does impact on the flight of the ball. In both instances, had contact not been made with an arm regardless of intent, then the natural travel of direction of the ball would not have led to a goalscoring opportunity so in my opinion the use of VAR is correct in these instances. It's harsh and I get that, but without striking Boly's arm last week that ball doesn't drop at the feet of Dendonker, and likewise yesterday if the ball doesn't hit Laporte's arm it doesn't find it's way to Jesus. Where I think it could fail under the new rule is where there is no change of direction of the ball following a strike against an arm which ultimately leads to a goal. In this instance I think the rules need a slight tweak but nothing major is needed.
  7. 1x Adult ticket still available. Face value but will need to meet in Leicester or North Leicestershire by Friday to collect ticket. Please note that unfortunately I'm unable to send this ticket via post so any buyer will need to be local in order to meet in person. Please PM me if interested.
  8. 1x Adult ticket available. Face value but will need to meet in Leicester or North Leicestershire by Friday to collect ticket. Please note that unfortunately I'm unable to send this ticket via post so any buyer will need to be local in order to meet in person. Please PM me if interested.
  9. @The Bear The chemistry between your front two is awesome. Very impressed everytime I see them play by how comfortable they are operating together against a back four to open teams up without the support from the midfield.
  10. Don't know what game you were at Cardiff, but the Copenhagen fans had our pants down in that away game. That end behind the goal was packed and loud as hell for over an hour before kick off. We on the other hand were pretty poor. Admittedly our support at the Bruges away game was unreal and the best away end I've been in but Copenhagen wasn't even close in my opinion. Anyway back to the topic. Not sure what the issue is with these caps. No ones being forced to wear them, if you don't like it just leave it on the seat. Also just because they're provided at the game why are people presuming that the expectation from the club is that everyone where's it during the game?!? Can't the club give you something for you to take away and wear at your leisure?
  11. Good point for both sides really. They'll be happy that they've come away from a tricky trip on the road following their recent travels and I'm sure Brendan will be happy that we've not lost ground to a rival especially as they're several weeks ahead of us in terms of their preparations for the season. Having said the above, I felt that the team shape was all wrong today. I can understand to an extent why we'd go with two holding midfielders in the first half so as not to concede early doors, but we should have started the second half with more attacking intent whilst upping the tempo as they were always going to be suffering from fatigue the longer the game went on. Vardy cut a lonely figure upfront today and the performance was very Puel-esque as we failed to quickly get numbers in the final third upon turning over play. I think today posed more questions than it answered and I'm keen to see how we address some of recurring issues that have plagued us for quite some time. I'm sure these issues will be addressed and I don't think we should be too discouraged by the performance today as it is very early in the season and we have at least taken a point from a very good side.
  12. This should have a greater impact than it actually will. I don't understand why they can't have queues dedicated to non alcoholic beverages and food only so that those wanting beer can a) get it faster and b) don't hold up those who don't want alcohol. The staff are also not fit for purpose. My friend ordered us 2 pints last year from the dedicated beer counter and I swear a 5 year old who had never encountered lager in their life could have poured a better pint. Their first attempt was basically a plastic cup full of froth and the second attempt was half a cup of lager containing half froth which took about 5 minutes to pour as she kept trying to tip out the froth not understanding why the liquid was draining out faster than the froth. In the end we just gave up as 2 beers took over 10 minutes to pour.
  13. Suppose it depends on how much the player agitates for the move and how much money we offer. I would think that if the money was right and Ake made it clear he'd like to move then the transfer would happen. The last thing Eddie Howe needs going into a new season is his star CB not in the right frame of mind to play, particularly as Bournemouth usually like to get their points on the board early doors as they aren't strong finishers.
  14. Well according to Pep he's fast I presume he was referring to how quickly he made his way up the M6 to sign for United
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