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  1. agreed, just watched the game back again, can't honestly see the Ricardo booking was even a foul, didn't use his arm and not even any force with his shoulder. The Grealish push was more forceful and more importantly with his arm. Can't see how the ref or var would miss this, same for the Targett tackle?
  2. OK,thanks for the info, yeah know what you mean, I remember a 15 year old at Leicester who played for England school boys and scored a wonder goal against the Dutch but never made it as far as the first team. Like you say at that age you just can't tell.
  3. I'm totally puzzled how someone can be talked of as the next Van Dijk, with people sure he would make it in the premier league, go to not being involved in any match day squad, even the efl cups? He was fit for some as he played in the u21's. The trajectory of Soyuncu and Benkovic has been a major turn around.
  4. In the last two months, Liverpool have, in four games, gained 8 points from goals in the last 5 minutes of games. Perhaps not as comfortable or as superior as the media would like to make out.
  5. yeah totally agree. Plus it's not worked out for everyone who's left. I wonder if Harry has any regrets?
  6. Was hoping one of our U21's would have been closer to the squad by now as back up, We bought Sam Hughes from Chester as a promising CB and we also have Josh Knight and Darnell Johnson, I think they are all 21 or 22 now. We still have Daniel Amarty as cover.
  7. Totally agree, Its easy to look at other players and drool over them but I'm not sure any are better than what we have. If we bring someone in, someone gets pushed out, Hamza didnt make the squad last week, Praet can't get a starting place, Gray looks a different player now and is creating goals. The amount of centre backs we had kept us from seeing Soyuncu and stopped his development. I'd sooner see Barnes getting game time.
  8. I was at the 7-1 Sheffield Wednesday league cup match, I think David Hirst got a hatrick against us.
  9. Doesn't seem to have played many minutes in the last four seasons.
  10. Yeah, thanks I see what your saying, it did make me think that if your XG was less than the opponent you didn't deserve to win the game or were lucky. Like you say XG doesn't take account of intent to make the XG of a chance larger and losing it. In the first half a Burnley player had what I think was a shot, it was blocked and took at least 2 deflections off Leicester players before falling to Chris Wood who tried to slide it under Kasper. I guess this would count as two XGs in one attack, where as in the second half we had a good passing movement where eventually Ricardo ended up in the six yard box and tried a pass where we had two players at the far post who would have had a tap in but the pass was blocked so no XG.
  11. After the Burnley game on Saturday I was amazed to see that they had a better XG than we did, having now watched the game twice I still don't see this. When Vardy headed the ball this must have had a higher XG than when Wood scored, he had to jump between two defenders and only had the near corner to put it, even then Kasper got a hand on it? The only other decent chance they had was at the beginning of the second half when Wood turned on a dropping ball and put it wide.
  12. This is one one the things that I was unsure about and surely this distorts the figures, if a player gets the ball 40 yards out runs towards the goal and rounds the keeper before being tackled, that Xg is zero but if he shot from 40 yards when he got it the XG would be higher, you would think running towards the goal and rounding the keeper would give you a better chance of scoring than the shot but XG doesn't see it like that?
  13. Given that players aren't taken into consideration, a penalty will be the same Xg for any team in any game? what about a corner. does it have an Xg before its taken or when anyone heads or kicks it towards goal? Where does the Xg start being judged from, If a player gets played through from forty yards and runs towards the goal is the XG when he gets the ball or when he shoots?
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