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  1. There was tackle on Fuchs that he wasn't happy about that put holes down the back of his sock.
  2. When Ederson took Iheanacho out Dermott Gallagher said on Sky that it wasn't a penalty because "contact was inevitable" isn't the Justin tackle the same?
  3. Just re-read this, so Justin was booked for the follow through. I've seen plenty of takles where the ball gets played and theres then contact this season and no fould been given?
  4. Would love to know why the James one was a yellow card, was it a mistake from the official?
  5. You can call it anecdotal feelings but I'm pretty sure I saw us concede 2 goals last night from corners and I sure they didn't take 200 to make it the 1 in a 100 statistic.
  6. I'm pretty sure we concede more than 1 in 100 from crosses from corners.
  7. It's been the same with quite a few players, Andros Townsend used to get more England time than tottenham, as soon as he went to Newcastle and Palace and playing regularly he didn't get a look in for England.
  8. Ricardo can also play left back, I think from memory someone pointed out that he played mainly left back for Nice.
  9. I get that it's worked so far, people are assuming we let one go a year but has that just been a coincidence? It's been mentioned that Ricardo could be the next but look at who else has been linked away, Ndidi, Madison, Barnes, Soyuncu. We could be in a situation where 3 or more players feel they have waited long enough for a move. That's the fear I have, getting towards a great squad only for it to be pulled to pieces.
  10. Hopefully none, Morgan, Fuchs and Albrighton were great for this club, but that's the past tense. I don't want to see them play for us again. It doesn't take long to go from legend to embarrassment and I for one don't want to see that happen.
  11. Didn't realise this, so we've got what looks like 3 decent full backs that can play right or left and hopefully Thomas coming through.
  12. Ricardo could well be playing catchup all season, it's a strange one this season but it's not unusual for a player to struggle when missing a normal pre season, this ones a bit different but with an injury like that you never quite know how it's going to work out, perhaps no one will come for him next season.
  13. Don't forget how good Justin looked in the villa game on the left, him and Barnes looked great down that side and a lot of people were calling for him not to lose his place just because Chilwell became available again, it was Rcardo's injury in the Villa game that caused Justin to have to switch to the right.
  14. Yeah recent games he's been one of the least worst, I hate it now when we get David Coot.
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