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  1. He's never been given a run of games as a lone striker.
  2. The only game I remember us playing at Wembley since Vardy has been here was the community Sheild, which he scored and we lost one nil, which others are you thinking about?
  3. I think 5 at the back is more to do with attitube, the wing backs have to attack more and I think Fofana has been told to bring the ball out so we get caught pushing forward, then 3 Cb's seem to get in each others way, no single one knows exactly his job or whats required at a given time, a 2 cb pairing seeems more organised with better communication. It might be that your less committed if you think there are 2 other centre backs to cover you. WE seem to get caught out a hell of a lot although when Soyuncu is one of the 3 his pace has got us off the hook a few times.
  4. In that case would you be interested in Marvelous Nakamba?
  5. Was supposed to be available after 6 weeks, the Southampton game is 7 weeks. Without Barnes I'd probably go with Perez.
  6. Iheanach, Vardy, Barnes, at the moment
  7. How about 4-3-3, my main problem with 3 at the back is how many goals we concede on the break.
  8. Has anyone got any statistics of how many goals we have conceded playing 3 at the back, we get caught so many times when the wing backs attack, especially without soyuncu's speed. I'm sure we concede far less with 2 cbs.
  9. Think we need to move on now, as Brendan said it's dealt with we go again next week, as fans lets not make it any worse. Makes me laugh that a women I know who is outraged by this matter has regularly had friends inside her house since the last lockdown. There are a lot of hipocrits around!
  10. Yeah thats true but the amount of people claiming he can't play as a lone striker, he's scored plenty in that role for us. Like I say he's only 24. I think Henry was still a winger at that age.
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