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  1. Thanks guys for all your help, I've done tax returns for the last 4 years so I guess I'll wait for the HMRC
  2. Hi Izzy, thanks for your help, I think I fit in that category so I'm hoping, I must admit to not fully understanding all the wording, Does "grant" mean I'll have to pay the money back? Hope your situation improves.
  3. Hi Alf, Thanks for your reply, I think and am hoping that I fit that criteria, so I'm waiting and hoping for the HMRC to contact me, June seems a long way off though TBH I'm currently Ebaying stuff lol. All the best Alf
  4. Hi Izzy, genuine question, what support is there for sole traders, I think I'm classed as this, I'm self employed delivering advertising magazines and leaflets, as of last week the company that I collected from and got payed by, closed until further notice, so like you I've no income at all.
  5. When it all started it was the "common market" that we signed up to, It somehow became a European super state that wants an army. The common market was the best and original idea. What the idea migrated to may well be it's ultimate undoing.
  6. Tried to explain exactly this to someone last week but i don't think they understood the concept.
  7. Couldn't they do some on line form where you fill the figure in yourself?
  8. Currently self employed with zero income after the company I was working for closed on Tuesday, even worse is that they haven't paid me for the last two weeks work. Don't know were the next money is coming from. Hoping for some government help later today. Why don't they just use last years tax submissions for expected earnings?
  9. You can't blame Grealish for anything there, it's not even a foul, two players coming into contact during a contact sport. If anything it highlights just how easy it is to pick up a serious injury. How many times during matches and training do we get into a tackle or coming together that's worse and walk away. I can remember a few last Tuesday night when we were still able to play.
  10. I'm self employed and would quite happily go 14 days without any income as I fear long term this will cost much more, I'd also volunteer to get the virus as the delay phase excepts that 80% of us will get it at some stage anyway. Think of all those people who are going to be isolating for 14 days then repeating ongoing for months. Doing it this way all the healthy under fifties could have had it 14 days, maybe 60% of the population.
  11. What if we were to give it to people who were under fifty and and on good health, on a voluntary basis, you go to the chemist collect your virus vile, go home take it and isolate for 14 days, then you don't need to be tested, you've had it, you can't pass it on so the virus can't use you to transmit and you could go about your life normally.
  12. A serious question to anyone reading who knows more than me (most people) As we are in the delay stage, we are assuming that 70-80% of the population will get it at some stage and the delay stage is to ensure that we don't overstretch the HNS. I've read that most people in reasonable health under 70 will just have cold symptoms and require no treatment. Couldn't we volunteer to have the virus? I'd have it injected and do my fourteen days at home. If all healthy under 70's did that, would we reach the 80% herd immunity for the virus not to be able to spread rather than wait till we get it?
  13. Exactly this,brace yourself, wouldn't be surprised if we're told "league can't be finished, so we've got a team of data experts to come up with a final table of current form and likely outcome" Liverpool Man C Chelsea Man U Tottenham Arsenal Leicester Wolves Shef U Burnley Palace Everton Newcastle Southampton Brighton West Ham Watford Bournemouth Villa Norwich "And to make sure it's fair each team gets to vote", Who would vote against it? Leicester, Wolves, Sheff U, Bournemouth, Villa and Norwich, 6 against 14 carries unanimously. From the same people who bought you, Denis Pratt turns his back, ball hits hand, HANDBALL. Kevin De Bryne see ball coming raises his hand to stop ball and handles it, NO HANDBALL, oh nearly forgot Ederson double fists an opponent but it's OK because contact was inevitable! Anyone think the outcome of all this will be fair.
  14. Thought tonight was the night! was screaming at everyone to pas it to him in the last few minutes
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