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  1. Just my opinion, but I'd have Maddison over Tielemans any day of the week. Both fabulous players, but I genuinely believe Maddison could go on to play for a Real/Barcelona type club. Unfortunately, some of our fans don't appreciate just how good he is.
  2. Hamza vs Kante could be interesting.
  3. Yes, but it's a complete contrast in tone to what Rodgers is saying here. He's basically saying the same thing, but Rodgers also says the impossible is possible, whilst Puel used to say if we're not happy with 8th then we're crazy. Just two completely different personalities. For the record I'd be happy enough with 8th!
  4. It's not just about the one game in isolation though is it? Performances like the Wolves one were happening far too often under Puel, against lesser teams. I think fans can realise we've got a new manager, with a new system, new backroom staff etc. These things take time.
  5. Rodgers has consistently said it's our aim to bring European football back to the club. Puel said we couldn't compete with Wolves.
  6. I'd drop Maddison and bring in Albrighton for this, with the hope Albrighton can hit those early balls down the left channel for Vardy to latch onto. We should go a tad more direct for this match imo, Chelsea's defence looked nothing short of a shambles on Sunday, get right at 'em from the off.
  7. 3-1. Vardy, Perez and Maddison for us. Boly for them from a set piece.
  8. Would like to see us make a move for Iwobi now Arsenal have signed Pepe.
  9. Heard he's a big fan of Dragonball Z. Lewis Trunks.
  10. Sings Superstition by Stevie Wonder as his initiation song? Lewis Funk.
  11. Hotel? Trivago.
  12. Chilwell isn't a better defender than Maguire.
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