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  1. Fosse93

    Who should be the next Leicester City manager?

  2. Fosse93

    Man City Away Match Thread

    Absolutely, if he had some fancy Spanish name everyone would be raving mad about him.
  3. Fosse93

    Manchester City (A)..pre match thread.

    Ah yes.... I was thinking the Mahrez pen counted
  4. Fosse93

    Manchester City (A)..pre match thread.

    Despite doing so last season?
  5. 70 million is not good, and you've just explained why.
  6. Sell and get Sisto in from Celta Vigo.
  7. Fosse93

    Daniel Amartey

    Well done?
  8. Fosse93

    Claude Puel - Contender

    Okazaki at the top of a midfield diamond, with 2 strikers ahead of him could be potentially great. (I realise Mahrez will most likely start there)
  9. Fosse93

    Dropping players to change tactics.

    Agreed. Just wonder how long it will take him to implement these changes.
  10. Fosse93

    Leicester vs Leeds - League Cup match thread.

    Iborra and Amartey looking really good. Really want to see Amartey back in midfield!
  11. Fosse93

    Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Yep, looks a great buy for the saints.
  12. Fosse93

    Chelsea (H) pre-match

    Got a hunch we'll win this 3-1. Hope I'm right!
  13. Fosse93

    Andros Townsend...

    Albrighton didn't want to leave Villa, who were finishing comfortably in the bottom half season after season (much like Palace), their fans didn't want him to leave (again, like Palace). The only difference is Palace can actually sell Townsend for a decent sum of money, £20m +. Villa let Albrighton leave for FREE. Also, Palace are in turmoil (like you say) because of their manager, which obviously indicates the manager isn't very good and quite possibly not the best judge of a player. So i wouldn't read too much into Palace wanting to let him go.
  14. Fosse93

    Andros Townsend...

    Marc Albrighton.