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  1. Fosse93


    Had a major panic attack last night, after a few minor attacks in the last few weeks. Anyone else unfortunate enough to have experience of this? Scary stuff. Think I may need to see the doc about some medication, I was majorly depressed/anxious this time last year but put it down to the stress of my new job and still getting to grips with being a dad. I went to my GP who offered me some meds but I declined, stupid decision looking back. I just overthink everything, like putting the bins out is a major deal to me and small shit like that, going to get a drinks round in the office etc. I build relatively minor situations up in my head to be this huge obstacle when other people can do these things without even thinking. My brain is weird
  2. Still fancy us to get the 3pts. So nice to see Vardy less isolated, even though we're playing with 10 men.
  3. Tom Davies from Everton will do.
  4. Fantastic today, well played Wilf.
  5. Never leave before full time but do go down on 35 mins to get the round in, cba to rush down at the half time whistle only to be served when the players are coming out for the second half.
  6. Hoping it's Barnes upfront alongside Vards.
  7. No they wouldn't. A lot of fans, myself included, were crying out for us to play 3-5-2.
  8. Can see Choudury starting. Think Rodgers will love him.
  9. The season Liverpool finished 2nd, they were without Suarez for the first 10 games of the season due to him biting Ivanovic at the tail end of the season before. After 10 games they were top of the league. I think the only memory that is skewed here is yours.
  10. I have 5 A grades and 4 B grades at GCSE. That's what my cv says anyway, I actually got 3 C grades
  11. I wouldn't be surprised to see both Choudury and Okazaki start. A high energy, fast start is what we need.
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