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  1. Will they be serving beer at the ground tonight? I'm guessing not
  2. Nice to see Pearson and the owners have presumably settled things then. Odd timing for a 'guest of the club' invite though.
  3. How ironic, coming from the king of "I told you so"
  4. I must be the only one who's confident with that team doing the job then!
  5. Hold on, weren't people saying a Fuchs/Chilwell combination down the left would be good not so long ago?
  6. Kante is having a shocker tonight.
  7. Voted. C'mon Vards!
  8. Mahrez in the centre, playing through balls for Musa, Vardy and Schlupp. Blimey.
  9. Ooooeeerrrr!!
  10. Have hardly slept a wink... absolutely buzzing!
  11. Have a day off, pal.
  12. Pm me?
  13. Haha yes mate saw that, up the city
  14. Thanks man! I was no 12. My girlfriend also had a number but we gave that to someone who later turned up but was initially turned away. Was going to get the extra bottle for my mate but seeing as he couldn't be arsed to come with me thought I'd do a bit of a good deed haha.
  15. Got one from Morrisons Lutterworth this morning, finally!!