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  1. Been to Munich and Berlin, both great but for different reasons, Cologne would be my next place to visit in Germany, have fun in April 👍🏼
  2. Says the one who never used to see anything when he was a manager
  3. Double standards, hypocrisy, whatever you want to call it but Klopp complaining that the Athletico players would go down as soon as Mane breathed on them smacks of both.
  4. Man Utd’s next four League fixtures Watford H Everton A Man C. H Spurs. A Watford could cause an upset and the 3 games after are incredibly difficult, I can’t see them being any nearer than 10 points behind us with 8 to play.
  5. It’s just really very sad, online trolls should be ashamed of themselves.
  6. One of two occasions I went on the Filbert St pitch, the other the promotion year after we sealed promotion at home to Burnley (I think) great times!
  7. Not only a fantastic goal but love our fans standing behind the goal!
  8. Crazy how much it’s rained right from September last year, all the fields around Littlethorpe and Whetstone are underwater for about the 6th time, everything is backed up and there’s literally nowhere for the water to go.
  9. Integral part of our team, not firing on all cylinders lately but it’ll come.
  10. Football mafia 😂 there would definitely be a change of rules so pesky little clubs like us could no longer gate crash their party.
  11. It’s been going on all season, whining and grumbling, sometimes even if we win, go back to early season Sheffield Utd away when we brought Wes on to shut up shop, some were complaining that we shouldn’t be winning games playing this way against a newly promoted side, it was ridiculous then and even more so now considering the season they’re having. Yesterday it was vital we didn’t lose, a draw was fine in the grand scheme of things, we didn’t play well but football has always been about peaks and troughs, we are not going to win every game, nor will we play well every game but what a fantastic season we’re having, one of our best ever, we are inching our way to a top four finish and Champions League qualification and an away draw at one of the chasing pack was a decent result, they needed to win to gain ground on us, if we can’t be happy we should at least be satisfied.
  12. Have to put my hopes for Villa to get relegated to one side and hope they beat Spurs this Sunday.
  13. We’re crawling our way to the Champions League whilst not firing on all cylinders, we desperately need to get the swagger back that we had during our winning run, nerves must play a part, everyone wants Champions League and our relatively young side must put nerves to one side and grab the opportunity that they have created, we’re still in the box seat, time to step up and finish the job.
  14. Just out of interest who do you think will get 3rd?
  15. Indeed and they really needed to win tonight and yet didn’t fully commit
  16. Proper goal drought now for Vards, we miss his goals terribly
  17. Vards needs to start scoring again, missing his goals
  18. Davies needs a drug test as I can see no other reason for dressing like that than him being as high as a kite, he’s like a left over from the psychedelic 60’s.
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