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  1. The state of this thread, it really is bringing the worst out in people. Reflects the state we’re in perfectly.
  2. No deaths recorded today and then 6 weeks full lockdown.....wow!
  3. I wonder how many meetings and brain storming sessions it took to come up with “Firebreak” obviously they wanted something different to “circuit breaker” as that was from Boris and his team.
  4. I can understand why he brought Slim on, but we were incapable of playing to Slims strengths (aerial threat, holding the ball up) when he was on! Under should of come on instead of Hamza.
  5. Crazy, in my last house the postman used to leave packages on the front door step, which anyone could of picked up and walked away with.
  6. I’m assuming there would be freedom of choice and leave it up to the individual whether to have the vaccine or not. People are talking about 70 million people having the vaccine, that won’t happen. I would think the at risk and those working within the NHS and care homes would be encouraged to be vaccinated and eventually anyone else who wants it.
  7. Youri has gone back to how he finished last season. Really dull performance from us, just no spark.
  8. Good side considering the injuries, strong bench as well, having Slim back is like another signing. Let’s not go behind again.
  9. Thank you. Tough either way on workers whose employers are struggling. I can’t imagine there are many people able to lose 23% of their income let alone 33%
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